KEP Chapter 707

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 707 chapter is strong, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo Imagine that the practice scene in the practice room did not appear.

When he walked in, the practice room was dead.

Not everyone is not there. On the contrary, everyone is there, but all sleep like dead pigs.

It is obviously a big day, but the girls have no image of sleeping.

If it is seen by their fans, it will be guaranteed to be powdered.

Looking at the insane practice room, Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“Yah!! What’s wrong with this? Stay up all night?”

There are no awake people in the practice room, and the girls’ managers are there. But when Seok Jin-soo came in, he sat quietly while playing with his mobile phone.

When the director came, he quickly climbed up and explained.

“This time, everyone is too hard, can only sleep for two hours a day. Especially yesterday and today, they ran 13 trips, there is really no physical strength.”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

“Running 13 trips? Are you crazy? Why are you giving so much?”

After being taught by the governor, the manager grievously bowed his head.

“We don’t want to, but they are all trips that can’t be retired. There is no way.”

Seok Jin-soo really doesn’t believe in evil.

“You talk about it, what the journey is, why can’t you quit?”

The manager sighed and felt that the director would understand himself.

“The first is the singing event of sbs, then the welcome event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then the condolence performance of the army. It is only these three itineraries, it is already in the middle of the night.”

While talking, he also looked at Seok Jin-soo, saying that the activities can be said by the director.

Unexpectedly, the anger of Seok Jin-soo didn’t come down, and the ridicule was scared even by the manager.

“Yah!! This broken country, the government is not good at doing things for the people, the net is useless. The army wants to see a woman every day, the combat power is the same as the slag. This broken country, sooner or later, will be finished.”

Manager was frightened, and did not expect the director to even dare ridicule.

In this case, he did not dare to pick up, and he had to stand on one side.

Seok Jin-soo is certainly not a madman, so it will only be Nagging here.

When he finished, he also scratched his head. I thought about it and told the manager.

“In any case, they are also people, not machines, and need to rest. From now on, not too important activities, activities with little money, activities with little influence, you must learn to refuse.”

Manager quickly wrote down, but a little helpless.

“But… the directors, these children don’t want to let go. They are all asking for it. I hope that the more activities, the better.”

Seok Jin-soo stared at him.

“Yah!! They are young and ignorant, are you not sensible? If you are tired, sick, can you make money? If you want to make money, you have to have a good body.”

The manager was smashed with a dog blood sprinkler, no longer dare to argue, and remembered his words.

After training the manager, Seok Jin-soo turned around and the result was shocked.

I saw that the six girls had already woken up. Although they didn’t get up, they all looked at him with a smile. That look, I seem to be very touched.

“Rascal, are you a ghost? Since you wake up, you don’t say anything.”

Seeing him scared, the girls hugged together and laughed more happily.

I have been laughing enough, So-yeon has come out of everyone’s arms, but the words are really infinite.

“Oppa, thank you for taking care of us.”

Apparently what he said, the girls heard it.

Other brokerage companies, can’t wait to call the artist as a cow. I only hope that the artist can make more money back, it is best not to sleep for 24 hours.

As for the health of the artist, the body of the artist, the hard work of the artist, all are ignored.

Seok Jin-soo is the only one who pays attention to let them rest and care about their health.

Except here, where to find such a good boss!

I was heard, and Seok Jin-soo was not embarrassed. This is supposed to be, it is normal to do so.

“You don’t want to be so hard. The activity can never be done. There is no healthy body. Even if there is a trip, you can’t do it.”

The girls nodded and their hearts were warm.

However, since the boss came, they could not continue to rest, and they climbed from the ground.

Seok Jin-soo asked: “What are your trips today?”

Everyone shook their heads, only Ji-yeon said: “A little later, go see Wan-ju eonni and learn design.”

Seok Jin-soo knows that on the side of Heroes, the female artists are working hard to prepare for the Fashion Week.

“What time?”

Ji-yeon said: “At ten o’clock, there is an hour of study time.”

Seok Jin-soo look at the watch, it is only four o’clock in the afternoon, it can be said that time is abundant.

“That way, you have worked hard during this time. Waiting for me to invite you to eat seafood dinner, it is to treat you. First go and clean up, then we will set off.”

When I heard Seok Jin-soo, the girls were happy.

“Wow, long live Oppa!”

“Oppa, love you!”

Seok Jin-soo watched everyone look very energetic and smiled: “If you want to love me, hurry up and clean up. Really, one by one, don’t approach me.”

The female artist’s face has eyes, how terrible it exists. I was scared that the girls ran away as if they were on fire, and they recovered their image.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head and turned to find somewhere else.

He first went to the two rooms borrowed by Son Ye-jin and saw that someone was already in the office. Not much, three or five people only.

