KEP Chapter 656

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 656 chapter opened the mouth of the light, floating astronomy

Yoon-ah This missy, when gentle, makes people feel like a spring breeze. But if you are naughty, it is also very troublesome.

No, she gave Seok Jin-soo a good idea, and she took advantage of it.

However, Seok Jin-soo did not think about betting, more casual. Besides, Yoon-ah takes advantage of it, which means he is cheap.

So he smiled at the sly Jessica and said the bet he wanted.

“Well, if you lose, today’s dinner is paid by you in full. Well, because it takes two years, you can return the expenses to everyone after two years.”

Today’s party, because it is a private field, it is expensive.

However, because Girl’s Generation has nine people, everyone can share it.

But if you are all on Jessica, it is a heavy burden.

Fortunately, the term of the bet is two years. After two years, Jessicaโ€™s wallet is definitely bulging and will not care about the money.

I heard that this bet, Jessica is relieved.

She is really afraid that this Oppa will be bad, and she will come up with a punishment that will make her shameful. Just paying, there is nothing.

“Okay, that’s it.”

In this way, the gambling budget of the two is established.

For their bet, other talents are the most happy.

“Wow, Haha Haha, that’s great, maybe we don’t have to pay for it.”

Happy Soo-young, once again raised the glass.

“For this, we have to celebrate.”

Others are also attached, and they are equally happy.

But when Soo-young sees someone, he doesn’t get a fight.

“Yah!! maknae, Xu Hyun~ie, you are enough! Really, the bar is here to play, what are you going to watch here?”

There is also a TV in the bar of the bar. In general, it is used to put music and let the guests have fun.

However, because I have been talking here, the TV is empty.

The result is Seo-hyun, this missy is also a wonderful, actually looked at the current political news.

She was looking at it with relish, and was trained by Soo-young, and Appleโ€™s face was red.

“Eonni, what’s wrong with the political news? You can know what is going on and you won’t be separated from society.”

Soo-young has a headache.

“We are all here, but you look at this stuff, it is you who are out of us.”

Seo-hyun doesn’t look very quiet, but it is stubborn.

“Ani ~ yo, I am pulling you back from reality to death.”

The collective fainting of the women was really obedient to her wonderful speech.

Sunny can’t stand it anymore, and he is going to switch channels.

“Forget it, don’t say it anymore, let’s sing!”

But when she was halfway through, she suddenly stood still, and the whole person looked at the TV in a silly way, as if it had been enchanted.

Everyone is a bit inexplicable, I don’t know what she is doing.

“Soon-gyu, don’t you want to sing? Switch it!”

Upon hearing the urging of Tae-yeon, Sunny slowly turned around, and the upper and lower teeth were actually fighting, and the expression was very frightening.

At the same time, her fingers turned to the TV, but her eyes only looked at Seok Jin-soo.

Following her guidance, everyone’s attention is also concentrated on the TV. After reading it, everyone’s expression is also very exciting.

To Seo-hyun’s blessing, the TV is now playing kbs evening news.

What makes everyone dumbfounded is the content of the news broadcast.

I saw the female anchor on the TV set, sitting in danger, and the news was being reported in a positive way.

“According to the news from the Society of Seoul, in view of the strong demands of the people, the city government intends to treat the garbage mountain of Sangam-dong this year and transform it into a city garden. According to relevant sources of the city government, the government intends to be in Sangam- Dong creates a huge digital city. It is reported that sbsTV Station, kbsTV Station, mbcTV Station, jtbcTV Station, ytnTV Station, the channel of the East Asia Daily, the news channel of Yonhap, and the mnet and kmTV stations originally here. Converging to become the media center of the entire country.”

The anchor’s Korean language is not a bit of a problem. The quiet box is silent, so everyone listens very clearly.

But because of this, the atmosphere suddenly became strange.

The girls slowly turned their heads and looked at Seok Jin-soo, who had the same expression, as if he had seen the gods.

The Oppa just said that the garbage mountain will definitely be disposed of.

The result was just finished, the news came out, and the government really wanted to do it. Not only will the garbage mountain be disposed of, but also the city garden will be built.

Itโ€™s just this change, and the environment on Sangam-dong has changed dramatically.

The original smelly and boiling area has suddenly become a fresh and natural garden, which will definitely be liked by the public.

The content that follows can be more important.

Sangam-dong is here to become the media center of South Korea, and all TV Stations will be here in the future.

Doesn’t that mean that in the future, when these people run activities, they only need to go to a place like Sangam-dong.

But girls are more aware of a scary situation.

Once Sangam-dong became the media center of TV Station, there will be a chain reaction. One of the biggest changes is the land price and house price.

