KEP Chapter 685

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the final preparation of the 685 chapter, floating astronomy

The work of Kim Tae-hee was arranged, and Seok Jin-soo was also a light-hearted one.

It turned out that in addition to him and Kim Tae-hee, everyone else has already gotten up. Not only that, Park Chun-hwa still had breakfast.

Seeing only Seok Jin-soo, Park Chun-hwa asked unhappy: “How did you sleep for so long? Did you eat breakfast?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and walked over to the dinner table and sat down with Yoon-ah.

Park Chun-hwa looked around and wondered, “Tae-hee, what about the child?”

I haven’t tasted my mom’s craft for a long time, so Seok Jin-soo is very fragrant. Three or two swallowed the kimchi cake and said: “Tae-hee noona is too tired, still resting. We don’t care about her, wait for her to stay.”

Park Chun-hwa is not at ease.

“How about it? Of course, breakfast should be hot, I will call her.”

Didn’t wait for her to get up, she was taken by Seok Wan-ju.

This missy is eye-catching, and if you say it, you want to cover it.

“哎Yah!! eomma, you didn’t hear Oppa say? Tae-hee eonni, it’s too tired!”

She deliberately added a tone to the word “tired”, and suddenly let Park Chun-hwa suddenly realize.

The old lady who understood what was going on, when looking at Seok Jin-soo, was full of appreciation.

It is my son, it is capable.

At the same time, the mouth smiled and said: “Oh, tired, good, tired. Young people are more tired, old will not be tired. Hey, I will leave the meal to her, and then give her a stew of chicken soup. After the person is tired, you need to make up your money.”

The people at this table all understood what was going on, and all the faces were very strange.

Seok Jin-soo felt his ribs stinging and seemed to be caught by the crab.

When I turned around, I saw that Yoon-ah could hang the small mouth of the oil bottle and couldn’t help but smile.

“Why, is the meal too light? Do you want some vinegar?”

Yoon-ah’s eyes can be fired, but they still have to hold.

“Oh, no, I am fine.”

It’s just that you are like that. It’s not as good as it’s.

Eating, Seok Jin-soo also made arrangements for today’s events.

“Yoon-ah, are you having something today?”

Yoon-ah shook his head.

“It will be busy until the evening, and it will be fine during the day.”

During the day, Girls’s Generation had other trips, so their comeback was put into the evening.

After knowing Seok Jin-soo, she told her: “Then you are here during the day, help me take care of Tae-hee noona.”

This does not need him to say, Yoon-ah will do it.

Seok Jin-soo then told Seok Wan-ju: “When Eun-ho will come, you will lead Appa and eomma with him, go to Sanchengdong and hand over the house. See what is missing, you I bought it.”

If it was before, Seok Jin-soo could not give it to Seok Wan-ju. But now that this sister has matured a lot, she has to have her own business. This is still something that can be done.

Seok Wan-ju has indeed matured a lot and will definitely pout in the past. But at this time, I quickly agreed.

What Seok Jin-soo thinks of, and said: “Now there is a house in Gangnam, you live with Appa, eomma, don’t live in Dae-gyu brother. Really, always trouble people. Row?”

This time Seok Wan-ju can’t do it.

“I want you to manage? Dae-gyu Oppa has nothing to say.”

Park Chun-hwa spoke up.

“What happened to Dae-gyu? Isn’t he looking for someone in the water? How many meals I have eaten when I was a child, it is also necessary to take care of Wan-ju.”

Yes, in the face of this mother and daughter, Seok Jin-soo has nothing to say.

After eating well, he set off for mysti89 and tracked the progress of t-ara’s comeback.

The Park Chun-hwa couple was led by Seok Wan-ju and went to Sanchengdong to see the house.

In the vast mansion, only Yoon-ah can still be active.

She went to the kitchen and took a bowl of thick ginseng soup and came all the way to Seok Jin-soo’s bedroom.

When I thought of Kim Tae-hee taking a blood, Yoon-ah’s little mood, it was a low.

Why are you not yourself?

Why didn’t you arrive home first yesterday?

Oh, it’s tears to say more.

Fortunately, I am not happy, but she is not a good person, and therefore does not have a gap with Kim Tae-hee.

In that case, Kim Tae-hee chose to give in and accept his own existence.

