KEP Chapter 669

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 669 chapter is about to explode, floating astronomy

The parts of Qri are very simple, the beginning of the first part and the second part.

This is so, all recorded, and Seok Jin-soo is greatly satisfied.

Looking at Qri’s big eyes, Seok Jin-soo smiled and said: “Continue to work hard, I will let you solo.”

Qri was shocked and didn’t think that such a good thing would fall on his head.

“Oppa, can I still solo?”

Her singing, don’t say that in t-ara, even in all female idol can count down.

This level can also be solo?

Rao is Qri’s character is very chic, this can not help but a little shy.

“Oppa, I can’t. The chance of solo is still for others.”

So-yeon stood up this time.

“eonni, this is Oppa’s appreciation for you, don’t deny it. So, since we are a combination, then in the order of the combination, you can also feel good. I am the team leader, Oppa, let me solo first. !”

This missy, mischievous is not covered. The beautiful squirrel eyes are very beautiful for a second.

Others who can be t-ara are ridiculous.

“Yah!! Park So-yeon, you are a team leader, is there a team leader?”

“I am Noonim, solo’s chances should come first.”

Hey, I heard that there was a chance to solo, and even the unremarkable Bo-ram jumped out.

Looking at the girls playing together, Seok Jin-soo is also in a good mood.

“Don’t argue, don’t grab. If you really get the Golden Record Award this time, I will give you a chance to solo.”


“Wow, Oppa is the best!”

“Oppa, we love you!”

I heard that I can get the chance of solo, but the girls are happy and broke down, and they have flattered Seok Jin-soo.

Only Qri is not as capable as it used to be, and it seems very modest.

“I don’t want it, I can’t sing anything.”

She used to play casually, she really didn’t care.

Since she learned the vocal knowledge of the system with Park Joon-young, she realized that she was too bad.

In this way, her self-confidence is not as good as before, even if the chance of solo is in front of her eyes, she is a bit timid.

But she didn’t want to think about it. Since Seok Jin-soo has spoken, it is easy to not regret it.

“What, I said that you can solo solo. Just didn’t find the right style for you, but it was handed over to me.”

See Seok Jin-soo so persistently, it is impossible for Qri to say that it is not moving. Warmth is in my heart and I am no longer stubborn.

This time the level has improved, not only Qri alone. In the following recordings, Seok Jin-soo found that everyone’s standards have improved to varying degrees.

The one with the highest level of improvement is actually So-yeon.

But think about it, So-yeon is the best among the girls.

In the sm company for more than two years, nothing else, at least laid a solid foundation for her.

Under such circumstances, when you encounter a famous teacher, the quantitative change becomes a qualitative change, and So-yeon initially has the level of a powerful female singer.

Because of the improvement in the level of singing, the recording is also very easy.

In one afternoon, three or four hours, it has already completed one-fifth.

According to this progress, I am afraid that the recording will be completed within three days.

The gratifying progress made Seok Jin-soo happy too. When he saw dinner time, he stopped working and invited the girls to the cafeteria.

MyMystic89 company is not big, the canteen’s cooking is still good. Therefore, in general, you do not have to go out to eat.

However, Seok Jin-soo and others came a little late, and the dining hall was quiet.

Ji-yeon was at the forefront. After entering, he did not have the urgency to choose the food he liked. Instead, he went to the TV set.

Everyone is very strange, said that this carnivorous dragon has been modified?

“Yah!! Ji-yeon, hurry up to eat, wait until you have to work.”

In the face of Eun-jung’s shouting, Ji-yeon was still unheard of, still ran to the TV set, and played for a while, transferred to sbsTV Station.

Seok Jin-soo seems to think of something.

β€œWhat day is it today?”

So-yeon helped Seok Jin-soo take the plate and told him.

“Today is Sunday.”

Seok Jin-soo understands that it is the same mind as Ji-yeon.

“Ji-yeon, well done.”

Why do you say that?

Because today is Sunday, and this is dinner time, it is the time period of Heroes.

Today, Heroes has aired five issues, and this sixth issue is the last issue of the women’s national football team and the day of the big battle.

Recalling the bloody days, Seok Jin-soo and Ji-yeon were equally excited, and even the delicious meals could not be taken care of.

One table, two people do not eat, but also other people are not so focused on food.

Hyo-min asked curiously: “I heard that the final game is very hard, is it true?”

Ji-yeon nodded heavily, and the young face was unprecedentedly serious.

“It’s very, very difficult, we almost lost. If we work harder, it will not be so bad.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and comforted her.

“You have done a good job, everyone is looking at it. People have the limits and can’t afford more.”

Ji-yeon seems to be eager to praise the primary school student, looking at Seok Jin-soo.

“Oppa, am I doing a good job?”

Seok Jin-soo’s eyes focused on the TV, but she gave her a thumbs up.

“You’re doing the best, without your efforts, we can’t even get that point.”

