KEP Chapter 653

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 653 chapter equity change, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo played a slippery head, did not tell the truth, but played a cover.

“It should be a little hopeful, if the brother is interested, I will try.”

He is afraid that Yoon Jong-shin will buy the land in the name of the company. In that case, there is no change in the equity ratio between the two, which is not good for him.

Friends are friends, and a little bit of consideration for themselves is still to be done.

Yoon Jong-shin didn’t have so many messy ideas. On the contrary, he was able to solve the problems in the company building and he was very happy.

β€œYah!! If I can solve the land problem, I will give you 15% of the shares.”

With the promise of Yoon Jong-shin, Seok Jin-soo is relieved.

Once Yoon Jong-shin transfers his stake in 15%, his shareholding in myMystic89 will reach 40%, which plays a pivotal role.

“Well, I will try and see if I can take that piece of land.”

Ending the call with Yoon Jong-shin, Eun-ho is back.

“Director, I talked to the representative of the printing house. The price given by the other party is very low, and as long as one billion, he can sell it.”

At this price, Seok Jin-soo was a little scared.

Oh, that’s four hundred square meters of land. Although there is no land of 700 square meters that he originally purchased, the price can be much cheaper.

“What’s the reason behind it?”

Seok Jin-soo was careful and didn’t make a decision right away.

Then a big piece of land is sold so cheaply, if there is no reason, it can’t be said.

Eun-ho’s ability to do things is reliable, confirming his guess.

“That represents poor management and owes a large amount of foreign debt. Originally he intended to use land to offset the debt, but because the environment here is not good, the debtor does not, so he can only cash.”

If this is the case, then it is ok.

Seok Jin-soo quickly made the decision and told Eun-ho.

“In this way, you will take another trip and explain to the representative that if you can sign up tomorrow, I will give him 1.2 billion.”

Seok Jin-soo is now afraid of night dreams, so I would rather spend 200 million more, and I will finalize things as soon as possible.

Eun-ho ran again and returned with excitement.

“The director, the other party promised, they are even more anxious, I hope to sign the contract tomorrow morning.”

Early the next morning, Seok Jin-soo met his neighbor.

A middle-aged man of nearly fifty years old, wearing a ragged suit, looks very decadent.

I can see that because of the debt, this person has become very old.

“Aigoo, I really didn’t think it was Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi.”

Seeing that the buyer is the top international superstar, the middle-aged man finally smiled.

When he thought about it, his burden could finally be removed. And the other party is very benevolent, giving 200 million more.

In this way, in addition to his debts, he can still have a little surplus and will not affect his life.

For such a person, Seok Jin-soo has nothing to say. Seeing lawyers and notaries came, and he no longer delayed.

“Hey, you see, let’s sign up now?”

Of course, the representative of the ι—΅ can’t wait, he has long been overwhelmed by debt pressure.

Next, under the witness of lawyers and notaries, the two signed a land resale agreement.

Seok Jin-soo is very simple, directly delivered 1.2 billion purchases, and generously paid taxes to each other.

The representative of the singer was really grateful to Dade, and he gave him a sigh.

Looking at the contract in his hand, Seok Jin-soo finally smiled comfortably.

“Brother, our own company can finally start thinking about it.”

Seok Jin-soo sits opposite Yoon Jong-shin and shows the land contract to the other party.

Yoon Jong-shin was stunned and didn’t think that his movements were so fast. But then I understood what I was coming up, and I laughed awkwardly and funnyly.

“Yah!! You kid, have you planned for a long time?”

At this time, Seok Jin-soo smiled and didn’t hide it.

β€œOur company Mi-rae is sure to make great achievements. The stock is still a good point.”

Yoon Jong-shin shook his head, but did not think that he had signed an equity transfer and land use agreement with Seok Jin-soo.

“What do you think of the new building?”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it, but it was very peaceful.

“It’s enough to use it. The company can’t just waste it even if it has some money.”

Yoon Jong-shin thinks the same way. He is a budget-conscious person and doesn’t plan to spend more.

“If it’s just enough, the fifth floor is almost the same. Our company has the most use of music studios, there are two in the practice room, one for t-ara, one for spare. The actors don’t come to the company. The ordinary office will do.”

myMystic89 is very streamlined, and its artists are independent musicians. The demand for the practice room is not that big.

The only idol combination is t-ara, and one practice room is enough.

In addition to the regular settings such as the representative office, the governing office, the financial department, and the logistics department, the five-story office building is absolutely enough.

If the two people agree, then there is nothing to say.

“Then I look back and find someone to design.”

Yoon Jong-shin is also very popular.

