KEP Chapter 680

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 680 chapter is not filial, floating astronomy

“What are you doing?”

Waiting for Seok Jin-soo to hang up the phone, Park Chun-hwa asked in a confused way.

She found that she had not seen her for a long time, and her son seemed to be strange. At the very least, what he did was a bit confusing.

Seok Jin-soo ้Šฎ็‚ฒ็šตๆถ“โ‚ฌ็ป—ๆˆ™โ‚ฌ

“What else can you do? Of course, I will buy a house for you. Otherwise, go to Seoul, where do you live?”

This is a big deal, Park Chun-hwa immediately fried the temple.

“Yah!! How can you buy such a big house? How can you be so casual? Didn’t you see the house with your own eyes, didn’t have a field trip, and weren’t you afraid of being cheated?”

Seok Jin-soo is full of black lines.

“Eomma, rest assured, the person who handles this is my assistant, there will be no problems.”

Eun-ho, the guy who eats by himself, fools anyone who can’t fool himself.

Park Chun-hwa is still not at ease.

“Your assistant? What is an assistant?”

Seok Jin-soo This is what I think, this vocabulary is too difficult for my mom. After thinking for a long time, I finally thought of a suitable one.

“Secretary, my Secret.”

One said to be Secret, Park Chun-hwa finally understood.

But soon, Park Chun-hwa is coming back.

“Even if it is a Secret, it doesn’t work. I didn’t watch it on TV. The Secretary and the boss’s woman are all together, and there is a child. That is… that what the bread king’s TV series, yes, that one. Son Ah, this world, no one but the family can believe it.”

Seok Jin-soo and Seok Wan-ju fainted together, and the imagination of the mother was really admired.

“Eomma, the TV show you said, was made by Oppa. Ann, that’s fake, it doesn’t exist in reality.”

Park Chun-hwa is even more shocked.

“What? The stinky boy, the TV series is what you got? Tell me about it, what happened in the end? Aigoo, I can watch two episodes a week, I am anxious… You see, the corners of your mouth are bubbling. Just talk, what happened in the end?”

I really didn’t see it, Park Chun-hwa was still a TV drama fan.

Seok Jin-soo got helpless and had to give the last part of the TV series to her mother.

He knows that if he insists on not saying it, Seok Family must not have a bleeding case.

Nothing in the night, the next morning, Seok Jin-soo received a call from Eun-ho.

“The governor, the house has been fixed. In the high-end residential area of โ€‹โ€‹Samseong-dong, according to your requirements, the price of each set is 2.5 billion, and the two houses are 5 billion.”

Seok Jin-soo nodded and was very satisfied with Eun-ho’s ability to do business.

“Well, well, I will let Jong-shin hyeong authorize you, help me sign it down. I have to stay in these two days, all sorted out.”

Because the purchase of the finished finished room, so do not delay, you can stay.

“Appa, eomma, Seoul, the house over there, you can live now. You look at the old man, what should I do here?”

Seok Ju-hyeok and Park Chun-hwa were a bit surprised, and they couldn’t keep up with their brains.

According to their understanding, this move is a big deal.

Especially when moving from Suncheon to Seoul, how many times, how to drop it has to be tossed for a few months.

Unexpectedly, I slept and the house was there.

Park Chun-hwa was a little panicked and licking his fingers and counting things at home.

“The TV set has to be moved, or you can’t see the TV show over there. The dinner table can’t be ok, or how to eat. Where is the boat, so big?”

Seok Jin-soo was completely dumbfounded. I didn’t expect my mother’s thinking to be so divergent, so I stopped it.

“stop and stop… stop, eomma, what you said, we don’t have to take it. Seoul has ready-made, just take the money, documents, photos and clothes that can be worn, all else.” No.”

Good guy, once I heard this, Park Chun-hwa fried the temple again. Itโ€™s a slap in the palm of your hand, stuck in the head of Seok Jin-soo.

“Yah!! You are a loser! Do you know how many years have I been with your Appa for a long time? This is worth a lot of money, throwing and throwing?”

Good guy, the women in the countryside are different. The thief is big and the slap is almost stunned by Seok Jin-soo.

“Eomma, these things are useless, and it’s not good to carry them. Also, these things are not thrown casually, I will let people deal with them.”

Seok Jin-soo is rich, but it is not a squandering personality.

Seok Family So many things, big and small, seem to be tattered, but as Park Chun-hwa said, it’s worth a few dollars.

Besides, Seok Family’s houses and fishing boats are also big items that need to be handled.

I heard that things that have been with them for decades can not be brought, Park Chun-hwa is extremely sad.

“Is there really anything in Seoul? I have to buy a lot of new money. Besides, is there a boat in Seoul?”

Seok Wan-ju is helping to pack things up, and when he hears this, a head falls on the pile of clothes.

“Eomma, Seoul, get the boat, are you going to draw in the Han River?”

Seok Jin-soo is still very calm and advises: “eomma, the home is a new home, and of course things are brand new.”

Park Chun-hwa has been accustomed to a lifetime, not a free-lived temper.

“That… then let’s deal with the things here, and we can handle them almost half a month.”

Seok Jin-soo quickly caught her.

