KEP Chapter 645

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 645 chapter premiere, Astronomy

The words of Jeong Hyeong-don are too scary to make everyone dumbfounded.

After a long while, everyone finally exploded.

“Yah!! Finished, finished, what can I do?”

“Not hiding the camera?”

In the panic of everyone, Kim Tae-ho said the reason.

“abcTV Station After the documentary about maknae was broadcast in the United States, the wwe side saw the picture of our practice of wrestling. We learned that we were very interested in practicing wrestling as a variety program, so we have this time. Tracking shots. Wwe intends to introduce our program to the United States, let the audience there know that there are people who like wwe here.”

This situation can be understood without Kim Tae-ho’s explanation.

Not for this, usa workTV Station has come to Korea to see them play treasure.

But in this way, everyone’s pressure can be too great.

“What should I do? We are not ready!”

Jeong Jun-ha also refused to take care of himself and jumped on his feet.

No one wants to be embarrassed, especially in the face of the wwe holy place, everyone is as shy as not wearing clothes.

Because everyone knows that even if you practice hard, you can’t compare it with wwe’s professional wrestlers.

If the final play is not good, it becomes a joke, and it is estimated that it will be embarrassed from South Korea to the United States.

For a time, everyone shivered and felt the pressure of the mountain.

“Ah… Hey, what? Why are you playing so big? What…the hell!! !”

The most depressing person is Park Myeong-su.

For this wrestling special, the most dissatisfied person is him.

Because he is the oldest and the weakest, he can’t support the violent movement of wrestling.

At the beginning, Park Jung-soo could mean something, but now, basically three days of fishing for two days.

But if the TV station in the United States comes to pay attention, Park Myeong-su must be desperate for the face.

He is very skeptical, will his old arms and old legs die in the ring?

Seeing his mind, Seok Jin-soo Haha laughed.

“Brother, you don’t always want to enter the United States. This is an opportunity. It is ok to use all the power and all life.”

Park Myeong-su stared at him, if you can’t beat it, you have to do it.

“Everyone, since this is already the case, we have no leisure time.”

I heard that usa workTV Station will come to shoot, the happiest person is son star.

He always has a wrestling dream, but in the past he could only play in Korea. Now there is a chance to connect with the wwe’s holy place wwe, he has already been boiled.

More importantly, this time with the attention of the United States, the unsuccessful members who were lazy and scattered must be nervous.

In the past, there were a few high-spirited people who seriously dragged everyone’s hind legs.

But people are all face-to-face, and no one wants to throw people into the United States?

With the encouragement and pressure, everyone estimates that they should work hard.

Sure enough, after listening to the son star, several people’s faces were gloomy.

The biggest representative is Park Myeong-su.

“Aigoo, you have to die on it.”

Say it, but Park Myeong-su really can’t be lazy. I climbed up and joined everyone in training.

With the pressure of the United States to intervene, everyone is not willing to be slow, and the next training is more serious than ever.

As before, the best performers are Seok Jin-soo, Yoo Jae-seok, and Jeong Hyeong-don. Jeong Jun-ha was injured and could not participate in training today.

Park Myeong-su and Noh Hong-chul were also a lot more active, and even the back of the head hit the table many times, and the painful old man was about to vomit.

However, the wrestling special is like this. Without sweat and pain, I hope to do well.

Not to mention Park Myeong-su. After three days of training, Seok Jin-soo was covered with scars, and the painful shoulders could not be lifted.

But there is no time for him to recuperate, and the premiere of “The Lonely Agent” is here.

As early as when he returned to Korea, he had already sent invitations to friends from all walks of life. I hope everyone can attend the premiere.

With his status in the circle, his invitation, no one really dared to ignore it.

Besides, it is his friend, and everyone will not miss it for friendship.

On this day, the cga theater once again gathered in a star, even more lively than the “unforgivable” at the beginning of the year.

The entire movie clip is out, and the cj group is also confident.

When Li Meijing was interviewed, he said that the box office would create a new high.

In addition, this is the second film after Won Bin retired, and it is the first time starring, and it is expected by the outside world.

When he was in “Mother” last year, he partnered with Jin Kezi sunbae-nim, which was a good example of a fool, allowing people to see the portability of acting outside of Huamei.

Especially this time, he also worked with the top screenwriter Seok Jin-soo. The outside world is looking forward to what sparks these two people can make.

So this day’s Zhongwu Road, the media and reporters gathered more than the previous premiere.

In view of the sluggish performance of Seok Jin-soo last time, this time Li Meijing made a strict order, he must first arrive at the theater to do the reception work.

If you dare to be late, Li’s president must have been jealous of him.

