KEP Chapter 647

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the supporting role of the 647 chapter, the astronomical

Seok Jin-soo Slightly calm down and understand that Son Ye-jin is right.

The more this time, the more the two can’t avoid it. Otherwise, it is really self-defeating.

Everyone is talking about his relationship with Son Ye-jin. According to the general idea, in the limelight, Son Ye-jin should avoid suspicion.

But she just came, although it attracted a lot of scrutiny, but after the report went out, it made more people breathe a sigh of relief.

Understand what happened, Seok Jin-soo is no longer entangled with Son Ye-jin.

After all, people are mixed, and what is found is not good.

“Yoon-ah, since it is your friend, you can take care of me.”

Seok Jin-soo looked into the distance and found someone coming, and gave Son Ye-jin to Yoon-ah.

“Well, Oppa, go get busy.”

Today’s Seok Jin-soo is the landlord, but whenever he comes, no matter who his friend is, he has to take care of one or two.

The two women sent Seok Jin-soo to leave, but the atmosphere here was a bit strange.

Or Yoon-ah is more proactive, grabbed Son Ye-jin’s hand, and swayed the momentum.

“Miss Son Ye-jin, frankly wide, why should I grab my boyfriend?”

Son Ye-jin breathed a stagnation, but I didn’t expect Yoon-ah to say that.

At the same time, I couldn’t help but ask.

“You…you call him a boyfriend?”

If it was before, Yoon-ah was suffering from the loss, but could not be so tough. But now…

She squinted her head and her long neck was like a proud peacock.

“Of course, he is my boyfriend.”

Not only did she admit it, she also raised the slender wrists and gave the beautiful Krystal bracelet to Son Ye-jin.

“Look, this is what Oppa bought for me.”

Son Ye-jin is of course a person who knows the goods, and he is scared when he looks at the expensive bracelet that makes people feel awkward.

“You… have you won the woman?”

As she said, her eyes glanced around and saw that Kim Tae-hee was not found, and she really guessed it.

God, is this liTTL-Time To Love e missy so powerful?

Can you beat Kim Tae-hee in the emotional battle?

When she was chatting with Yoon-ah, Son Ye-jin had persuaded her many times.

As a national beauty girl, what is the picture?

There are so many men admiring her, why bother with the fighting horror Kim Tae-hee to compete for One Man?

Yes, in her opinion, Yoon-ah can’t win Kim Tae-hee anyway.

What can be seen today, it seems that this is not the case.

For a moment, this woman looked at Yoon-ah’s gaze, full of incredible.

Yoon-ah was a little slow for two seconds to understand what it meant. A glimpse of my heart, quickly explained.

“哎Yah!! It’s not what eonni thinks. Tae-hee eonni can’t come today because of shooting.”

Son Ye-jin is even more inexplicable.

“What does it look like? And, do you actually call the woman an eonni? Please, you are a rival, is the relationship so good?”

Yoon-ah was blushing and shouted: “What kind of rival? What eonni said is really ugly.”

Son Ye-jin really liked this sister, for fear that she was suffering, and asked: “What the hell is going on? Annyeonghaseyo, let me talk about it, I will help you with the staff.”

What does Yoon-ah say?

The two women have served a lot of things, and it’s scary to say it. And Son Ye-jin will not look down on herself, she is not sure.

“哎Yah!! eonni Don’t worry, I know how to do it.”

Yoon-ah reacted very quickly, and suddenly remembered that it was clear that he had to interrogate Son Ye-jin.

“And you, a woman, don’t shift the subject, just confess. What is going on with you and Jin-soo Oppa? Do you want to peek at my man?”

This time it was the turn of Son Ye-jin who blushed and slammed it.

“Ah… Ani ~ yo, the announcement is not out, that’s the way it is. Don’t misunderstand, I am not interested in that stinky guy.”

Really not interested?

Yoon-ah looked at Son Ye-jin, who looked very unnatural, and always felt that it was tricky. But she didn’t know how to break through, so she had to hold it.

It’s amazing, is that Oppa really attractive to women?

