KEP Chapter 683

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 683 chapter is dedicated to picking up girls, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo knows that her Secret is discovered by Seok Wan-ju, and she will never give up.

But did not think that this dead missy mouth is 500 million.

To his surprise, Seok Wan-ju is really not Hu.

“Next month, people will go to Paris Fashion Week with seonsaeng-nim and serve as an assistant to seonsaeng-nim. And seonsaeng-nim said that Seoul Fashion Week in November will be my battle for the division. I certainly need money. Prepare your first fashion show.”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

“Can you be a teacher?”

Although he does not understand the fashion designer’s business, but the understanding of Li Shangfeng, Andrei Kim and others, can all be the highly respected sunbae-nim.

Seok Wan-ju Twenty-year-old is not as old as a designer.

Seeing my brother does not believe, Seok Wan-ju proudly raised his head.

“Hey, what do you know? My work Li Shangfeng seonsaeng-nim has seen it, and I am full of praise.”

Seok Jin-soo 砸吧砸, no longer fried the temple.

In any case, my sister is out of the sky. If you are a brother, you have to support one or two.

“Is 500 million enough? I will give you a billion in the past. Since it is your virgin war, you must do your best.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo didn’t bargain, but instead doubled it. Seok Wan-ju was really happy.

“Oppa, you are very good. Hey, you can rest assured that I will keep it secret for you.”

Seeing and changing a lot of sisters, Seok Jin-soo is also very pleased.

“Okay, then you must work harder. When the date of Seoul Fashion Week is fixed, be sure to tell me that my brother will come to you.”

However, the fashion week is basically the artist’s catwalk time.

Which designer’s special event, if there are enough artists to come, it also shows the person’s position in the circle.

Since it is my own sister, Seok Jin-soo certainly has to support one or two. Not only will he go there, but he will also launch a lot of friends and family around him to join his sister.

See Seok Jin-soo so good, Seok Wan-ju was really moved.

“Oppa, you can rest assured that even if you come back with a few sister-in-laws, I will cover you.”

Seok Jin-soo is full of black lines, impatiently said: “Go and go, do you think women are Chinese cabbage?”

Rich money can make a ghost, Seok Wan-ju has completely stood on his side.

“Oh, that’s my Oppa wise god. Even Kim Tae-hee and Im Yoon-ah are convinced, the Republic of Korea, which woman is more powerful than them?”

Because Mi-rae’s father-in-law and her mother-in-law came, Kim Tae-hee made all the stops, and in a limited time, she made a table full of dishes.

The family sat down and never been so busy.

The most satisfied person is Park Chun-hwa.

Looking at Kim Tae-hee, my face was laughing.

This girl, beautiful and generous, can’t be said. It is also warm and well-rounded, virtuous and hardworking, without any shortcomings.

Park Chun-hwa took Kim Tae-hee’s hand and was very intimate.

“missy, it’s hard for you. Fast, eat more, don’t be tired.”

See Park Chun-hwa personally give Kim Tae-hee a dish, and Yoon-ah sitting on the side is really envious.

She also wants such treatment, but it is a pity that she can’t do it.

Feeling the resentment of liTTL- Time To Love e missy, Seok Jin-soo had to take the initiative to comfort her.

He was attentive to picking dishes for Yoon-ah.

“Come, Yoon-ah, you have to eat more, have you been tired recently?”

He asked about the things that comeback prepared, the singer’s comeback, there is no easy.

Looking at the hill-like dishes in the bowl, Yoon-ah was finally happy.

The dialogue between the two attracted the attention of Park Chun-hwa.

Look at the look of Yoon-ah, the old lady shook her head.

“This missy, how so thin? Hey, there are no two or two flesh in the body. In the future, having a child, feeding is a problem.”

Yoon-ah didn’t come up in one breath, so he swallowed the rice and swallowed it into the trachea.

It’s no problem that others have accused her body. I don’t think so, Mi-rae’s mother-in-law said so.

OK, I can’t eat it yet? I am desperate to eat.

Yoon-ah eyes with tears and began to fight with all kinds of meat.

Can see that she ate very fragrant, Park Chun-hwa was satisfied.

“Yes, missy, eat more. Don’t miss it, it’s the same as your own home.”

A meal was eaten in a mess, and after eating and then packing it up, it was already dark.

Everyone was busy for a day, they were all tired and they had time to rest.

But at this time, Park Chun-hwa started to do things.

On the second floor, she saw Seok Jin-soo and Kim Tae-hee entering separate bedrooms and was suddenly dissatisfied.

The stinky boy, how did the old lady tell you?

Park Chun-hwa turned his eyes and decided to help his son.

She sneaked into the room of Kim Tae-hee, as if she was hanging out.

Kim Tae-hee was a bit surprised, but still struggling to cope.

“Aunt, can’t sleep?”

Park Chun-hwa began to act and sighed.

“Aigoo, people are old, the spirit is not good, and they also pick the bed. The beds here are too soft, not like sleeping at home.”

As he said, Park Chun-hwa sat at the bed of Kim Tae-hee. Touched and touched, pretending to be self-talking.

“Hey, your bed is a good fit. Aigoo, it’s much better than the bed in our room.”


Kim Tae-hee is a bit puzzled and can’t figure out the situation.