Seok Jin-soo couldn’t afford the gold master, so he had to come to the table and play the role of the master.

“Miss Kim Tae-hee will come today?”

The guests have not arrived yet, and everyone is still relatively busy, Li Yifan asked curiously.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“She is on the rush, there is no time to come.”

At the crucial moment, “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu”, the crew’s work is very tight, and Kim Tae-hee has been busy not returning to Sangam-dong.

So this time the premiere, she could not participate.

Li Meijing arrived when he spoke.

“Aigoo, you guy, you have to threaten to be useful. Otherwise, will you come so early?”

Seok Jin-soo is very helpless.

“My president, I am going to die. You don’t know, the Infinite Challenge is falling all over the place, you still squeeze me.”

Li Meijing is simply not welcome.

“Yah!! Infinite Challenge is important, is the movie not important?”

Yes, this woman is too powerful, Seok Jin-soo said.

The main characters of the film have arrived one after another.

Won Bin is still so silent, standing quietly, completely invisible.

“Well, I watched your concert, it looks great.”

Seok Jin-soo is fun.

“Then please come play next time.”

Won Bin had been a long time and nodded.

“There is a chance.”


Then there is nothing.

This is Won Bin, the ability to turn the atmosphere, even more powerful than Jeong Hyeong-don.

Fortunately, the arrival of other people has made the scene a lot more lively.

“Haha, I am not coming late?”

The big villain in the play, Kim Hee-won, the actor of Wan Shi, came over and laughed at Haha.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t sneer at him.

“Brother, come over soon. I thought you couldn’t get up today.”

This brother does not look at the big villains in the film, actually the famous weak bones. In normal times, you can sit still and never stand. You can lie down and never sit.

Today, it was ten minutes earlier than the latest time, so everyone was very surprised.

In the laughter of everyone, Kim Hee-won was depressed.

“Yah!! This is night, not the morning, I am not that lazy.”

Li Meijing waved his hand and said one thing.

“Our movie is going to be released, but the propaganda can’t be done. The stone scriptwriter, Kim Hee-won ‘ssi, can you play a variety show?”

Kim Hee-won hasn’t said anything yet, Seok Jin-soo is ridiculous.

“Yah!! Shouldn’t the propaganda be done by the actors? I am a screenwriter. How can the writers make the propaganda?”

Kim Hee-won also didn’t want to advertise, it was lazy.

“Promotion should be the starring thing!”

As they spoke, the two looked at Won Bin without hesitation.

Can face the gaze of the two, Won Bin is still indifferent.

“Oh, I am not bothering you, I am bothering you.”

Seok Jin-soo squinted his head in pain.

“Ah, what’s the matter? Where can the writers make publicity?”

Unfortunately, he has no reason to go. For the box office of the movie, he could not deny it.

Since Li Meijing ordered his name, he knew that he could not refuse.

Won Bin This guy doesn’t say that he has never participated in a variety show. He can’t play a fart’s virtues with his three sticks. Even if he goes to show variety, what can he do?

In addition to Won Bin, the influence of other actors is really a little worse.

This is why Li Meijing gave this task to Seok Jin-soo.

He is not only a screenwriter, but also a top superstar, and he has a great sense of art.

He does not propaganda, who is going?

Seok Jin-soo knows that this is the only way.

“Forget it, let me arrange the propaganda. Xie Ge, you have to go.”

Kim Hee-won was stunned.

“No, you can’t bully bullying!”

“What is good bullying?”

Just when Kim Hee-won was depressed, there was a hearty laughter in the distance.

When everyone turned around, they saw that Kwak Do-won was coming.

He is not alone, and he is followed by a person. It’s quite sturdy, and it looks simple, but it doesn’t look too mixed.

Originally, Kwak Do-won had no shots in Lonely Agent, which was a bit more than a guest.

However, because of the signing of Seok Jin-soo’s company, Seok Jin-soo ordered him to attend at the premiere.

Everyone saw it, Seok Jin-soo, this is lifting him up.

Although I don’t know what the potential of this stupid big man looks like, but the face of Seok Jin-soo has to be given.

However, when Kwak Do-won came, Seok Jin-soo shouted and immediately shouted: “Dao Yuan Ge, starring in variety, you will follow.”

He is swearing, and he and Kim Hee-won are too weak.

Kwak Do-won has a strong appearance, but his character is very witty. He is a very reversing charm.

As an artist of mysti, Seok Jin-soo wants to give him more opportunities to make a name.

Kwak Do-won can’t know anything. Just came over and heard this, the whole person is stupid.

“Ah? It’s none of my business, I am innocent.”

This cute look is really making everyone laugh.

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