KEP Chapter 640

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 640 chapter is dead, the apocalypse, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin, the reaction on the Korean side is much more intense than they think.

After all, these two people, one is the top superstar in the world this year, one is the national goddess.

Any one of them is a little bit moving and can make the Korean entertainment circle fry.

Now that the two of them are breaking the news together, the effect is not as simple as one plus one and two.

The photos of Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin on the pitch were transmitted to South Korea the night before. At 6 o’clock in the morning, the bombing of the media came, and the title was more than a horror.

“Century couple exposure: Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin Germany dating! ใ€‹

“The most incredible couple: Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin came together! ใ€‹

“The rumors are unreliable. Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin are named enemies, but in reality they are lovers! ใ€‹

All kinds of similar news are very rampant, from Naver to nate, from kbs to sbs, from “Korean Daily” to “Jingxiang News”, but all media that have something to do with the media have been widely reported.

It can be said that the entire country has been alarmed.

The first to respond was the fans of Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin, and the most intense group.

What is this?

How is this possible?

What the hell are you doing?

These two people are not blind to each other, and there are many contradictions. How suddenly became a couple?

Fans on both sides can’t believe it, but the photos are so clear, as long as the eyes are not flawed, they will not be wrong.

Seok Jin-soo’s hand is indeed holding the shoulder of Son Ye-jin, and Son Ye-jin’s mouth is indeed on the cheek of Seok Jin-soo.

Except for couples, do ordinary men and women do this?

For a time, the fans of both sides felt the feeling of betrayal, and the anger suddenly came up, and it was already on the verge of danger.

At this time, both myMystic89 and msteam gave a response.

According to the announcement of myMystic89 company, Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin know each other through the same sunbae-nim in the circle, and because of the professional relationship, they become friends, but definitely not a relationship.

This statement can be described as very timely, slightly annihilating the fans’ anger.

Since the brokerage company has been so fiercely denied, then it may be true.

As for the intimate actions the two made on the court, the fans will also comfort themselves.

Blue-faced girlfriends and confidantes, AUO and above, the state of lover is not full, it seems to be justified.

Just when the fans were not declining, and when it was impossible to confirm the authenticity of the statement, the announcement of msteam company also arrived.

Msteam is more detailed than the myMystic89 statement.

According to them, Son Ye-jin is about to collaborate with Seok Jin-soo on the film and is currently in the discussion of the script.

However, because Son Ye-jin is traveling overseas, Seok Jin-soo agreed to meet with Son Ye-jin with time to perform in Germany and Austria.

Not only that, Seok Jin-soo also invited Son Ye-jin to be a guest performer at the Austrian Danube Island Music Festival.

As for the picture of the kiss, it was just an exercise for the performance of the next day.

Sure enough, the next day, Seok Jin-sooโ€™s performance video at the Danube Island Music Festival appeared on YouTube.

Many people saw the interactive performances of Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin through the video, and once again saw the scene of Son Ye-jin kissing Seok Jin-soo’s cheek.

Before and after a comparison, it was finally round.

The storm that suddenly exploded also dissipated a lot.

However, the various media have not completely abandoned, and they plan to wait for Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin to come back and get their personal confirmation.

Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin, who are far away from Austria, ended their performances and also set off.

Son Ye-jin bought the ticket and looked at Seok Jin-soo inexplicably.

โ€œWhy did you buy a ticket to Shanghai?โ€

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Ah, I still have some things to deal with when I go to Shanghai. Go back first, talk to your company, and let the trip after September be free.”

Son Ye-jin naturally had no power to interfere in his affairs, and he nodded and sighed.

Although this time the loss was heavy, I got the opportunity to cooperate with Seok Jin-soo, which was finally explained to the company.

At the same time, the gambling penalty to the mbc door was removed, which is equivalent to removing a big stone from the heart.

It was just too painful to pay, and it seemed that she had stripped her clothes and stood in front of Seok Jin-soo, and there was no more obscuration ever since.

Son Ye-jin took their flight first, more than an hour before Seok Jin-soo’s flight.

Seeing that two women entered the customs, Seok Jin-soo was relieved.

Eun-ho asked strangely: “Director, why are we going to Shanghai? I haven’t heard of any itinerary.”

Seok Jin-soo turned back and slapped it on the back of his head.

“Rascal, I said that your kid is a fool? Now that the country is in trouble, isn’t it going to be blocked at Incheon Airport? We will go to Shanghai first, then transfer to Busan to avoid the reporter. Wait and see. That crazy woman will definitely go crazy.”

Eun-ho looked at the pain in the back of his head and looked at Seok Jin-soo with a stunned look.

“Director, I discovered that you are not a general treacherous!”

Seok Jin-soo blows his eyes and blinks.

“liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, what do you know? This is a deadly friend. Don’t go to the road. Let’s go on board. Let the crazy woman go to it, let’s go to Shanghai first, then Transfer to Busan and take a bus back from Busan to Seoul.”

Son Ye-jin didn’t know that he was sold by Seok Jin-soo.

The experience of these two days made her physically and mentally exhausted, but she had a headache. She did not know how to solve it in the future.

