KEP Chapter 649

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 649 chapter of good-looking movies, floating astronomy

The mother and daughter of Xiaomi were arrested, and there were still dead people in the room. The situation suddenly became a crisis.

The audience couldn’t help but worry about Won Bin.

What should he do in this case?

Won Bin chose the alarm, and the police officer who answered the call thought it was a prank and hanged up his phone.

Isolated Won Bin has no way, only to do according to the requirements of the Wanshi brothers, only to find Xiaomi safe.

Following the instructions of the Wanshi brothers, Won Bin went through a series of actions and eventually came to a place.

The person he met was the boss who taught Wan Shi.

It turned out that all this was the conspiracy of the Wanshi brothers. They took advantage of the opportunity of the boss to meet with Chinese guests and let Won Bin take the drug sample.

When the boss understood what was going on, it was too late.

The Wanshi brothers attracted the police and forced the boss into a desperate situation.

Because the drug is here, once it is captured by the police, then waiting for the boss will be a prison.

The frightened boss escaped, but Won Bin would not let him go.

Because Xiaomi is still not safe, he must get the whereabouts of Xiaomi from the boss.

In the icy rain curtain, in order to prevent the boss from escaping, Won Bin drove bravely into the car with the boss.

It stands to reason that in this way, the boss must not run away.

But when Won Bin came down from the car and saw the situation in the trunk, the whole person was stupid.

Because of this delay, gave the boss time to escape.

However, he has no use, because the frame of the Wanshi brothers, he has become a dog of funeral. Not only did the police want to arrest him, but the Wanshi brothers would not let him go.

At this time, the audience was very curious, and what Won Bin saw was not chased.

At this time, the police officers who came here also chased it out. But they did not see the trace of the boss, went straight to Won Bin.

Just in front of the car, the police handcuffed Won Bin.

Then, the police also saw the scene in the trunk, and they were all scared.

At this time, in the extremely sad bgm, the audience also saw the situation in the trunk.

A naked female body is so dazzling in front of everyone. Not only that, but the body is full of rough stitched lines and looks very embarrassing.

Not someone else, it is Xiaomi mother.

No wonder Won Bin is dumbfounded, even the audience is dumbfounded.

All of this happened too fast. Before everyone was still fantasizing, Won Bin was able to play bravely and rescue the mother and daughter of Xiaomi.

But now, Xiaomi’s mother is dead, so what about millet?

Everyone was shocked by the brutality of the Wanshi brothers, but they were even more worried about Xiaomi’s experience.

For a time, in addition to the rapid breathing in the entire theater, everyone was worried.

The incompetent police did not catch the murderer, but took Won Bin back to the police station.

After listening to the police’s narrative, everyone knows how terrible the death of Xiaomi’s mother is.

When she was alive, she was dug away from the cornea, kidney, cornea, heart and other organs.

At this point, everyone was shocked and learned something new.

Originally thought to be a criminal film about drugs, it seems that in addition to drug trafficking, there are crimes of smuggling of human organs.

And understand this, everyone is more worried about Xiaomi’s Fate.

In the end, can Won Bin be transformed into a savior and save a cute millet?

But he is locked in the police station, what else can he do?

The police officers over there got the identity of Xiaomi’s mother and began to search Xiaomi’s home. On the other hand, the police station has become a limited man.

Won Bin was the protagonist. He seized the opportunity and used the excuse to eat inconveniently, tempting the only policeman to open his handcuffs.

Then there was no shackled Won Bin, and Daebak went all the way to the police station and went away.

This paragraph was viewed by the audience through the video of the police officers who came back urgently.

From the office of the Interpol team to the police station, Won Bin knocked down six people and spent only seven minutes.

Obviously, this is enough to show that Won Bin has a mysterious identity under the surface of the pawn shop owner.

Recalling the name of the movie, it should obviously be an agent.

Won Bin did not blindly escape the police station. With the ability of the agents, he has found a breakthrough.

After leaving the police station, Won Bin returned to the garbage.

During the day, he threw the phone that the Wanshi brothers left for him. And to find them, you still have to rely on this phone.

Thanks to the laziness of the Korean health department, the rubbish is still there, and Won Bin found the phone with his wish.

With this phone, Won Bin found its source.

Originally as a criminal group, Wanshi Brothers’ mobile phone was not a formal channel.

A gang of slums on the surface also provides mobile phones for criminals.

Won Bin found it and showed off the white towel to deal with the short-edged play, which made the audience hooked.

Under his force, the usury quickly sold the big mouth.

Just as usury, there is also an honest man forced by loan sharks. Won Bin used this guy to find a nightclub where Zongshi was happy.

“Right right, that’s it. Don’t let this bastard guy go. After you find him, be sure to kill him.”

