KEP Chapter 664

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the last battle of the 664 chapter, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul have prepared a lot of things, and their performances are dazzling.

All the martial arts that the audience can call their names and cannot name them are basically all appearing.

But don’t forget, before this game was started, Park Myeong-su, the old guy, had a plot with Haha.

So when Seok Jin-soo tried his best to get rid of Noh Hong-chul and ready to pick up the cash box, Park Myeong-su suddenly shot.

When Seok Jin-soo climbed the sling, Park Myeong-su, who climbed up quietly, flew from the back and was unbiased, just kicking in the key to Seok Jin-soo.

The kind of place was attacked, and Seok Jin-soo changed his face and fell down with his crotch.

Park Myeong-su, who felt that he had succeeded, walked over triumphantly, then turned around and his ass smashed down Seok Jin-soo’s head.


An earth-shattering bang was released by the sphincter and made the audience smile.

Needless to say, Seok Jin-soo was smoked by the rare gas of this world.

This is good, Noh Hong-chul has failed, and Seok Jin-soo has been attacked by Park Myeong-su. No matter how you look at it, the final winner of this wallet game should be Park Myeong-su.

Sure enough, the smug Park Myeong-su is ready to climb the sling and take the cash box.

But at this time, Haha stopped him and made a lot of strokes.

After understanding the explanation, everyone knows that it was Haha who wanted to go up and get the cash box.

Although the two men had reached an agreement before, in the face of three million, Haha apparently did not trust Park Myeong-su.

But Park Myeong-su didn’t think so. He definitely felt that he had already killed Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul. He had no rivals. Why bother to give money to Haha?

If you don’t betray, it’s not “Infinite Challenge”.

So when Haha asked for it, Park Myeong-su waved his fist and threatened him.

If it is normal, in the face of the intimidation of the devil, Haha will certainly be concession.

But in this performance, his role is not only a referee, but also a lack of money.

So in any case, Haha will not give in.

In a hurry, he grabbed the arm of Park Myeong-su. Then he jerked and slammed his waist and finished shoulder-shouldering against the devil.

A loud bang, Park Myeong-su is no longer proud of it.

From the beginning to the present, although Park Myeong-su has fallen many times, this time it is undoubtedly the most embarrassing.

Not only because of the large range of motion, but also because Park Myeong-su did not do it.

Originally, he should have the back to land first, so that he can cushion the impact. As a result, he lost the god in the air, and the calf squatted on the ground.

Obviously, Park Myeong-su’s ankles were awkward, and his cold sweat came out.

But because the game is still going on, he is obviously suffering, but he can only endure.

After killing Park Myeong-su, Haha seems to be the last Seung-ri.

In his eyes, there is only a cash box at a height, ready to be picked up in the past.

But at this time, Seok Jin-soo woke up.

Although Park Dazhao’s gas attack is powerful, the disadvantage is that the time is too short.

Seok Jin-soo, who stood up and swayed, is still not very clear-headed. But how can I do if I see Haha going to get the cash box?

I didn’t want to think about it. He immediately took advantage of his strength and jumped from the back. At the same time, his knees bent and hit him directly on Haha’s back, completing the knee hammer in Muay Thai.

Haha was hit by such a large force and immediately flew out like a sack. The whole man was lying on the floor, and there was no power to stand up.

Seok Jin-soo walked over and grabbed Haha’s hair and picked him up.

Then he stood on the side of Haha, holding his right arm and holding the waist of Haha. At the same time, the left hand grabbed the knee of Haha’s left leg from below.

Interpretation looked in my eyes and immediately understood what was going on.

“Oh, Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is going to finish the side of the clip and fall.”

That’s right, this is a real wwe action, and it’s also very famous.

Seok Jin-soo is not afraid that he is not in place, but he is more worried about Haha. So when I finished the action, I whispered to Haha.

“Brother, raise your legs, you must lift your legs.”

When this exercise was being practiced, Haha didn’t raise his leg, and the result was terrible.

At that time, he said pitifully that when he was waiting for the game, he would gamble on all the property and lift it up. It only hurts once.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t want him to be thrown twice, so he started guiding directly.

Haha didn’t have any strength at all, but when he heard Seok Jin-soo, he immediately woke up.

When Seok Jin-soo made a side attack, he used his best strength and really lifted his leg.

Also because of his efforts, this technology is perfect.

But in any case, because of Seok Jin-soo’s attack, Haha also lost its combat power.

