KEP Chapter 689

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 689 chapter box office champion, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo understands Yoon Shi-yoon and knows that he is standing at the crossroads.

On the one hand, it is the pursuit of the road of performing arts, on the other hand, the coercion of interests. If a choice is not good, then you will lose yourself.

If it is an irrelevant person, Seok Jin-soo will definitely be considered as having no such thing.

The road to others is just fine for people to go by themselves.

But this child can’t do it. This is the younger brother who came from his hometown, just like his younger brother. Most importantly, he can help him.

Seok Jin-soo, after those who forced him to adapt to the interests, couldnโ€™t say anything.

It is human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

You can’t say that those people’s practices are wrong, but they are not good for Yoon Shi-yoon.

After all, “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” is so hot, everyone is watching. Many viewers don’t even know who Yoon Shi-yoon is, but they will point to his face called Jin Zhuoqiu.

Under such circumstances, Yoon Shi-yoon only has to play a role related to the catering, and it is at least a big profit.

As for the earning, the audience will not be bored, and Yoon Shi-yoon has no future, so it has nothing to do with those people.

Big deal, they will re-cultivate a Jin Zhuo.

Yoon Shi-yoon The greatest fortune in this life is that there is a brother named Seok Jin-soo.

His troubles are nothing to be with him.

Since those producers refused to give him a living, there would be no need for cooperation in the future.

Because Korea’s most powerful producers are Seok Jin-soo and mysti89.

He is free to arrange roles for Yoon Shi-yoon, and it is not difficult to create a play for him.

Some investors are waving their banknotes and waiting to see Seok Jin-soo’s new work.

“Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” is over, and Seok Jin-soo is more chaotic than Yoon Shi-yoon.

Because a lot of people have found him, there are TV stations, investors, advertisers, producers, entertainers, and filming companies, all want to know, what is his next play? Start shooting.

Being annoyed is not light, Seok Jin-soo is also a hundred, and directly announced that this year, he will not have new works.

If you want to cooperate, please come early next year.

Knowing this result, the people of all walks of life will retreat. But he also grinds his hands and starts to accumulate power for next year’s opportunity.

Seok Jin-soo’s work, that is worth the cost of grabbing it.

Because Seok Jin-soo’s handwriting, kbs’s Shuimu drama has finally returned to dominance after being decadent, this makes the TV Station’s top management very happy.

To this end, kbs thanked Seok Jin-soo for giving me a Mercedes s600.

Although the car is expensive, Seok Jin-soo accepts no embarrassment.

Just this TV series, it has brought tens of billions of profits to kbs. What happened to send him a car?

Just as his garage is still empty, an Audi a6l and a domestic car are really monotonous.

The beginning of October is a good thing.

Here, “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” has just finished its end, and “Lonely Agent” has finally exploded.

On the first day of October, the film’s box office reached a total of 5,475,800, which officially surpassed the “Yi Brothers” starring Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won at the beginning of the year. The Korean movie 2010 box office champion so far.

The main thing is that so far, there has been no big move within the film industry.

What is certain is that the annual box office champion of “Lonely Agent” is basically stable.

You know, there will be a half-month release period later. According to cj Group’s forecast, the box office should be able to exceed six million.

For this matter, the most happy person is Li Meijing.

She is the curator and producer of the film, and cj Group is Korea’s largest film production and distribution company. Therefore, the annual box office champion should belong to the cj group.

As a person of Samsung Lee Family, Li Meijing naturally has this idea.

Now that this goal has been achieved, Li Meijingโ€™s heroic Daebak immediately arranged a celebration feast and media appreciation.

The masters of this film have once again been assembled and will be promoted again.

When Seok Jin-soo arrived at the scene, he was directly held by Li Meijing.

The president of the president admired him very much. He had not been so enthusiastic before.

Seok Jin-soo got rid of it and said, “President Lee, what’s wrong with this? Hold your grandson?”

“Go, stinky, what are you talking about? My son is still not married, what is the grandson?”

Li Meijing is only fifty years old. Her son is a rich second generation. He is working on a young man, but he has no idea of โ€‹โ€‹wanting to get married.

After the smile, Li Meijing was sincere.

“Stone scriptwriter, thank you. Because of your work, our cj group is finally relieved.”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled and was very angry.

“I have already said that I will give you a box office champion, you just don’t believe it.”

Li Meijing is very embarrassed.

“Who is so sure about this kind of thing? Others are not vegetarian. If you don’t do it, then let it go, it’s a shame.”

Seok Jin-soo was not so cautious and asked with pride: “Don’t say, 2011’s box office champion, President Li is also ready to take it.”

Li Meijing trembled and looked at Seok Jin-soo incredibly.

“You mean, Song Kang-ho, Son Ye-jin, their show, can get the box office champion of 2011?”

Seok Jin-soo recalled the information provided by the voice and then nodded: “Of course, there is basically no suspense.”

