KEP Chapter 704

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 704 chapter Son Ye-jin’s demons, floating astronomy

Watching Son Ye-jin walk away silently, the assistant turned around and glared at Seok Jin-soo.

β€œYah!! I said this, is our family Ye-jin very bullied?”

Seok Jin-soo is looking at the back of Son Ye-jin. He suddenly heard this, so he didn’t come up with a sigh of relief. It was ridiculous.

“I said, noona, although you are noona, please respect me if you want to do it? Am I this?”

Can not see, the assistant is quite strong, hands on hips, mouth and machine guns.

“You are better for our home Ye-jin, I will be polite with you. You bully her, I have been very kind to you without teaching you. Don’t think that you are a superstar, you are awesome, the guy who bullies the woman is the scum. “”

Seok Jin-soo is dizzy.

“Yah!! When did I bully her? Just talk casually, who would want to be so sensitive to her?”

The assistant is not allowed to step in.

“What did you say to her? You said Yah!! What did you say, make her so sad?”

Seok Jin-soo is also wondering, and there is no concealment.

“What else can I say is the original Open City. I just said that she did not perform well, and the woman was angry. Really, as an actor, can’t it be evaluated?”

He thought things were coming out and the assistant would be even more angry.

Unexpectedly, she suddenly stopped and looked awkward.

After a full squat, the assistant snorted and slowly opened.

“I was because of this, Ye-jin, she was in conflict with you?”

Seok Jin-soo There are still many things that don’t understand.

“Yeah. I saw Open City at the cinema two years ago. I said something at the time. I don’t know which liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y heard it, and then passed it to her ear. Since then, She has been targeting me. Really, I have not said anything wrong. She was not very good at the performance.”

While he was chattering, the assistant looked at him in a complicated look.

Until he finished, the assistant sighed and then solemnly said: “If you want to live in harmony in the future, remember my words, don’t say that her acting is not good.”

Seok Jin-soo is awkward, and looking at the assistant is not like a joke, and I can’t help but wonder.

β€œIs there a story inside?”

The assistant took a deep breath and looked back.

I saw that Son Ye-jin’s figure has turned into a dark spot in the distance, and it looks even more pitiful in this bleak weather.

“That was still the time of 03, Ye-jin, she just debuted soon…”

After listening to the assistant’s remarks, Seok Jin-soo understood the reason and finally knew why Son Ye-jin was so angry.

As an actor, Son Ye-jin’s career path has to be said, really enviable.

Since the debut of 2000, I have been on the big screen.

Afterwards, all the way back, the partners who have worked together are all famous people.

So Ji-sub, Choi Min-sik, Ahn Sung-ki, Cha Tae-hyun, Cao Seung-woo, Jo In-sung, Song Seung Heon, etc., all are Korean frontline actors.

And the works she starred in are also very good, have accumulated a good reputation for her, and did not receive awards.

In that case, Son Ye-jin is full of ambition and full of embarrassment for his own actor road.

However, at that time, the occurrence of one thing caused Son Ye-jin to suffer a huge and painful blow.

In 2003, there was a very authoritative Korean film magazine that did an event to let readers vote for the most disappointing actors of the year.

In terms of actors, Han Shigui was unfortunately recruited and ranked first.

On the actress side, this tragic title fell on Son Ye-jin.

The poisonous and unscrupulous Korean netizens gave Son Ye-jin the most cruel and damaging evaluation. What is “there is no practical posture”, “there is no appearance, and the acting is disappointing”, and it is extremely savvy.

This incident was very troublesome in the past, and another party, Han Shigui, even slammed the magazine and brought the magazine to court.

Although Son Ye-jin did not do this, her injuries were not small.

When her glorious road was about to take off, she encountered such a good thing and made Son Ye-jin completely paralyzed.

Except for Jin Minshu’s representative and assistant, no one knows that Son Ye-jin kept himself in the room, crying for a long time, crying and tearing his heart.

As the daughter of Daegu, Son Ye-jin has the tenacity of the people of Qingbei.

She was not killed by this incident, but instead became stronger and vowed to try to prove it to others.

She, Son Ye-jin, is the best actor.

It was also from that time that Son Ye-jin did not heed the advice of Kim Min-sook and resolutely abandoned his pure image and began to broaden his own path of play.

She is no longer the innocent heroine, no longer an idol-like actor.

She has played in a married woman who has derailed her. She has played the woman who lost her memory. The swindler female swindler also played, and the female thief who is revengeful and revenge can also stare without hesitation.

In order to let the public see the versatility of Son Ye-jin as an actor.

It can be said that her change and struggle are still successful.

These years of hard work, she exchanged a rich honor. After the Qinglong Shadow, after the big bell shadow, after the hundred shadows, all of them were included in her pocket.

As one of the few shadows of the Grand Slam, Son Ye-jin finally had the courage to face the smashing of the past, and gradually forgot the pain of the past.

