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KEP Chapter 692

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 692 chapter is to play and play big, floating astronomy

Finally, the fashion of the female artists was introduced and evaluated, and it was also when the theme was revealed.

“La, everyone, why do you want to make everyone so beautiful today?”


Seo In-young asked carefully, with a little thought.

After all, this is a recording program. If there is no purpose, the production team will not let everyone deliberately prepare these.

“Is it the subject of fashion?”

Yoo In-na also asked with concern, she is still very confident about this topic.

Seok Jin-soo did not answer immediately, but continued to ask: “Everyone, what do people think of every year at this time?”

These people really have no concept, and all the answers are there.


The IU is very emotional and can resonate with the mind for changes in the weather.

Unfortunately, her answer is wrong.

Noh Sa-yeon is going to be much more direct.

“It’s cold, you have to eat spicy kimchi soup.”

Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul’s soft legs, especially Noh Hong-chul, can’t be more ridiculous.

“Noona, it has nothing to do with eating.”

Still Yoon-ah is smart, holding a plain white hand.

“I know, it’s Fashion Week.”


Seok Jin-soo gave her a thumbs up and appreciated her intelligence.

“Yes, every year at this time is the day of Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week is in full swing and attracts the attention of the whole world. You should also know that Soul Fashion Week will begin soon.”

Shin Bong-sun asked in confusion: “Do you want us to go to the show?”

Seok Jin-soo 眨巴眨巴眼, 嘿嘿 laughed and said: “Why, why are you just going to see? So good fashion week, we can also become participants.”


This is a big deal, and everyone has blown up, including Noh Hong-chul.

“What participants? What are we involved in?”

“What are you talking about? It is an honour for us to go to the show.”

Seok Jin-soo just smiled and waited for everyone to make a fuss, and he showed the devil’s side.

“You, you are all entertainers. The fashion of the Republic of Korea needs you to show and lead. So taking advantage of this opportunity at Seoul Fashion Week, we personally act as participants to design our own fashion and then wear Going on the t-stage, there is no chance except here.”

He said it was nice, but everyone didn’t buy it at all. On the contrary, everyone is all angry.

“Yah!! What nonsense is there? Want to let us know?”

“The production team is really, is it necessary to toss us to die?”

“We are not a model, we will not go to the stage!”

Seok Jin-soo is not moving at all because of the turbulent sentiment. Anyway, everyone’s opposition has no use, and it is still necessary to do it.

“Don’t you have the dream of being a model? Looking at the models walking on the t-stage, don’t you envy? This is a chance for the production team to fight for it. If you miss today, you will regret it for a lifetime.”

Next to Noh Hong-chul slaps and the tears of laughter come out.

“Haha Haha, that’s right, that’s right. Jin-soo is right, everyone, really can’t miss this opportunity.”

Seo In-young is worthy of a bloody mother’s womb and roars angrily.

“Yah!! Not that you are on the stage, do you know that kind of tension?”

Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul come back together.

“We walked, we passed. We passed away a few years ago, it is Seoul Fashion Week.”

They said this, everyone reacted.

Isn’t it, they really walked through the t-stage.

As early as in the “Infinite Challenge”, Seok Jin-soo participated in the show of Lee Sang-feng seonsaeng-nim, which caused quite a stir.

Thinking of this, the big guy is not so nervous.

Seeing this, Seok Jin-soo took Noh Hong-chul and began to give everyone confidence.

“You, look, even the ugly people of Hong-chul Hyeong can go on the show. You are all so beautiful, and of course it is even better.”

Noh Hong-chul looked at him gloomyly, and his eyes could kill.

“Yah!! Your kid, what qualification do you have to evaluate my looks, you are the ugliest.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and his face was thick.

“Hey, brother, I just use you to add confidence to everyone. Don’t care, little things.”

Noh Hong-chul waved his slap, and the gas was even worse.

“Then why don’t you compare yourself?”

Seok Jin-soo is not stupid, and I quickly feel that I have not heard it.

“Well, let’s start by telling everyone what to do.”

In fact, these operations are everyone’s participation in Seoul Fashion Week, which is Seok Jin-soo’s idea.

Originally, according to the idea of ​​Park Sung-hsun and others, I wanted to make a special edition about fashion. But the idea of ​​making is very ordinary, just use the ready-made clothes to match, and then let the experts to evaluate it.

Seok Jin-soo looked at the plan and thought it was too boring. Even if it is made, it does not help the ratings.

At this time, he thought of the Seoul Fashion Week show that he had participated in.