In the information provided by the voice, the box office champion of Korean film 2011 is “the strongest weapon: bow”.

The box office is 7470633, which is higher than “Lonely Agent”, but not much.

These two years are the period of depression in Korean movies. There are not many good works, and the publicโ€™s enthusiasm for watching movies is also general.

It is a peak period from 2012 year to 2016 year.

Seok Jin-soo’s “View” for Son Ye-jin has made 2013’s box office in 9135545, which is much stronger than “The Strongest Weapon: Bow”.

However, with this box office data, it is only in the 2013 year that it can only be ranked fourth. If you think about it, you will know how terrible it is.

But it doesn’t matter, this movie was moved from 2013 year to 2011 year by Seok Jin-soo, which is a well-deserved chicken head.

In order to strengthen Li Meijing’s confidence, Seok Jin-soo emphasized: “Song Kang-ho, Li Zhengzai, Son Ye-jin, etc. are all absolute strengths. Don’t worry about this. You also know the story, it is absolutely attractive. And the name of my ace scriptwriter should be able to attract the audience.”

Li Meijing pondered a bit, and really, as Seok Jin-soo said, can really look forward to it.

“The preparations for the current movie are almost the same. The stars you have appointed have been finalized on our side. What do you think of the director?”

After so many times of cooperation, Li Meijing has deeply remembered a bit.

That is, in terms of the relevant personnel of the film, there is no need to think too much, just ask Seok Jin-soo directly.

He is always able to specify the most suitable director and actor, completely eliminating the time of the interview.

This time, she was not disappointed. Seok Jin-soo said directly: “I am directed by Han Lin. He has worked with Song Kang-ho sunbae-nim and Son Ye-jin many times. They are very familiar with each other and don’t need to run in.”

Li Meijing knows that Han Zailing is a man who nods and remembers it.

“Since the initial preparations are almost the same, you have to leave the time. After the director is in place, you have to look at the shooting venue.”

This does not require her to tell, Seok Jin-soo remembers.

The two said a lot, until the media thank you will begin.

Seok Jin-soo, along with the founders, stepped onto the stage and sat in the middle of the position.

Even Li Yifan and Won Bin can only give way to him.

Although he is just a screenwriter, it is indeed the first celebrity in Korea.

You are welcome to say that he is much stronger than Won Bin when it comes to appeal.

Sure enough, at the beginning of the media appreciation, some reporters threw the first question to him.

โ€œSeok Jin-soo ‘ssi, the lone agent successfully surpassed the righteous brother and became the box office champion of 2010. What do you think?โ€

Seok Jin-soo has long thought about it.

“This is the biggest good news. It is the biggest reward for the directors, actors and staff who work hard for us. At the same time, this achievement has given me a lot of confidence. You all know that this is only my second. The movie will be able to get everyone’s love and make me more motivated.”

The reporter was very satisfied with his answer and gave the power of the question to the next one.

โ€œSeok Jin-soo ‘ssi, a lone agent is very popular, who do you think is the biggest hero?โ€

These media and reporters have long been accepted by the CJ Group, so the atmosphere of the media appreciation meeting is very relaxed.

These problems are not difficult, just how he said.

So Seok Jin-soo just said it.

“The biggest hero… of course it is me!”

Good guy, no one thought that he was so thick. When the words came out, everyone fell, and the laughter continued.

Seok Jin-soo is also very good, I am willing to laugh with everyone.

“Yah!! Is it wrong for me? You see, director Li Yifan is like a newcomer to me. He is more confused than me. I am carrying him.”

Li Yufan was crying and laughing, so he had to pat him with his palm.

However, Seok Jin-soo did not say anything wrong. “Lonely Agent” is his second film. When it comes to experience, it is really no better than Seok Jin-soo.

Ridicule finished Li Yifan, Seok Jin-soo can’t let go of Won Bin, whose face is also very exciting.

“This guy will not even say it, even the propaganda is too lazy to go. Have you seen the scriptwriter out to promote it? The most irritating thing is that I finally lost.”

Hearing the last speechless failure in “runningman”, everyone laughed even more.

Won Bin is also a little embarrassed, pouting, laughing like a fool.

The reporter did not think that a relaxed question actually created such a big joke, and Jun Jun could not help but ask: “When I go back to write the title, can I write this?”

Seok Jin-soo nodded solemnly.

“This is a fact. I don’t know how to write it. Right, by the way, Li Weifan and Won Bin are certified, I am afraid their fans will swear at me.”

The people fainted again.

This guy, even if the invitation is done, it also blocked the loopholes.

Won Bin doesn’t know how to describe this.

In any case, “Lonely Agent” became the first in the box office, and the benefits for Seok Jin-soo are inexhaustible.

When I heard that CJ Group and Seok Jin-soo are ready to cooperate again, many advertisers can no longer sit still and come to visit Li Meijing.

Although it is a costume film, it is not a space without propaganda.

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