Land prices and house prices around TV Station have never been cheaper, far more expensive than the average place.

Because people living in such places are basically people associated with TV Station, so they are not bad.

And relying on TV Station can also create a regional prosperity.

Well now, TV Station actually started to get together.

Almost all TV stations in South Korea are concentrated together. What is the collateral effect?

Even if everyone does not understand the real estate industry, at least it is known that when this policy comes out, Sangam-dongโ€™s land price and house price cannot be turned over ten times.

Next to the TV Station cluster, what a good location?

Don’t say anything else, just rely on TV Station, just do some business, you can earn a lot of money.

There is a lot of employees in a TV station. So many TV stations are high-income people. Is the spending power a joke?

But these are not the girls who care, they think of it at this time – Seok Jin-soo’s home is in Sangam-dong!

How much did he spend when he bought 800 square meters of land?

Not even three billion.

As a result, this was also ridiculed by the outside world, calling him a junk king and thinking that he was stupid.

Although not spoken on the mouth, the girls, as close people, are full of sympathy for Seok Jin-soo.

This Oppa, there is that money, how good it is to buy a house in Gangnam!

But today, everyone is scared.

Who can think of the garbage land that Seok Jin-soo bought at the beginning, even though the chickens have turned into phoenixes, the appreciation is completely predictable.

Not only is it no longer next to the garbage mountain, but it has suddenly become a prime location.

This return on investment is more than…

Everyone’s head is not good enough, all of them are silently calculated, how much Seok Jin-soo earned.

Or the most wealthy Soo-young at home, with a little understanding of real estate, swearing: “Oppa, the land in your hands, now at least 15 billion?”

She is still a conservative estimate. In fact, when this policy comes out, the 800 square meters of land in the hands of Seok Jin-soo, even if the price is 30 billion, will certainly be bought.

Even with 15 billion, Seok Jin-soo is worth more than five times.

This is an investment, it is simply stealing money.

When I heard the land in the hands of Seok Jin-soo so valuable, everyone looked red and looked at Seok Jin-soo’s eyes as if they were watching the glistening Golden Buddha.

I was embarrassed to see it. Seok Jin-soo scratched his head and reluctantly suppressed the move to laugh.

“That… Yesterday, I just bought another 400 square meters…”

This time, there was really no movement in the box, because the girls were completely shocked.

Originally thought that Seok Jin-soo had 800 square meters of land in his hands, it was already enviable. But this guy, actually bought four hundred square meters before the policy was introduced.

Good guy, this time, isnโ€™t his hand in the land of Sangam-dong with 1,200 square meters?

God, how much is that?

Even the most experienced Soo-young found that he couldn’t figure it out.

This time I experienced settlement. Everyone was still very proud and felt that they became rich people.

After learning about Seok Jin-soo’s approach, everyone discovered how ridiculous their ideas were.

If they are also rich, then Seok Jin-soo is not a golden mountain?

As soon as they thought about the size of Seok Jin-soo’s assets, the girls’ breathing could not help but rush.

Sunny suddenly came to the fore, and a god bounced, and hugged Seok Jin-soo’s arm.

“Oppa, ask for support!”

Other girls have also reacted.

Tiffany is also anxious.

“Oppa, Xiaosan, Xiaosi, Xiaowu have nothing to do with, I can accept.”

Yu-ri also flattered.

“Oppa, I am good, I will warm the bed.”

Looking at a group of mad noona, Seo-hyun lamented, really shameful for them.

You are Girl’s Generation, how can you think so?

Look at her, how calm, it is not so impatient.

She just poured a glass of wine for Seok Jin-soo and said plainly: “Oppa, let’s fall in love!”

After the strange silence, the box was messed up again.

“Yah!! Xu Hyun~ie, you are a ambition!”

“I really can’t see it, our maknae will actually seduce men!”

“Learn her, this missy is always angry with us!”

In the midst of it, Seok Jin-soo and Yoon-ah only looked at Jessica, who was crying.

โ€œHaha Haha, Soo-yeon, remember to pay the bill.โ€

Seok Jin-soo is not generally happy. I thought it would take two years to be effective.

Whoever thinks that the government is so powerful, actually released the news.

This is good, Jessica buried himself directly.

Yoon-ah also laughed and tears came out, but Jessica was still joking to die.

“Eonni, if you don’t have enough money, I can lend you some money. Interest is for the three achievements, I don’t want much.”

Nima, this is not much, but it is better than the usury.

Ness Jessica took the wax herself, and there was no momentum at all.

She licked her hair in pain and snarled in the laughter of her teammates.

“Ah, ah, ah… What am I doing? Oh, I don’t want to live!”

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