Park Chun-hwa can’t be missed, hurry up: “missy, let’s talk about it. I am sleeping here for you tonight?”


I heard that Park Chun-hwa was going to sleep in his room. Kim Tae-hee was completely dumbfounded, but he couldn’t say what he refused.

This is Mi-rae’s prospective mother-in-law, who offends anyone who can’t offend.

If she is not happy with Park Chun-hwa, her relationship with Seok Jin-soo can be troublesome.

Kim Tae-hee is still a bit embarrassing.

“That…the aunt will sleep here.”

Although not used to it, Kim Tae-hee still accepts it. Anyway, the bed is so big, there is nothing to sleep for two people.

I don’t think Park Chun-hwa thinks so.

“missy, forget to talk to you. I am a person, I feel light, I am afraid that others will bother. If the person around me is not my family, I can’t sleep. So look, let me sleep alone here.” ?”

I heard that Park Chun-hwa wants to dominate, Kim Tae-hee is crying.

“That… where am I going to sleep?”

Park Chun-hwa smiled and finally revealed the true face of Lushan.

“You missy, seeing us coming, seeing it outside? You and Jin-soo are not lovers, you just sleep in his room.”


Kim Tae-hee’s face was blood red, and she did not expect that this prospective mother-in-law was so open.

There is no outsider here, but she will go to the room of Seok Jin-soo, and they will get together.

Although there is no real ecstasy, it has long been intimate.

But today’s Seok Jin-soo’s parents are there, so she has also held some, not even thought about it.

Unexpectedly, she didn’t want to, Park Chun-hwa had to drive her over.

Kim Tae-hee is a bit shy.

“This…this…this is not good!”

The woman who is familiar with Wen Liang is not going to understand how rural women are quite stunned.

Park Chun-hwa couldn’t help but say that Kim Tae-hee was sent to Seok Jin-soo’s room.

“哎Yah!! Are you missy, shy? I know, your young people are very open. I recognize you, don’t hold it. Just say it, Aigoo, I am exhausted. I want Go to sleep, don’t bother me.”

After that, Park Chun-hwa turned and left, and even helped to close the door.

Kim Tae-hee stood in the room of Seok Jin-soo, and it was so hot that it was so ugly.

What is this all about, what do you do for yourself?

But she has no way at all, her room has been occupied by Park Chun-hwa. She has nowhere to go, she can only sleep here.

Although a little nervous, Kim Tae-hee’s heart is actually a bit of a sneak peek.

Anyway, Park Chun-hwa does this, it really recognizes itself. And she just said it personally, isn’t that the relationship between himself and Seok Jin-soo?

In the quiet room, Kim Tae-hee turned his mind and turned his mind, and finally turned into a sigh and slowly sat on the edge of the bed.

The sound of the water in the bathroom next to it, Seok Jin-soo must be taking a shower.

At the thought of Seok Jin-soo taking a shower, Kim Tae-hee’s pretty face is even more red.

Is this good for the mother and son?

The more I thought about it, the hotter, Kim Tae-hee had to get into the quilt, and the mind was blank.

After a while, the bathroom door slammed open, and with the diffuse water vapor and rich shower gel aroma, Seok Jin-soo didn’t wear anything and walked out.

Just out, Seok Jin-soo is a bit dumbfounded.

“Noona, how come you ran?”

Today, my parents are here. Seok Jin-soo originally thought that with the charm of Kim Tae-hee, it would definitely be quiet.

I did not expect that this noona is so bold, not afraid of being misunderstood?

He could hear him, and Kim Tae-hee couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Hey, what can I do? My bedroom is occupied by my aunt. She likes my bed but drives me out.”

Talk, watching Seok Jin-soo look at it, Kim Tae-hee is not angry.

“Say, is it true that your mother and son are colluding?”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t care about her anger and anger, but instead heard Park Chun-hwa’s approach, she suddenly thought of what her mother had said.

It seems that my mother is not only a theoretical school, but also an action school.

Delivering a beautifully scented beauty to his bed.

At the thought of this, Seok Jin-soo squinted and the thief climbed into the bed with a smile.

Seeing him naked in, Kim Tae-hee was shocked and quickly said, “Yah!! You put on your pajamas.”

Seok Jin-soo, if not heard, got into the bed and immediately caught Kim Tae-hee.

“What kind of pajamas are you wearing? If you put them on, how can you pick up a girl? I have given my mother’s will.”

As he said, his hand was the same as the thief, and he slipped into the clothes of Kim Tae-hee.

Kim Tae-hee shuddered, and his body was hot, but his eyes were as bright as silk, and the eyes of his eyes were as silky as bamboo.

“Light… lighter! People are… is the first time”

Next, it is an unspeakable scene of three thousand words!

Park Chun-hwa next door didn’t fall asleep at all, widened his eyes, raised his ears, and planned to listen to the battle next door.

The result waited for a long time, but I couldn’t hear it at all. I couldn’t help but feel a bit angry.

“This liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, usually very rogue, how can it be impossible at a critical moment?”

Unfortunately, she did not know that the decoration here, the sound insulation effect is not generally good.

At this time, next door, the smoke has already filled, and the horn has been sung, and there is no hope of a truce.

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