“Eomma, there is no one to manage, there will be people to deal with it.”

Park Chun-hwa does not believe.

“Hey, let’s take care of our family’s things. Who will help us?”

Just talking, the sound of the brakes sounded outside the door. Not long after, four men and four men in suits came in.

The leader came to Seok Jin-soo and was very busy greetings.

“Director, we are here.”

Seok Jin-soo nodded, not at all surprised.

“Well, look at it, it’s here. Wait for us to pack the things we took away, and the rest will help you deal with it. The houses, and the fishing boats at the docks, are all sold. All are township folks, if Whoever wants to buy it can be cheaper.”

The man quickly agreed to it.

“Okay, let’s start counting now.”

Park Chun-hwa was shocked and asked Seok Jin-soo’s arm and asked, “Son, who are these people?”

Seok Jin-soo patted her back and smiled: “These are the company’s finance staff. I asked them to come over and help me. Don’t worry, eomma, they are professionals, they will do it properly.”

Park Chun-hwa is not the accident, but a re-examination of his son who has changed a lot.

“You are now… can you let others do things at will?”

Seok Jin-soo stood up and smiled. “That is of course. I am now a director of the company. There are hundreds of people under my hand.”

Park Chun-hwa was so excited that I found out that my son was really alive.

With the help of the company’s people, Seok Jin-soo and others immediately took a break. In the morning, I sorted out the things that I needed to take away.

Looking at it, Seok Jin-soo didn’t delay, pulling his parents, bringing things, and going back directly to Seoul.

As for the side of the sky, it is handed over to the people below.

It takes a day or two to arrange furniture for the new house, so Seok Jin-soo first received his parents’ home.

Poor, Seok Ju-hyeok and Park Chun-hwa have lived for more than 50 years, and this is the first time to come to Seoul.

From the beginning of the city, this eye is not enough to watch. High-rise buildings, bustling, bustling and dazzling.

“Day, is this Seoul? It’s so beautiful.”

“Hey, old man, look, there are so many people here, more than we look at the water.”

Let the old couple see the novelty, all the way to Sangam-dong.

Itโ€™s here, Seok Ju-hyeok and Park Chun-hwa are all bad.

“Bad boy, is this where you live?”

In the courtyard of the residence, Seok Jin-soo looked at the mother and pointed at the three-story building and smiled: “How, eomma, beautiful?”

Park Chun-hwa seems to be scared, and can’t say a word, let Seok Jin-soo pull and walk into the room.

When I saw the decoration in the interior, the old couple who had been poor for a lifetime did not know how to get down. Every step is the same as stepping on cotton.

“This… this is too much, how much does it cost?”

Seok Wan-ju is fast.

“There is not much money. It costs more than three billion yuan to buy a house and build a house and decorate it. It is not expensive to buy a house for you.”

“Thirty more…100 million?”

The cultural level of Seok Ju-hyeok and Park Chun-hwa is not too high. After a long time, I realized the concept of billion.

Itโ€™s better not to understand. At one time, the two old people were all dizzy and completely frightened.

However, Park Chun-hwa noticed the words of Seok Wan-ju.

“Wait, what did you say? Buy a house for us? How much?”

Seok Wan-ju is inexplicable.

“What did it cost? It’s about the same here, it seems to be 2.5 billion. I heard Oppa say that.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo spent so much money, Park Chun-hwa really broke out this time.

Looking back, holding Seok Jin-soo’s ear, the saliva began to splatter.

“Yah!! You liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, how can you spend such money? Is your money blown by the wind? How much does it cost to buy a house? Why buy a house? You are so big here. Can’t you still live with us? You guys who are not filial, don’t want us to appear in front of you?”

Seok Jin-soo feels that his ears are going to fall, and he is crying and crying.

“Oh… hey, eomma, it hurts, let go. Don’t buy a house for you, where do you live?”

Park Chun-hwa didn’t let go at all, and the training was even more embarrassing.

“It’s so big, you live alone? Can’t we live? You guy, is it a little money to float? Give me the house, and I will live here with you Appa.”

Seok Jin-soo was scared to death, and quickly stopped: “eomma, you listen to me, you can’t live here, it’s not convenient for you to live here.”

Park Chun-hwa doesn’t hit the air, and the roaring sound is louder.

“Why is it inconvenient for us to live in my son’s home? It is just like a palace, it is enough to sleep.”

Seok Jin-soo wants to cry without tears.

“Eomma, you will listen to me, it is really inconvenient.”

Park Chun-hwa is not a reasonable character.

“What do you say idiots? Wan-ju, go and pack a room for us. I have to look at it. How is it inconvenient?”

There was a lot of trouble here, and Kim Tae-hee suddenly heard the sweet voice from the door.

“Aigoo, uncle, aunt, are you two old?”

Seok Ju-hyeok and Park Chun-hwa suddenly turned back, and then saw the beautiful Kim Tae-hee naturally took off his shoes, put on slippers, and walked in more naturally.

Here is the residence of my own son, but this woman has come in without any hindrance.

Itโ€™s not the first time to look at that very natural look.

Recalling Seok Jin-soo, Park Chun-hwa finally understood why it was inconvenient.

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