KEP Chapter 694

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the first 694 chapter confrontation, floating astronomy

Knowing that the guide seonsaeng-nim is the sister of Seok Jin-soo, the female artists are relieved and hurry around Seok Wan-ju.

As long as you please Seok Wan-ju, you will definitely get a lot of things in the next study.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t mix, just watched it and found that Seok Wan-ju did a good job.

Even with so many artists, there are so many cameras, and once it comes to her field, she becomes very serious.

In the following time, she taught everyone about the cutting of the clothing, the choice of fabrics and the characteristics, the color matching, and so on.

Wanting to design the right outfit under her guidance is not a one-off event. So in the days that follow, everyone will make time to come over and receive guidance, just like the women’s national football team.

As for Seok Wan-ju, let alone be said. In addition to guiding these newcomers, I have to prepare my own first show, which is a mess.

At the end of today’s recording, Seok Jin-soo cares about her.

“How, how many things can you afford?”

Without a camera, Seok Wan-ju was invisible.

“Yah!! These female artists are just like ducks, and my ears are so painful.”

Seok Jin-soo ้Šฎ็‚ฒ็šตๆถ“โ‚ฌ็ป—ๆˆ™โ‚ฌ

“No way, people have to record programs, this is their job. If you don’t talk, how can you record?”

Seok Wan-ju is holding the hand of Yoon-ah.

“Oh, Yoon-ah is good, always so quiet, much better than those people.”

Yoon-ah smiled and revealed his own thoughts.

“What is my relationship with eonni? Yah!! So don’t worry.”

She is the biggest difference from other people. The sentence is privately familiar with Seok Wan-ju. Therefore, if you want to receive any guidance, you don’t need to take the time of others.

Therefore, when recording, she will appear to be quieter, not to rob, and I am afraid to disturb Seok Wan-ju.

At this time, when she heard her, Seok Wan-ju was very touched, but she thought more.

“Hey, Yoon-ah, what is our relationship?”

Yoon-ah squinted and was a little worried.

“What is the relationship? We…”

Seok Wan-ju did not give her a chance, and jokingly asked: “So, should I call your sister, or should you call sister-in-law?”

Yoon-ah’s little face was red, and he shivered his head down, but his heart was stunned.

The name sister-in-law is so strange, but it makes her mood very comfortable.

“Well… um… what do you call? But, do you know our relationship?”

Yoon-ah is still a bit surprised. She always thought that Seok Wan-ju was kept in the dark, only knowing the relationship between Kim Tae-hee and Seok Jin-soo.

But today’s words fully demonstrate that Seok Wan-ju also knows her relationship with Seok Jin-soo.

Can such things be known to others?

For a time, Yoon-ah was nervous. I don’t know what kind of woman I would imagine in Seok Wan-ju’s mind.

After all, in today’s society, it is too shocking for the two women to serve like a husband.

However, she was too concerned.

Seok Wan-ju clenched her hand and looked back at the serious Seok Jin-soo and smiled.

“How do I think it doesn’t matter, you are happy. This is your private matter, I can’t control it.”

Seok Jin-soo grinned and yelled at her: “You don’t care, you black one billion.”

Seok Wan-ju is not afraid of him at this time, and he is very proud of his smile.

“You can’t give it.”

Seok Jin-soo touches his nose and dare not give it. If you don’t give it, this missy must do everything.

If such a ridiculous thing is known to the mother, I am afraid of a heart attack.

Looking at the two brothers and sisters, Yuon-ah is warm.

She really didn’t think that Seok Wan-ju accepted herself so much. What had originally plagued her, but there was a good start that could not be done.

Although it is not Seok Ju-hyeok and Park Chun-hwa, Seok Family has accepted himself, which is the best.

Excited, Yoon-ah couldn’t say more, just clutching Seok Wan-ju’s hand.

“eonni, thank you, thank you.”

Departed from Seok Wan-ju, only the Seok Jin-soo and Yoon-ah were on the return trip.

liTTL- Time To Love e missy Sitting alone in the co-pilot position, he lowered his head and didn’t know what he was thinking.

Such a luxurious and comfortable Mercedes-Benz s600 can not trigger her curiosity.

Seok Jin-soo, while paying attention to the road, reached out and grabbed her tender little hand.

“missy, thank you. Let you endure so many injustices, how can I, how can you sacrifice yourself?”

This is his true heart, the true words that have never been said.

Even if he is mixed up now, he never thinks how great he is.

How many big people are much more powerful than him, and have never heard of it. You can hold your left and right and enjoy the blessings of the people.

I can get the favor of two peerless beauty at the same time. This is a good luck that the gods don’t have.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t say anything about it. In fact, I have always been grateful to Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah. I have already vowed to take care of these two women for a lifetime, and not let them suffer a little bit of grievances.

The little hand was held by Seok Jin-soo and felt the friendship of Seok Jin-soo. Yoon-ah took a deep breath and his face was filled with happiness.

