KEP Chapter 654

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the different 654 chapters of the girls, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo came to the appointment when he was busy with various jobs.

I have promised Girl’s Generation before through Yoon-ah.

Through the settlement in August, these girls have turned into a change, all from a bitter newcomer to a small rich woman.

As a result, the place where they arranged the dinner was actually a bar.

“Oppa don’t worry, it’s safe here, it was opened by a friend of Hyo-yeon.”

After seeing Seok Jin-soo, I looked around and Yu-ri explained it.

Today the bar was wrapped up and not open to the public, so the girls were completely open.

“Wow, Haha, let’s drink the bar. What kind of wine do you want? Soju?”

Because it is a friend’s shop, Hyo-yeon is similar to the owner and warmly greets him.

Yu-ri immediately responded.

“Soju is good, we have to drink Soju.” Unny also slaps in a cheerful manner.

“Must be Soju, today is a happy day, everyone must drink.”

I immediately noticed the gaze of Seok Jin-soo, which is a red face and wants to do things.

“ๅ“ŽYah!! Oppa, you should drink a little too. If you don’t drink, how can we drink Yoon-ah? We are not drunk in Yoon-ah, how come you have a chance tonight?”

After a word, I immediately let everyone Haha laugh.

Yoon-ah blushes like a monkey’s butt, shouting out.

“Eonni, what are you talking about?”

Tiffany also creates an atmosphere and looks at Seok Jin-soo with a wink.

“Oppa, you can only have One Man here today. If you drink enough, let us all get drunk, what you want to do!”

Seok Jin-sooโ€™s throat was really scared.

This damn Xiao Nizi is worthy of the United States, and the thoughts are open, and everything dares to say.

In desperation, the girls who looked at you sighed.

“Hey, you have changed. When you first saw you, you were very ashamed. How are you so bold now?”

This made all the girls look the same, just like drunk.

“Well, noonas have changed, I have not changed.”

No one thought that in this case, Seo-hyun suddenly came up with such a sentence.

Good guy, really sincere, buried the noona directly.

Tae-yeon and others were really angry, and they surrounded the maknae.

“Yah!! Xu Hyun~ie, what do you mean?”

“Damn maknae, haven’t you changed? Look at your chest, so full, has changed from missy to woman.”

Seo-hyun, who was besieged by the noona, suddenly screamed and his voice was miserable.

“Ah, Soo-young eonni, where do you touch?”

Hyo-yeon has no words, and dare to say anything.

โ€œHaha, if she is not, she is interested in what.โ€

This time it was the turn of Soo-young.

“Yah!! Kim Hyo-yeon, what are you talking about? I have, I have it.”

Jessica has a rare opening.

“Well, if you compare with Yoon-ah, it still has a bit of an advantage.”

Yoon-ah was white and fell directly on the sofa.

“I am innocent, why should I be implicated in me?”

When the girls are arrogant, Seok Jin-soo is awkward.

What are you talking about, what should I do? I can’t talk. Forget it, honestly eat it.

Not to mention, the dishes made in this bar are very good and delicious.

A group of bombers had been in trouble for a long time, and they had no choice but to give up.

But because of the noise, the girls have become a lot of chaos. Each face was flushed, panting, and the clothes were not so trimmed.

Especially in the hot summer days, the girls are very cool.

Even if you don’t want to see it, but the pair of greasy white legs keep swaying, still let Seok Jin-soo a bit suffocating.

And he is right, these girls have really changed a lot.

After three years of debut, they have changed from a young girl who knows her to a young man in the entertainment industry.

Because it is mature, it is more fun to play.

He just watched y, Tiffany, Hyo-yeon, Yu-ri, Soo-young, and they kept drinking.

Jessica, Yoon-ah and Tae-yeon are people who don’t have any drinks, but they can also play with them.

Seo-hyun This original simple maknae, at this time half a bottle of Soju is also very easy to underground, such as porcelain like jade face is charming, very woman style.

Sitting in the middle of such a group of goblins, it really makes Seok Jin-soo a big pressure.

I knew this, I called Hee-chul.

Yoon-ah sat down with Seok Jin-soo and poured him into Soju. He asked, “Oppa, what are you thinking about?”

Forced by the girls today, Seok Jin-soo also had to drink. But he also said yes, just a bottle of Soju.

Yoon-ah’s words attracted everyone’s attention, and the scene was finally quiet, so Seok Jin-soo has a feeling of being in the world.

His eyes swept through the girls’ faces in turn, and then sighed and said: “I was thinking, you finally came over. Three years, it is really not easy. How many combinations with you are not quite Until now.”

There are too many idol combinations in Korea, but because of the fierce market competition, the finished egg is always more than the one.

Fortunately, Girl’s Generation is behind the sm company, and it has not been smashed by big waves.

It is so resounding that the Black Sea incident of 2008 almost made their dreams die.

At this time, everyone was sitting here, the food and wine, and the glamorous and bright, and the dark years of Seok Jin-soo, can not help but pick up.

