KEP Chapter 697

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 697 chapter is a good person or a bad person [Helpless Daning happy birthday! Floating astronomy

The cold wind is rustling, and the frozen face is red.

Rao is wearing a thick down jacket, Seok Jin-soo still feels a bit unbearable.

He is like a big man, not to mention Son Ye-jin.

At the beginning, she could also give some advice. At the end of the cold, she simply shrank her neck and put the hat of the down jacket on her head, completely quiet.

Finally came down from the mountain, sat back in the car, saw her cold look, Seok Jin-soo could not help but smile.

“You, you, Yah!! Just stay in Seoul, why are you coming to suffer?”

Son Ye-jin smoked his nose and discarded several paper towels.

“What are you talking about? I am also a member of the crew. This is my job.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and saw that she was not very good, and she didn’t tease her.

The group left Jeonju. This time, they did not go south, but went east and went to Qingbei.

There are two film and television bases in Qingbei, one is the Silla Millennium Park, and the other is the open photography site of Mungyeong Bird Ridge.

Look at the sky is not too early, Seok Jin-soo thought of something, informed everyone, first went to Gyeongju.

“It’s not too early today, everyone is hungry? How about we eat something?”

On the bright side, I was sympathetic to everyone. In fact, Seok Jin-soo saw it, and Son Ye-jin couldnโ€™t hold it anymore.

Staying in the wild for a long time, the heat of one body is almost lost. If she doesn’t eat anything, warm and warm, she must be sick.

Han Zailing is a bit scratching his head.

“If you eat, I am afraid that the task of today’s inspection will not be completed.”

Going to the bird ridge, you still have to climb the mountain.

Itโ€™s winter now, itโ€™s already darker in the dark. After eating dinner, I can’t see anything at all.

Seok Jin-soo knows this, but still insists.

“It doesn’t matter. If you can’t see it, we will have a rest here fornight and check it tomorrow.”


When I heard him, everyone looked at each other and felt a little embarrassed.

So many people, if you stay in Gyeongju for one night, the cost is not small.

The money of the crew is fixed. In order to make a good movie, everyone can’t dare to spend it.

Seok Jin-soo stunned, understood everyone’s thoughts and knew that he was negligent.

“Eun-ho, trouble you to run first, book the hotel. For the best hotel, I will pay for it.”

Eun-ho took the lead and drove off first.

See Seok Jin-soo private treat, everyone is not very funny.

“Stone scriptwriter, how is this so interesting? How can you pay for it?”

Seok Jin-soo waved his hand and solemnly said: “Everyone is working hard for the movie. As an investor, I look in my eyes. These are all I should do, as long as everyone shoots the film.” Can we go to eat now?”

Everyone was warm in their hearts, and they didn’t expect to meet such a generous boss.

In the past, everyone came out to inspect the studio, that hard work, it is full of bitterness.

Filming is not like making a TV series or a variety show, and those are much easier.

When filming a movie, it is often necessary to go to the most natural place in order to be realistic.

Of course, many of these places are wilderness, nothing.

Many times, when you are inspecting, you have to stay in the wild. I can’t eat well, live well, hungry and hungry, and suffer from countless sufferings.

This time, everyone was also prepared for the idea.

I didn’t expect Seok Jin-soo to be so generous and even arranged the best hotel for everyone.

With such a boss, everyone swears in their hearts that they must take the best standards to shoot and live up to the favor of Seok Jin-soo.

See everyone has no opinion, Seok Jin-soo smiles.

“Since I am in Gyeongbuk, what should I eat, of course, I want to ask the landlord. Miss Son Ye-jin, give us a good place.”

Son Ye-jin is a Daegu person who belongs to Gyeongbuk.

Strictly calculated, it is now in her hometown.

When Seok Jin-soo talked to everyone, Son Ye-jin stayed quietly.

However, she is very clear that Seok Jin-soo made this arrangement entirely because of herself. He knew that he needed a break and his body was almost unable to stop.

This guy who always looks like a jerk, but always shows the man side inadvertently, so that Son Ye-jin is full of excitement.

Hearing his words at this time, he said: “Let’s go to Yingyang, there is a famous restaurant there.”

Seok Jin-soo asked: “Is it a restaurant operated by the descendants of Anton Zhang?”

Son Ye-jin shines.

“you know?”

Seok Jin-soo told everyone to get on the bus and said while driving, “Slightly learn a little and know that this restaurant is famous.”

The restaurant that Son Ye-jin said was run by the descendants of the Korean Confucian scholar Li Shiming Mrs. Anton Zhang who wrote the “Food and Drinks”.

“Food and Beverage” is the most authoritative work of Korean cuisine and has a profound influence on Korean cuisine today.

The restaurant, which has been run by the ancestors’ teachings, is also famous for its taste of the most authentic Gyeongbuk cuisine.

