KEP Chapter 699

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 699 chapter is confidential? Floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo is very tangled, not too willing.

“Really, I will wait, it will not take long.”

At this time, Son Ye-jin did not give in.

Really, there is a reason to leave the door at home, but leave people outside.

Do not say anything else, it is Seok Jin-soo who is so tired that she will be sent to her doorstep, which is also worthy of her gratitude.

“哎Yah!! You, this person, is usually not a thin face. Go, always go in for a cup of tea, otherwise my heart is very upset.”

Seok Jin-soo had no choice but to get it out of the car by Son Ye-jin. I still have to hold a gift in my hand. It’s really dumbfounding.

What is this?

Son Ye-jin’s parents’ home is a separate three-story building.

In addition to Seoul, other places are cheap. Therefore, such a small building seems to be about twice as small as Seok Jin-soo, but the price may not even be one-tenth.

It’s hard to go home, and Son Ye-jin is happy and excited. Walk quickly to the door and press the doorbell.

Not long after, there was a voice of a young woman.


Son Ye-jin’s eyes flashed brightly and quickly said: “Eonni, it’s me.”

Her noona is not married because she is married. I didn’t expect to go home today, just happened to meet noona.

The people inside are also pleasantly surprised.

“Oh, oh, our princess is back!”

During the conversation, the door slammed and slowly opened.

Seok Jin-soo smiled when he heard the conversation between the two. Unexpectedly, Son Ye-jin was so favored at home.

This is much better than myself. Every day, it is called by Park Chun-hwa liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y and liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y. It is really ugly.

Son Ye-jin pushed the door open and greeted Seok Jin-soo: “Let’s go, let’s go in.”

Sun’s small courtyard was not big. When he entered the gate, he went to the door of the small building. There were no two steps in total. Unlike the big yard of Seok Jin-soo, if you don’t have a car, it takes half a day to get to the door.

The two were able to reach the door, and the people inside had already greeted them.

Good guy, when I was an old lady, it was a bit similar to Son Ye-jin.

“Aigoo, you missy, why don’t you say it in advance?”

When the old lady greeted her, she suddenly saw Seok Jin-soo behind Son Ye-jin, and it was a bit wrong.

At the same time, a little girl ran out and threw herself into the arms of Son Ye-jin, shouting milk: “small aunt !”

Son Ye-jin quickly picked up the child and couldn’t help it.

“Oh, hey, we are so heavy. Just say, how many good things have you stolen?”

The little girl just smirked, but she did not let her go.

One is similar to Son Ye-jin, but a slightly simpler woman came out.

“Say, let’s let go of your small aunt, it’s cold outside.”

When the woman came out, like the old lady, seeing Seok Jin-soo behind Son Ye-jin was a bit dumbfounded.

Tae-yang came out from the west, and my sister actually took the man home!

The woman was horrified and rushed to the house and shouted: “Appa, husband, come to the guest!”

If it is my daughter’s return, Granddaughter will certainly not come out. But when I heard the guests, I came over.

“Is there a guest?”

In such a short time, Seok Jin-soo has already greeted her grandmother and noona.

I saw an old man who was about sixty years old, but his body was very tough, and he bowed respectfully.

“Uncle, hello!”

Dad’s father is also a bit dumbfounded. He just nods and squeezes out a smile. He doesn’t know what to do.

The daughter is an entertainer. At the beginning, the old couple are very proud of this. But gradually, my daughter is getting older, and this is almost thirty years old, and she is single, and they are anxious.

Every time the daughter came back, they all asked me again and again, whether there was any favorite object.

Also warned her daughter, can not drag, or become an old woman, but can not marry.

Son Ye-jin was annoyed every time and had to shirk it. Either work is busy, or it is not eye-catching.

Anxious grandmother, I want to arrange a blind date for her.

I did not expect that my daughter actually took the man home.

Son Ye-jin’s staff, Sun family members have seen it more or less, so they all recognize it. But Seok Jin-soo is very strange, and it is obviously not affiliation to look at the two.

The Sun family was in a hurry and ushered Son Ye-jin and Seok Jin-soo into the house.

In a bright place, Son Ye-jin noona exclaimed, licking his mouth and looking at Seok Jin-soo incredulously.

“Oh, it’s actually Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi.”

Just outside the light was not good, and Seok Jin-soo ran for a day, gray-faced, so Son Ye-jin noona did not recognize it.

It was discovered at this time that the man who followed his sister’s home turned out to be Seok Jin-soo.

Sun father and granddaughter don’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry. They know that Seok Jin-soo is such a person, but the face is not so familiar.

Only when Son Ye-jin and Seok Jin-soo made anecdote some time ago, the two old ladies took a look at the network with the help of their eldest daughter. But after that, I forgot, and did not link the eyes of the people and daughters.

At this time I heard the exclamation of the eldest daughter, and the two old people were shocked.

Obviously, their misunderstandings are deeper.

Look at the daughter, and look at Seok Jin-soo, that look, obviously the old man and the wife of the mother to see the son-in-law.

Wait, the granddaughter’s eyes are even more weird.

Because she saw the down jacket on Son Ye-jin, so big, that style is obviously a man.

I don’t have to think about it, it is obviously Seok Jin-soo.

Both of them have reached the point where they can wear clothes casually. Does the relationship still need to be said?