Ji-yeon is very easy to meet. When I hear this, I immediately laughed at Haha, and the beauty is not the same.

Others listened to the dialogue between the two, and they were curious about this program. Eating was not so focused.

So with the program, So-yeon and others are different.

“Yah!! maknae, are you a fool? It hurts so much, how come you laugh?”

Eun-jung is very angry and doesn’t know what to say to the stupid sister.

In the program, Ji-yeon was in the training, one did not pay attention, and was hit by others on the ground. It is clear that the whole face is rubbed with turf, but this missy still comforts others and says nothing.

She can laugh out, but she can’t always worry that she is too young to take care of her noona.

Faced with the anger of Eun-jung, Ji-yeon didn’t dare to laugh, and his voice was very embarrassing.

“It’s okay… it’s okay, just touch it, there are a lot of rugby sports.”

So-yeon is also a Nagging 叨.

“Then you have to take care of yourself Yah!! Look at your time, the sun is the same as the mud. You are idol, don’t you want to be image?”

But this time without Ji-yeon how to say, Seok Jin-soo will take her for the first time.

“Yah!! OK, you don’t see how they spend each day? In that case, can you still care about the image? If you go, I am afraid I can’t hold it down.”

He is too familiar with So-yeon.

This girl is all good, only a little, too delicate.

As a woman, a female artist, and a female idol, the delicate look is very popular. Can be used as an athlete, the delicate look can be nonsense.

It was smashed by Seok Jin-soo, and So-yeon smashed back. Finally, I had no choice but to give Seok Jin-soo a charming white eye.

The program continues while everyone is squashing.

Seeing that the Heroes finally set off for Guangzhou, they had to celebrate their first game. Everyone was equally excited.

“Oppa, is such a good song so wasted by you?”

So-yeon was really frustrated because Seok Jin-soo made such a good “never say never”, but it was just for a variety program.

If you have such a good song, you should sing to yourself.

When I heard this, Seok Jin-soo almost sprayed rice.

“Please, this song is not for the program, but for the official song of the women’s national football team.”

“Ah…that…that’s a bit wasteful.”

So-yeon is still a pity.

During the talk, the game has already begun.

Everyone was not in the mood to talk and began to focus on the program.

As the game progressed, everyone’s face was not very good.

Because everyone has seen that the gap between the South Korean team and the Thai team is really too big.

Every time I saw the weakness of the South Korean team, I saw the Thai team scoring again and again, and whose face was not very good.

“Is the opponent so strong?”

Hyo-min couldn’t help but ask. She doesn’t know much about football, and she doesn’t understand why the gap is so big.

Ji-yeon as a party, although he already knows the next development, but still feels heartache, eyes filled with tears, nothing can be said.

Or Seok Jin-soo is calmer and explained to everyone who doesn’t understand.

“The gap is very big. Our national team was only a little more than a month old. The players were almost like ordinary people and didn’t understand football at all.”

I heard that this is the case and everyone is worried.

How can a team without any foundation compete with mature opponents?

Sure enough, under the tragic bgm, I saw the players of the South Korean team fell down again and again, watching the scores of the other time, even the girls were distressed.

The emotional Bo-ram didn’t even dare to look at it and shouted it out.

“Don’t compare, it’s not fair!”

Unfortunately, there is nothing fair and unfair on the competitive arena.

She couldn’t bear any effect, she could only watch the game continue, and the score of the Korean team was once again widened.

But watching the program on TV, no one can do anything. They can only watch the players who are very hard-working, endure the torture, but they can’t cry.

Everyone can see that the South Korean team can’t do even the minimum attack. This will be a terrible slaughter.

“Hong Soo-ah sunbae-nim is here.”

“Look, Yoon-ah and maknae are also playing!”

There are delicious foods in front of them, but no one is in a mood to eat.

Obviously it is just a program, but everyone seems to be as serious as watching the World Cup.

“Oppa, what did you say with Yoon-ah?”

Seeing Seok Jin-soo ε˜€ε˜€ε’•ε’• talking for a long time at Yoon-ah’s ear, everyone is very curious.

Can look at everyone’s curious eyes, Seok Jin-soo but he smiled, did not disclose.

“Let’s keep watching.”

Didn’t let them wait too long, everyone saw Ji-yeon seize the rare opportunity, grabbed the ball and passed it to the empty Yoon-ah.

Then Ji-yeon and Hong Soo-ah were tragic interceptions, and when Yoon-ah opened an unimpeded road, the girls all cried out.

Have to say, Park Sung-hsun pd is also a lyrical master.

This paragraph is a wonderful way to show the best side of everyone.

As soon as Yoon-ah hit the line, everyone cheered.

When Ji-yeon stood up and cheered as he stood up, the image was so sacred.

Seeing this scene, Seok Jin-soo is also very satisfied, pre-feeling the program of this period, I am afraid that the ratings will be very explosive.

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