KEP Chapter 709

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 709 chapter encounter, floating astronomy

If it is a general bar or a nightclub, Seok Jin-soo certainly does not carry the juvenile Ji-yeon.

Even if he wants to bring it, people will not let in.

If this is an accident, even the president can’t take it.

But here is different, here is Hotel Shilla.

Those who can appear here are not rich and expensive, and the police will not be idle and ran here to make trouble.

Therefore, the safety of the bar here is not to be suspected, and there will be no problem at all.

With the guarantee of Seok Jin-soo, the girls also let go of their hearts, followed him and came to the library all the way.

In such a high-end place, the atmosphere is different from other places.

As soon as I walked in, I heard the soothing and melodious Mozart. The big bar is very quiet, and every corner, shadows can see some guests.

But everyone stayed in their own world, quietly drinking and chatting, all of them look very gentlemen and ladies, far from the wildness of ordinary bars and nightclubs.

Eun-jung grinned, a little disappointed.

“It’s not lively enough.”

They come out, eat, drink and have fun.

The elegance here is elegant, but the atmosphere is too soothing and can’t be played at all.

Seok Jin-soo is also scratching his head and looking back at the manager here.

The manager agreed, and quickly said: “Everyone, the VIP Lounge at the back is currently holding an event. If you want to play well, you can go there.”

I heard that there are fun, girls have come over.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t matter.

“What are you waiting for, let’s go.”

So everyone passed through the library and soon arrived at the lounge.

Sure enough, as the manager said, this is not a general excitement. The flow of people is like a weaving, and everyoneโ€™s hands are walking around with wine glasses.

In the distance to the center of the dance floor, there is also cheerful music. There are a lot of young people who like to be busy, all of them singing and dancing there, playing with the heart.

Seok Jin-soo couldnโ€™t help but be curious and asked, โ€œWhat is the activity here? Why are so many people?โ€

The manager smiled and said: “Here is a brand launch event today, which invites many celebrities and entertainers, and is also a good place to communicate.”

Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but lick his nose and told the girls: “Yah!! This is a family event and didn’t invite us. So we don’t mix it in, find a corner, play with ourselves. Just fine.”

For this kind of activity, Seok Jin-soo still knows very well. Basically there is no limit to admission, anyone can come.

So although they are not invited, they will not be awkward.

I don’t even think about it. Is it normal for people to enter Hotel Shilla?

With this threshold, the people who appear here will not be ordinary.

It can be said that the organizers of the event are actually very savvy, and the arrangement is not leaking.

There is no need to limit anything like this kind of activity. Anyone who appears here is to add luster to the brand.

But Seok Jin-soo didn’t want to make up the excitement. He took the girls around and looked for places to play alone.

He did not find it, but when he was looking around, he was stared.

“eonni, that’s not Jin-soo Oppa? How come he came?”

In the middle of the lively dance floor in the distance, Seo-hyun grabbed Yoon-ah and showed her the picture of Seok Jin-soo.

Yoon-ah was suddenly dancing and stopped. He turned around and saw Seok Jin-soo lead t-ara and found a vacant box that had already gotten into it.

This discovery made Yoon-ah burst into a brow.

“Oddly, Oppa also received an invitation? Why don’t I know?”

Unlike Seok Jin-soo and others, Girl’s Generation received an invitation. Because they are the spokesperson of this brand.

So what activities are there, they are obliged to attend.

However, they also like this kind of activity.

After all, being able to meet a lot of big people, but also to eat, drink, and relax, is a rare opportunity.

So after finishing the official arrangement of the brand, the girls also relaxed. Those who like to eat are eating, and if they like to dance, they ran to the dance floor to play.

They are all young and beautiful girls, and each dance skill is extraordinary. So after playing for a while, they surrounded a lot of men around them, all of whom wanted to get close.

Other people don’t care, and they play very well with others. Only Yoon-ah is very reserved, and the courtesy of these men is not a false one.

She is a woman with a man, and all her heart is placed on Seok Jin-soo, but there is no idea of โ€‹โ€‹fishing for golden turtles.

Unlike other sisters, facing these young and handsome rich people, they have begun to pick and provoke.

At this time, it was reminded by Seo-hyun that Yoon-ah had forgotten other things.

Yoon-ah doesn’t mean anything to others, but it doesn’t mean that the men around me ignore her.

After all, she is the ace of Girl’s Generation, the most beautiful one. It can even be said that today’s men who rely on them, the biggest target of hunting is her.

At first sight, she stopped, and One Man next to her quickly said, “What’s wrong, Miss Yoon-ah is tired? How about drinking a glass of wine? I know, today Hotel Shilla has a bottle of Romani Conti. Wine with Ga-in, only such a good wine is worthy of Miss Yoon-ah.”

Yoon-ah stunned and refused politely.

“Thank you for your kindness, but I have other things that I have lost.”