Although it made him very hard, he had to say that it gave Seok Jin-soo an unforgettable experience.

The best version of Heroes’s ratings is the special edition of the women’s national football team that has made everyone suffer.

If you want good ratings, you can’t help but suffer.

Preparing to participate in Seoul Fashion Week, everyone personally designed the costumes, and staged the show, absolutely enough for them to be busy.

When Seok Jin-soo conveyed the plan, the female artists were very worried.

“But we have not designed it, it will be shameful.”

Seok Jin-soo gave them comfort.

“Don’t worry, there will be professional seonsaeng-nim to help you. They will help everyone and turn your ideas into reality.”

I heard that there is a professional seonsaeng-nim, and the female artists are finally relieved.

“Whether even the catwalk teaches me? Is it a handsome male model to teach us?”

Naha’s face is red and her eyes are very hopeful. Seok Jin-soo believes that as an adult idol, she must be a handsome male model.

But this time, we can’t fight everyone’s self-confidence, so Seok Jin-soo lied with conscience.

“Maybe it will be.”

I heard that there will be handsome male models to teach everyone to walk, all the female artists are very happy and cheering.

These open female artists are really bad.

After the day, everyone gathered again and conducted the first discussion on fashion design.

After all, this time everyone has no group confrontation, but as a whole.

To start the show at Seoul Fashion Week, the first thing everyone needs to do is to unify the style.

Both the production team and mc know that the twelve female artists have different styles, colors and styles.

Although this will be very personal, in fashion week, as a complete performance, then it must be unified into a style.

Can you imagine that Li Shangfeng’s seonsaeng-nim catwalk, in front of the Korean style, suddenly turned into a heavy metal?

The production team has already been in contact with the organizers of Seoul Fashion Week and has obtained permission for the catwalk.

In fact, since the “Infinite Challenge” participated in the catwalk, the organizers of Fashion Week also noticed the significance of the TV program’s promotion of this event.

Therefore, the participation of Heroes is very welcome.

Not to mention, “Heroes” is a beautiful and extraordinary female artist, which is more compatible with Fashion Week.

For this special edition, Seok Jin-soo does not dare to neglect. Strictly calculated, this action is no less than the last women’s national football team.

Even more troublesome is that many of these female artists have no basis for fashion design. No one can grasp what it will be like at the time.

In addition, the organization of Heroes is completely incomparable in comparison with Infinite Challenge.

Therefore, when discussing with Park Sung-hsun, Seok Jin-soo specifically told the production team to work harder.

Fortunately, the preparatory work was done well. Today’s seminar, Seok Jin-soo got more things.

As soon as everyone sat down, he began to distribute thick materials.

“Everyone, these are the information about this Seoul Fashion Week. There are all the style trends, fashion forecasts and trends of this fashion week, all of which are included. Only by mastering these, we can know how to design our works. Nowhere to start.”

Since everyone is a raw, it is best to learn what others are doing.

So the production team got this information from the organizers, so that everyone can understand what is popular this year.

The data was distributed and everyone looked very carefully.

Seo In-young, who cares most about fashion, is also the fastest person to start, and she quickly found the core.

“This year’s Fashion Week highlights the true embodiment of geometric structure and organizational composition in fashion. It uses a lot of triangles to create visual effects, which we need to keep in mind.”

Others nodded and took notes.

Everyone is a self-respecting person, but I don’t want to finish it this time. So it’s hard work, and it’s going to be like a decent.

Naha, who will change clothes, pays more attention to fabrics.

“This year’s materials are mainly concentrated on wool, reversible felt, leather, silk, cotton, polyester taffeta knitting and fur. We also start from these aspects.”

The most matching Yoo In-na focuses on color.

“This season’s color palette is focused on grey, brown, mocha, black, bright navy, pecan, burgundy and grapefruit.”

Not to mention, in the end are female artists.

For the fashion design, there are more or less involved in the hunts, a discussion meeting, what everyone has summed up, is the formation of a system.

Seeing everyone’s efforts, Seok Jin-soo is finally relieved, and has a little more confidence in the success of this special edition.

Looking back, I finally reached the day of meeting with seonsaeng-nim.

“Everyone, what we want to see today will be a very great fashion designer. In the days that follow, he will guide everyone and turn everyone into a qualified designer.”

Seok Jin-soo was very happy when he thought about the next recording.

“Sister, my brother has done so much for you, you have to be angry.”

For Seok Wan-ju’s fashion designer road, Seok Jin-soo really moved a lot of brains and only hoped she could go better.

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