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KEP Chapter 686

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 686 chapter comeback, floating astronomy

In the past two months, t-ara can be said to work overtime, tired and dead.

But their hard work is worth it, because they saw that in October, they finally finished everything before comeback.

TOEFL’s Joon-young’s dedication to teaching, the girls’ singing progress is very obvious, which makes Seok Jin-soo a lot easier to record.

For the first time, the girls completed the recording work in a week.

In the past, at least for more than half a month in the studio, all kinds of repairs, various repairs, and even the use of machine repair, in order to get the perfect version.

But now there are a lot of links left, they are still very perfect.

In addition to songs, they do well in dance.

The dance of “roly poly” is actually a small amount of exercise, and the cumbersome place is mainly in the hand movement, which is rather fancy.

But most of these actions can be found in the popular trend of the 1990s.

Although they have not experienced that era, they still have been exposed to the dance, so they are quick to get started.

After so long, Seok Jin-soo didn’t want to wait any longer.

In the first week of October, you must make t-aracomeback.

Like him, the girls feel that they are almost ready, to the extent that they can meet people.

I heard that Seok Jin-soo wanted to see them, they went to the center of the practice room and arranged the formation.

Bae Yoon-jeong pressed the music switch and sat side by side with Seok Jin-soo to check it out together.

The beat of “roly poly” is very good. From the beginning, Seok Jin-soo followed the legs and counted the rhythm.

After four small shots, the Qri part begins.

I saw her coming out from the edge of the formation and singing while walking to the forefront.

Seok Jin-soo looked in the eyes and made a point.

“Qri, don’t just sing when you go, add some casual action, how come sweet.”

Qri nodded and said it was remembered. But part of her has passed, and I can only try it when I wait for the second part.

Seok Jin-soo looked at it with all his attention.

“Ji-yeon, the expression is a little colder, it’s cool. Right, right, don’t care too much about the standard of action, you just follow your own feelings.”

Ji-yeon This missy is like this, there is a unique charm when dancing. Even if the action is not the standard, it is very attractive.

Seok Jin-soo has no reason not to enlarge her strengths and impose restrictions on her.

After listening to the instructions of Seok Jin-soo, Ji-yeon tried to relax and the expression began to get cold.

Seok Jin-soo always felt a little worse. He told Bae Yoon-jeong: “Look back and talk to their assistants, draw smoky makeup for Ji-yeon, and pull out the eyeliner.”

Ji-yeon’s eyes are a bit strange, as if they are connected together, very slender.

Before t-ara took the pure wind, so there were more restrictions on makeup. It’s different now, and the space that can be manipulated is also very large.

Ji-yeon without makeup is a child who can’t show up with domineering.

But Seok Jin-soo knows that, like the way Ji-yeon looks, once the makeup is in place, it will be very British.

Kim Tae-hee is like this, and like Ji-yeon, it is a woman with a strong atmosphere. So how does Kim Tae-hee make up, Ji-yeon should work as well.

Bae Yoon-jeong also quickly wrote down, knowing that this is an urgent task.

“Yah!! Hyo-min, then suffocate a little, right, right, there must be a small rogue posture. There must be a strong postage to spend money after school, the mouth imitate chewing gum.”

The girls didn’t know much, all according to the instructions of Seok Jin-soo, and the results immediately became very good.

After the overall performance, Seok Jin-soo was very satisfied.

“It’s done, everyone is doing very well. Just like this, starting tomorrow, preparing for mv shooting, your comeback starts to count down.”

I heard that I can finally come back, the six girls all breathed a sigh of relief, hugged and laughed and jumped together.

And for t-ara’s comeback, Seok Jin-soo has a lot to do.

He first found Lee Dae-gyu and confessed to shooting mv.

How to communicate and cooperate with the director and the crew, myMystic89 company needs someone to stare at it, no more suitable than Lee Dae-gyu.

In addition, publicity is also a top priority.

Melon is always the most important. Every time t-aracomeback, Seok Jin-soo always has to visit.

The result came to leon, who was caught by Park Yong-ho.

“Yah!! I said Director Seok, you guys are muddy. If you don’t have anything, it’s too realistic.”

Seok Jin-soo is very innocent, look at a little annoyed Park Yong-ho, and look at the IU who is laughing behind, feeling inexplicable.

“What happened to me? I am also very busy. If nothing happens, what am I doing? Is it a door?”

Park Yong-ho is very depressed and doesn’t want to say too much.

“Less nonsense, promised our IU song? Really, did you get a 93line to fool us? Even 93line, it is cheaper for your Ji-yeon.”

Park Yonghao didn’t know anything about music. 93line played it once and he found out that the song was supported by IU and Luna.

Ji-yeon soy sauce was very good and everything was fished.

Seok Jin-soo This is what I remembered. I promised to write songs to IU before.

“Ah, this is a problem, don’t worry, I’m already doing it. So, after this t-aracomeback, what about the turn?”

IU is very indifferent, smirking.

“I don’t care, as long as Oppa remembers the appointment.”

