KEP Chapter 670

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 670 chapter is a success, floating astronomy

To be frank, Seok Jin-soo didn’t think that Park Sung-hwan would edit the program so well.

Even the person he personally experienced, I was touched by the program.

What kind of baptism should those viewers who have never knew before?

After dinner, the recording is still going on, but Seok Jin-soo has no snacks.

Anyway, the level of Kim Hyeong-seok is there, and the quality can be controlled very well.

The girls’ singing progress has been great, and it’s no difficulty to control the song “roly poly”, which doesn’t test the singing.

Gradually, although he took the headset, he used his mobile phone to log in to the official website of sbs and learned about the situation of Heroes.

The official website forum here, as long as the pot has been opened, there are tens of thousands of messages, showing the enthusiasm of the audience.

Among them, fans of Yoon-ah, IU and Ji-yeon are undoubtedly the most.

These three missy, obviously became the ace of this program, which brought a strong popularity for the program.

“Hey, what do we have in the deer? This program group is really damn, and my beautiful deer.”

“Aigoo, Lee Ji-eun, you Papo, don’t you know how to escape? You are the opponent of the dinosaur!”

“Ji-yeon Is this missy stupid? So the pain doesn’t care? That’s your body, silly kids don’t know how to take care of themselves?”

Of course, with so many programs, the audience has a lot of looks.

“This program is thanks to Shin Bong-sun, otherwise it won’t be so interesting.”

“Hong Soo-ah, why do you always provoke Lu Noonim? Do you have to be taught to be awake?”

“Wow, Yoo In-na’s emotional intelligence is so high that it will be a good thing. So beautiful, so smart, this woman is really perfect.”

“Upstairs, cough, have you forgotten the voice of Yoo In-na?”

“Well, she is still an actress quietly.”

In addition to the attention to the members, the two mc have also been discussed.

“Wow, Seok Jin-soo’s mc is doing well. So many beautiful female artists, he is not at all.”

“What a joke, so many artists, who has his big card? Who dares not listen to him? But the upstairs is right, Seok Jin-soo’s host level is really not a joke.”

“The only person in the Infinite Challenge who has not been delayed by Yoo Jae-seok, the rest… cough.”

“Nonsense, Noh Hong-chul’s play is also very good. You see how well he and Seok Jin-soo work together, it is a brother who has been together for many years.”

“I like to watch Seok Jin-soo, who is practicing his mouth. How can he practice his mouth? If I have that kind of skill, I must suffocate our boss.”

“Upstairs, your boss does not approve your vacation? Let you hate him so much.”

As the program progressed, the audience’s evaluation of the content gradually increased.

“Wow, really training, not doing it.”

“What a joke, they are female artists, isn’t it a mess?”

“Upstairs, don’t you look at the program carefully? The national team has just been established. There is no foundation. It is not necessarily stronger than these female artists.”

“That is, you see, Ji-yeon has just been in contact with the sport and can compete with them. What is the qualification of such a newbie to reject the joining of fresh blood?”

“Don’t you forget that with the participation of Heroes, it is also a publicity for the women’s national football team. In the past, we were too concerned about this team. I didn’t expect them to be so difficult.”

“Wow, it’s Seok Jin-soo, this song is very good. The women’s national football team He De He can, there are such good team songs.”

“Who said no, such a song alone can hit the bulletin board. Seok Jin-soo is really Daebak, people have to admire.”

“This is an entertainer with a sense of charity. In his heart, perhaps the national team and the national honor are more important than the bulletin board.”

“Of course, the two songs of this year have already dominated the bulletin board, and there is no need to prove themselves.”

The audience’s discussion reached its culmination at the end of last night.

“How is this compared? The gap is too big?”

“Oh, I thought that even if the national team is a newbie, there will be no big gap.”

“Before departure, the coach’s idea was the minimum victory. But look, the opponent is not the Chinese team, but the humble Thai team, all completely crushed.”

“Yeah, this is a one-sided game. It’s really a torment for those on the court.”

“The cheerleaders can’t shout, and one is better than one.”

“I cried too.”

“I too…”


“The coach gave up completely and replaced Hong Soo-ah.”

“There is no use, the most experienced and technical team leader is injured, and the rest are completely headless flies.”

The audience was most curious about what happened during the break.

“What did Seok Jin-soo say to Yoon-ah?”

“The look of these two people is so good, will there be nothing?”

“Don’t talk nonsense upstairs, Yoon-ah is mine.”

“The stupid face upstairs, Yoon-ah is clearly mine.”

“The old man woke up and found that he had a lot of robbing his wife. Do you ignore my forty-meter-long sword?”

“You guys, even more shameless than Weng Zhian, actually robbed my wife. I talk nonsense, bright white gloves.”

