KEP Chapter 674

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 674 chapter unlucky children, floating astronomy

Although Kim Jong-kook is very powerful, Lee Kwang-soo is very tall.

Especially now, Lee Kwang-soo has found the task note, he can easily attack Kim Jong-kook. Kim Jong-kook can’t fight back, it’s definitely not an opponent.

So seeing Lee Kwang-soo rushing, Kim Jong-kook panicked.

He ran and asked for help.

“Yah!! Yah!! Yah!! Jin-soo, help me stop him!”

Lee Kwang-soo is able to tear people, only Kim Jong-kook, so Seok Jin-soo is safe.

Just killing my own person, this has made Seok Jin-soo very guilty. So in any case, he will do his best to protect Kim Jong-kook.

“Brother, run!”

Seok Jin-soo let Kim Jong-kook pass and directly stopped Lee Kwang-soo.

Lee Kwang-soo was in a hurry and shouted: “sunbae-nim, please let me know, I want revenge.”

Seok Jin-soo will listen to him?

“What to put? You can’t go anywhere.”

Lee Kwang-soo This guy usually looks very honest. Once he is crazy, it is also very scary.

“Although you are sunbae-nim, I wouldn’t be polite if you don’t let it go.”

Seok Jin-soo is laughing, watching this guy who has nothing but a big man.

“I really want to know, how can you be welcome?”

Lee Kwang-soo is crazy, and the most unbearable thing is that time has passed.

He first looked at the camera and did the first thing, actually apologizing.

“You are really sorry for the fans of Seok Jin-soo. Everyone knows that the elimination of Kim Jong-kook is my long-cherished dream. Everything I do today, I hope everyone can forgive.”

This guy, very smart, actually knows to say hello beforehand.

It is estimated that I am afraid to wait for Seok Jin-soo to start, and raise any criticisms. Now that I have a prior apology, then it’s okay.

Ok, now the apology is over, and Lee Kwang-soo is no longer waiting for a moment, and the direct dance is rushing to Seok Jin-soo.

If you want to pursue Kim Jong-kook, you must first pass Seok Jin-soo.

In his opinion, Seok Jin-soo is not tall and thin, and should be well dealt with.

For his move, Seok Jin-soo just smiled and didn’t have any tension.

But when Lee Kwang-soo’s hand was about to grab his shoulder, his right hand jerked out of lightning and grabbed Lee Kwang-soo’s wrist.

Then a glimpse, and then in the reaction, Lee Kwang-soo immediately made a miserable cry.

“Ah… ah… broken, to break, let go!”

The big man who was more than one meter and more than ninety, because he was twisted by Seok Jin-soo, turned directly into the back of Seok Jin-soo, and his knees were on the ground.

Seok Jin-soo smiled and didn’t listen to him. Instead, the top of the knee hit the back of Lee Kwang-soo.

Here Lee Kwang-soo couldn’t stand anymore, and the whole person was lying on the ground.

Seok Jin-soo still didn’t let go of his wrist, but the whole person was on the back of Lee Kwang-soo.

“Yah!! You are not rude, I am still waiting to see.”

Lee Kwang-soo was crying, and a long face twisted completely deformed.

“sunbae-nim, I am wrong, spare me. It is my confusion, I will treat you like a father in the future. Ah… hurt, let go!”

Seok Jin-soo just doesn’t let go.

“Take it a little longer. When Jong-kook hyeong runs far, I will let you go.”

Sample, I don’t know if my brother just trained after wrestling. And learned so many martial arts. Dealing with this kind of guy is just like playing.

Lee Kwang-soo is pitiful, and the whole person is kneeling on the ground, leaving only mourning.

“Ah Haha… Why are you doing this to me? What am I doing wrong? I just want revenge, why is it always bad for me?”

Seok Jin-soo also has a mood to comfort him.

“Kwang-soo, let’s change the day. Today Jong-kook hyeong is my teammate, I can’t let you succeed.”

Lee Kwang-soo has no temper at all.

What else can I do?

Even if he finds the mission ball, he can tear off Kim Jong-kook, what can he do?

Just being controlled, what else can you do?

“sunbae-nim, you know? You are so a jerk!”

The word “bastard” cannot be broadcasted, so it must be a buzz when it is time. But when I heard this guy’s true temperament broke out, everyone laughed.

Poor children, what is really doing is not going well.

In this way, the two stalemate for a while, and Lee Kwang-soo felt that his arms were not his own, and he pleaded again.

“sunbae-nim, can you let me go now?”

Seok Jin-soo is a bit tangled, I don’t know if it should be put.

I don’t know if Kim Jong-kook is far enough away, just to find it by Lee Kwang-soo?

But when he hesitated, Kim Jong-kook’s imposing screams rushed along with powerful steps.

“Lee Kwang-soo, you are dead!”

Seok Jin-soo sneered as soon as he heard this. I didn’t even think about it, just let go of Lee Kwang-soo.

“Well, let me go.”

This time it was Lee Kwang-soo’s turn to be dumbfounded, half-squatting on the ground, watching Seok Jin-soo, which was pretending to be very kind, and Kim Jong-kook, who was rushing like a bison.