Seok Jin-soo knows that this should be the Son Ye-jin team.

Because he didn’t know, he didn’t go in and disturbed others, but turned to Yoon Jong-shin’s office.

When the president was not working, he liked to stay in the office and have the addiction of the president.

In fact, he has no work at all. The daily operation of the company is Lee Dae-gyu. Without the problems of music creation and distribution, he basically has nothing to do.

Of course, the old guy is willing to enjoy vanity, and Seok Jin-soo can’t control it.

Into the president’s office, Yoon Jong-shin is actually playing cards with a computer.

“Yah!! Brother, we are all working hard to make money, but you are playing games, will your conscience not hurt?”

Yoon Jong-shin Haha laughed and turned the game off.

“Yah!! Why can’t you see me when I’m busy? I just take a break. I have to record them to Hareem at night.”

Seok Jin-soo certainly won’t sit down because of this truth, but asks: “Brother, Son Ye-jin’s studio moved in, is there any inconvenience?”

This is his lead and he has taken advantage of the company’s resources. Anyway, Yoon Jong-shin’s ideas need to be considered.

Speaking of this, Yoon Jong-shin was silent for a while before slowly opening his mouth.

“Because it is Son Ye-jin, it doesn’t matter. If it is someone else, I will really be upset.”

On the surface, it seems that because Son Ye-jin is a beauty, Yoon Jong-shin does not matter. But in fact, Yoon Jong-shin is actually warning.

Only once, the next is not an example.

In any case, Seok Jin-soo rents out its own building, renting it, and the company can’t receive it.

However, he lends the company’s house to an outsider, which is equivalent to the private use of the public.

Anyway, this approach is not appropriate.

Therefore, Yoon Jong-shin puts his words here to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.

Can’t say that he doesn’t talk about human feelings and replace it with Seok Jin-soo. It is estimated that he will think so.

It is important to adhere to the principle of doing business in partnership.

Seok Jin-soo is flushed and apologizes.

“Brother, don’t worry, it won’t be next time. This time it’s too urgent, it’s only the next policy. So, these two rooms are even rented out by the company. I turned the rent to the account of the finance department. Can’t take advantage of the company’s cheapness.”

Yoon Jong-shin nodded.

“That should be done, so that everyone will not have any care.”

Even if this matter was settled, Seok Jin-soo was reminded that he could not be arrogant in the company’s affairs.

The cold business is finished, and the attitude of Yoon Jong-shin has changed.

“Yah!! Miss Son Ye-jin is really beautiful. How do you catch up with your kid?”

When Son Ye-jin’s studio moved in that day, she personally came and thanked. It was received by Yoon Jong-shin and was scared by the beauty of the national goddess.

Seok Jin-soo is very depressed.

“Brother, we are not that kind of relationship. Don’t talk nonsense, it will cause trouble.”

Yoon Jong-shin never let him go.

“Yah!! Who are you kidding? You have been to Son Ye-jin’s home, and your parents have seen it. Have you slept for one night, do you want to hide it?”

Seok Jin-soo is scared.

“Yah!! Brother, how do you know?”

Yoon Jong-shin is very indifferent.

“Of course, Eun-ho came back. I asked him what you did, and he said it all.”

Seok Jin-soo gnashed his teeth and asked, “Where is Eun-ho?”

Yoon Jong-shin asked curiously: “What are you looking for in Eun-ho?”

Seok Jin-soo’s teeth creaked and only three words emerged from the teeth.

“kill him!”

Yoon Jong-shin smiled and said nothing to the wonderful artists and managers.

What he suddenly thought of, said: “Right, there is an activity here, is to invite you. The invitation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is a political event, the Chinese and Korean songs.”

I heard that I was invited to play, and Seok Jin-soo didn’t think about it and vetoed it directly.

“Don’t go, busy are going to fall apart, how can I have time to make the two classes happy?”

Yoon Jong-shin was shocked and hurryed: “Yah!! Kid, this is a diplomatic activity. You refuse this, maybe you will have trouble.”

Seok Jin-soo is not moving.

β€œCan there be any trouble? In the Blue House and the waste in the Congress? Even the guys who are not well governed by the country, there is a lot to do. Help me refuse, no time.”

This is South Korea. Although the government is very fucking, for the ordinary people, the advantage is that the government is not so strong.

Similar to such a thing, even if it is rejected, the government hates it and cannot directly retaliate.

If it was before, Seok Jin-soo might be worried about affecting his career. But with his current status, even if he directly attacks the government, people in Blue House can only listen with laughter.

Yoon Jong-shin also knows this. Seeing that he disagrees, there is no way, and he has to promise to refuse.

After everything was finished, Seok Jin-soo said goodbye to Yoon Jong-shin and went back to find t-ara.

The six missy, must wait for the big meal and so on.

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