KEP Chapter 658

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 658 chapter retro god, floating astronomy

If you change to two years ago and hear that you need nearly 20 billion investment, Seok Jin-soo will give up immediately.

Because even if he sold him, he could not get two billion.

Not to mention two billion, even if it is two billion, it is very hard.

Fortunately, in the past two years, he has ushered in a real take-off.

It is also music, TV dramas, and movies. There are also a variety of variety shows and commercial activities, which have given him a rich return.

Last year’s “Brilliant Legacy” production revenue plus copyright, a total of more than 5 billion in his account, is his most productive in film and television production.

This year’s “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” should be slightly down, but there will be almost more than 4 billion.

The main thing is that the lineup of this play is not enough overseas. And the type of plot is also a typical Korean-style family ethics drama, there is no overseas market.

In addition, through the production of the film, Seok Jin-soo finally understood why everyone thinks that the movie is a higher grade than the TV series.

Even the movie “Unforgivable”, which has just passed through the loss-making point, has brought him a revenue of 2.5 billion. If it is replaced by “Lonely Agent”, how much?

It can be said that the bulk of his income in the past two years is actually two songs released in Europe and the United States this year.

No way, the market size there is really too big, and his songs are all red and purple, and he has exchanged for the unexpected benefits.

“uptown funke” because he is not singing, just hanging in the name of the producer, so the income is slightly less. But the source of income and the various copyright revenues, there are now more than 9.5 billion.

As for “rolling in the deep”, it is even more exaggerated.

This is still a relatively small business performance of Seok Jin-soo. If you are as diligent as Bruno Mars, it will be easy to turn it over several times.

This is the case, this song also brought him a huge income of 13.2 billion Korean Won.

It is more than two English singles, which is more than the sum of his activities in Korea for a few years.

It is also by these two songs that Seok Jin-soo’s pocket drums are not like words. This time, investing in building a building can easily bring out 20 billion yuan.

After completing the deliberation of Che Yongjian, Seok Jin-soo made a happy stroke and the rest was handed over to Che Yongjian.

He and mysti89 company, as long as they are supervised by three, there is nothing to worry about.

Seeing that the final recording of the wrestling special is not far away, the recording team of usa nwtworkTV Station on the US side also came.

In the beginning, the US recording team was not too serious.

They also think that a variety of programs is only a limited level.

In particular, these members have long squash, which seems to be malnourished except for one person. Can they show the style of wwe well?

I can be photographed several times in succession, and I see these infinitely intriguing “Infinite Challenge” members who are working hard and hard, and these Americans are also moved.

“We don’t have a wrestler who wants to be a professional, and we don’t think how good it is to do. We just want to use this platform to wrestle the profession and show its charm to the audience who still don’t know. In addition, we also want to use our own touches to tell ordinary people who are full of fear of professional wrestling. It is actually a movement that can be easily touched. Professional wrestling is not only for the big guys to play. As ordinary people, we can also approach the sport because of our love.”

This is what Seok Jin-soo said when he was interviewed by usa work.

After his words were transmitted to the other side of the ocean, he also had a dramatic impact in the United States.

After all, even in the United States, more people are ordinary people.

Although everyone can watch the wonderful play of professional wrestlers, they are still discouraged by this sport.

“Infinite Challenge” has the courage to try and challenge the courage of self-limits. It is far more touching than what is best.

There are even a lot of viewers calling usa work, hoping to broadcast “Infinite Challenge” and see the efforts of those humble guys.

The usa work received the feedback from the audience very well and immediately communicated with mbcTV Station to obtain permission for simultaneous live broadcast.

In other words, when mbc broadcasts “Infinite Challenge”, people in the United States can also see this program through the usa work channel.

It is in such a situation that many parties are concerned that the days are walking day by day, getting closer and closer to the final performance day.

In order to present the most sincere visual enjoyment to the audience, everyone’s training is even more difficult.

In these few days, Seok Jin-soo went to three hospitals.

One was because of a crack in the shoulder blade, one was a rib dislocation, and the other was a concussion.

Like him, everyone else is working hard to stick to it. And everyone’s efforts are also seen by the audience through the program.

Everyone believes that with such sincerity, the final stage will not disappoint everyone.

Even with such hard work, Seok Jin-soo has no more time to cultivate. On the day of no recording, he has to complete other work.

Fortunately, the Koreans are very desperate and tough, so he can still bear it.

Like him, the t-ara girls also have this quality. Even at six in the morning, everyone still meets in the company.

Not only they are, but Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Hyeong-seok, and Bae Yoon-jeong are also coming.

