KEP Chapter 696

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 696 chapter, astronomy

Son Ye-jin has now become independent from the company, and naturally it is not good to continue using the company’s facilities.

The new office address was not selected, and she and her team were just as inconvenient as the ghosts.

I originally thought about renting the office building quickly, so I could open it.

It turned out that the building of Seok Jin-soo actually took several months to complete, which made her feel awkward.

If it was before, seeing this woman unlucky, Seok Jin-soo must be very happy. But now, this woman is a Mi-rae tenant. It is different for people who want to pay rent.

Seok Jin-soo thought about it and decided to help her.

“If you don’t, there are two empty rooms on mystic. The area is not very large, but as a personal studio, it is still barely enough. It’s better to deal with it first, wait for the office building to be covered and then move with mystic. Itโ€™s good in the past.โ€

Son Ye-jin was a bit embarrassed to hear that Seok Jin-soo wanted to lend to his venue.

“This… not good.”

Korean society is weak, and in general, it is less troublesome for others.

And Seok Jin-soo is not the president of myMystic89, and Son Ye-jin is more concerned about the feelings of others.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t want the gold master to run, and he waved his hand.

“It doesn’t matter, our company can’t rent it for a long time. Besides, the room is empty and empty. If you lend it to you, Yoon Jong-shin will not say anything.”

Seok Jin-soo is very convinced that Yoon Jong-shin is too old to be happy.

This is Son Ye-jin, when it turns into human feelings, and some is the space he operates.

Son Ye-jin really has no good way to do this. I have to accept it.

When I looked at Seok Jin-soo again, the woman was finally no longer cold-spoken. On the contrary, the crescent-like smile was beautiful.

“Thank you, if it weren’t for you, I don’t know what to do.”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked and quickly left two steps.

“Yeah!! Woman, don’t say so embarrassed. What is it without me? There is no relationship between us.”

Son Ye-jin was awkward and found that this guy was also weird.

“Cut, you guy, what is arrogant? How many men want to be close to me, I still can’t look at my eyes.”

Seok Jin-soo grinning.

“That’s why they don’t know how to hit your ass. If you hit your ass, you will be honest.”

Son Ye-jin was so hot that he couldn’t help but pick up his arm.

“Bastard, don’t say it anymore.”

Seok Jin-soo seems to understand something, his face full of smirk.

“Oh, I understand. Well, you woman, I really have a deep heart. You are deliberately approaching me so that I can hit your ass again?”

Son Ye-jin screams like a boneless person, and he needs to rely on Seok Jin-soo to stand firm.

“You… you bastard, you said you can’t say it anymore.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t dare to go too far. Tune up enough, reach out and help her.

“Just settled, I will confess to the company and let your people move forward tomorrow. But our lease contract needs to be signed as soon as possible. I am a hot spot, if someone has a high price, I may not necessarily Will rent it to you.”

Seok Jin-soo is very confident that his house will not be rented.

Just kidding, the distance from the major TV Stations is only ten minutes, and there are not too many people who want to rent a business.

Eighty million is his friendship price to Son Ye-jin. If someone offers more than 100 million yuan, he will definitely not hesitate to agree.

Son Ye-jin also knows this, she is more urgent than Seok Jin-soo.

“Then I will go to you tomorrow, let’s sign the contract first. When you leave the sixth floor to me.”

Although Seok Jin-soo has ten floors, it is not as high as possible. After all, not a company, the higher the floor, the more inconvenient.

In addition to the five layers required by myMystic89, it is clear that the sixth layer is the best.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head and did not agree.

“You can only give you the seventh floor, and the sixth floor is there.”

Son Ye-jin was so angry that he couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“You guys are very good at doing business, so rent out so soon?”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

โ€œKim Tae-hee noonaโ€™s company will use the sixth floor, and of course itโ€™s very fast.โ€

Listening to Kim Tae-hee as a neighbor, Son Ye-jin is awkward.

โ€œSo, isn’t your building a place where entertainment companies are concentrated?โ€

Isn’t it, the following five layers are myMystic89, the sixth layer is lua entertainment, and the seventh layer is Son Ye-jin’s studio, all of which are related to the entertainment industry.

Seok Jin-soo scratches his head.

“Who knows, there are not three layers above, maybe it will be used as a restaurant.”

Son Ye-jin also smiled.

“It’s better, it’s more convenient to eat.”

During the speech, the main creative staff of “Viewing” was basically arrived. However, Li Meijing did not come, it seems that there is a meeting in the cj group.

However, she does not need to come now, Seok Jin-soo can fully host the meeting.

Seok Jin-soo used to be a fan of the film industry, so she needed the president to give it a battle.

Now Seok Jin-soo is famous, and no one will offend him without opening his eyes.

Today is just a meeting, not a script workshop.

Everyone mainly reports their work, so Seok Jin-soo and Han Zai Lin know what they are doing.

Not to mention, the attitude of the Koreans has not been said, and all aspects are ready.

Knowing this, Seok Jin-soo looked at Han Zailin.

“Director Han, then look at it, let’s go to the studio in the afternoon?”

Han is more anxious than Lin.

“That, let’s go in the afternoon.”