Seok Jin-soo is full of black lines.

“You little slick, what is innocent? Don’t think I don’t know, you must be the old guy. He treats you as a treasure, more nervous than anything.”

IU had a red face and didn’t expect to be pierced by Seok Jin-soo.

Let Park Yonghao come to Seok Jin-soo, it is indeed her idea.

Don’t look at IU is small, but she has a clear plan for her career.

This summer, she and Lim Seul-ong sang the ost “Nagging” of “We Got Married”, and the popular Daebak became a popular hit song.

IU knows that it is time to go to the top. The only thing missing is a good song that can send you up.

And when it comes to good songs, who else has Seok Jin-soo’s production ability?

But for so long Seok Jin-soo did not move, IU was afraid that he forgot.

She is a junior, and is liTTL-Time To Love e missy, knowing that she has no weight. If you go to Seok Jin-soo, you may be rejected.

So I found Park Yong-ho and hoped that my representative would come forward.

There is no artist in leon company. It is a good mix of IU. Park Yonghao is not a general tension.

I heard that it was this matter, I didn’t want to, I immediately agreed.

Listening to Seok Jin-soo finally promised to write songs for himself, IU also refused to be ashamed.

“Oppa, why not now? Do you have to wait until 12?”

She likes music very much and can’t wait to meet fans. It’s been a long time since 12.

Seok Jin-soo smiled and looked at her with a sly look.

“Why, do you want to come back now? Well, you think Girl’s Generation and t-ara, which one have you hit?”

Not looking down on her, the current IU, in terms of sound source is really not the opponent of Girl’s Generation and t-ara.

Not to mention her, many people in the world of songs, I heard that Girl’s Generation and t-ara will come back in October, and have already canceled their plans to sing.

Ming knows that it will be the ending of being knocked over. No one is stupid.

Everyone will wait and see, in the end is the female emperor combination Girl’s Generation is very powerful, or the divine combination t-ara came to the fore.

This is a battle, everyone is a spectator.

Hearing Seok Jin-soo’s statement, IU spit out his tongue and knew that he was blind.

“Well… um… well, I will wait for 12 month.”

Put the IU, Seok Jin-soo’s conversation object, of course, Park Yonghao.

“My big president, I promised you have done it. Melon’s homepage must be kept for me.”

Park Yong-ho is satisfied, but still pretends to be very embarrassed.

“You guy, I really can’t help you. This time, maybe how to be blamed by sm company.”

Seok Jin-soo won’t sympathize with him.

“They won’t write songs to know, what do you do for them?”

Having said that, he thought of something again, and quickly told the IU: “In addition to the comeback of 12 month, the trip after 2 month next year will be vacant. I will give you another plan for 93line.”

The last time 93line worked so well, there is no reason not to continue playing.

Selon Jin-soo contacted Jang Hyuk-jae again on the melon side.

“My big pd, how can I thank you?”

At the end of the phone, Jang Hyuk-jae smiled and was happy.

“Aigoo, my big celebrity, how can you thank you! I will give you a big gift.”

Unhappy by Jang Hyuk-jae, “Runningman” starred by Seok Jin-soo finally met with the audience last week.

As a result, the top celebrity and the quirky gameplay made the audience enjoy themselves and watched the relish.

The consequence is that the rating of “runningman” has risen a lot, directly to 17.5%.

Although it did not break the 20th, it did not exceed “Two Days and One Night”, but this huge improvement still made the sbs’s top management very satisfied, and did not praise the production team.

Jang Hyuk-jae and others have also consciously found a way to make a program. I believe that it will be better and better in the future.

For Seok Jin-soo, who provided them with ideas and great help, Jang Hyuk-jae is really grateful.

What is even more regrettable is that it is better to be firm at the beginning.

This will bring Seok Jin-soo to “runningman”, and the province will see the face of Park Sung-hsun’s nose every day.

Hearing his statement, Seok Jin-soo Haha laughed and had more capital.

“Haha Haha, the big gift is not needed. Brother, have a busy time, I hope I can help me. Our company’s t-ara wants to come back, how about, arrange a collective performance?”

Jang Hyuk-jae certainly knows that he will not call for no reason, and he is ready.

I can hear that letting t-ara stand out, I still feel unconsciously excited.

This is the most popular women’s group at the moment. Their appearance is also very beneficial to the program itself.

Jang Hyuk-jae has no reason not to agree.

“Of course, no problem, I will go back to the itinerary now. Right, you can’t come? Just t-ara is six girls, plus you seven people, and rm is better.”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it, or refused.

He has just appeared and contributed a lot. If you play again so soon, there is nothing to watch.

“In this way, I let Yoon Shi-yoon play with T-ara.”

I heard that Yoon Shi-yoon, who created the national TV series, can come, and Jang Hyuk-jae’s mouth is not close.

β€œHaha Haha, well, this is good, just say so.”

He had already envisioned that “Runningman”, which was played by Yoon Shi-yoon and t-ara, was hot again.

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