KEP Chapter 648

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 648 chapter can also stimulate? Floating astronomy

The next story developed, let the audience know that these guys in the van are not gangsters, but the police.

The goal of their trip was to receive intelligence and someone to trade drugs in nightclubs.

The police have carefully arranged the traps, can the drug dealers escape?

However, after the arrest of the oriole, no one had thought that it would have been a good person to get it, but it was an accident.

When the nightclub waiter who handed over the drug returned to the locker room to change clothes, he actually encountered a sneak attack.

The sneak attacker is a prostitute who performs striptease in a nightclub.

The prostitute was very addicted, but had no money to buy, so she took the risk and used the electric shock to grab dangerous drug samples.

There was no accident. The police arrested the suspect, but because of the loss of stolen goods, he finally had to let the damn fat man out.

The audience looked very carefully, although the opening starring Won Bin did not appear, but because the plot is well designed, it is very attractive.

Did not let everyone wait, when the drug dealer was released from the police, the protagonist finally debut.

“Wow, this is Won Bin?”

“Day, is the change so big?”

Seeing the first sight of Won Bin, almost all the audience were surprised, unable to connect the gloomy and decadent person on the screen with the beautiful girl who once thought.

Won Bin’s deductive role is as silent as his character. I came out for a long time and didn’t say a few words.

In contrast, the eccentric Kim Sae-ron is much more lovely. It seems like a butterfly around Won Bin, and I talked a lot about the troubles of children.

When the sausages appeared, let the audience know, Won Bin was just cold-hearted, but always cared about Xiaomi.

A quiet and warm meal for two people, one small and one small, was interrupted by the appearance of Xiaomi’s mother.

When I saw Xiaomi’s mother turned out to be the niece who stole drugs in the nightclub, many viewers had a bad feeling and prayed.

Sure enough, the picture turned again and new characters appeared.

Kim Hee-won played the 10,000 stone, and was slap by an old man. The loud noise of the cymbals came through the screen, making the people who saw it feel very painful.

When the drug dealer caught by the police appeared in the camera, the audience vaguely understood what was going on.

The old man in white clothes was the boss of a criminal group.

However, Wan Shi lost the drug sample of the boss, so he was being taught.

The boss was very angry with this matter and ordered Wan Shi to find the drug samples within three days. Otherwise, the two Wanshi brothers would be sold to Africa to do the **.

At this time, I finally arrived at Seok Jin-soo.

When my brother Wan Shi was taught, Zong Shi, a younger brother, was happy in the hot springs with a group of beautiful women.

Looking at Seok Jin-soo and the beauty in the kiss, next to Son Ye-jin snorted, ridicule up.

“Hey, hateful guy, take power for personal gain.”

In her opinion, Seok Jin-soo is definitely the power to borrow scriptwriters. It is simply awesome.

Seok Jin-soo is sitting next to her, and of course I heard it. Immediately, the eyebrows are erected. If you are not afraid of disturbing others to watch a movie, you have to say it.

Later, Zong Shi received a phone call from his brother and learned about the trace of the drug sample.

In this paragraph, Seok Jin-soo’s perverted and strange tone, the real interpretation of the real, even let the audience watched.

Everyone did not think that Seok Jin-soo, who had no acting experience, would perform such an important role so well.

The applause of everyone was stopped in the ear, Seok Jin-soo was extremely satisfied, and finally he could go back.

“Cut, crazy woman, your vision is not good. Look at the recognition of the audience is the most important.”

In my heart, Seok Jin-soo’s performance in this paragraph is still very good.

Son Ye-jin opened his mouth and found another ridicule.

“Oh, yeah, it’s good to be exposed.”

Just now Seok Jin-soo stood out from the bath, and his butt was exposed to the air, causing excitement in the theater.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t care, deliberately teasing Son Ye-jin.

“Why, is it the sway of your heart? If you want to see it, I can show it to you.”

Son Ye-jin is really angry, and the phoenix eye is smoldering.

“Asshole, scum, metamorphosis.”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t think so, but he has a lot to say.

“Oh, I don’t know who is abnormal, just playing two ass and gc.”


Son Ye-jin is mad, but there is no way.

Who told the truth, she was not at all cheaper with Seok Jin-soo.

What the two said, Yoon-ah could not hear on the other side. But seeing the look of the two also knows that it seems not very pleasant.

For fear of Oppa and eonni, Yoon-ah quickly took Seok Jin-soo’s hand and gently pinched it to remind Seok Jin-soo to pay attention to the occasion.

Seok Jin-soo, I realized that this is the premiere of the movie, and I quickly put my attention on the film.

The front part of Lonely Agent is still relatively flat, and more is the interaction between Won Bin and Kim Sae-ron.

What surprised the audience most was that the performance of Kim Sae-ron, the little girl, was really good.

Especially when I saw that Won Bin misunderstood Kim Sae-ron and stole something and turned away. When Kim Sae-ron made a speech in the midnight alley, there were a lot of people crying out on the scene.

“Ajhussi, do you think I am embarrassed? So I don’t know what to do? It doesn’t matter. My classmates and seonsaeng-nim are like that. Mom also said that if I get lost, I can’t remember the address and phone number at home. I want to die together.”