What she didn’t think of was that, when she was satisfied, she heard Seok Jin-soo’s criticism of her acting.

The past events have become a thorn in the heart of Son Ye-jin.

Now, this thorn was once again shaken by Seok Jin-soo, and naturally it made Son Ye-jin feel painful, and then Seok Jin-soo hated it.

This is the reason why Seok Jin-soo criticized her acting skills and she was so angry.

If the ordinary people say this, Son Ye-jin has no choice but to choose to ignore it.

She can warn herself that the public does not understand acting and does not matter what it says.

But Seok Jin-soo can’t, he is a screenwriter. Still the best screenwriter, an expert in the industry.

Such a person criticizes her acting skills, which is the most serious injury to her.

So the contradiction between Son Ye-jin and him could not be resolved from that time.

For these reasons, Seok Jin-soo knows some, some don’t know. But I already understand why my own words made Son Ye-jin so excited and sad.

This woman with a superficial face has an unknown pain.

And once she did not know anything, she once again stimulated her self-esteem.

After listening to the assistant’s remarks, Seok Jin-soo sighed and finally realized that he was rash.

For a long time, he has been smug about his own tongue. I think this is the capital that I stand on the performing arts circle, and I should carry forward the magic weapon.

It was only today that I found out that such a poisonous tongue, if uncontrolled, hurts a person so much.

Knowing all of this, Seok Jin-soo is also silent. But in the inner world that no one knows, it gradually becomes more mature.

Seok Jin-soo, who had a heart, finally caught up with Han Zaolin on the top of the mountain.

Son Ye-jin stood alone and silent, apparently not yet coming out of the impact.

Seok Jin-soo is interested in apologizing again, but looking at so many people, I have to give up.

When he saw him coming, Han Zhelin grabbed him and excitedly pointed at the surrounding scene.

“Stone scriptwriter, look at it, how is it here?”

Seok Jin-soo can’t take care of anything else, follow Han Zhilin’s instructions and look at the strange sights in front of him.

At a glance, his expression was also uplifting.

“Yah!! It’s good here, it’s here. This is exactly where we are looking.”

In front of his eyes, it is a mountain with a very wide view. Although it was undulating, it did not stop the scenery.

The reeds in the mountains and plains sway in the cold wind, just like the kind of sorrow and chill that is emphasized in “Viewing”.

Don’t talk about him, so is Kang Kang-ho and so on, and he is full of praise for the scene here.

“It’s here, where are you going to find a better place than this?”

See everyone’s opinion, Seok Jin-soo made up his mind.

“The head of the forest, this will be negotiated with the studio.”

This is the open photography site of Mungyeong Bird Ridge. It is the largest and most complete photography studio in Korea.

There are mountains and waters, and there are villages and villages. The venues needed for the filming of “Viewing” are all here, all in line with the requirements of the script.

A group of people, even one who has no objections, everyone has approved this.

The head of the forest is not the crew of the crew, but the producer who was sent by the cj group. There is only one meaning of his existence, that is, to coordinate everything on the set.

Of course, it also includes the duties of negotiating with the studio.

The forest chief saw the meaning of the crew, and I knew that I would not have to continue running.

“Well, I am going down the mountain. I should be able to handle things today.”

The cooperation between the filmmakers and the studio has always been very convenient. The existence of the studio was originally used by the producers.

Therefore, the head of the forest is very convinced that the agreement for the rental of the studio can be signed today.

I was busy for two days before and after, and finally I was able to get an inspection. Everyone was relieved and happy.

Of course, this does not include Son Ye-jin.

Like the previous one, she still boring her head and walking on her own path, seemingly incompatible with the people next to her.

The thing was caused by Seok Jin-soo, so he naturally observed the state of Son Ye-jin.

Seeing that she still did not recover, Seok Jin-soo felt even more sorry.

After thinking about it, the pace slowed down and quietly got to the side of Son Ye-jin.

Son Ye-jin was still immersed in his emotions, and suddenly felt a figure more around him. He just had to look up and see, and the hand was suddenly caught.

Very wonderful feeling, even if she doesn’t have to look at it, she knows that the person who grabs her hand is Seok Jin-soo.

Why did she predict that it was so accurate, she did not know. Very mysterious feeling, but definitely not going wrong.

At the thought of Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin was very angry, his arms were shaking and he wanted to break free.

But at this moment, the words of Seok Jin-soo rang.

“Noona, can you take a step forward and help us turn on the air conditioner in the car.”

Although it was a request, it was indisputable that Son Ye-jin’s assistant did not hesitate, took the key and walked fast.

“Hey, eonni…”

Son Ye-jin is mad, this noona, who is your assistant?

How do you help this guy?

Unfortunately, the assistant completely ignored her words, and soon disappeared.

Not only an assistant, but even Han Lin and others are much lighter, and they will not see anyone in a while.

Everyone is united and creates opportunities for the two.

Unfortunately, this opportunity, Son Ye-jin really does not want it.

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