Next to the broken thoughts, Seok Jin-soo turned his head unsatisfactorily, just to see Son Ye-jin gnashing his teeth.

It’s really vicious to rely on a dead woman.

Laozi just played a role, and you are so embarrassed.

Feeling the anger of Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin discovered that his heart was exposed.

Quickly piled up a false smile and explained it without sincerity.

“Hey, I am talking about the characters in the film, not you.”

Seok Jin-soo couldn’t tell, and he had to pinch his nose and recognize it.

The next fight in the nightclub bathroom was the first climax of the film.

Won Bin and Tanayong Wangtraku’s punches and flesh are very enjoyable.

The only thing that made the audience more worried was that he not only caught the Wanshi brothers again, but also shot.

On the other hand, the guy who colluded with Xiaomi’s mother to steal drugs was also caught by the Wanshi brothers.

And Xiaomi was pushed down from the car, and there was only one looking very scary old woman.

Under the temptation of the old woman “want to see the mother to follow,” Xiaomi laboriously dragged the suitcase, and the old woman walked in the gloomy alleys.

Finally, Xiaomi was locked in a room by the old woman.

What scared her even more was that in this room, there were still many children who were as unkempt and sluggish as her.

The next plot development can be said to make the audience completely stupid.

Xiaomi was sent to the ant nest and became an ant.

Being a humble little child has become a tool for criminal groups to transport drugs and transfer funds.

Looking at the dazzling array of dazzling operations, many people are exclaiming incredible, and for the first time know that the original way of committing crimes can be.

Many people ask themselves, if they encounter such a crime, I am afraid that even if they happen to be around, will they not notice it?

Won Bin, who was injured, ran to his former comrades, while avoiding the police chasing and recalling the past.

At the same time, the police also played a beautiful, learned the identity of Won Bin from the United States.

It turned out that he used to be an elite agent of the National Defense Institute and made many contributions to the country.

Later, because of the revenge of the enemy, his fiancée died, and he was indulging in seclusion.

The policemen there were not completely useless. They caught one of the Wanshi brothers in the port and learned about the ant nest.

In order to stop the crime, Kim Tae-hoon took the initiative to contact Won Bin and notified the existence of the ant nest.

Won Bin got the most important clue and vowed to save Xiaomi.

Seeing Won Bin standing in front of the mirror and shaving his hair with a razor, many viewers are moving.

Seok Jin-soo heard Yoon-ah sigh.

“Wow, Won Bin sunbae-nim is so handsome!”

Seok Jin-soo vinegar, Daebak, swears in the past.

Yoon-ah smiled and found that he was jealous and very cute, but he still gently squatted.

“Hey, Oppa is the most handsome!”

Well, this is almost the same.

Seok Jin-soo took the praise of his girlfriend and re-emphasized the progress of the film.

Won Bin got a gun through the help of his comrades, and he guaranteed his strength.

Because there is no police restriction, Won Bin’s approach is more direct and quick in investigating ant nests. She also found the home of the Wanshi brothers’ poisoning before the police.

Fortunately, Zong Shi is here.

Not only that, but in this dirty and horrible place, Won Bin discovered the body of the boss who had been killed by the Wanshi brothers and the body of a little girl.

It turns out that the Wanshi brothers are using these unaccompanied children to carry out the production of drugs, drugs and funds.

When these children are exposed to the process of drug production for a long time, after the body is completely smashed, they will dig up their organs and sell the money again.

A series of horrendous crimes have completely aroused the anger of the audience.

When Won Bin came out of the darkness and punished the Zongshi, the scene shouted and everyone was very excited.

“Kill him, kill her, kill this liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y !”

One of the women shouted the most cheerful.

“Play well, continue to fight, fight, you must kill this bastard!”

Seok Jin-soo is as cold as electricity, because the angry nostrils are getting bigger.

Damn woman, you must be deliberate.

Feeling the dangerous eyes of Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin rushed to the sound and laughed more treacherously.

“Hey, I am the voice of everyone, not for you.”

Seok Jin-soo got into the woman’s ear and this time it started to make it bad.

“Dead woman, you are waiting, I will definitely hit your ass again. Hey, hit the pants and beat.”

Son Ye-jin trembled and became a ooze, and he couldn’t stand it.

As the audience hoped, Won Bin eventually killed Zongshi and used the most cruel way, while also completing his own blackening.

As he said, even if Xiaomi was found, the Wanshi brothers would die.

This is the characteristics of Koreans and it is easy to go to extremes. Once the anger reaches the limit, then jade will burn.

Won Bin not only killed Zongshi, but also used him to find the nest of the Wanshi brothers.

Here, Wan Shi has already been waiting.

I did not expect that Won Bin was going to the meeting.

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