KEP Chapter 698

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 698 chapter to go home to see, floating astronomy

Son Ye-jin walked into the restaurant and rushed to the front of the hot air. The whole body was warm.

Compared to the wilderness of the cold wind, the restaurant is simply too comfortable.

This restaurant is different from the general one, and the building is ancient. Designed to maintain and inherit traditions and maintain the style of traditional Korean food.

So Seok Jin-soo simply wrapped a house and didn’t bother with outsiders.

This is so, their entry has attracted the attention of other customers.

No way, this pedestrian is Seok Jin-soo and Song Kang-ho, all of them are famous people.

Such a place in Gyeongbuk, it is rare to see a celebrity all the year round.

So glimpse of Seok Jin-soo and Song Kang-ho, the whole restaurant is full of fun, and there are whispers everywhere.

Originally, everyone thought, can you have a signature and a photo, but seeing Seok Jin-soo and others went to other houses and had to give up.

Just wait for them to come out and see if there is a chance.

This is being discussed here, and the people who came in at the door once again attracted everyone’s attention.

Good guy, it turned out to be Son Ye-jin.

At the same time, in this restaurant, I saw three big celebrity in succession, and the emotions of the customers also rose.

There are many more talks about Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin.

No way, these two previous anecdotes are full of enthusiasm and are well known throughout the country.

Now the two protagonists of Gossip are in a restaurant, and they are still away from Seoul, saying that they have no contact, and the fool will not believe it.

But the curiosity of the big guys is just a moment, and then dissipated.

Because I remembered Song Kang-ho, who was alongside Seok Jin-soo, and Director Han Zaolin, everyone understood. These people may have come here because of the movie.

Everyone in the box doesn’t know what’s outside, and in the face of beautiful and hot food, everyone loses elegance.

Even Son Ye-jin, holding a bowl, flew the spicy fish soup.

No way, it is too cold. In this ghost weather, only hot fish soup can dispel the cold.

Seok Jin-soo played with her, and as a result, a large pot of fish soup was drunk by two people. The other people who did harm did not eat anything, just took their eyes and stared at two starving ghosts.

The meal was a good meal, and the big guy finally felt that he was alive.

When I left the restaurant, I also had the mood to sign and take photos with the customers who came over.

I got busy and I can finally go back to the hotel.

However, on the way to Gyeongju, Son Ye-jin’s face was strange and he always looked out the window.

“What happened to you? Is it urgent?”

Son Ye-jin’s pretty face is red and irritating: “Ani ~yo, what are you talking about?”

Seok Jin-soo can’t figure it out.

“Then you always look outside? There is nothing outside.”

Except for a road that stretches into the distance and a dimly lit streetlight, both sides of the road are barren hills. At this time, the sky was dull, and I couldn’t see my fingers. I really couldn’t understand what was good outside.

Son Ye-jin’s face was very tangled, hesitated for a little while, or shook his head.

“Forget it, nothing. Let’s go, everyone is tired.”

Seok Jin-soo grinned and reminded: “Don’t blame me for not telling you, what is best to say it. Otherwise, if you pass this village, you will not have this store.”

Yes, Son Ye-jin’s thoughts were seduce again, and he couldn’t help but bite his lower lip.

After five minutes, she gently opened her mouth.

“That… I want to go home and see.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t hear anything, and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Anyway, it has already opened, and Son Ye-jin has a sigh of relief.

“I said, I want to go back to Daegu. I haven’t been home for a long time, and I don’t know how Appa, eomma, eonni are.”

Son Ye-jin Although she struggled in Seoul, her family still lives in Daegu.

Her father is still working and cannot leave a position.

Her noona is also married to the local, responsible for taking care of her parents on weekdays.

If it is, Son Ye-jin will be fine. But this time, it’s all in Gyeongbuk, and Daegu is close at hand.

I don’t know why, the emotions of missing are getting stronger and stronger.

But she didn’t want to bother others, so she had been holding back.

This time, she only had an assistant.

The assistant is also a woman, tossing for a day, it is estimated to be very tired. It is too much to let people send her to Daegu.

Even Seok Jin-soo, at this time, looks tired and looks tired.

This is also the reason that Seok Jin-soo asked before, Son Ye-jin did not want to say.

She feels that her ideas are too outrageous and may be stunned by Seok Jin-soo.

Unexpectedly, Seok Jin-soo nodded and said: “I should go back and see, there is a reason to go to the door but not to go home.”

What Son Ye-jin doesn’t know is that this year’s Chuseok “autumn festival” returned home and saw the aging of Seok Ju-hyeok and Park Chun-hwa, so that Seok Jin-soo had a deeper understanding of family.

He struggled alone in Seoul, but his parents were far away from the sky, and he might not miss him.

He is like this, and Son Ye-jin is probably the same.

So for the idea of ​​Son Ye-jin, others may have whispers, but he agrees.