At this time, the Sun family, in addition to Son Ye-jin’s parents, also has her noona and brother-in-law family.

Son Ye-jin’s brother-in-law has a thick face and is an ordinary white-collar worker who doesn’t look very talkative. Just standing behind, when Seok Jin-soo looked over, he nodded and smiled hard on his face.

The strange atmosphere lasted for a while, and the grandmother reacted first, and the smile on her face was stronger.

“Aigoo, this is Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi? Good boy, really a talent.”

Said, the old lady took Seok Jin-soo’s hand and was very affectionate.

Seok Jin-soo Although the length is not handsome, the old lady does not take the temperament of appearance.

Besides, Seok Jin-soo is now a world superstar and has been touted by the outside world.

In the eyes of the grandmother, such a man, with his own daughter, is a natural fit.

Men don’t live on their faces, they have the ability to do it.

Obviously, Seok Jin-soo is a big man.

Seok Jin-soo is not clear, so I feel that Son Ye-jin’s family is too warm. A little bit difficult to adapt, I quickly offered the gift in my hand.

“Uncle, aunt, come in a hurry, don’t have a good gift, I hope you don’t mind.”

Sun’s father is still a bit embarrassed, but there is no rudeness.

“Oh, your child, come here, what gift?”

That is to say, but still indicated that the eldest daughter took the gift.

There is no reason for the gift from the son-in-law.

After a busy conversation, everyone finally sat down.

It can be considered a rest, Seok Jin-soo can not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

This day, not climbing or driving, the spirit is exhausted to the extreme.

Son Ye-jin is also similar, a look of tiredness. If I didn’t get to the house, I was so excited that I couldn’t hold it anymore.

Sun Mu looked in the eyes and pour tea for them. He asked, “What are you doing? How tired is it?”

Son Ye-jin came home and became a lot more casual. He leaned on Noona’s body and began to spoil.

“Don’t mention, I ran a lot of places this day. Chungbuk, Jeonju, and then came here again. Guangshan climbed several times, and the tired legs were not their own.”

Noona was shocked and quickly asked: “If you are traveling, don’t you be so desperate?”

Son Ye-jin quickly explained: “It is not a tour, it is an inspection film. Our movie is about to start shooting. Now it is a preliminary inspection stage. This is not to Gyeongbuk, so it is hard to find a little time to go home and see. I have to go back and I will be busy tomorrow.”

I heard that my daughter is coming back, and her granddaughter is not happy.

“What are you so anxious? Even if there is work tomorrow, tomorrow will be over. South Korea is not big, it is too late. You should not go anywhere today, it is here. Really, how can I stay home for one night? You didn’t have dinner, I will do it for you.”

Son Ye-jin and Seok Jin-soo quickly caught her.

“Aunt, no, we have eaten.”

“eomma, we have eaten in Yingyang.”

The grandmother was very dissatisfied and blamed her daughter.

“You, this child, everyone has come to Qingbei, why not go home to eat? You have to go to Yingyang.”

Son Ye-jin was helpless and had to explain clearly. She was afraid that her mother would be sad.

“No, there are directors and some sunbae-nim.”


Unexpectedly, listening to her explanation, the grandmother’s mind is more lively.

Their group went to Yingyang to eat, and the director and sunbae-nim seemed to be normal.

The problem is that after eating, the only one who comes home is Seok Jin-soo.

This can not help but let the grandmother think more.

Just this time Son Ye-jin noona poured tea on Seok Jin-soo, and the granddaughter came over and looked kind.

“Good boy, where is your home?”

Seok Jin-soo is a bit nervous, but still honestly replies.

“My hometown is a good day, but I just received my parents from Seoul.”

“Aigoo, this child is really filial, and I know that my parents will be taken to Seoul for fun.”

Son Ye-jin is a bit wrong to hear this. Hurry up: “Eomma, I can also take you to Seoul.”

Sun’s mother’s neck is rising.

“Oh, no. You missy can marry earlier, and our wish is finished.”

Again, Son Ye-jin got a sigh of relief.

“eomma, I will look at it.”

The grandmother is not happy.

“What is it like to do? Missy, I told you, you are not too small. Life is alive, how can it be perfect? ​​It will almost do. So good people are in front of you, what are you hesitating?”

In front of you?

What is in front of you?

Son Ye-jin is inexplicable.

“eomma, what are you talking about?”

Sun Muyi I know very well.

“哎Yah!! You, this child, we know. Confidentiality is, rest assured, I am here today, the people at home will not reveal it to you. Really, I don’t understand your world.”

Son Ye-jin noona is also more satisfied with Seok Jin-soo.

“Yes, we won’t say it. But you have to hurry, you can’t drag it anymore.”

The Sun family sisters are very good since they were young. Noona is most worried about her sister’s marriage.

If there are people like Ming Xianxian, why are there no men?

Before the sisters talked, I know that my sister has also got along a few boyfriends. Unfortunately, there is not a long-term, and finally ended up with a breakup.

She has been questioning for many reasons, and Son Ye-jin cares about him.

Noona has no way, thinking that he is not aware of the world of actors.

But from her point of view, Seok Jin-soo is a candidate, but good is not better.

Young, talented, and rich. So late, despite the exhaustion of escorting Son Ye-jin to go home, it is obviously a cold-hearted, considerate care.

Son Ye-jin is even more confused.

“What is confidential?”

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