Yoon-ah always felt that she was a very lucky girl.

So when Kim Tae-hee is exhausted, she will take care of the noona.

Yoon-ah took the chicken soup into the room and his nose couldn’t help but twitch.

Although the house is large, it is very familiar with the smell of a child. And to be able to be so strong, it shows how fierce the two were last night.

When the chicken soup is put down, Yoon-ah has time to observe Kim Tae-hee.

This sleek noona is now a complete image. Like a dead pig, curled up in the bed, tightly closed eyes, nostrils undulating, it seems that breathing is a very tired thing.

What makes Yoon-ah unexpected is that Kim Tae-hee’s face is very good, very rosy, like a peony flower blooming, delicate and dripping.

Legend has it that women have been moisturized, and it seems so.

Yoon-ah sighed and sat down beside the bed, gently calling Kim Tae-hee.

“eonni, eonni, it’s time to get up.”

Even if it was really tired last night, it is almost noon now, and it should be enough.

After so long rest, Kim Tae-hee has greatly eased. It’s just that the body is so soft that it’s not willing to move.

When Yoon-ah called for two sounds, he opened his eyes gently.

“Well… hey, how come you?”

Yoon-ah smiled and didn’t think that the noona was like a child.

“Everyone is out, and there are two of us left at home.”

I heard that no one at home, Kim Tae-hee couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

What she is most afraid of now is how to face Seok Ju-hyeok and Park Chun-hwa after getting up.

Will the two elderly people regard her as an unconscious woman?

Now that the elders are not at home, Kim Tae-hee can continue to play.

“Let me sleep for a while.”

Yoon-ah was helpless and had to do it himself. She pulled the quilt out and planned to toss it.

“eonni, you can’t get out of bed, I’m going to… 哎Yah!! eonni, why don’t you wear clothes?”

What Yoon-ah didn’t think was that she would open the quilt and the Kim Tae-hee’s white body was all seen.

I didn’t expect Yoon-ah to be so naughty. Kim Tae-hee was also shocked. He pulled the quilt back and groaned in his mouth: “Yah!! To die, Xiao Nizi, what do you want?”

Yoon-ah’s two little hands are on his face, indicating spicy eyes.

“Who knows that eonni is not wearing clothes? Really, are you too debauchery?”

Kim Tae-hee was pretty red, and after a long while, she was bored and sulking: “Do you think I want to be like this? Not the dead guy, I was almost killed by him.”

Finally, when it comes to this kind of thing, Yoon-ah’s little blushing, his eyes stunned, but he couldn’t help but ask: “Does eonni like this taste?”

Kim Tae-hee only showed his head outside, watching this missy with his own man, could not help but think a lot.

“When you have tried it yourself, you don’t know.”

Yoon-ah Despite his shame, Kim Tae-hee is sunbae-nim. If you take it, you might not be so embarrassed when you get to yourself.

“哎Yah!! eonni, you tell me.”

Kim Tae-hee smiled and asked, “Why, Xiao Nizi, are you in a hurry?”

Yoon-ah is restless.

“Ah… Ani ~ yo, it’s not. People… People don’t trust eonni, who thinks eonni is so bad.”

Kim Tae-hee smiled even more, suddenly thought of something, smirked: “Yoon-ah, your Oppa still owes eonni 400 million debt. This debt, do you help eonni?”

Yoon-ah has a small mouth and is very confused.

“What debt? There are actually 400 million so many.”

Kim Tae-hee reached out and let Yoon-ah fall to her side, then put it in her ear and said this joke.

Yoon-ah’s face was blushing and she couldn’t help it.

“Eonni, you are really, I don’t listen, I don’t listen, people are still children.”

Don’t look at Kim Tae-hee’s defeat last night, but today I face Yoon-ah, but it is very powerful.

“Come and come, our little deer, let eonni see if you have the capital to receive 400 million debts.”

Yoon-ah struggled more and more.

“哎Yah!! eonni, how are you so colorful?”

The two mermaids were screaming in bed, but they provoked Kim Tae-hee to exclaim.

“Hey, dead missy, light, the waist is broken. Don’t touch it, it doesn’t seem to be heard.”

The two men were in trouble for a while, and Yoon-ah climbed up in a mess, but he was also panting.

“Everyone blames eonni, chicken soup is going to be cold. I will give you clothes, hurry up.”

