KEP Chapter 661

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 661 chapter cool performance, floating astronomy

> The last person to appear is Noh Hong-chul, and it is inevitable that he will be ridiculed.

“The next player, responsible for the swing of the wm7 chin, is sick, Noh Hong-chul!”

It seems that Lu Haolong, the nickname, has to accompany his big face for a lifetime.

Noh Hong-chul’s dress is like a musical. At the same time, the hair and all kinds of shiny decorations are as crazy as his character.

At this point, the seven members of “Infinite Challenge” have all come out. But this is not complete, there is another important person who needs to introduce to the audience.

“Introducing the final player, wm7 Qianjun Wanma’s coach, cherry cherry onion, star star!!!”

However, this time it was different. With the scream of Haha, son star did not appear.

Many people are very puzzled, is it an oolong?

Did not let the audience doubt for too long, the corner of the venue, the fireworks suddenly bloom, so that everyone can see the layout here.

Originally outside the main stage, there is still a performance stage here.

At this time, as the lights are on, there is already a band already ready.

The seonsaeng-nim son star of the wrestling special edition is also sitting in front of the drum.

Many people are embarrassed for a while, this is what I think, son star is actually the drummer of the band cherry.

This time, in order to wrestle special edition, the cherry band deliberately created the aid song.

At this moment, it is time to meet with you.

With the passion to play, “show time” also provoked the enthusiasm of the audience.

It was the end of the opening ceremony that was very popular.

Everyone came down from the venue and the heart was still jumping.

There are no more words to see other people.

“The tears are coming down, I am so touched.”

“Great, so handsome!”

“Come on, don’t get hurt!”

“fighting, we can do it!”

After the performance of the cherry band, the first performance is about to begin.

But the people who are most worried about it are not the Jeong Jun-ha who was originally injured, but the old and frail Park Myeong-su.

Yoo Jae-seok: “Brother, don’t get hurt!”

Park Myeong-su boring his head and finishing his clothes, “Where is there anything hurt?”

He knows the concerns of his younger brothers, but at this moment, he can only pretend that it doesn’t matter. If he is also nervous, the younger brothers will be even more uncomfortable.

The first person to play is the referee Haha.

His role is mainly in the hot atmosphere, and occasionally there will be performances.

After all, he retired in March this year and practiced a lot less time than everyone else. So after deliberation, it is better to let him be a referee.

Professional wrestling is not a competitive sport, but a performance, so it is all in accordance with the written script.

After the performance of the cherry band, Park Myeong-su and Jeong Hyeong-don appeared on the big screen.

The two men shunned other people all the way and appeared in a quiet room.

Jeong Hyeong-don: “Brother, what are you doing?”

Compared to the inexplicable Jeong Hyeong-don, Park Myeong-su looks even more insidious.

“Hyeong-don, look at your face and you know. The program is also very good recently, and you have a good wife, just sell the house…”

Jeong Hyeong-don is depressed.

“What about the house for the old man?”

Park Myeong-su explained patiently.

“The food and clothing, the house is the most important. I will help you sell the house, don’t worry, listen to me, Jeong Jun-ha… Responsibly and confidently win.”

By the way, this old guy actually played behind the scenes trading.

Jeong Hyeong-don is a bit worried.

“How did I win the Jun-ha brother?”

Park Myeong-su is violent.

“Yah!! I said, I will consume his strength, and then I will solve it. Sell the house to win Jun-ha, come on, try everything.”

Jeong Hyeong-don is in the heart.

“Just consume his strength?”

Looking at the shamelessness of Park Myeong-su, the audience laughed. Everyone has already foreseen that today’s wrestling match will be very interesting.

Next, the first tournament began, and the match was Jeong Jun-ha and Park Myeong-su.

Haha first introduced the appearance of Jeong Jun-ha.

This guy doesn’t need any special decoration, so he walks out slowly and has an overwhelming momentum.

Jeong Jun-ha, who doesn’t have a fool, has a very fierce expression, just like a real wrestler.

Everyone is an entertainer, and they know how to perform better than the professional wrestlers.

So Jeong Jun-ha has always made the atmosphere good since he started playing until he stood on the ring.

Park Myeong-su’s appearance, as always, with the devil’s breath. The flame of fire and the dance is also an indispensable performance, not so scary.

If it is Park Myeong-su vs. Jeong Jun-ha, it is obviously difficult to compete anyway. So Park Myeong-su called the helper, which is Jeong Hyeong-don.

In everyone’s review, Jeong Hyeong-don dressed up in a normal dress, with glasses, walked out like a passerby.

Especially the icon on his chest makes everyone smile.

It’s just Hyeong-don, don’t expect him to be handsome.

His appearance is just Hyeong-don.

The helper also called, and the game has to start.

As a referee, Haha began to check the two players, but at this time, Park Myeong-su suddenly began to attack.

His legs crossed Haha’s body and squatted directly on the chest of Jeong Jun-ha.

Yes, no need to say anything, the game officially started.

Jeong Jun-ha, who was inexplicably attacked, was very upset, and his eyes were able to kill people and stare at Park Myeong-su as if he were going to eat him.

