KEP Chapter 701

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 701 chapter is not used, floating astronomy

For Seok Jin-soo’s post-knowledge, Son Ye-jin is simply unable to ridicule.

This guy is not very smart when he bullies himself. Why is this time so slow?

Fortunately, Seok Jin-soo didn’t know her thoughts, or she must die.

He just sent his colleagues home, and it will be done by others.

Who knows that your loved ones are like the son-in-law, which makes people feel unprepared.

He also has no experience and can’t feel the different meaning of the Sun family.

This is not the same as going to the So-yeon family. That time, I went to So-yeon’s boyfriend and I was mentally prepared.

This time, like a stupid scorpion, it has reached such a point that it really makes him dumbfounded.

Son Ye-jin has been completely discouraged, and he doesn’t want to say anything, he is depressed.

“Forget it, just like this.”

She confessed, Seok Jin-soo still does not do it. His innocence, is it so smeared?

“Yah!! What is it like this? We are not like this. No, I am going to talk to your parents. This misunderstanding will be bigger and bigger.”

Son Ye-jin is frustrated.

“Is it right now, is it still too late? You guy, what have you done early?”

Seok Jin-soo This is awkward.

“I didn’t know it early.”

Son Ye-jin is also very tired and has no heart to toss.

“Itโ€™s all night, deal with it. Iโ€™ll go get it for you, go take a shower.โ€

There are certainly reasons for exhaustion, but Son Ye-jinโ€™s heart has a careful thought.

In recent years, she has been forced to marry by her family, which has made her tireless. The man who never touched the road has been delayed.

If Seok Jin-soo can be used as a scorpion, it is not bad for family members to stop paying attention to this matter.

Seok Jin-soo is also very tired and really does not want to toss. But his mood was still very embarrassing, watching Son Ye-jin with fear.

“Yah!! You won’t take the opportunity to do anything to me?”

Son Ye-jinโ€™s eyes grew slowly and he couldnโ€™t believe it. Itโ€™s actually what One Man said.

“Bastard, what good are you? What can I do to you? This should be what I said to you.”

Seok Jin-soo licked his nose and reacted, as if it were.

Son Ye-jin found that he was very tired to talk to him and simply turned into the bathroom. Not long after, she came out and said: “Okay, go take a shower.”

Seok Jin-soo is a little hesitant.

“There is no jealous thing in your bathroom? What bra, ***, etc?”

Son Ye-jin is mad.

“Yah!! I don’t come back at all, how come there is that kind of thing?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and knew that he was too worried. I don’t want to delay my time. I walked into the bathroom.

The dust of the day was all cleaned up by a hot bath.

Washed in white, put on a clean pajamas, Seok Jin-soo yawned and walked out.

During his bathing, Son Ye-jin was busy for a long time.

After all, there is only one bed here, and how can two people sleep, they can get a lot of thoughts. What bothered her most was that there was only one quilt.

She turned the cabinet over and over, but even a blanket was not found.

In other words, this evening, the two had to be sleepy.

Eomma is really, since there is only one pair of quilts, why are there two pillows?

I really want to be crazy.

When Seok Jin-soo came out, Son Ye-jin sat there in a daze.

“How do we sleep?”

Son Ye-jin doesn’t matter.

“Do you see where you like to sleep?”

Seok Jin-soo just picked one side and just lie down and yawned.

Seeing that he was washed, Son Ye-jin packed up his clothes and then went into the bathroom.

A woman’s bathing is much more troublesome than a man. Seok Jin-soo is washed in ten minutes, and Son Ye-jin has spent an hour.

But what surprised her was that Seok Jin-soo didn’t fall asleep when it came out. Instead, sitting on the bed and holding a laptop to write something.

“You are not very tired, why not sleep?”

Seok Jin-soo heard the words, but could not help but stay.

The woman who had just taken a shower, although she had removed the lead dust from the whitefly, was like a hibiscus, pure and natural, and she was not good.

Even if the impression of this woman is not good, Seok Jin-soo has to admit that Son Ye-jin is very beautiful and has no reputation as a fairy.

Especially after the shower, the goddess’ scent is full of fragrance, and the room is full of fragrance, which makes people sway.

From the perspective of Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin only wore a thin silk pajamas. As for how it is inside, he has no perspective, and it is not clear.

Itโ€™s just the gap between the pajamas and the white skin on the chest, like white jade.

Seok Jin-soo has just re-appreciated the gentleness of a woman in Kim Tae-hee. A little bit of temptation, especially the casual temptation, made him excited.

Suddenly, he quickly moved his eyes and tried to calm his blood.

“The results of the daytime investigation must be summarized, and this fallacy is not allowed.”

Can’t see, this guy is so responsible for the work.

Son Ye-jin picked up the hair dryer and wanted to dry his hair. Unfortunately, the long hair is very beautiful, but it is very tired when taking care of it.

She blew for a long time, but there are still many places that have not been taken care of.