“Ajhussi is worse than the rich boy who said that I am awkward. But it is not annoying, even you hate it, I no one can like it. When I think of this, it hurts here, so I won’t hate you. of.”

In the quiet and messy alleys, with the soothing and depressing music, the little girl’s deep confession is so heart-wrenching.

What kind of life is it, let a flower that should have grown carefree, have such a profound sense of life.

For a time, in the quiet theater, sobbing was full of anger. Many sensitive and vulnerable women are squatting to the lover around them.

Only in this way can we get a little support and comfort.

Seok Jin-soo felt that Yoon-ah had a hard time grabbing his hand. When I turned around, I found that the missy nose was crystal clear, and it was already affected by the plot.

Daddy, his vacant right hand is also tight, and he is inexplicable.

Turning to look at the other side, I found that Son Ye-jin was also a stunned look, and was also infected by the plot.

In this way, because of a touching interpretation, both women regard him as a reliance. It seems that the heat of the man’s palms can make them seek warmth.

Movies and TV shows are different, and the progress of the plot is very fast.

The last second is still touching, but in a blink of an eye, the dark and horrible atmosphere spreads rapidly.

After saying goodbye to Uncle, Xiaomi returned to his home.

But when she just pushed the door open, she was scared by the sight.

Her mother was tied and her mouth was sealed with tape.

A man who looked terrible was clutching her mother’s hair while holding a hair dryer in her hand and smiling at her evilly.

Seeing this scene, all the audience were cold and knew that the situation was not good.

The drug dealer found it on the head. Obviously, the matter of Xiaomi’s mother stealing the drug sample was exposed.

Sure enough, I saw Seok Jin-soo’s sinister smile and slowly opened the hair dryer. With the noise of the cymbal, the head of the hair dryer gets hotter and hotter.

Then Seok Jin-soo slowly branded the hair dryer on the bare thigh of Xiaomi’s mother.

But because the mouth is covered with tape, the pain of the bones makes the whole mother of Xiaomi tremble violently, but can’t make any sound.

Fall into the hands of the wicked, the consequences can be imagined.

Everyone widened their eyes and stared at the big screen, worrying about Fate, the mother and daughter of Xiaomi.

Some people may not be like this.

Seok Jin-soo felt awkwardly in his right hand. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Son Ye-jin’s face flushed and his nose undulating.

Grasping the incompetence of his own hands seems to be restraining.

Rely, no, this woman, can such a picture be stimulated?

Knowing what, Seok Jin-soo is speechless. But it was quite enough to hold back the pain and let it go, letting Son Ye-jin vent his unbearable instigation to him.

Until this picture passed, Son Ye-jin seemed to be as dehydrated as he was, and his body slowly eased.

Just a little while, Seok Jin-soo felt his fingers seem to be broken.

Son Ye-jin gradually recovered to the clear and felt the eyes of Seok Jin-soo, and the instant was red.

She knew that she was completely stunned by this guy.

However, since she has been seen once, her shame is not so strong.

And just now I was holding the hands of others, but the people did not get angry, but instead helped her cover up.

For a time, Son Ye-jin’s heart was both shy and grateful, slightly hoarse and suppressing the voice, and said softly: “Thank you.”

The movie is in the air, and Seok Jin-soo can’t say anything. Breaking away from Son Ye-jin’s sweaty hand, patted her thigh gently and comforted: “Look at the movie.”

If Seok Jin-soo is holding on to this matter, Son Ye-jin will be very shameful, but it will be very annoying and hateful to this guy.

Seok Jin-soo is very calm, pretending to be plain and boring, and of course, so that Son Ye-jin does not have to suffer, but the mind is wonderful.

The story of the movie continues.

Through the torture of Xiaomi’s mother, Zong Shi learned that the drug sample was placed in Won Bin’s pawn shop, so he sent a big mouth and a drug dealer to pick it up.

When they returned home, Won Bin met these two people and thought it was burglary at first.

But when the opponent moved the knife, Won Bin finally got serious. Many people are amazed at the picture of using a wallet to win the knife.

This action was really unexpected, and it aroused the applause.

The next powerful drug dealer was solved by Won Bin three or two times. Although there is no intuitive picture, but the window is shaking, you can imagine the fierce fighting.

Zong Shi did not think that things were going well, so he sent the top scorer Tanah Yong Wang Traku.

This guy can not only work hard, but most importantly, he has a gun in his hand.

Won Bin’s kung fu is even worse, facing the opponent with a gun, and dare not move.

Especially through the dialogue with Zong Shi, I learned that Xiaomi’s mother and daughter fell into the other’s hands, and he did not dare to neglect and directly handed the package that Xiaomi’s mother had deposited to the other party.

Tanayong Wangtraku found a drug sample in the parcel.

According to Won Bin’s thoughts, since the other party got what he wanted, he should have placed the mother and daughter and left.

Who would have thought that Tanayong Wangtracu did not know what instructions he had received from Zongshi, and turned his head and shot the drug dealer.

This unexpected situation left a foreshadowing for the later story.

Won Bin chased it out of the room, but only saw Xiaomi squatting on the back window of the van, shouting his name desperately but couldn’t catch up.

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