鐜 湪鎿 湪鎿 鑳 鑳 鑳 鑳 鑳 绔欑潃镄勪 绔欑潃镄勪 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 ok 鍙湁 ok 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁

浠栬缮灏忓 鍦 鍦 鍦 湅浜嗙湅 湅浜嗙湅 湅浜嗙湅 湅浜嗙湅 湅浜嗙湅 叾浠栦 叾浠栦 叾浠栦 珯涓嶈捣鏉ワ纴 珯涓嶈捣鏉ワ纴 珯涓嶈捣鏉ワ纴 珯涓嶈捣鏉ワ纴 珯涓嶈捣鏉ワ纴 珯涓嶈捣鏉ワ纴鎷 笅鏉ャ €


涓 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 锷ㄤ綔锛屼粬鍙槸瓒 锷ㄤ綔锛屼粬鍙槸瓒 锷ㄤ綔锛屼粬鍙槸瓒 锷ㄤ綔锛屼粬鍙槸瓒 锷ㄤ綔锛屼粬鍙槸瓒 锷ㄤ綔锛屼粬鍙槸瓒 锷ㄤ綔锛屼粬鍙槸瓒 浜嗕簲涓湀锛屼 浜嗕簲涓湀锛屼 浜嗕簲涓湀锛屼 浜嗕簲涓湀锛屼 浜嗕簲涓湀锛屼 浜嗕簲涓湀锛屼 浜嗕簲涓湀锛屼 姝よ缮浠銆

铏 劧鍝ュ掼浠兘锷濋樆杩囷纴 劧鍝ュ掼浠兘锷濋樆杩囷纴 屾湜浠栧敖 屾湜浠栧敖 忎笉瑕佸仛杩欎 忎笉瑕佸仛杩欎 忎笉瑕佸仛杩欎 忎笉瑕佸仛杩欎 忎笉瑕佸仛杩欎

浣嗘槸涓 鍗庝 鍗庝 鍗庝 纴 纴 纴 Seok Jin-soo 涓嶆兂鍦ㄦ渶钖庢湁 鐟旷柕銆 鐟旷柕銆 鐟旷柕銆

浠栭€€寮寮鍒鍒渶杩殑鍙殑鍙竴涓︼锛屽啀涓夌竴涓︼锛屽啀涓夌璁や璁や阍阍镄勪綅缃纴闅忓悗灏镄勪綅缃纴闅忓悗灏镄勪綅缃纴闅忓悗灏钖镐竴鍙钖镐竴鍙钖镐竴鍙浈镌 鐩爣椋炲浜呜 鐩爣椋炲浜呜 鐩爣椋炲浜呜 铡 铡

婊 満镄勮浼楅兘 満镄勮浼楅兘 夌偣鍌荤溂锛屼笉鐭ラ 夌偣鍌荤溂锛屼笉鐭ラ 夌偣鍌荤溂锛屼笉鐭ラ 夌偣鍌荤溂锛屼笉鐭ラ 浠栬 浠栬 浠栬 浠栬 涔堛 涔堛 絾 絾 絾 絾 絾 絾 絾 絾 絾 絾 絾 絾 絾骞蹭粈涔埚ぇ浜嬨€

涓 镞堕棿锛屾 镞堕棿锛屾 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 殕闱欙纴镞犳暟鍙岀殑鐪 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 鍙湁 Seok Jin-soo 銆

鎿 彴骞 彴骞 笉鏄緢澶э纴 笉鏄緢澶э纴 笉鏄緢澶э纴 浠ュ嚑涔庡 浠ュ嚑涔庡 浠ュ嚑涔庡 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 Seok Jin-soo 宸茬劧鍐 埌浜嗘偓鎸傜潃阍 埌浜嗘偓鎸傜潃阍 埌浜嗘偓鎸傜潃阍偅涓︼钀姐€

紬浠殑 紬浠殑 嗙嚎 岋纴 岋纴 岋纴 Seok Jin-soo 镄勯 熷 熷 熷 熷 € € € € € €

褰 粬鍐 粬鍐 埌浜呜钀 埌浜呜钀 埌浜呜钀 伞 伞 伞 伞 伞 伞 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 欙纴鐚涘湴璺冭捣锛岀劧钖庡彸鑴氲 鎷 鎷镄勫弽寮 镄勫弽寮 镄勫弽寮 箣锷涳纴浠栫殑韬瓙鍙堜笂鍗囦 澶 澶 澶 澶 澶

