KEP Chapter 702

The latest chapter of the voice in the heart of Korean entertainment, the 702 chapter misunderstands deeper, floating astronomy

Without the restraint of pajamas, Seok Jin-soo was able to breathe normally.

The fatigue of the day has reached its limit and he is quickly lost to sleep.

This night’s sleep is very sweet, I don’t know if the bed is very soft, or the nose is very comfortable.

Anyway, Seok Jin-soo slept very hard, forgot everything, and didn’t know how long he slept.

Like him, Son Ye-jin didn’t last long.

Even though there is a strange man in his bed, big beauty is always scared. But I couldnโ€™t stand the fatigue, so I gradually fell asleep.

The two of them are comfortable to sleep, but for the Sun family, there is one more thing.

Especially the grandmother, the mood is very good.

The little daughter who had been worried about it finally opened up and brought the man back home. It finally made her see her daughterโ€™s hope of becoming a family.

Yesterday, I promised “Nvwa” to give him breakfast. So early in the morning, my grandmother climbed up and started busy.

I can raise two daughters and raise them so well. The cooking skills of my grandmother can be imagined.

In the morning, I was able to rectify the food on the big table and satisfy my grandmother.

But look outside, Tae-yang has risen and the family has got up. Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin haven’t moved yet. Will it delay work?

If I thought about it, my grandmother went all the way to the door of Son Ye-jin’s room.

With a slight twist, the door is opened.

This makes my grandmother a little embarrassed.

“This missy, why don’t you know how to lock the door? There are grandchildren at home. What if you go in and see what you see?”

Originally, she was afraid of this, but since the doors were opened, the granddaughter thought that the two of them should be very regular.

With this in mind, Grandma intends to go straight in, first to call Son Ye-jin.

When the probe was inserted, only one glance, the grandmother was shocked, and quickly patted the heart and returned.

“Aigoo, dead child, how is that virtue?”

The sun and the mother are as good as they are, and what they see can make the elderly uncomfortable.

I saw Son Ye-jin’s exquisite bed, Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin are still asleep.

Seok Jin-soo fell asleep on his back, and he didn’t know if it was hot. For whatever reason, the upper body did not cover the quilt.

Then his naked and strong upper body was exposed to the air, as if it were a statue.

The problem is Son Ye-jin, which is like a tree vine that hangs Seok Jin-soo.

The whole body is stuck, and a thigh is still pressed against Seok Jin-soo.

While sleeping, laughing, it seems to be doing a good dream.

This missy, finally knows the man’s good, stronger than your koala?

The two people were sleeping, so that the grandmother had no choice but to return to the downstairs and simply called her daughter.

Son Ye-jin is comfortable to sleep, as if he has not slept in this life.

Everything is sweet in the dream, the sky is clean, the clouds are pure, the breeze is refreshing, the grass is green, and even small animals are so cute.

Everything is like heaven, let her linger.

If there is no such damn ringtone…

Son Ye-jin opened his eyes in dissatisfaction and was looking for the culprit.

However, when the focal length came back, she couldn’t help but scream, and her face was pale.

It was just in front of me, and there was a face in the place of less than three centimeters.

Stupid, she worked hard for a long time to think of it, this person is Seok Jin-soo, who slept in her bed last night.

Even so, she remembers that when she fell asleep, this guy was very disciplined. Did you fall asleep and do something bad?

This is a lot of thought, and Son Ye-jinโ€™s fear is even worse. He is too busy to get up and avoid it.

However, when she looked up and saw the situation, her plain color suddenly became red and the fire was hot.

I saw Seok Jin-soo sleeping very well, so that he was lying on his back so quietly that his hands and feet did not open indiscriminately.

Instead, she herself, the whole person is wrapped up like glue.

The head is leaning against the shoulders of others, and one hand still hugs the waist of others, especially the thighs, and actually rides in that place.

The man was very bloody in the morning, and perhaps had the credit of her thighs. As a result, it was really thrilling.

Take a closer look, it turned out that I crossed the middle line and rushed to the people’s body.

At the thought of being so free, Son Ye-jin couldn’t stand it anymore. He bounced off like an electric shock and tried to stay away from Seok Jin-soo so that he could prove his innocence.

Until then, she heard annoying phone ringing.

She quickly picked up the phone and the voice of her granddaughter came.

“missy, what time is it, can’t you afford the bed? Really, even if the young man is in good health, he must know the temperance. Come on, make breakfast for you.”

After the mother-in-law Nagging finished, she hang up the phone and did not explain the time to Son Ye-jin.

Son Ye-jin was dumbfounded, thinking that he was misunderstood by his mother, and the whole person was big.

Under the sorrow, I couldn’t help but knock on my head.

“Aigoo, what can you do?”

What can I do? Get up.

Think of my own virtue, Son Ye-jin is a bit afraid to face Seok Jin-soo. So I went out of bed first and waked up Seok Jin-soo after washing.

“Yah!! Hurry up, it’s not too late.”