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know that Yoon-ah is thinking, he is still hosting other guests.

The people present at the time were members of t-ara, So-yeon, Eun-jung and Hyo-min.

Seok Jin-soo asked: “How are you three coming? What about other people?”

Eun-jung laughed: “Bo-ram eonni has a family gathering, Qri eonni wants to go out and Ji-yeon is not a grown-up, so we have to come three.”

Seok Jin-soo is helpless and finds that these missy can be done.

He is embarrassed, and the reasons for going out to play are coming out.

But wait, what is the ghost of underage?

After waiting for him to ask, he changed his eyes into three eyes.

“Oppa, please, your movie is a 19-year ban, and Ji-yeon certainly can’t come.”

Seok Jin-soo slaps the brain and understands it.

“Lonely Agent” has violent, bloody, bare pictures, so it was judged as 19 ban. As a result, the 18-year-old dinosaur could not come to be a guest.

As time went by, it was finally time for the premiere.

The person responsible for hosting the premiere today is Kim Je-dong, invited by Seok Jin-soo.

Since the incident of Lu Wux, Kim Je-dong has suffered a very unfair treatment and lost his job. As a friend, of course you can help when you can help.

As a top mc, hosting a premiere, that’s still no problem.

“First of all, I have the main creative staff of the film Lonely Agent coming to power. I will represent you and care about some issues.”

When Kim Je-dong was presiding, the words that were spoken were very directional, and the eyes kept looking at Seok Jin-soo. The people who made the audience all laughed.

Seok Jin-soo knows that this brother is going to do something, but there is no way, he must go on stage.

Sure enough, at the beginning Kim Je-dong interviewed other people and finally put the target on Seok Jin-soo.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, there are so many viewers here today, is there anything to say?”

Seok Jin-soo is stupid and pretend to be very serious.

“Thank you for your support and hope that our movie will make everyone feel worthy of the fare.”

Very official words obviously can’t satisfy Kim Je-dong.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, we don’t know this. Germany, Germany, let’s talk.”

Seok Jin-soo continues to play silly.

“Germany, um, although this year is a pity, we have seen the potential of German players. I believe that after four years of the World Cup in Brazil, they have a good chance to win the championship.”

Rely on, everyone is interested, who wants to hear the German team can take the World Cup champion?

The audience, who couldn’t stand it anymore, all yelled.

“Son Ye-jin, Son Ye-jin, Son Ye-jin…”

Hello, do you think about the mood of the parties?

Listening to the unanimous voice, Son Ye-jin sitting in the front row shook his face and clutched Yoon-ah’s hand, not looking up.

Seok Jin-soo continues to play silly.

“Miss Son Ye-jin…”

Has he finally said it?

澶 鍏ㄩ兘婵 鍏ㄩ兘婵 锷ㄨ捣鏉ワ纴鐩厜鐏 锷ㄨ捣鏉ワ纴鐩厜鐏 锷ㄨ捣鏉ワ纴鐩厜鐏 锷ㄨ捣鏉ワ纴鐩厜鐏 鍦ㄩ厺閰 鍦ㄩ厺閰 鍦ㄩ厺閰 殑 殑 殑 殑 殑 Seok Jin-soo 銆

鍙 涓浼欑湡镄勪 涓浼欑湡镄勪 涓浼欑湡镄勪 涓浼欑湡镄勪 姘斾 姘斾 姘斾

鈥滃棷鈥[€on Ye-jin 灏忓鏄竴涓崄鍒嗘暚涓氱殑鑹 銆 銆 銆 ス铏 涓婅垶鍙 劧鏄紨 劧鏄紨 涓婅垶鍙 涓婅垶鍙 涓婅垶鍙 涓婅垶鍙钖庣殑琛ㄧ幇鍗村崄鍒嗙殑瀹岀编銆 湪鎴戠湅鏉ワ纴濂 槸鍗佸垎闅 槸鍗佸垎闅 缑镄勫叏 缑镄勫叏 缑镄勫叏 缑镄勫叏 傝 傝 傝 傝 傝 娆 娆 娆 娆 e e e e e e e Borrowing 鍜屽ス杈 垚钖堜綔镄勬剰钖 垚钖堜綔镄勬剰钖 纴澶 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 湪鎴戠殑涓嬩竴閮ㄤ綔鍝佷腑鐪嫔埌鎴戜 镄勫悎浣溿 傗 傗 傗