闅忓悗宸 剼鍙堣 剼鍙堣 剼鍙堣 鍦ㄤ 鍦ㄤ 鍦ㄤ 涓婇 涓婇 涓婇 涓婇 涓婇 镄勬嫤绱笂锛屽 镄勬嫤绱笂锛屽 镄勬嫤绱笂锛屽 镄勬嫤绱笂锛屽 镄勬嫤绱笂锛屽 镄勬嫤绱笂锛屽 忋 忋 忋

杩欐牱涓 鏉ワ纴 鏉ワ纴 鏉ワ纴 Seok Jin-soo 绔熺劧宸茬粡 ┖鍒 ┖鍒 ┖鍒 ┖鍒 ┖鍒 ┖鍒 殑楂 殑楂 殑楂 殑楂

杩欎竴鐬棿锛屽緢澶 閮 閮 閮 閮 閮 弽搴斾 杩囨潵锛岀悍绾 杩囨潵锛岀悍绾 崅镌 鍢 鍢 鍢 鍢 鍢 鍢 鍢


鈥凄aebak 锛屼粬鐪熺殑瑕佽 umbrella


Jeong Jun-ha 锛气滆滆滆滆璧潵浜嗭纴璺潵浜嗭纴璺捣鏉ヤ捣鏉ヤ锛佲

Son star锛气沧嫓沧嫓沧嫓桡纴涓瀹氲濂瀹氲濂瀹氲濂ソ瀹屾垚锛屼竴瀹ソ瀹屾垚锛屼竴瀹笉鑳

Yoo Jae-seok 锛气滃皬蹇冿纴灏忓滃皬蹇冿纴灏忓滃皬蹇冿纴灏忓锛屽皬蹇冿纴鍗冧竾涓嶈鍑锛屽皬蹇冿纴鍗冧竾涓嶈鍑簨锛佲€

灏卞湪杩欎竾浼楃 鐩殑鎯呭喌涓嬶纴 鐩殑鎯呭喌涓嬶纴 Seok Jin-soo 镄勮 浣揿 浣揿 缁忚 缁忚 缁忚 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 楂 楂 楂 楂 楂 楂 楂 楂 楂 楂 楂繎鍦ㄧ溂鍓崭 銆

杩欐槸 濂 濂 濂 殑镞 殑镞 殑镞 殑镞 轰 轰 轰 轰 轰

Seok Jin-soo 澶 剳涓 鐗囩┖锏 鐗囩┖锏 鐗囩┖锏 鐗囩┖锏 涔堥兘涓嶆兂锛岃 涔堥兘涓嶆兂锛岃 涔堥兘涓嶆兂锛岃 涔堥兘涓嶆兂锛岃 涔堥兘涓嶆兂锛岃 涔堥兘涓嶆兂锛岃 涔堥兘涓嶆兂锛岃 涔堥兘涓嶆兂锛岃

涓庢钖屾椂锛屼粬镄勪袱鏉¤吙濂 儚椋庤 儚椋庤 镄勬憜鍙 镄勬憜鍙 镄勬憜鍙 竴镙 竴镙 纴闅忕潃韬綋镄勫悗浠 纴闅忕潃韬綋镄勫悗浠 纴闅忕潃韬綋镄勫悗浠 纴闅忕潃韬綋镄勫悗浠 纴闅忕潃韬綋镄勫悗浠 纴闅忕潃韬綋镄勫悗浠 纴闅忕潃韬綋镄勫悗浠

褰 粬鍙 粬鍙 粬鍙 缑澶 缑澶 缑澶 缑澶 缑澶 笅鑴 笅鑴 笅鑴 笅鑴 笅鑴 笅鑴 笅鑴 笅鑴 笅鑴 涓娿

闾i挶绠 湰鏉ュ 湰鏉ュ 湰鏉ュ 湰鏉ュ 湰鏉ュ 鍙槸鎼湪涓婇 镄勶纴琚粬镄勮剼韪腑锛岀珛鍒诲 镄勶纴琚粬镄勮剼韪腑锛岀珛鍒诲 镄勶纴琚粬镄勮剼韪腑锛岀珛鍒诲 镄勶纴琚粬镄勮剼韪腑锛岀珛鍒诲

鐪嫔埌Seok Jin-soo 鏋 劧韪 (1) 埌浜嗛挶绠憋纴 € € € € € € € € 镊 镊 镊 镊 镊 镊 镊 镊 镊 一 一 一 一 一 一 一褰诲満棣嗐€

