KEP Chapter 655

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 655 chapter sells teammates, floating astronomy

I was taught by nine girls and got Seok Jin-soo full of bags.

Even so, the girls are still very dissatisfied.

Because of the lessons of Seok Jin-soo, the tired and sturdy Sunny, undulating and thrilling, is still lingering.

“This Oppa is really, obviously your script is very touching, why is it so troublesome?”

Yu-ri followed the appendix.

“Who said no, this Oppa always makes people laugh and cry.”

Tae-yeon found a towel and carefully wiped the sweat, but sighed again.

“I really doubt that Oppa really wrote the famous songs that made people feel painful?”

Faced with the blame of the girls, Seok Jin-soo said his thoughts while finishing his clothes.

“Oh, our life has been very hard. Why do you have to torture yourself in spirit? Can you be relaxed, happy, not stronger than anything?”

This is very reasonable, and the girls can’t help but think hard.

Although they have only debuted for three years, they have experienced sour and bitterness, which is obviously more than many people’s lives. The tears that flowed through it are almost the same as the ocean.

Life is full of joy, why should you make yourself feel heavy?

Thinking of this, the girls began to think about how to enjoy their own good life.

But at this time, the roar of Seok Jin-soo rang.

“Yah!! Who gave me a thousand years to kill? You are a youth idol, how can you do this?”

When the girls were besieged, Seok Jin-soo ignored her, and the delicate *** was attacked.

It is still aching pain, and he is very angry.

Everyone is laughing, can you admit that you are doing it yourself?

Seeing that they were hiding from each other, Seok Jin-soo didn’t hit the air and grabbed the delicate Jessica.

This missy is just a big temper, but the skill is, as a weaker than Hyo-min, it makes no sense.

“Jung Soo-yeon, said, did you do it?”

Being caught by Seok Jin-soo, Jessica couldn’t make a profit for a long time, just saying: “Ani ~yo, Ani ~yo, not me.”

Seok Jin-soo Tiger was born and did not let her go.

“Who did that?”

Jessica is very loyal, just shaking his head.

“I don’t know, I really don’t know.”

Sample, do you think you can live?

Seok Jin-soo flipped Jessica down on his lap.

“Don’t say it, if you don’t say it, hit your ass.”

Being pressed by Seok Jin-soo has made Jessica feel shameful. I am not a child, I am treated like this.

And I am still a girl, wearing a short skirt today, this posture, completely can not cover the spring underneath.

She was anxiously shouting “Let me go, let me down”, and I heard that Seok Jin-soo was going to hit his ass. If that’s the case, then today it is really shameful.

Scared and pale, she also refused to be loyal, and immediately betrayed her teammates.

“maknae, is maknae dry.”

Seok Jin-soo is stupid, and the strength in his hand is unconscious.

Feel the change, Jessica quickly struggled to break away, running far behind, hiding behind Soo-young and Tae-yeon.

Seok Jin-soo, though not taking care of this, looked at Seo-hyun, who was eager to change his face, and couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Is this kid doing it? She… she is not such a person.”

Yoon-ah just watched the farce, for fear that Seok Jin-soo would start with other sisters, so he climbed his arm in time to prevent him from moving.

With a Kim Tae-hee noona, it’s already a lot.

She doesn’t want Seok Jin-soo to be confused with other girls, even if she is a member of her team.

“Hey, how much do you know about maknae? The child is not as simple as the outside world, and it is crazy to play.”

Seeing Yoon-ah limits himself, and there are thick warnings in his eyes. Seok Jin-soo is also awake and afraid to come.

“Yah!! You really have changed too much.”

Yoon-ah has been observing everyone and found that many people have become very unconstrained after drinking. I am afraid that whoever deliberately bonfires will stimulate Seok Jin-soo, so let’s just talk.

This time, the settlement was made, and everyone got a lot of money more or less. Although they are not the same, and they don’t know each other much, but everyone knows that everyone is satisfied.

Everyone talked about the settlement, and everyone said a lot, I wonder how to use the money.

“Oppa, can the designer who created the house introduce it to me? I like it very much, so the new family wants to give him the help.”

This is a small matter, and Seok Jin-soo immediately agreed.

“Oh, are you talking about the designer of the car? Yes, he is helping me design the company building this time, and it will be no problem to design a new home.”

Yoon-ah’s business is his own business, and Seok Jin-soo is very good at it.

However, other people have heard this and are very enthusiastic.

“Yoon-ah, is Oppa’s home beautiful?” Tiffany asked.

In Girl’s Generation, there are not many people who have been to Seok Jin-soo new home, so it is very curious.

Seok Jin-soo’s new home, but Yoon-ah is very proud. Even Samsung’s president, it is estimated that there is no such luxury residence.

“Oppa’s home, absolutely Daebak. If you have seen it, you will be guaranteed to die.”