After that, she quickly left and went straight to Seok Jin-soo, where they were.

Seo-hyun doesn’t like such a messy place. He wants to follow the past, but he is pulled by Yu-ri and Hyo-yeon.

“maknae, what are you doing? Yoon-ah? Don’t go too far. Wait until the manager Oppa can’t find it, it will be angry.”

Seo-hyun is busy: “eonni, no. I just saw Seok Jin-soo Oppa appear here, and it is also with t-ara. So Yoon-ah eonni is gone, not to somewhere else.”

“What? Seok Jin-soo Oppa is coming?”

Yu-ri and Hyo-yeon heard about this and didn’t have the heart to dance.

“Go, let’s go together.”

Not only that, but Yu-ri also rushed to the other people who were eating. As a result, all the members of Girl’s Generation ran to the location where Seok Jin-soo was in the hula.

Seok Jin-soo took a box with t-ara, and the waiter had already sent the signature apple-shaved ice and afternoon tea set, as well as the fine red wine.

Although it is a box, the music outside is clearly audible, and the outside can be seen through the one-way glass.

Seok Jin-soo clap his hands and smiled: “How is it? If you want to play, just play it.”

Still using him, Hyo-min and Eun-jung had already taken off their shoes and jumped onto the sofa, jumping with the music.

“Wow, everyone is coming together. Oppa, dance with us.”

Seok Jin-soo is also relaxing, and certainly not polite. I took off my shoes and squeezed into the middle of Eun-jung and Hyo-min, twisting them in a random way.

Eun-jung climbed his left shoulder and Hyo-min climbed his right shoulder. The two girls jumped and twitched and waved against his body.

Both of them are bumpy and sturdy, and between the twists, the full chest is smashing from time to time, and the touch is really good.

After drinking some wine, Seok Jin-soo also let go of some. Stretched out his arms and caught the thin waist of the two girls, making them more wild.

In addition to the three of them, others have given up the image. For a time, the group of devils danced in the box, all the same as the madman.

It was in such a situation that the door of the box door was opened and it attracted everyone’s attention.

Seok Jin-soo squinted and the whole expression exploded.


When the Yoon-ah probe came in, I saw Seok Jin-soo holding the waist of Eun-jung and Hyo-min. And the two goblins, incomparably intimate with Seok Jin-soo, seem to play very well.

This is a big deal, and Yoon-ahโ€™s little face canโ€™t help but chill.

“Oppa, what are you doing?”

Wow, the real girlfriend came, or the tone of questioning. Scared Seok Jin-soo, he quickly released his arm.

However, he quickly reacted, no, he did not do anything.

Although I hugged Eun-jung and Hyo-min, it was just a play, and there was no excessive behavior.

To understand this, he jumped off the sofa and walked to the door, holding Yoon-ah’s hand.

“How are you here? Also come to play? Come in… Wow, what are you?”

It turned out that he hadn’t finished talking yet. He suddenly saw eight heads behind Yoon-ah and was really shocked.

So many people are not crowded at the door, nor is it a solution. Seok Jin-soo simply let go and greeted Girl’s Generation.

This is good, and the box suddenly became fifteen girls.

One by one, the competition is beautiful, and the beauty is not square. But only him One Man, if you are seen by other same sex, it is estimated that you must envy you.

“Oppa, it’s a good play!”

Yoon-ah grinds his teeth, even if his teammates are nearby.

In her mind, Seok Jin-soo still holds the salty pigs of Eun-jung and Hyo-min, so the hateful teeth are itchy.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t do anything wrong, not afraid of the ghost knocking on the door, and did not put her anger at heart.

“When you come out to play, of course you have to play well. But you guys, how come you come here to play? Do you have so much money?”

Sunny is estimated to have been playing for a long time, and it was a little tired at this time, curled up in the arms of Hyo-min, hehe.

“Hey, how can we have money? There is no such rich boss as Oppa, so I have to do anything.”

Jessica noticed the dissatisfaction of Yoon-ah, for fear that she would anger Seok Jin-soo, and quickly asked: “Oppa, how come you are? Also come to the event?”

This is also a question that Yoon-ah is more curious about, but just now the mind has moved to Seok Jin-soo’s wave, so I ignored it.

At this time, when she heard Jessica ask, she couldn’t help but also listen to her ears.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t hide it. He said: “No, we just came to play. They have worked hard during this time and their grades are good, so treat them.”

Ji-yeon is a childless voice and has the heart to show off in front of noona.

โ€œOppa invited us to have a seafood dinner and then brought us here to play.โ€

As soon as I heard this, the nine girls of Girl’s Generation were all bad.

They really didn’t think that Seok Jin-soo would be so generous, please t-ara to come here for a big meal.

The seafood dinner here, although they have not eaten, but have inquired. A meal is enough for them to work for a month.

Yoon-ah is even more dissatisfied.

“Oppa, you have a lot of money.”

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