“Go, the cost can be accepted as long as the cost is within 20 billion.”

The five-story office building, with a construction cost of 20 billion yuan, is definitely enough luxury.

Yoon Jong-shin obviously wants to show the strength of myMystic89 company once and for all.

Because of the last good cooperation, Seok Jin-soo contacted Car Yongjian again.

“Aigoo, our superstar, thank you very much for your meal.”

When they met each other, Che Yongjian was grateful and grateful.

Such a big business, as a whole, he can at least book more than 500 million.

When the real estate industry is so depressed, where can I find such a good business?

Or Seok Jin-soo is enough to think of him when he built the villa, and now the company building still thinks of him.

He didn’t know, Seok Jin-soo looked for him again, because there was no other architect.

The two stood on the street and Seok Jin-soo introduced the drawings to Che Yongjian.

“This is the remaining 300 square meters of land. I have already bought the printing office there. It is enough to add 700 square meters and cover a five-story commercial building. Should it be enough?”

Che Yongjian looked at it carefully and nodded.

“Enough, this area is enough to build a high-rise apartment. But the director, only a five-story office building, is too wasteful?”

Seok Jin-soo is unknown.

“How to say?”

Che Yongjian pointed out with pride.

“You see, such a good space can completely build the building. The five floors are also covered, and the ten floors are also covered. Why not take it one step at a time?”

Seok Jin-soo is full of black lines.

“Say that is the case, can you spend money? Our company does not have that much money.”

Che Yongjian smiled and persuaded him.

“In fact, the cost of construction is not much in terms of the number of layers. And you can think about it if you build a ten-story office building. Five of them are used as your company, and the remaining five floors are rented out. There is also a lot of income every year.”

Seok Jin-soo pondered and found that Car Yongjian was right.

If you put the building a little higher, then rent it out, and the annual rent is a lot of money for the company.

The problem is that this is not something that he has the final say.

“Well, this way, you first level out the site and start designing the drawings according to the height of the five floors. I have to negotiate with the company to make the final decision.”

Leveling the land and design drawings can be done without three months. It’s been so long, enough for myMystic89 company to come up with a unified opinion.

During this time, Seok Jin-soo is most concerned about the box office situation of “The Lonely Agent.”

Very good, only three days, it mobilized 450,000 viewers, firmly occupying the top of the box office list.

And the evaluation of film critics and viewers is very popular, and it is one of the hot topics recently.

Many viewers have said that Won Bin’s performance is amazing, so that everyone can see his plasticity.

There are still many people who describe Seok Jin-soo as a ghost.

The screenwriter who is very good at ethical style in the field of TV dramas, in the film, actually went so extreme and dark.

“Unforgivable” has already made the audience shine, and this time, “Lonely Agent”, Seok Jin-soo played even more.

That dazzling crime technique is full of surprises and chilling feelings.

Even fans have said that when they walk on the road everyday, they can’t help but observe the children.

Another one recognized by the audience is Kim Sae-ron.

The performance of this liTTL-Time To Love e missy is too bright, just like a pure lotus in the whole darkness, warming up countless hearts.

Looking at the full line of the box office, Seok Jin-soo is really happy to die.

Because of this trend, winning this year’s local box office champion will really be achieved.

In this way, the rhetoric that he had previously released in front of Son Ye-jin would not fail, nor would he be laughed at by the woman.

In a good mood, he is not so resistant to the promotion of the film.

Thinking of the previous agreement with Jang Hyuk-jae, he simply did not bother with the Lord.

“Zhao pd, huh, huh, it’s me, Seok Jin-soo. We didn’t agree on it before, this time my movie has to be advertised, can I arrange a schedule for me?”

An acquaintance is just a good point. You don’t have to turn around and just say the purpose.

And his current status, how many variety programs want to please please do not come.

“Runningman” and “Heroes” were founded at the same time, but like “Family Outing”, they are also facing the suppression of “Two Days and One Night”.

Jang Hyuk-jae recently improved his own program and was thinking about how to improve the situation.

At this time, Seok Jin-soo took the initiative to request the performance. For Jang Hyuk-jae, it was really good news.

“Haha, this guy, you finally remembered our agreement. You adjust your itinerary and will arrange it for you within two weeks.”

Knowing the movie’s box office is also about a month to two months, so Jang Hyuk-jae is also very happy, first arranged for Seok Jin-soo.

As for the propaganda of other artists, I am sorry, wait until you have a higher status than Seok Jin-soo.

He is very convinced that even if this arrangement, no one dares to say anything. Even TV Station here, the director will only praise him.

With this enthusiasm, Jang Hyuk-jae immediately began to adjust the shooting plan.

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