Looking at these comments, Seok Jin-soo jumped eyebrows.

This is all a mess of things, the netizens are not the owner of the story.

For your slag, I also want to grab my Yoon-ah?

In the second half, Yoon-ah and Ji-yeon debuted and could not save the situation.

“It seems that the coach is surrendering, simply take care of the recording of the program.”

“There is still any way to do it? It can’t be beaten when the main force is over, and it can’t be worse.”

“Day, 38: 0, we are really watching a national team matchup.”

Just by looking at the comments of the audience, we can feel that the gloomy atmosphere is spreading, and everyone is not optimistic about this confrontation.

At the same time, many people can’t understand, is the production team faint?

Why do you want to present such a big rout to the audience? Is it very interesting to fight everyone’s enthusiasm?

The only thing that knows how to admire is perhaps the fighting spirit of the players on the field.

Even the three artists, Hong Soo-ah, Yoon-ah and Ji-yeon, did not give up after falling again and again, still running hard.

At least many people know that if you change to yourself, you may not be able to stick to it.

It is in this question that the style of the comment area has changed dramatically, as if it suddenly linked to a different network.

Seeing such a comment, Seok Jin-soo knew that it was definitely the last touching and inspiring counterattack.

Sure enough, the discussion in the commentary area was also a lot of fun.

“oh my god, Ji-yeon grabbed the ball.”

“What exactly did this missy do, she suddenly knocked down her opponent.”

“Look, she passed the ball to Yoon-ah and Yoon-ah ran.”

“The chance to fight back, Republic of Korea, fighting!”

“Day, Ji-yeon is really brave, how can I dare to block it with my legs. It hurts a lot!”

“Hong Soo-ah is also very good, stopping another defensive player.”

“Look, Yoon-ah is empty in front of you, no more defenders.”

“Yoon-ah ran, run!”

“Day, the first time I found out that Yoon-ah ran so fast, the rest of the Thai team couldn’t catch up!”

“Are we going to score? Is it?”

“yes, well done, long live Yoon-ah!!!!!”

“We finally scored. God, this is really not easy. People who haven’t seen the game really don’t understand how hard this score is!”

“I’m wrong, sorry, I shouldn’t question the hard work of Hong Soo-ah, Yoon-ah and Ji-yeon. God, they are braver than everyone else!”

“Ji-yeon, silly boy, don’t stand up, you are hurt. How do you still laugh? Do you know that the more you do, the more noona is distressed!”

“Ji-yeon is amazing, and I can get this score in the end. Her credit is the biggest!”

“Yoon-ah is really a deer, and it’s as fast as a deer. Her figure running in the sun is really beautiful!”

“Heroes, Long live! Thank you, for bringing me so touched for so long!”

“Really, for the first time, I found that it is so beautiful to work hard. I can’t be lazy in my life.”

It became, and watching the hot discussion, Seok Jin-soo knew that this time the plan was a success.

How big will this success be, depends on the ratings of tomorrow morning.

But I want to come, such a wonderful program, it should not be bad.

Looking at the comments of the audience, Seok Jin-soo landed on mainstream websites such as Naver and nate, and found a lot of news about Heroes.

Moreover, the title is more eye-catching than one, and it is more important than the national event.

It seems that sbsTV Station is also working in the back.

“Heroes: Efforts will pay off! 》

“Im Yoon-ah: The charm of running in the sun! 》

“Park Ji-yeon: The girl who doesn’t know the pain, the strongest idol! 》

“The most tearful program – Heroes! 》

Looking at the news of one article, the arc of Seok Jin-soo’s mouth is becoming more and more obvious.

After reading this, I can sleep well tonight.

Wake up tomorrow morning will definitely be good news.

In fact, it is similar to what he guessed.

The next morning, he was still asleep, and Park Sung-hsun’s call came over.

This hyeong, who is almost forty years old, is excited to be like a child.

“Jin-soo, you still can’t sleep, don’t you care about our ratings?”

Seok Jin-soo 咂 咂 , mouth, eyes are not open.

“Is it good?”

“Good? It’s very good. Haha Haha, I tell you, I was praised by the Secretary early this morning. I tell you, we have succeeded and succeeded!”

Seok Jin-soo is still calm.

“How much is the rating?”

Park Cheng-hsun coughed a few times before telling him the data.

“The ratings 25.4% are far more than one, and the segment is ranked second.”

Hey, the ratings have passed 20, and Seok Jin-soo is finally a bit more spiritual.

“Unfortunately, no more than two days and one night!”

This rating is good, but he knows that it is unlikely to exceed “Two Days and One Night”.

But this made Park Chengxun Haha laugh.

“Yah!! You are too contented? We are just getting started. Don’t worry, there will be opportunities in the future.”

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