“Yeah, at that time, I thought we were finished.”

Tiffany looked at the toon and looked confused, exposing his once pessimistic thoughts.

Yu-ri grabbed Tae-yeon in one hand and Yoon-ah in one hand, and she was very excited.

“That time, thanks to Tae-yeon and Yoon-ah. If it weren’t for you, our Girl’s Generation would really be forgotten.”

Yes, during that difficult time, only Tae-yeon and Yoon-ah had activities.

They did not count on the hard work, and they tried to promote Girl’s Generation, so they did not let them abandon the public.

Tae-yeon is very shy and has no merits.

“What are you talking about? We are all so strong and hard, so I believe that no matter how big the difficulties can come.”

Yoon-ah turned his attention to Seok Jin-soo, and she only had him in her eyes.

โ€œActually, itโ€™s all because of Oppa. The popular ost of Tae-yeon eonni is made by Oppa, and my TV series is also Oppa.โ€

She said this, everyone is full of embarrassment.

Yeah, Seok Jin-soo helped them so much.

What I always thought was that because Seok Jin-soo helped them make “gee”, they let their salted fish turn over and become the first female group in Korea.

I forgot that before Gee, the works that continued for Girl’s Generation turned out to be Seok Jin-soo.

His two osts helped Tae-yeon to become famous and became the OST source champion for 2008.

His TV series made Yoon-ah a national daughter.

And with the love of the aunts, she is like a clear spring, nourishing the vitality of Girl’s Generation.

All of this is the credit of Seok Jin-soo.

I can see the grateful eyes of everyone. Seok Jin-soo didnโ€™t take it down, but calmly said: โ€œYou still have the strength to seize these opportunities. Otherwise, I donโ€™t care what I do.โ€

Perhaps it was drinking, and the amount of Tae-yeon was not good, so under the stimulation of alcohol, this missy was actually emotional.

A pair of eyes gradually became wet, looking at Seok Jin-soo, and when I said it, I poured all my feelings.

“But if there is no Oppa, no Oppa appears in our lives, no Oppa has helped us so much, can we come out? In our most helpless and sad times, only Oppa is standing by us. In Oppa’s mind, you are as important as God.”

Seok Jin-soo shudders and is really scared.

“Yah!! What God am I? If I am God, do I still work so hard?”

This made the original heavy atmosphere suddenly smashed, and all of them broke into laughter.

Tae-yeon hit his head on the table and hurt himself.

“Oppa, ah… really!”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t like the dull depression, so I continued to be funny.

He looked at Tae-yeon and teased.

“Aigoo, look, our Tae-yeon is short of trouble, and the brain is as tall as the table.”


Tae-yeon didn’t sit still, and when he heard this, he fell directly on the ground, which made other girls laugh.

“Oppa, you are so bad!”

For the complaint of Tae-yeon, Seok Jin-soo didn’t care at all, and the taste of the wine was finally relaxed.

He did not notice that Jessica and Yu-ri helped the Tae-yeon, and then the nine girls exchanged their eyes.

Then he saw nine girls standing up very seriously, just in front of him, forming a semicircle.

Seok Jin-soo was shocked and didn’t understand what they were doing?

So many women, if they come together, he can’t help. And he sat in the innermost part and seemed to be unable to run.

“You…what are you doing?”

Just when Seok Jin-soo was mentally prepared and wanted to sacrifice himself, the girls suddenly collectively bowed to him.

โ€œOppa, thank you very much for your cultivation. We will always remember to be a Girl’s Generation that will not let you down.โ€

This is the real purpose of their treats today.

Seok Jin-soo was completely stunned. I didn’t think that the girls would be so solemn.

He quickly waved his hand and said with a strong heart: “You really don’t need this. Your success, your own efforts, and the support of the company. Even without me, there will be other better producers to help you. In the final analysis. Your efforts deserve your success.”

“Oppa, how can this be the same?”

Yoon-ah got emotional and his eyes slowly turned red.

“Other people, will not make ost for us, will not let me be the star of the TV series, and will not do our best for our comeback. With Oppa, we have today!”

Seok Jin-soo was silent, and did not expect that he had such an important position in the eyes of girls.

“You guys… really think so?”

Nine girls nodded together and looked unquestionable.

“Oppa, you are our angel!”

“With the help of Oppa, we are Girl’s Generation.”

“Oppa will help us in the future, isn’t it?”

Listening to the girls’ dependence, Seok Jin-soo is also very happy.

People living in the world can be recognized by others, and being regarded as dependent by others is the greatest value.

He slowly burst into a smile and said his heart.

“Since you thanked me so much, everyone took out one billion. Anyway, you all settled, all have money. Just because my company wants to build a building, it is short of money.”

“Oppa !!!!”

Nine girls snarled collectively, then rushed together and slammed against Seok Jin-soo, which was really frustrating.

Really, then the touching scenes are all destroyed by this unobtrusive Oppa. 8)

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