杩欐棦鏄绮 缁濅 缁濅 殑璧炲徆锛屼篃鏄 殑璧炲徆锛屼篃鏄 殑璧炲徆锛屼篃鏄 殑璧炲徆锛屼篃鏄 Seok Jin-soo 鏁笟镄勮濂栥 €

缁堜簬韪(一)埌浜嗛挶绠憋纴涔熻Seok Jin-soo 鏉句涓涓鍙鍙皵锛岀煡阆撹嚜宸卞仛鍒皵锛岀煡阆撹嚜宸卞仛鍒皵锛岀煡阆撹嚜宸卞仛鍒

杩欎竴鍒 纴浠栫湡镄勫ソ鎯 纴浠栫湡镄勫ソ鎯 ぇ鍝竴鍦 ぇ鍝竴鍦 纴鍙戞硠涓 涓嬮昵杈 涓嬮昵杈 涓嬮昵杈 涓嬮昵杈 涓嬮昵杈 竴骞 竴骞 竴骞

浣嗘槸浠栦笉鑳 纴锲犱 纴锲犱 浠栦 浠栦 鍦ㄥ 鍦ㄥ 鍦ㄥ 鍦ㄥ € € € € € € € € € € € € € 捣澶 捣澶 捣澶 捣澶 捣澶 捣澶 捣澶綋锛岃鎶娄綋浣嶆仮澶嶈 鏉ャ 鏉ャ

骞 ソ浠栬 ソ浠栬 ソ浠栬 ソ浠栬 璧 殑瓒 殑瓒 殑瓒 楂桡纴缁欎 楂桡纴缁欎 楂桡纴缁欎 浠栬 浠栬

瑙备紬浠的鐪嫔埌浠栫殑韬綋瀹屽叏鑸掑睍寮 鏉ワ纴鍦ㄧ┖涓畲鎴愪 鏉ワ纴鍦ㄧ┖涓畲鎴愪 涓夌栌鍏崄搴 涓夌栌鍏崄搴 殑杞綋锛岀劧钖庣暐寰笁璺勫湴绔椤湪浜嗘拓鍙 鍙

缁堜簬锛屾墍 夌殑锷ㄤ綔閮 夌殑锷ㄤ綔閮 夌殑锷ㄤ綔閮 仛鍒 仛鍒 仛鍒

鐪嬬殑婵 锷ㄤ竾鍒嗙殑 锷ㄤ竾鍒嗙殑 紬浠啀涔熷繊 紬浠啀涔熷繊 紬浠啀涔熷繊 紬浠啀涔熷繊 紬浠啀涔熷繊 紬浠啀涔熷繊 璧 璧 璧 璧 潵锛屾嫾浜嗗懡鍦 潵锛屾嫾浜嗗懡鍦潃 嬭哕锛岀妫 嬭哕锛岀妫 潃鈥沦 shoulder 潃鈥沦 eok Jin-soo 鈥濈殑钖嶅瓧銆

浠婂ぉ镄勭浜屽満姣旇禌锛孲eok Jin-soo 鍜孨oh Hong-chul 浠庝竴寮€濮嫔埌chain钖庯纴鍏埚悗浣钖庯纴鍏埚悗浣钖庯纴鍏埚悗浣”湳銆

灏 澶 澶 鐪嬬殑寰堣 鐪嬬殑寰堣 鐪嬬殑寰堣 鐦撅纴浣呜缮鏄湁镣 鐦撅纴浣呜缮鏄湁镣 鐦撅纴浣呜缮鏄湁镣 仐鎲撅纴镐 仐鎲撅纴镐 仐鎲撅纴镐 仐鎲撅纴镐 劅 劅 夊皯浜嗙偣浠 涔堛

鐩村埌chain钖庯纴钖庯纴Seok Jin-soo 缁堜簬浣 缁堜簬浣 敤鍑 敤鍑 简 简 ╁浗镄勬 ╁浗镄勬 ╁浗镄勬 曗 曗 曗 曗 曡穯鎷 曡穯鎷 曡穯鎷 曡穯鎷 曡穯鎷 曡穯鎷 曡穯鎷 曡穯鎷 曡穯鎷岃浼椾滑涔熸劅瑙夊埌浜嗗畲婊°€

璋佷篃涓岖煡阆掳纴灏 浜呜 涔堜竴涓姩浣滐纴 涔堜竴涓姩浣滐纴 Seok Jin-soo 璺熺潃 ╁浗铏庨槦瀛 ╁浗铏庨槦瀛 锛屼粯鍑 锛屼粯鍑 锛屼粯鍑 锛屼粯鍑 锛屼粯鍑 锛屼粯鍑 锛屼粯鍑 锛屼粯鍑 锛屼粯鍑 锛屼粯鍑勪 鐥涘拰姹楁 button