Kim Tae-hee also knew that he should get up, but he shook his head.

“Don’t take the clothes first, you help me to wash them first. Really, the body is sticky, so uncomfortable.”

After she finished, she opened the quilt, and the face of Yoon-ah was unobtrusive and calm.

In the broad daylight, Yoon-ah sees more real. While holding her to the bathroom, she still exclaimed in her mouth.

“Day, it’s red, Oppa is very hard? Is there a bite here? Yah!! Is Oppa a dog?”

Kim Tae-hee’s voice is weak.

“Don’t mention it, this guy doesn’t know how long it has been. It was the same as last night.”

Yoon-ah was scared, and suddenly smiled and said: “Fortunately, eonni is in front, or I will be miserable.”

Kim Tae-hee lamented.

“So, eonni to annyeonghaseyo?”

Yoon-ah licked his mouth and said: “Eonni is really good to me, why don’t you let me come first?”

Kim Tae-hee rolled his eyes.

“What are you worried about? When you get there, you cry.”

She can see it, and she and Yoon-ah can’t bear the fighting power of Seok Jin-soo. I don’t know if I will come together, will it be better?

Wait, why did you think of it?

澶╁憿锛孠im Tae-hee 锛屼綘瓒婃潵瓒婃 夊簳闄愪 夊簳闄愪 鍟娿 鍟娿 鍟娿

Seok Jin-soo 鍙笉鐭ラ 瀹堕噷镄勪袱涓コ浜 瀹堕噷镄勪袱涓コ浜 瀹堕噷镄勪袱涓コ浜 鍦ㄥ 鍦ㄥ 鍦ㄥ 鍦ㄥ 婵 婵 鐑堢殑璁ㄨ锛屼粬浠婂ぉ鏄棤 鐑堢殑璁ㄨ锛屼粬浠婂ぉ鏄棤姣旗殑娓呯埥锛屾劅瑙夋湁鐢ㄤ笉瀹岀殑锷涙皵銆

瀹 厜鐒曞彂鍦 厜鐒曞彂鍦 潵鍒 潵鍒 鍏徃锛宼 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂

鈥渌ppa 锛屼綘鏄悆浜嗕粈涔堢伒 悧锛熸 庝箞鍙樼殑涓崭竴镙 庝箞鍙樼殑涓崭竴镙 庝箞鍙樼殑涓崭竴镙 庝箞鍙樼殑涓崭竴镙 庝箞鍙樼殑涓崭竴镙 锛熲 锛熲

闱(一)镌Hyo-min 濂 镄勬帰璇纴Seok Jin-soo Key 佽劯涓 绾纴 绾纴 嶅彂 嶅彂 夎嚜宸 夎嚜宸 夎嚜宸 夎嚜宸 夎嚜宸 夎嚜宸 夎嚜宸

鈥沧槰澶╂櫄涓娄紤鎭殑濂 纴镊︻劧灏 纴镊︻劧灏 纴镊︻劧灏 杩欐牱浜嗐 效 效 效 效 效 效 效 效 效 ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah浣犵殑榛戠溂琚嬶纴閮 兘绉嶈姳浜嗐 傗€傗

Hyo-min 钖 涓 涓 璺 璺 璺 璺 璺 璺 璺 璺

濂 槰澶╂櫄涓婄湡镄勫枬閰掍 槰澶╂櫄涓婄湡镄勫枬閰掍 锛屾 埌灞呯劧琚玈 埌灞呯劧琚玈 埌灞呯劧琚玈 eok Jin-soo 鐪嫔嚭鏉ヤ 銆

杩欐槸绉佷簨锛孲eok Jin-soo 涔熶笉濂 浠 涔堛 涔堛 傛愧鎷嶆 傛愧鎷嶆 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒 鍙泦鍒

鈥滃嚑浣嶏纴姝屾洸涔熺粌涔犱 锛岃垶韫堜篃缁冧 锛岃垶韫堜篃缁冧 浜嗭纴椹笂灏辫鍗佹湀浠 浜嗭纴椹笂灏辫鍗佹湀浠 浜嗭纴椹笂灏辫鍗佹湀浠 銆 銆 銆 銆 嗳澶囩殑镐庝箞镙锛岃鎴戠湅鐪嫔惂銆傗€

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