The sound of the hair dryer made Seok Jin-soo not have the mood to do anything else. Seeing her rushing, she sat down and took the hair dryer from Son Ye-jin.

Son Ye-jin only felt a light hand, and then his hair was lifted. With the help of Seok Jin-soo, it was obvious that the hair began to feel comfortable.

A very wonderful feeling, so that Son Ye-jin’s heart is a little fluctuating.

It turns out that there is more than one person around, and there are many people who can’t understand the convenience.

With the help of Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin’s hair was blown and the two finally fell on the bed.

Because the bed is always sleeping, the bed of Son Ye-jin is not very big.

When two people sleep on each other and don’t want to touch each other, they can only huddle their bodies and gather their hands and feet. It is very uncomfortable.

This is so, Son Ye-jin is exhausted, consciousness is beginning to blur, and gradually fall into a dream.

But at this moment, the soft bed swayed and she was awake.

In the dark environment, Son Ye-jin opened his eyes angrily, only to find that Seok Jin-soo turned over.

Forget it, bear it.

Son Ye-jin thought about it, closed his eyes again, and tried to ignore the masculine temper of the man with his nose.

I hope that peace will be tonight, there will be nothing more.

However, God is very naughty today and does not seem to hear her prayers.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, the bed was shaking again, and she took her out of her sleep.

Son Ye-jin angered and wanted to kill. Huo Ran opened his eyes and saw Seok Jin-soo turn again.

She couldn’t help it anymore. She climbed up in anger and opened the lamp on the bed. She slammed at Seok Jin-soo.

“Yah!! What do you guys want to do? Not very tired, why not sleep?”

Seok Jin-soo certainly didn’t fall asleep, or he wouldn’t always turn over.

Under the reprimand of Son Ye-jin, he was also a little embarrassed. But what I want to say, but I hold back. Just saying: “That, forget it, I will sleep on the ground.”

He also knows that his own overturn affects the rest of Son Ye-jin, which is very embarrassing. In this case, it is better to sleep a little better.

Can hear his words, Son Ye-jin widened his eyes.

“Yah!! So cold, how can I sleep on the ground?”

The home of Son Ye-jin is of course a good house, beautifully decorated and warmer than the average family.

Unfortunately, this time is not good.

When it is cold, it is not cold, but there is no heating. So the floor at this time is as cold as a stone, and people simply can’t sleep.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know this, but he doesn’t want to influence others.

“That… then I will go to the living room.”

He remembers that Sunโ€™s living room has a large set of sofas, and there is no problem sleeping alone.

Son Ye-jin is even more troublesome.

“Yah!! If you go to the living room, what will you do if you see it in my family tomorrow morning?”

Seok Jin-soo has no choice but to scratch his head.

“What should I do?”

Son Ye-jin is puzzled.

“You are not very tired, why do you not fall asleep?”

Seok Jin-soo’s old face was red, and for a long time, he asked: “Do you really want to know?”

Son Ye-jin didn’t talk, just looked at him curiously, waiting for his statement.

Seok Jin-soo never felt so shameful, but still said the reason.

“That… actually… I don’t wear pajamas.”

From a young age, it was a poor family, and the high-end goods of pajamas were too extravagant for Seok Jin-soo.

So from small to large, Seok Jin-soo is screaming and sleeping in the winter and summer. Over time, it will become a habit.

This person, used to sleep freely breathing the air, it is difficult to change.

So even after having money, Seok Jin-soo is sleeping like this.

That’s why Kim Tae-hee is clean and slick every time he sees him in the bedroom.

I can get here, and I put on my pajamas in a cold, that is not a common uncomfortable.

No matter how lying down, I always feel that my skin is bitten by something, itchy and uncomfortable. What he turned over and over was actually looking for a comfortable posture.

I couldn’t find it, but Son Ye-jin couldn’t sleep.

Hearing this is the reason, Son Ye-jin is stunned and ridiculous.

“Rascal, really is not a good thing.”

้ช‚ ้ช‚ ้ช‚, but looking at the uncomfortableness of Seok Jin-soo, but also provoked that he can not sleep, Son Ye-jin has no way.

Her eyes smashed elsewhere, embarrassedly whispered: “That… then you take it off.”

A woman who said this to One Man is really…

She felt her cheeks burning, and she turned her back and became an ostrich.

Seok Jin-soo is also stunned, and I did not expect this woman to be so tolerant.

But in any case, he is too tired to hold on, and only wants to sleep.

At this time, the permission of Son Ye-jin was obtained, and the pajamas and sleeping pants were quickly smashed.

Without the restraint of clothes, Seok Jin-soo only felt that the cells in his body were alive, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

Then I thought that there was still a woman around me, so that he could wake up and hurry up and gather his hands and feet, for fear of meeting each other.

“That, I am fine, you can turn off the lights.”

Son Ye-jin didn’t talk, just silently turned off the desk lamp.

The room was dark and quiet, and the two people sleeping on a bed all carefully controlled their breathing, trying to forget the fact that there was another person next to them.

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