Son Ye-jin was inexplicably surprised and did not expect Seok Jin-soo to agree with his own ideas.

Seok Jin-soo nodded and asked, “So, are we going to Daegu now?”

Gyeongbuk was not big. They had finished their meal in Yingyang and they were going to Gyeongju accommodation. If you want to go to Daegu, you only need to go south and cross the Yicheng and Junwei counties.

Son Ye-jin gratefully looks at Seok Jin-soo but doesn’t want to bother others.

“No, you are so tired.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Yah!! You are a woman, the mouth is very wrong. I really want to go home, why do you pretend to be indifferent?”

Son Ye-jin’s face was red again, very embarrassed.

Really, is it so obvious?

Seeing her head down and not talking, Seok Jin-soo knows that she really wants to go home and see.

Seeing the front to the intersection, he said: “So we turned?”

Son Ye-jin is busy: “Wait.”

Looking back, looking at the assistant in the back seat, I couldn’t bear to suffer.

“Eonni, you are also very tired, it is better to follow everyone back to the hotel.”

The assistant was a little confused when he heard that Son Ye-jin wanted to stay.

“How is this going, I have to… oh… well, I am really tired.”

The assistant didn’t want to leave Son Ye-jin, but look at the two people in front of me. What do you think about what happened in Germany?

This pair of dogs and men, obviously want to open their own.

I can’t look at myself, I just act as a light bulb.

Hey, dead missy, see when you can load it?

The assistant who wanted to understand for a moment, immediately from the good, obeyed the advice of Son Ye-jin.

Since it was decided, Seok Jin-soo immediately called the people in other cars. Soon, the team stopped at the roadside.

“Director, trouble you, please take care of my assistant.”

Son Ye-jin sent the assistant to Han’s car and thanked Han Zaolin.

Han is laughing in Lin, but this guy is very embarrassed.

Anyone who sees Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin who want to go alone on the gossip can’t think too much.

Son Ye-jin wants to go home and see, this is understandable.

The question is, what do you bring with Seok Jin-soo?

See parents?

Obviously, the big guys want to be embarrassed, all are happy, the expression is self-evident.

Son Ye-jin has a hard time saying that he can’t say that the assistant is too tired, and the two women are not safe at night, so they want to escort Seok Jin-soo.

This is the case… forget it, it’s better not to say it.

She simply confused and sent the assistant away. The two went south from the intersection and drove all the way to Daegu.

“I just go home and see if I can get back at around 11pm.”

Son Ye-jin is very embarrassed because his personal affairs make Seok Jin-soo so hard. She is really afraid of delaying the investigation of tomorrow, but it is too much.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head and focused on the road.

“Don’t care, I don’t care.”

The road conditions in the area are very good. There are no cars, and there is no obstacle along the way. It took only 30 minutes for the car to enter the city of Daegu.

When I got here, Son Ye-jin finally got anxious. Kneeling on the window, no matter what you see, you don’t see enough.

Here is where she has lived for more than 20 years, and she is very familiar with everything. Come back again, the feeling is different.

Seok Jin-soo followed the instructions of Son Ye-jin and went all the way to an upscale neighborhood.

It seems that Son Ye-jin’s parents did not leave Daegu, but she was a filial person and placed her parents well.

The car finally stopped and saw Son Ye-jin being impatient. Seok Jin-soo said: “Come on, I am waiting for you here.”

According to his thoughts, Son Ye-jin just went home to see it and it will come out soon.

In this case, I am right now.

But Son Ye-jin obviously doesn’t think so.

If you are not Seok Jin-soo today, you will definitely not be able to go home.

Thanks for being too late, how can I leave him alone?

“It’s all here, of course, I have to sit at home.”

Seok Jin-soo is very difficult.

“It’s still a problem. I didn’t take any gifts. It’s so rude.”

The first time I went to someone else’s home, I was empty and I couldn’t say it.

This time it was the turn of Son Ye-jin who laughed.

“Yah!! What are you visiting here? It’s just sending me back. Really, it’s not a son-in-law, so what are you doing?”

The speaker was unintentional, the listener was interested, and the voice fell, and the two men squatted together.

Son Ye-jin is not irritated in his heart, secretly blaming himself, how can he talk nonsense?

This is good, this guy will not misunderstand it?

In that case, it will be big.

Under the panic, she suddenly thought of something.

“Oh ah… yes, that’s it.”

Said, she turned to the back seat and picked up several large bags. At first glance, I know that it is a very expensive gift.

“Hey, wait until you say that these are your gifts, and you won’t be fine.”

It seems that this woman wants to go home is not a temporary intention, but has already made up her mind, so the gifts for the family are ready.

I just didn’t think that today’s investigation was so bad. I ran a lot of places and delayed a lot of time. The result was like this.

Fortunately, I am still back, and the doorstep is close at hand, so Son Ye-jin will not care so much.

She can see her approach, Seok Jin-soo is black.

“Yah!! Woman, this is very dangerous!”

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