杩欐 铔嫔浼欙纴椤 铔嫔浼欙纴椤 鍙 鍙 鍙 鍙 鍙 鍙 浠栫殑 浠栫殑 浠栫殑 浠栫殑 浠栫殑 浠栫殑

娌°C湁鎹炲埌鎯宠绛旀镄勮浼椾绛旀镄勮浼椾姘旀ヤ箣涓嬶纴鏁ヤ箣涓嬶纴鏁ヤ箣涓嬶纴鏁栌浜竴璧竴璧啿Seok Jin-soo 绔栬捣浜嗕腑鎸囥€

濂 浼欙纴濡傛滠镄勪腑鎸囨刽鏄皢 浼欙纴濡傛滠镄勪腑鎸囨刽鏄皢 Seok Jin-soo 镄勪缉渚冭 岃皥缁欓 岃皥缁欓 浜嗗洖铡 浜嗗洖铡 浜嗗洖铡 纴 纴 紬浠篃绠楁槸 紬浠篃绠楁槸 紬浠篃绠楁槸 紬浠篃绠楁槸 紬浠篃绠楁槸洖浜嗕竴鎴愩€

楗舵槸浠 im Je-dong 镄勯毦缂狅纴涔熸病链変粠Seok Jin-soo 镄勫槾阅屾挰鍑

閮侀椃镄勫ぇ瀹 鍙ソ阃夋嫨鐪嬬 鍙ソ阃夋嫨鐪嬬 鍙ソ阃夋嫨鐪嬬 褰 褰 褰 褰 褰 竴涓嫔 竴涓嫔 竴涓嫔 竴涓嫔 竴涓嫔 竴涓嫔 竴涓嫔 竴涓嫔 竴涓嫔

Seok Jin-soo 浠庤垶鍙 荤畻鏄涧浜嗕竴鍙 荤畻鏄涧浜嗕竴鍙 皵銆傛潵鍒 皵銆傛潵鍒 皵銆傛潵鍒 Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye – – – – 锛孻 锛孻 锛孻 锛孻 锛孻 锛孻 锛孻 锛孻蹇欐妸浣岖 璁╀ 璁╀ 鍑 鍑 鍑

鈥渌ppa 锛屼綘鍧愯 umbrella reading 屻€傗€

Seok Jin-soo 涓 鐪嬶纴鏄镊 鐪嬶纴鏄镊 鐪嬶纴鏄镊 鍧愬湪濂 拰 Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye

鈥沧垜鍧愭梺杈 琛屼 琛屼 琛屼 琛屼 銆傗

Yoon-ah 鍗存彁鍓嶆妸镞佽彁鍓嶆妸镞佽彁鍓嶆妸镞佽镄勪綅缃崰浣忎

鈥滃搸Yah!! Oppa 锛屽埆闂广€傗€

濂 綋鐒 綋鐒 篃涓嶅笇 汼 汼 eok Jin-soo 鍜孲on Ye-jin 鎸ㄧ潃鍧愶纴锲犱 涓岖镐庝箞鐪嬶纴杩欎袱浜 涓岖镐庝箞鐪嬶纴杩欎袱浜 兘涓嶆槸闾 兘涓嶆槸闾 箞镄勭 娲 and €

浣嗗ス鏄竴涓槑鏅虹殑濂冲锛屾哕寰楀镞跺锛屾哕寰楀镞跺锷 pants

浠婂ぉ杩欐牱镄勫満钖堬纴闾d箞澶 Hydrogen 鐪嬬潃 鐪嬬潃 纴濡傛灉鍒 剰闅斿紑 Seok Jin-soo 鍜孲on Ye-jin 锛岀瓑钖屼簬鏄埗阃犳柊闂讳 銆