This missy is only Seok Jin-soo, so she is not very convinced, and Soo-young deliberately ridicules.

“It’s not that Oppa’s new home is next to the garbage mountain. Is there anything good?”

Seok Jin-soo’s face is green, looking at the missy of this poison tongue.

“Yah!! What garbage mountain? It’s far away. Well, then, can the two garbage dumps still be there? The environment will be affected, and the government will definitely plan well.”

“Cut, Oppa, are you the mayor of Seoul? Or the commander. You said that you removed it when you removed it. And Sangam-dong is very run-down, too far from Gangnam, no one likes it.”

Jessica is very unconvinced and wants to get back to the game.

This bad Oppa just wanted to play his own butt. If it was done, how can he raise his head in front of everyone?

The stingy Jessica has already hated it, and has not missed any opportunity for Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo’s new home, that’s all good, the only place to be said is that it is too close to the two garbage mountains.

So even though he made the house big and comfortable, many people still don’t envy it, even laughing at him as a junk king.

Obviously, there is no shortage of money. I don’t want to go to Yeouido and Gangnam. I have to live in the broken place of Sangam-dong. I really don’t know what he thinks.

Since this time, Seok Jin-soo has said this several times, and it has already reached an impatient level.

He stared at Jessica.

“Yah!! What if Sangam-dong changes in the future?”

Jessica is not convinced.

“Hey, it won’t change. What kind of change is there in the broken place? Only a fool will live there. Oh, anyway, people like me, only buy at CheonG-Dragon am-dong.” house.”

This time Girl’s Generation has completed the settlement, and the person who wants to buy a house, except Yoon-ah and her.

Yoon-ah is able to buy a luxury home, which is because the settlement income is very large, and even if you do not need a loan, you can buy a house.

As for Jessica, it is because there is money at home. It’s not difficult to buy a house with your own settlement and parental sponsorship.

As for other people, either the family is not in Seoul, or the income is not so much, you have to wait.

Seok Jin-soo is very angry, blowing his beard and blinking.

“Hey, what’s great about CheonG-Dragon am-dong? Sangam-dong is the best in the future.”

Jessica bites.

“Hey, Oppa, don’t dream. You can shoot, sell your house at low prices, and then come to Gangnam.”

Seok Jin-soo was particularly annoyed by her.

“Hey, wait and see, my choice is absolutely not wrong.”

Feeling his guilty conscience, Jessica blinked and suddenly thought of something.

Hey, this guy let himself and others lose such a big person last year, can’t just forget it.

Thinking of this, she smiled awkwardly.

“Oppa, do you want to bet?”

Seok Jin-soo is inexplicable.

“What gambling?”

Jessica only wanted to find the way back and made a bet.

“Oppa, we are limited to two years. If Sangam-dong doesn’t have the kind of change you said in two years, you will dress up like a rabbit and scream at the door of sm company for a hundred times Girl’s Generation.”

As soon as I heard this, everyone else laughed.

Jessica This is naked revenge. Who called last year, Seok Jin-soo forced them to lose so many people at the entrance to mbc.

Other than the Yoon-ah, others were excited when they thought about finding a place to return.

“Right right, Oppa, can you agree?”

Thinking of Seok Jin-soo dressed as a rogue rabbit, she called the Girl’s Generation long live, the girls are very eager.

With the support of teammates, Jessica is also in high spirits. It’s provocative to stare at Seok Jin-soo unruly.

Anyway, it seems that Sangam-dong is a broken place, and it is hard to change anything in a hundred years.

After all, no one like Seok Jin-soo likes to live with the garbage mountain.

So this bet, I will definitely win.

Seok Jin-soo is tangled, because he is also a bit uncertain, and what changes can be made to Sangam-dong.

The reason why it is said is that the man is soy, I don’t want to think about it.

Such a bet, he really does not have the grasp of victory!

Can see Jessica’s provocative eyes, he can no longer suppress the fire.

Grandma, a big man of his own, can still be scared by a liTTL- Time To Love e missy?

If you can’t make a big deal, it’s a shame to go to the sm company to dress up as a rabbit, but as a frequent performer, this is actually nothing.

“Okay, bet on gambling. If you lose, what should I do?”

Jessica never imagined that Seok Jin-soo would actually agree.

What kind of bet can I pay for myself?

The elf’s weird eyes turned and Jessica suddenly said, “If Oppa wins, I will give you Yoon-ah.”

Yoon-ah laughed and couldn’t help but hit her.

“What, your bet, why are you pulling me? And I am not a cargo, why should I send it to me?”

Seok Jin-soo does not agree.

“Yah!! It was my Yoon-ah. Why do you want to send it? You, this woman, don’t always think about taking advantage of it.”

Yoon-ah is also very angry that Jessica regards herself as a bet. She loves to be mischievous and decides to give this eonni a lesson.

If she thought about it, she suddenly got to the ear of Seok Jin-soo and said something.

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