Looking at the sly Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin can’t help but be more curious.

Previously, because of the contradiction with Seok Jin-soo, she focused on understanding this guy and knowing his details.

It is said that his academic performance from a small age is not good, even the university has not been admitted.

She was rather puzzled at the time, how did such a person become a screenwriter?

To know Korean scriptwriters, whether they are famous or not, are basically highly educated.

Almost all of the screenwriters have studied systematic scriptwriting in college and then trained in TV Station to have basic qualifications.

Even so, it is very difficult to develop a qualified scriptwriter.

In the Korean film and television industry, five screenwriters can be cultivated in 20 years.

A person who has never been to college or even has a poor academic performance can become a screenwriter. This is just like the Arabian Nights.

However, such a living example is presented to her.

Seok Jin-soo This guy has not only gone to college, has not studied systematic scriptwriting, and has not been recognized by the writers association, but has become the best screenwriter in Korea today.

You know, he doesn’t even have a member of the Screenwriter Association.

Every piece of his work, Son Ye-jin, has been well seen.

But the more you look at it, the more curious you are. How can a guy who doesn’t learn anything, how to become a good screenwriter?

Even in his “Infinite Challenge”, Son Ye-jin has seen it. The ignorant look, there is no cultural standard at first glance.

Such people are really amazing.

The change in the impression of Seok Jin-soo actually started in Germany.

At that time, Seok Jin-soo’s fluent and standard English made Son Ye-jin look impressive.

Even if she traveled all over the world in these years, she went to many places and knew some English. However, compared with Seok Jin-soo, it is still a far cry.

Not to mention, it is said that this guy still knows Chinese.

God, Chinese is so difficult, how can this guy master?

Today, I heard Seok Jin-soo talk about the story of Anton Zhang, and talked about it, Son Ye-jin knew that this guy was very erudite.

“What have you learned in the end?”

Seok Jin-soo drove intently and smiled. “Everything is learned. I didn’t know anything before, I knew it was mixed. Now I regret it and found that I was wasted so much time. So when I take a break, I will hurry and study hard. “”

He really is not telling lies, but he is really learning.

No one knows except Kim Tae-hee, Yoon-ah, Lee Dae-gyu, etc. He is now fluent in speaking seven foreign languages.

In addition, economics, finance, business management, art creation, logic, classical literature, classical music, musical instruments, history, etc., all of them are silently accumulating.

The more you learn, the more you find yourself.

Now, even if he is busy, he will take two hours to study every day.

It can be said that today’s Seok Jin-soo, in addition to no education, he has mastered more knowledge than most people.

Only in this way can he easily navigate the status of today and continue to improve.

He said it was easy, and Son Ye-jin was shocked.

She knows very well how much energy is needed to learn these things.

This guy in front of him is as busy as himself, but he can continue to enrich himself.

No wonder he can be a top superstar, and this perseverance is enough to admire.

It is not accidental to be the best screenwriter in Korea.

What kind of person is this?

Sometimes, like a shameless rogue. Such things are often hanged on the lips, and people are not coming to Taiwan.

Sometimes, it is polite and polite, and the gentleman’s character is inadvertently revealed, so that women can enjoy it.

This is simply a contradiction complex, like a fog, it is difficult to understand.

Son Ye-jin suddenly discovered that it was difficult to define him simply by using good or bad people.

This discovery made her very confused and a little confused about the criteria for getting along with him.

As a result, Son Ye-jin was caught in the entanglement and confusion, and the car was quiet.

I don’t know how long it has been, but she still hasn’t waited for her to understand. Seok Jin-soo’s words sounded.

“We have arrived.”

Son Ye-jin suddenly looked up and discovered that he had arrived in Yingyang.

Seok Jin-soo got off the bus and told her to stay in her ear.

“It’s cold outside, you can cool down and take a cold, be careful.”

After that, I only left a copy of Son Ye-jin. People have already walked into the hotel to make arrangements.

Looking at the back of Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin was really obedient and didn’t rush to get off.

Gently open the door with a slit to allow the cool air to slowly infiltrate.

After waiting for about five minutes or so, I felt the sultry heat on my body, and Son Ye-jin pulled the zipper of the down jacket and pushed the door out.

The manโ€™s down jacket is large and worn on her body, as if it were a skirt.

But because of the big, she will be well wrapped. Itโ€™s so strict, a little cold wind canโ€™t blow in.

I don’t know how, Son Ye-jin suddenly discovered that this winter is not so cold.

The remote Yingyang, although there is no prosperity in Seoul, the air is fresh and the environment is beautiful.

Under the clear starry sky, against her pretty face, it seems to be covered with a layer of holy radiance.

I don’t know if it is the cause of the environment or the reason for the mood.

Son Ye-jin has a light footstep and has long missed the food of his hometown.

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