Although the punishment for the gambling contract is gone, it makes her a lot easier.

However, the most private Secret of hers was discovered by Seok Jin-soo. Will that guy go around and say?

In that case, what can I do with my own reputation?


Son Ye-jin suddenly discovered that Seok Jin-soo was the only man who dared to treat himself.

The thrill of being controlled, humiliated, and unable to struggle is really making her addicted.

The instinctive reason and the traditional ethics make her very entangled, for fear that she will fall into the abyss.

All of this makes Son Ye-jin annoyed.

On the way back to South Korea, she did not have a good rest. In the more than ten-hour voyage, he has been tossing and turning, and he is full of concerns about Mi-rae.

When the dizziness was heard, the assistantโ€™s voice sounded.

“Ye-jin, wake up, we are here.”

Son Ye-jin woke up and found that it was already bright, and the familiar Incheon Airport was outside the window.

Anyway, it is finally back.

Son Ye-jin shook his head, no longer thinking about the mess, preparing to face the next situation.

The two men went all the way to the plane and accepted the inspection. They came to the customs.

Can wait for the customs automatic door to open, when the two walked out, they suddenly collapsed.

They haven’t figured out what the situation is. They are black in front of them. Then the two are like the boats in the raging waves, and they are pushed and can fall at any time.


Son Ye-jin was hurt by the collision and could not help but scream.

No one cares about her feelings, and the people who rushed up are very ferocious.

“Miss Son Ye-jin, I am a reporter for Jingxiang News. Is your relationship with Seok Jin-soo a lover? The announcement of your brokerage company is just a smoke bomb, right?”

“Miss Son Ye-jin, can you tell us how you spent two days and nights with Seok Jin-soo in Germany and Austria? There are rumors that you have not left the hotel except for the performance.”

“Miss Son Ye-jin, Volkswagen is very curious about your relationship with Seok Jin-soo. Let’s say a few words.”

For a time, Son Ye-jin’s ear was all this kind of problem. She was so dizzy that she was so scared that she was scared.

She knew that South Korea had news, but did not expect the reaction from the outside world to be so intense.

Facing the crazy reporters and the media, she was very helpless, just screaming wildly in her heart.

Who can save her, who will save her?

She will soon be unable to hold on, and she will fall to the ground.

With so many people around, once they fall, the consequences are unimaginable.

Maybe God can’t bear to hurt a beautiful woman. When Son Ye-jin and the assistant were helpless, the pressure around them was abrupt.

Then the devil’s voice was farther away, and neither of them was pushed again.

Son Ye-jin raised her head cautiously, only to find that she was surrounded by a strong man, and pushed the reporters away unceremoniously, creating a safer place for her.

Surprising, the sound of One Man sounded.

“Yah!! What are you doing? Come with me and leave here.”

Seeing this person, Son Ye-jin finally breathed a sigh of relief and felt that he was alive.

“Golden room chief, how come you?”

This person is the driver of Jin Yeshu, the representative of Son Ye-jin. It seems that he is taking a special trip to pick up his own.

The head of the gold room stretched a face and directed the security guards to lay out the walls and carefully escorted Son Ye-jin to the outside of the airport.

Occasionally, the brave reporter rushed over and wanted to hand the microphone, he was blocked by him.

“Sorry, Miss Son Ye-jin is not feeling well and is not interviewed.”

Fortunately, with the help of the gold room chief, Son Ye-jin rushed to the underground parking lot, and finally got rid of the entanglement.

The head of the gold room led her to a car and opened the door to let her in.

After Son Ye-jin got in, I found out that there was a woman who looked at her in a bad mood.

And seeing this woman, Son Ye-jin’s shoulders are directly paralyzed.

“Oh, hey, representative, how come you?”

The person who was sitting inside was the representative of their company, Jin Minshu.

Son Ye-jin’s brokerage company, msteam, is small, with only a few actors. The most famous of them are Son Ye-jin, Li Yuting and Moon Chae-won, who are known as three golden flowers.

The most peculiar thing is that the owner of this company is also a woman, Jin Minshu.

In the entertainment circle surrounded by wolves, a woman can be a representative of an entertainment company. Although the size of the company is small, it is obviously extremely powerful.

The most interesting thing is that Jin Minshu seems to be very satisfied with the company’s current situation. After only having these three actresses, there is no plan to expand the company.

Among them, Son Ye-jin, a sister of the company, is also her favorite, almost as her daughter is watching.

Itโ€™s just that this daughter is too naughty. Itโ€™s a good job to throw a job, and itโ€™s been more than two months.

Please, msteam is so small, it depends on three actors.

One of the most profitable ones ran away, and immediately caused problems with the company’s operation.

This is no problem, but when this dead missy ran out, it also caused such a big thing.

In the past few days, for the sake of this matter, Jin Minshuโ€™s representative was eating and eating badly, sleeping well and sleeping well, all suffering from anxiety.

So when I saw Son Ye-jin, the Noonim didn’t get a fight.

“Yah!! Dead missy, you still know back?”

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