镞(三)劧杩欎袱浜洪兘澶 ぇ鏂ぇ鏂 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 纴濂 纴濂 纴濂 纴濂 纴濂 纴濂 锷犻樆鎷 锷犻樆鎷 锷犻樆鎷 锷犻樆鎷 锷犻樆鎷 锷犻樆鎷 锷犻樆鎷 锷犻樆鎷濂归兘浼氲韬鍦 issued the Seok Jin-soo key 冭槛銆

鎷椾笉杩嘫oon-ah 锛孲eok Jin-soo 鍙ソ鍦ㄥ叾浠栦汉缇°C厱镄勭洰鍏変腑鍧愪 涓嬫潵銆

Do your best

宸 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 鏄浗姘戠 槸锲 槸锲 槸锲 槸锲 槸锲 槸锲 皯濂 皯濂 皯濂鍙缑鍟娿€


鐪嬬潃Seok Jin-soo 镐$劧镊缑镄勬牱瀛愶纴So-yeon 搴曚笉绂侀棯杩囦竴鎶 搴曚笉绂侀棯杩囦竴鎶 搴曚笉绂侀棯杩囦竴鎶 搴曚笉绂侀棯杩囦竴鎶 搴曚笉绂侀棯杩囦竴鎶

褰揿垵鏄嚜宸 褰揿垵鏄嚜宸 病 夌揣绱 姄浣忥纴杩涜 姄浣忥纴杩涜 岄敊杩囦 岄敊杩囦 岄敊杩囦 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 鐢 鐢 鐢 鐢 鐢 鐢 鐢浜嗗ス鍙︼兘浠版湜镄勭搴

鍙 涓﹄笘闂 涓﹄笘闂 涓﹄笘闂 涓﹄笘闂 病 病 病 夊悗 夊悗 夊悗 夊悗 篃鍙︼兘镫嚜钖炰笅鑻 篃鍙︼兘镫嚜钖炰笅鑻

杩樼敓镐曟梺杈 殑浜 殑浜 殑浜 殑浜 闅 闅 闅 闅 闅 闅 闅 闅 闅 闅 闅 闅

鐢靛 宸茬粡姝 鏀 e鏀 鏀 椠浜嗐 椠浜嗐

涓€寮€濮嬶纴涓濇娌°C湁浠讳綍镒忓锛屾槸cj board嗗洟镄刲ogo銆

鍦ㄩ 锲 锲 纴涓夋湹鐑熺伀浜ゆ眹 纴涓夋湹鐑熺伀浜ゆ眹 纴涓夋湹鐑熺伀浜ゆ眹 纴涓夋湹鐑熺伀浜ゆ眹 纴涓夋湹鐑熺伀浜ゆ眹 纴涓夋湹鐑熺伀浜ゆ眹 纴涓夋湹鐑熺伀浜ゆ眹 屾垚镄勬爣蹇楋纴鍑犱箮浜 屾垚镄勬爣蹇楋纴鍑犱箮浜 閮 閮

Key 屽湪 cj board 嗗洟镄勬爣蹇椾箣钖庯纴涓 鐗 鐗 鐗 粦鏆楃殑灞忓箷涓婅摝鍦 粦鏆楃殑灞忓箷涓婅摝鍦 粦鏆楃殑灞忓箷涓婅摝鍦 祦鏄燂纴闅忓悗鍑 祦鏄燂纴闅忓悗鍑 祦鏄燂纴闅忓悗鍑 祦鏄燂纴闅忓悗鍑 祦鏄燂纴闅忓悗鍑€渕yMystic89 鈥濈殑瀛楁牱銆

杩椤amino鏄痬yMystic89 鍏徃镄勬爣蹇楋纴杩欎 鍗曡瘝 鍗曡瘝 潵灏 湁绁炵镄勬剰镐濓纴 湁绁炵镄勬剰镐濓纴 湁绁炵镄勬剰镐濓纴 湁绁炵镄勬剰镐濓纴 湁绁炵镄勬剰镐濓纴 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 浠ュ 岃 岃 岃Stretching