Park Myeong-su did not know that he was still in the air.

His role is a wicked person, and his image is a foul king, so he cannot expect to play by normal means.

Perhaps I also felt that my approach was too much. Park Myeong-su extended his hand to Jeong Jun-ha and seemed to want to be friendly.

Jeong Jun-ha saw his repentance and extended his hand.

Unexpectedly, just as his hand reached halfway, Park Myeong-su’s hand slammed up and a slap on his face.

Once again, the foul was made, Park Myeong-su was even more stunned, and he jumped into gymnastics.

Seeing this scene in the lounge, everyone laughed wildly.

β€œHaha Haha, really fits Myeong-su brother.”

“Even if he didn’t design this image for him, is he expected to do the same?”

Seok Jin-soo nodded and agreed with the words of his brothers.

“This brother’s viciousness is in the blood.”

The commentary on the spot will also be played, and the words that are spoken will be more arched.

“Ah, if you know that your son-in-law is being beaten like this, of course you can’t.”

Park Myeong-su is still not satisfied, pointing to Jeong Jun-ha mocking.

“Oh, stupid!!”

This time Jeong Jun-ha was completely angry, and he did not hesitate. He waved his fist and rushed up.

Park Myeong-su was shocked and his body was very agile. He stooped to avoid the fist of Jeong Jun-ha and ran away.

It was so big that under the chase of Jeong Jun-ha, Park Myeong-su was finally blocked in the corner.

Seeing to be taught by Jeong Jun-ha, the old guy suddenly pointed to the distance and seemed to see something.

Jeong Jun-ha’s attention was drawn to the past and ignored.

Park Myeong-su seized the opportunity and stepped on the shoes of Jeong Jun-ha. When the big fat hurts, he grabbed his hair again.

With the help of the elastic force of the ring, the big piece was thrown out.

It is obvious that Jeong Jun-ha is more powerful, and when he throws it in half, he becomes himself flying out.

Seeing that Park Myeong-su was running around in the middle of the barriers on both sides, Jeong Jun-ha seized the opportunity and suddenly greeted her chest.

This time, the high-speed movement of Park Myeong-su directly hit him.

Park Myeong-su is like hitting a wall, and the whole person is flying.

He flew so high, so exaggerated, the entire back fell on the ring.

Obviously Park Myeong-su’s control of the body is not good. Everyone can see that when he falls, the back of his head squats on the floor.

When training, this technical action is to avoid the head hitting the floor.

But in any case, the smooth plots and movements came out, and everyone in the lounge swelled.

With the first fall, Park Myeong-su couldn’t move anymore, was caught by Jeong Jun-ha, and came directly to a ninety-degree back fall.

This time the technical movements were completed very well, and the audience was excited, and the cheers were like tides.

Park Myeong-su was also thrown in, and I don’t know where I am.

Jeong Jun-ha seized the opportunity and once again slammed him up like a chicken, and it was a painful back.

Seeing that Park Myeong-su didn’t fight back, Jeong Hyeong-don couldn’t stand it anymore, took off his coat angrily and was ready to play.

Park Myeong-su was also afraid there, and even the roller crawled down from the edge of the ring.

Here Jeong Hyeong-don’s admission is very handsome, grabbing a jump and jumping, the action is crisp and neat.

In the training of more than a year, he is the most powerful one, and the mastery of various movement techniques is also the best among the members.

The real game has finally begun, and it has also ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. The atmosphere at the scene is simply bursting.

Seeing that the opponents of Park Myeong-su are very different, Jeong Jun-ha is also serious.

After a brief temptation, the two strong guys hugged together and began the battle of strength and strength.

If the performance of Park Myeong-su was just funny, then the double Zheng’s showdown really took the hard work.

When the two came up, they said nothing, that is, the chain was fixed.

In the end, Jeong Jun-ha was even better in strength, locking the head of Jeong Hyeong-don.

After two consecutive big hammers, he caught the hair of Jeong Hyeong-don.

Then he took advantage of the rope’s bounce and finished the broken neck arm when he sent Jeong Hyeong-don back.

A series of actions that can only be seen in the wwe, the audience are satisfied, and feel the value back.

Feeling the enthusiasm of the audience, Jeong Jun-ha triumphantly pursued and once again brought out the killing of the broken neck arm.

Jeong Hyeong-don fell twice in a row, and the completion of the movement was very high, which also made him extremely painful.

Although it is a performance, but it is a real fall, the pain is really painful.

Everything is seen in the eyes, everyone in the lounge is also worried.

Seok Jin-soo can only keep calm and say what he thinks.

β€œJun-ha brother and Hyeong-don brother’s performance is very powerful. The only bad thing is that the movement is too repetitive. Although it is very beautiful, it always looks the same movement, and the audience will be annoyed. Hong -chul Hyeong, we must do our performances, don’t feel tired.”

Noh Hong-chul has widened his eyes and is not at all.

“Kid, don’t worry, I drank three bags of red ginseng and promised to be more persistent than you.”

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