“Oppa doesn’t have to be like this. It’s all voluntary. It’s weird, Oppa is so good. I took my heart away when I was the least sensible. It’s too late to regret it.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and relaxed a lot.

“Well, the heart of our Yoon-ah, just keep it here. If you add a deadline, it will last a lifetime.”

Yoon-ah has small stars in his eyes, leaning against the shoulders of Seok Jin-soo, whispering.

“Well, it will never work for a lifetime.”

Seok Jin-soo sent Yoon-ah to Girl’s Generation downstairs, but they were still reluctant to separate.

The one-way glass of the Mercedes-Benz s600 is not seen outside, so the two can be confidently and boldly hugged together.

But the two said it was a business.

โ€œHow is your comeback ready?โ€

Although not involved, Seok Jin-soo is still very concerned because of his own work.

Yoon-ah licks his mouth.

“It’s almost the same, mv is also filmed, and the date of comeback is set on 27 Day. Oppa, Miane, I can’t accompany you this time.”

It is better to say that it is a resentment than to apologize.

Yoon-ah is very depressed. After all, Kim Tae-hee has already walked in front of her, but she has not yet become a real relationship with Seok Jin-soo.

She is also very anxious, and she is really afraid that Seok Jin-soo will be immersed in Kim Tae-hee and she will ignore herself.

Why did she work one by one, and she was too busy to work, so she had to sigh.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t matter, the mood is not so impatient.

“What are you worried about? If the two sentiments are long-lasting, why are you squatting in the DPRK?”

Because Seok Jin-soo likes Chinese culture, when I love the house and Wu, when itโ€™s okay, Yoon-ah also learned Chinese in his guidance.

Not to mention, the language talent of this liTTL-Time To Love e missy is really not covered. Her Chinese level is still better than many Koreans.

At the very least, those who claim to know the Chinese but say the lame, are not enough to look at in front of Yoon-ah.

At this time, when I heard Seok Jin-soo read the poem, Yoon-ah couldnโ€™t help but get drunk.

“Oppa, you said, the person who wrote this poem has a deep understanding of love. Otherwise, how can you write such a beautiful poem?”

Her face is stunned, imagining the romance of the ancients thousands of years ago, and the heart has also wavered.

Unfortunately, Seok Jin-soo does not have that mood.

Pouting, if you say it, it makes Yoon-ah laugh and cry.

“Who knows if he wrote after being drunk?”

“Oppa, how can you disrespect the ancestors?” Yoon-ah yelled.

Seok Jin-soo knows more.

“I told you that since ancient times, there have been many romantic talents. It may not be a good person. Qin Guanโ€™s relationship with Su Shi is good. Su Dabei is a waver. Their feelings, it is best not to believe.”

Yoon-ah is not willing to argue with him. When he thinks about coming to comeback, Emei can’t help but squat together.

“Oppa, we’re going to come back soon. If you break a t-ara, you don’t want to be angry.”

Seok Jin-soo is funny.

“Come on, positive confrontation. Let me take a good look, you have the ability this time.”

“Ha, Oppa, are you looking down on our Girl’s Generation?”

Yoon-ah jumped up, with an inconspicuous chest and hands on his hips, and was very dissatisfied with Seok Jin-soo’s attitude.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t let her.

“Between you and t-ara, whoever gets my help will win. If there is no help from me, then you must win. But unfortunately, this time, you lost.”

Yoon-ah couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Oppa, why didn’t I find out that you were so stinky?”

Seok Jin-soo is still indifferent.

“Well, I ask you, you come back so many times, in addition to gee, what other good results?”

Yoon-ah couldn’t help but remember, only to find out that Seok Jin-soo’s domineering is really justified.

Since the debut of 2007, they have come back several times. But to say that every time the results of comeback, it is clear that the “gee” is the most brilliant.

Do not say anything else, “Music Bank” eleven one, nine consecutive achievements, no one can break now.

Their brilliance is caused by Seok Jin-soo.

The truth is the truth, but Yoon-ah is just mad. Who called Seok Jin-soo stood on t-ara and looked down on their Girl’s Generation.

Her blind eyes turned and finally found a reason.

“Who said, our album resume this year is better than gee. This is not the credit of Oppa, what do you say?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and suddenly bullied and leaned Yoon-ah against the seat.

“What happened to sales, don’t you know?”

Yoon-ah was so angry that when he faced this Oppa, he was powerless.

“oh! “The sales of more than 500,000 albums have really shocked the industry.” No one thought that the women’s team could actually achieve such a good sales.

But in fact, the company’s black-box operation.

To put it bluntly, behind this sales figure, the company’s repo.

Outsiders may not understand, but as a big fan of the industry, Seok Jin-soo sees it at a glance.

Similarly, as a party, Yoon-ah knows more or less.

At the end, Seok Jin-soo was opened, making Yoon-ah very helpless.

Is this, Girl’s Generation really want to lose?

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