Every time t-ara’s comeback, in mysti89 company, is much more serious than other singers.

No way, the investment is there, hundreds of millions of dollars each time, and the company is afraid.

β€œYah!! How confident are you with this comeback?”

Yesterday I seemed to have drunk a lot of wine, so Yoon Jong-shin’s spirit is not good, but she still does her duty.

Since the debut, t-ara has risen steadily, and now it is already a tipping point.

Yoon Jong-shin knows very well that this time if they can’t break that limit, the level of the future will be the same.

But if you rush, it is the same top girl group as Girl’s Generation.

As the president, he certainly hopes that t-ara will go further.

The only thing that can be relied on now is Seok Jin-soo’s production ability.

Although this music producer has debuted, it has never been disappointing. But what about music production? Who said it?

He is also a top producer, but for more than 20 years, the songs that are not red are more than red.

He is really scared, this time Seok Jin-soo has lost its standard.

Because Seok Jin-soo used to make a production fee with the company, it was 800 million.

This cost is still unsuccessful in Korean singers.

You know, to make songs for t-ara, Seok Jin-soo doesn’t charge money, only copyright revenue.

After deducting his production costs, he still has a cost of 800 million. Yoon Jong-shin is also a little scared.

This is why he did not care about running out in the morning, but he wanted to see where so much money was spent.

He can hear his doubts, but Seok Jin-soo is very confident.

Looking at the girls who are eager to try, and the high-level people who are frightened, he is not modest, and he has said everything that makes everyone excited.

“This time, t-ara’s comeback, my goal is only one, that is the sound source award, the golden record sound source award!”

In the 2011 year of so many things, t-ara has won the first year of the year with this song.

Now Seok Jin-soo has advanced the song for about nine months. At this time when there is no decent opponent, he really does not believe that the sound source award can still run?

You know that in 2011, if the “boys” of Girl’s Generation are too influential, and ccm and melon are parting ways, the songs with the first source of the year will not even have a reward.

There was no contradiction with Melon this time, and there was no “The boys” by Girl’s Generation. He would like to see who can stop t-ara.

Just rely on 2am’s “Can’t you let go of death”?

Please, there is no company influence behind this, how can you defeat the “Roly poly”?

It can be said that Seok Jin-soo is a great achievement for this year’s Golden Record Music Awards.

As for the record awards, that’s for you.

Girl’s Generation The sales of 400,000 copies are really terrible.

The exhausted t-ara can’t reach that height, let alone the super junior.

The album award, let sm company go to fight.

Sure enough, when I heard him mention the sound source award, everyone took a breath.

Especially the six girls, all surprised, all are excited.

Can they really touch the singer’s highest honor Golden Record Awards?

Kim Hyeong-seok was frightened and couldn’t help but blame.

β€œYah!! Don’t be so complacent. There are so many singers every year, is the award so easy to get?”

He is the Seonsaeng-nim of Seok Jin-soo. With the status of Seok Jin-soo, no one but him can be reprimanded in music.

The atmosphere is good, facing Seonsaeng-nim’s blame, Seok Jin-soo is still in a mood to laugh.

“seonsaeng-nim, even if it is difficult to get it. Our company does not have this honor yet, don’t you want it?”

Kim Hyeong-seok has a red face and swears: “Hey, see if you can do it.”

Since he said this, it means that he is no longer martyrdom.

Next, we entered the formal workflow, and Seok Jin-soo distributed the already prepared scores to everyone.

But what he said, the relationship with the song itself is not big.

Everyone is professional, and there is nothing to explain in the score. Seok Jin-soo handed it over and I believe they can do it well.

And what he wants to say is the question of mv.

“Everyone, this time the main song mv, according to my expectations, will be about fifteen minutes.”

Good guy, a word that stirred up the waves, and everyone who was just quiet, all fried the temple again.

Yoon Jong-shin was awkward and finally knew why Seok Jin-soo had so much production costs.

“Yah!! Are you making a movie? A song is only three minutes.”

So-yeon also spoke for the first time, and his face was very gloomy.

“No, let us sing for fifteen minutes. I don’t know if our physical strength can persist.”

Anyway, she has never heard of anyone who can sing a fifteen-minute song without stopping.

See everyone misunderstood, Seok Jin-soo quickly explained.

“Yah!! This song is normal, only three minutes. The reason why I have to shoot fifteen minutes of mv, I intend to make a plot of mv.”

The general mv is followed by the rhythm of the song, so it is very simple.

But if you add storytelling, you must extend it properly and match the style of the song to be beautiful!

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