No matter what I said before, this guy is not letting go.

But now Kim Jong-kook appears, why is he released again?

I didn’t want Lee Kwang-soo to understand, Kim Jong-kook has already come to the front.

“Yah!! Lee Kwang-soo, come to Yah!! Don’t you want revenge? I will give you a chance.”

Said, this brother will pick Lee Kwang-soo from the ground. Two steel-like arms swayed wildly, and Lee Kwang-soo was about to fall apart.

At this time, Lee Kwang-soo is even stupid and understands what is going on.

“Brother, have you found the mission ball?”

Kim Jong-kook smiled very proudly.

“Haha, Kwang-soo, brother, you know that you like brother. So brother will like you too much, not let you be so tired, take a rest.”

Just after escaping, Kim Jong-kook found a mission ball on the road, and it was the best one – arbitrarily knocking out one member.

Although he found the mission ball, he saw Song Ji-hyo. But think about the humiliation that Lee Kwang-soo gave himself, and Kim Jong-kook, who still cares about others, immediately ran back.

Sure enough, Seok Jin-soo still controlled Lee Kwang-soo and let him catch it smoothly.

Hearing that Kim Jong-kook found the mission ball, Lee Kwang-soo was completely scared.

Only he had a mission ball before, so he dared to be so crazy about Kim Jong-kook.

Now, both of them can tear each other apart. Lee Kwang-soo knows very well that he is the opponent of Kim Jong-kook in terms of strength.

Confrontation, it must be only oneself.

For a moment, Lee Kwang-soo, who understood the situation, immediately became soft.

He squatted on the floor, holding Kim Jong-kook’s thighs in his hands and started the performance.

“Brother, I am wrong, it is all wrong. I was fainted, and I forgot my brother’s greatness. Brother, please give me another chance. In the future, I will be your slave, and I will never betray you.” ”

Unfortunately, this guy is too late to express his loyalty.

Just so arrogant, it is useless to take soft clothes now.

The main thing is that just slamming Kim Jong-kook, Sparta, is a big sin that cannot be forgiven.

Kim Jong-kook has always been a strong image, but the result is a move to escape, can you feel comfortable?

Therefore, Lee Kwang-soo’s remorse, that is not useful at all.

Kim Jong-kook smiled and satisfied Lee Kwang-soo’s humility, but did not hesitate to tear Lee Kwang-soo’s nameplate.

“Kwang-soo, you go to prison to repent. If you realize your mistake, you are still my good brother.”

Lee Kwang-soo lost his soul and was completely devoid of spirit.

Why is it so bad?

Why is it the first to be eliminated whenever confronted each other?

At this time, the security guard came over and took him away.

Seok Jin-soo smiled and said: “Kwang-soo, I am not talking about you, why didn’t you resist it? You and Jong-kook hyeong 1v1, there is still a chance.”

He didn’t say okay, Lee Kwang-soo was even more excited. Especially watching him as the chief culprit, can’t suppress anger completely.

“Yeah, I know now that international superstars are such people. You guys, not because of you, I will not eliminate them? You are a beggar, hehe!”

The swearing words have made everyone laugh, and the last action of spitting is to make the scene riot.

Seok Jin-soo is also laughing tears, and found this big man very interesting, just born with humorous cells.

Kim Jong-kook was also shocked and quickly taught: “Yah!! Kwang-soo, how can you spit at sunbae-nim?”

Lee Kwang-soo was dragged away by the security guard and the roar was still strong.

“What shit sunbae-nim? The most shameless guy, you are the same as Kim Jong-kook!”

Listening to Lee Kwang-soo’s complaint, the Golden Stone brothers hugged together and laughed more happily.

“Wow, where did the child come in? It’s just too interesting.”

Kim Jong-kook is also very pleased with the performance of Lee Kwang-soo.

“This child is a treasure, and it must be great in the future.”

At the beginning, Lee Kwang-soo entered “runningman”, which was based on the attitude of a newcomer. It was very nervous and simple at first, and I didn’t know much about how the variety program was done.

However, after a few periods, especially after being trained by Kim Jong-kook, he slowly opened it.

Especially today, it is clear that it is necessary to chase down the role of others. As a result, it turns out that it has been eliminated.

His unlucky appearance was seen in the eyes of the production team, and it seems that there is a role positioning.

In any case, Lee Kwang-soo was ridiculously eliminated, and the number of gold and Liu teams once again reached a balance.

Who wins and who loses, for a moment, it is still unclear.

However, for this game, Seok Jin-soo has a certain opinion.

“Brother, both of us are very strong and can help each other. If the brother is chased again, I will help the brother block; if I am chased, my brother is also a very reliable helper.”

It’s true that Kim Jong-kook nodded and was a good team leader.

“Our team can help each other like this.”

Unexpectedly, Seok Jin-soo waved his hand and said it was very cold.

“Oh, let’s two of them. Haha hyeong and Xi Yuange, there is no need to save. They… are too weak!”

When I heard this, Kim Jong-kook smiled ridiculously.

Really, this younger brother’s calculations are too great.

But think about it, Seok Jin-soo is right.

Haha and Kim Hee-won are really weak in this confrontation.

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