In the past, Seok Jin-soo was very punctual, but it was too tired yesterday, so I overslept.

When he heard the call of Son Ye-jin, he was really shocked and quickly climbed up.

The two men tidy up and went down to the restaurant.

Here, the Sun family is there, all looking at them.

This gaze is like a knife, so that Son Ye-jin feels like being examined.

Itโ€™s hard to sit in the position, but I donโ€™t even dare to carry it.

Fortunately, my grandmother is very kind, not a troublesome person. She smiled and said: “Come on, the food will be cold. Children, don’t know if you are not eating or eating?”

Seok Jin-soo hurriedly said: “Auntie, you are too polite. It must be very hard to get so much delicious food?”

Sun Muxiaohehe said: “We are all old people. There is nothing to do every day. It is time to do some food. It is you, day and night are so tired, you have to make some good supplements.”

Seok Jin-soo is inexplicable.

“There is work during the day, it is really tired. At night, I sleep very well.”

The mother-in-law paused for his hand, and his face was strange.

“Ah… Haha Haha, then your physical strength is good, it’s a good guy.”

Say, hey, but also gleeful eyes to his daughter.

When the niece is in good health, she will be relieved. At least her daughter will definitely be blessed.

Son Ye-jin took a soup and drank it into the trachea. He quickly lifted his hand and knocked it for a long time. He finally survived.

“Okay, eomma, hurry up, we don’t have much time.”

After a hearty breakfast, Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin had to leave. They also rushed from Daegu to Gyeongju to meet Han Zailing and others.

This road will take almost an hour.

Before leaving, Sun Mu once again seized Seok Jin-soo, and God handed over a large bottle.

“Children, you are in a hurry, we are not prepared. This is a medicinal wine made with our local Soju in Anton. It is good for the body.”

Seok Jin-soo holds a huge bottle and his brain is a bit confused.

He knows that this is a gift from the grandson’s family. In order to cooperate with Son Ye-jin’s acting, it is all right.

Just through the bottle, looking at the material inside, can not help but burst into the eyes.

Ginseng, medlar, angelica, Cistanche, Eucommia, Cynomorium, Licorice, etc., and others can not recognize it.

The medicinal liquor made by these things, Seok Jin-soo, was once seen at Seok Ju-hyeok.

At that time, Seok Ju-hyeok held the bottle with great care and said with pride. After drinking this, he became a real man.

So the effect of this medicinal wine…

Seok Jin-soo made a big red face and went to the Sun family.

โ€œYah!! annyeonghaseyo Good driving, drinking?โ€

Seeing the car twisting back and forth on the road, Son Ye-jin was scared enough and quickly reprimanded.

Seok Jin-soo This is sober, steady, and driving, while having a good time.

โ€œI have to say that your family is really enthusiastic.โ€

Son Ye-jin still doesn’t know what he means, proudly said: “That is of course, we Qingbei people are very hospitable.”

Seok Jin-soo has a lot of trouble.

“Even if I am hospitable, I will give this gift for the first time. I am also seeing it for the first time.”

Son Ye-jin was busy talking to noona and prostitutes, so she didn’t see it.

“What’s wrong? I have given you a gift from Appa and eomma? Where are you, come over quickly. Your face is really thick, how do you accept it?”

Seok Jin-soo is not awkward.

“Yah!! Isn’t it for you to play? Or else, do I do that? What good thing? I am not rare. Hey, just behind, take it back and use it yourself.”

Son Ye-jin turned around and saw the big medicinal bottle. When she saw the material inside, her pretty face brushed the same as the dyeing house.

“ๅ“ŽYah!! eomma is really, how can I send anything?”

She is really depressed and dead.

This misunderstanding is deeper and I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

But she is not angry with this.

“Yah!! What use is this for me? I am a woman.”

Seok Jin-soo is smirking.

“Then I don’t care, it’s not yours. You try it, what if it works?”

Son Ye-jin is squirting in the nostrils.

“Thank you for your concern, I don’t need it. Hey, guys who are strong outside, take it and live.”

Seok Jin-soo is not happy, and his eyes are on fire.

“Yah!! Dead woman, who is going to be strong? Have you tried it? Do you have any qualifications for evaluation? How powerful I am, say it scared you.”

Son Ye-jin is dizzy, nothing to discuss with the man what to do.

“Hey, I have already felt it, and there is nothing.”

In the morning, her legs were placed on it. In fact, the scale is really scary.

But quarreling, I can’t admit defeat, so she had to be hard.

She doesn’t care, Seok Jin-soo is even more angry.

Anyway, this kind of thing can’t tolerate suspicion.

“Dead woman, do you want to try it now?”

Son Ye-jin is hot and sipping.

“Smelly rogue, scum!”

In the far-away car, Seok Jin-soo’s tribute is equally powerful.

“I want you to be in charge, who are you, me? The old virgin of a lifetime, do you know what men and women love? You will wear it with other women.”

The voice of Son Ye-jin suddenly became sharp.

“Yah!! Bastard, I have already said, the old lady is not lace!”

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