杩欐镄勩€婂鑳嗙壒宸ャ€嬶纴myMystic89 缁堜簬涓嶅啀鏄眬澶栦汉锛岃€屾槸浠ュ埗浣滃叕鍙哥殑韬叫鍑虹幇浜嗐€

杩欐剰 潃锛屼粬浠彲浠ヤ粠杩欓儴鐢靛 潃锛屼粬浠彲浠ヤ粠杩欓儴鐢靛 潃锛屼粬浠彲浠ヤ粠杩欓儴鐢靛 潃锛屼粬浠彲浠ヤ粠杩欓儴鐢靛 埌 埌 埌 埌 埌 埌 埌

骞 ソ鐢靛 ソ鐢靛 镄勭墖澶 镄勭墖澶 镄勭墖澶 镄勭墖澶 镄勭墖澶 镄勭墖澶 镄勭墖澶 镄勭墖澶 锛屽墽鎯呮寮忓紑濮嬨 锛屽墽鎯呮寮忓紑濮嬨

渚濇棫鏄竴鐗 粦鏆楋纴浣嗙獊鐒 粦鏆楋纴浣嗙獊鐒 湁鐏姳涓嶅仠鍦 棯鐑侊纴闅忓悗 棯鐑侊纴闅忓悗 紬浠墠鏄庣槠锛屾槸 紬浠墠鏄庣槠锛屾槸 紬浠墠鏄庣槠锛屾槸 紬浠墠鏄庣槠锛屾槸 紬浠墠鏄庣槠锛屾槸 変 変 変 変偣鐑熴€

Chain 殑闂︻儊锛岃浼椾 殑闂︻儊锛岃浼椾 殑闂︻儊锛岃浼椾 潵锛屾槸婕斿憳 潵锛屾槸婕斿憳 Kim Tae-hoon 銆

浠栨帴钖 涓 涓︻ 涓︻ 涓︻ 璇濓纴鐒跺悗 璇濓纴鐒跺悗 揿紑浜嗙伅锛岃浼椾 揿紑浜嗙伅锛岃浼椾 嶅彂鐜 嶅彂鐜 嶅彂鐜 嶅彂鐜 嶅彂鐜 铡 铡 五 五 五 五 五 五 五Hydrogen

闅忓悗Kim Tae-hoon 钖╁拹浜嗕粈涔堬纴涓€杞〉瓙镄勪汉鎷垮嚭浜嗘妫掞纴寮€濮嬭锷ㄤ简璧锋潵銆

Key 屽湪杩欓噷锛屾渶鍑哄 镄勪 镄勪 笉鏄彴璇嶆渶澶氱殑 笉鏄彴璇嶆渶澶氱殑 笉鏄彴璇嶆渶澶氱殑 Kim Tae-hoon 锛岃 屾槸 屾槸 wak Kwak Do-won 銆

杩椤浼欐灉鐒 湁鎴愪 钖嶆紨 钖嶆紨 钖嶆紨 樼殑璧勮 樼殑璧勮 锛岀煭鐭殑闀滃ご锛屽 锛岀煭鐭殑闀滃ご锛屽 锛岀煭鐭殑闀滃ご锛屽 锛岀煭鐭殑闀滃ご锛屽 锛岀煭鐭殑闀滃ご锛屽 锛岀煭鐭殑闀滃ご锛屽 锛岀煭鐭殑闀滃ご锛屽

浠栨壆婕旗殑鏄笉澶︻潃璋殑鏄笉澶︻潃璋 殑璀 锛屽湪鍏 锛屽湪鍏 锛屽湪鍏 粬浜 粬浜 粬浜 粬浜 粬浜 粬浜 粬浜 欙纴浠栨墦镌 鍝堟瑺锛屼 鍝堟瑺锛屼 鍝堟瑺锛屼 鍝堟瑺锛屼€镍掕叞锛岀獊鐒舵掕叞锛岀獊鐒南瑷€銆



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