Seok Jin-soo took a look at the crowd and smiled and asked: “Where is the filming, who is going to go?”

This is not a must, except for him and Han Zailing, the director of photography, the director of the audio, and the director of the field. Others donโ€™t go and there is nothing.

The same is true for actors, and this work basically has nothing to do with them.

However, some actors are also very concerned about this and can even put forward very good opinions.

As far as Seok Jin-soo knows, Choi Min-sik and Sol Kyung-gu are the favorite to visit the studio.

Unexpectedly, so is Song Kang-ho.

“I also go, I have to see it with my own eyes.”

Seok Jin-soo faintly understands that being the top performer is not a lucky one.

Son Ye-jin also rushed: “I will also check it out.”

Only the two of the actors can go, others have other activities.

After the people negotiated, they had a lunch in the vicinity and then drove to the studio.

Because it is a costume film, there are not many studios that can be filmed.

Everyone’s purpose is also very clear. After leaving Seoul, I first came to Danyang in Chungbuk.

Here is the location of the Wenda Open Photo Studio. The “Queen of the Queen”, “The King of the Four Kings” and “The Cover of the Gods” are all shot here.

This is the latest filming, so everyone is here to check.

When the people came, the studio had already got the news, so a manager received everyone attentively.

After a round, Seok Jin-soo and Han Zai Lin all shook their heads.

โ€œThe building here is too gorgeous, and the colors are too bright, and our scripts are not suitable.โ€

Han Zaolin also thinks this way.

โ€œMost of the buildings here are in the style of the Goryeo period, and they cannot capture the atmosphere of the Joseon Dynasty.โ€

Since it is not suitable here, everyone will leave again and go to the next place.

It was nearing the early winter and I didn’t feel anything at Seoul, but as soon as I came to the wild, the temperature plummeted.

Son Ye-jin just walked around and felt the cold, and couldn’t help but hug his arms.

โ€œIf you donโ€™t need gorgeous architecture, isnโ€™t the customs village good?โ€

The Custom Village is next to Seoul and is the venue for many costume dramas such as Dae Jang Geum. In this case, you don’t need to run so far.

Noticed her squeaking, Seok Jin-soo reflexed out from behind and pulled a thin down jacket over Son Ye-jin.

โ€œThe scenery around the folk village is so beautiful that it can’t capture the chill atmosphere needed in the film.โ€

“Viewing” is not a plain drama, and it is full of blood and conspiracy. Therefore, in order to comply with the plot, the folk village is not considering the scope for a long time.

The car they are sitting on is the car of Seok Jin-soo. So Seok Jin-soo knew that there was spare clothes in the car and took out his clothes.

The down jacket was put on the body, so that Son Ye-jin warmed up and his face gradually became rosy.

She did not expect that this guy actually had a gentleman’s side.

The people left Zhongbei, all the way south, and came to Jeonju.

There is a Jeonju film complex, which consists of a basement floor, an indoor studio on the ground floor, and a field studio.

In addition, the production facilities, studios, restrooms, art/props room and other facilities are very complete.

The best thing is that there are water pressure regulators and a seven-meter-high ceiling that can be photographed naturally even on rainy days.

“Frost Flower Shop”, “Pyongyang City” and “Tian Zhizhi” were filmed here.

When everyone came here, they did not consider the interior, but went to the mountains in the wild.

Good guy, itโ€™s so cold on the ground. As soon as I arrived at the mountain, I immediately felt the cold wind screaming, and the people who blew the chicken skin were all up.

Rao is wearing a down jacket, and Son Ye-jin is still a group, like a sly.

Seok Jin-soo saw it and walked to the outside, using her body to help her block the cold wind.

Son Ye-jin is working hard and walking. She suddenly feels that the cold wind that blows her skin is gone, and she can’t help but raise her head.

Then I saw Seok Jin-soo in front of me, like a wall, separating her from the cold.

Obviously this man is not tall, but I don’t know why, the feeling of giving Son Ye-jin at this moment is so practical.

For a time, the mood of a woman can not help but appear waves.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t think so much. This pedestrian, only Son Ye-jin, is a woman. It is human nature to take care of it a little.

His attention is still focused on the investigation.

โ€œDirector, there are too few outdoor buildings here, and the scale of villages and cities cannot be formed.โ€

The scene of “Viewing” is very complicated, there are wilderness, there are villages and towns, and there are also capitals like Hanyang.

And Jeonju is the studio, the essence is indoors.

As for the outdoor part, if it is a costume drama of the field, it is very suitable.

Han Zaolin walked for a long time, and he was tired and panting.

Look up and look around, said: “The atmosphere here is good, very in line with the environment where the protagonist lives.”

But Song Kang-ho doesn’t think so.

“There is no way here. The terrain of the mountain peaks is too gentle. The protagonist has experienced great ups and downs, and the pain of the funeral. The whole person has been ruined and has no life, so the terrain must have such a clear difference.” โ€

The director of photography has gone more than them, and has returned in a circle.

“Not here, the plants do not meet the requirements. All of them are tall trees, which affect the perspective. There is no reed at all, and there is no bleak picture.”

He is an authority in this respect, and everyone else must obey.

So everyone looked at each other and they all burst into a smile.

I have to continue to investigate.

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