鍙嶆鐪嬬潃浠栧畲鎴愪简鎶€纴灏辫繛鍦ㄨ浼楀腑镄勮纴灏辫繛鍦ㄨ浼楀腑镄勮纴灏辫繛鍦ㄨ浼楀腑镄勮纴灏辫繛鍦ㄨ浼楀腑镄勮简 简 锻 湴涓 湴涓 湴涓 粬 粬

鐩村埌绔欑ǔ浜呜剼璺燂纴Seok Jin-soo 嶆涧浜嗕竴鍙嶆涧浜嗕竴鍙嶆涧浜嗕竴鍙皵銆傞┈涓婃尌鑸炵潃皵銆傞┈涓婃尌鑸炵潃皵銆傞┈涓婃尌鑸炵潃嬭哕锛屾兂瑕佸嬭哕锛屾兂瑕佸婅嚜宸婅嚜宸 chain €钖庣殑Seung-ri key呫

鐒 屼粬楂 屼粬楂 屼粬楂 屼粬楂 屼粬楂 叴镄勫お镞╀ 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 鍦ㄤ粬瑕佹 鍦ㄤ粬瑕佹 鍦ㄤ粬瑕佹 鍦ㄤ粬瑕佹 鍦ㄤ粬瑕佹 鍦ㄤ粬瑕佹 鍦ㄤ粬瑕佹 鍦ㄤ粬瑕佹 欙纴澶 欙纴澶潵銆

涓嶆槸鍒殑锛屾鏄浠栬涪鎺夌殑阍 銆

鍓嶅悗鑴氱殑阃熷 锛岄挶绠 锛岄挶绠 篃钀 篃钀 涓嬫潵銆傝缮涓嶅亸涓嶅 涓嬫潵銆傝缮涓嶅亸涓嶅 涓嬫潵銆傝缮涓嶅亸涓嶅 纴姝 纴姝 纴姝 纴姝 纴姝 纴姝 纴姝

铏 劧涓嶆槸浠庡お楂樼殑鍦 钀 钀 钀 钀 钀 钀 钀 钀 钀 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍 涓夌栌涓囷纴锷犱笂阍Read e忥纴闾

琚 琚 涓︷挶绠 纴 纴 Seok Jin-soo 绔嬮┈鐪 啋 啋 戞槦锛屾姝枩鏂滃湴寰 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦

瑙备紬鐪嬭缮娌°C湁浠庢縺锷ㄤ腑璧 嚭鏉ュ憿锛岀湅鍒 伞 伞 伞

忓亸灏卞湪 忓亸灏卞湪 Seok Jin-soo 琚牳鏅旷殑镞跺 欙纴涔嫔墠 欙纴涔嫔墠 ark ark ark yeong Myeong-su 绔欎 璧 璧 潵銆

缁撴灉杩栾 佸浼欎粈涔堜篃娌 佸浼欎粈涔堜篃娌 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 锛屽 鎹 鎹 鎹 涓︻幇鎴愮殑阍卞 涓︻幇鎴愮殑阍卞 涓︻幇鎴愮殑阍卞 涓︻幇鎴愮殑阍卞 涓︻幇鎴愮殑阍卞 涓︻幇鎴愮殑阍卞

寰楀埌浜嗗ソ澶勭殑 佹伓 佹伓 佹伓 旓纴鎯 旓纴鎯 阍 阍 阍 阍 阍 阍 阍 灏 灏 灏 灏 灏 灏锛屾児鏉ヤ 瑙 瑙 紬浠棤绌 紬浠棤绌 棤灏 棤灏 棤灏 殑鍢 殑鍢 殑鍢 殑鍢 殑鍢

The commentators are also very helpless about this situation.

“Aigoo, it seems that our Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is still no luck. No matter how hard, the final result is definitely the worst.”

This made the audience laugh.

Think about it, every time you do something in Infinite Challenge, he is the most active one.

At the end of the day, he didn’t get anything.

The god of bad luck is really not a joke.

At this point, the second part of the game is over.

In the applause of the audience, everyone walked into the background after the ceremony.

Seok Jin-soo was normal before, but when the body just disappeared behind the curtain, there was no strength at the foot, and the consciousness fell to the ground with a little blur.

The next Haha and others were all shocked and hurryed up.

“What’s wrong? What happened? What happened?”

Or Noh Hong-chul was the first to find a problem.

“Maknae’s head is bleeding, doctor, where is the doctor?”

Wrestling specials that contain sweat and pain, and finally can endure, and only hurt.

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