KEP Chapter 712

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 712 chapter is frightened, floating astronomy

Although I promised Yoon-ah, I will write songs to Girl’s Generation again. But when is the specific time, neither of them is certain.

This is also not sure.

First of all, can you write songs to Girl’s Generation, depending on the time of Seok Jin-soo.

He has been very busy, can you have time to take charge of Girl’s Generation’s comeback, no one can say.

Second, we must also look at the attitude of sm company.

Girl’s Generation is a company of sm after all, others don’t know, Seok Jin-soo is very clear, Lee Sooeomma n that old guy is very proud of the bones. If the company does not find him as a producer, then no one can.

The most important thing is, the next time Girl’s Generation comes back, no one can say.

The idol combination of this thing, once the debut more than three years, the number of comeback began to plummet.

In the beginning, I can’t wait for every day to come back, and live in the public’s sight every day.

After three years of waiting, the initial passion was light, money was earned, and entertainment companies and artists had more ideas.

Another, entertainment companies have to consider the situation of newcomers, naturally the old group for more than three years is not so heart-warming.

It is widely believed that the optimal life span of an idol combination is five years. In fact, within the industry, the real point of view is three years.

Because of the three years, the fresh energy of the idol group has passed.

At the same time, the newcomer combination has emerged, causing the attraction of the old group to begin to decline.

Under such circumstances, it is naturally impossible to be as crazy as before, and entertainment companies and idol groups are beginning to become rational.

Starring in the variety program, starring in film and television dramas, opening concerts, etc., has become the main mode of activity.

However, Seok Jin-soo promised it and remembered it. Once he really needs him, he will not deny it.

Not for others, just for his Yoon-ah.

I sent Yoon-ah back, and Seok Jin-soo came home and became a stunned one.

Kim Tae-hee had an ad shoot and flew to Hungary in the afternoon.

Fortunately, there was some warmth before leaving, otherwise the resentment in the hearts of the two will be more intense.

Drinking a lot of wine today, Seok Jin-soo is also sleepy and sleeps.

He slept in the incense, did not know the time, but he was mad at others.

“Is it here?”

Outside Seok Jin-soo’s residence, Son Ye-jin and the assistant came down from the car and looked at the long wall in front of him, a little dizzy.

Yesterday, I said it to Seok Jin-soo. I signed a lease contract today.

According to the address given by Seok Jin-soo, the two came to the Sangam-dong side, but they were a little bit uncertain.

Because according to the standard of the house, this wall is too long, and it is as long as half of the street.

Under the shade of the trees, I can’t see the situation inside. If you say what school, business, and so on, Son Ye-jin will believe it.

It’s a bit ridiculous to say that it’s a house.

The assistant was also like her, and she was amazed at the scary wall.

“Is it not? You don’t have to call him.”

Son Ye-jin looks a bit

“I… I don’t have his phone.”

The assistant was planted and fell to the ground.

“Yah!! You have such a relationship, there is no phone call for him?”

Son Ye-jin is annoyed.

“Eonni, all said, we really are not that kind of relationship. Why don’t you believe it?”

The assistant looked at her suspiciously.

“I am a little bit convinced now.”

If Son Ye-jin and Seok Jin-soo are really a couple, it is impossible to call without a phone call. When it came to the door of the house, it was so overwhelming.

Seeing Tae-yang rises, time has passed for a long time, so standing is not the way.

Son Ye-jin asked: “Then we knock on the door?”

Did not wait for the assistant to answer, stopped a black car next to him, and then came down a middle-aged man.

Seeing that the person is casual, it seems to be familiar with this side, which makes the assistant shine, and quickly walked over.

“Hello, sir, please bother.”

The man stood still and smiled and said, “I don’t know what you have?”

The assistant pointed at the compound in front of him and asked: “Excuse me, is this the residence of Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi?”

The man’s eyes hesitated, did not answer directly, but asked in reverse: β€œWhat is your relationship with Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi?”

If the assistant asks for help, then there is no concealment.

β€œWe are inviting Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi to sign the lease contract. There will be a lease for us to use in his building.”

I heard that this man, suddenly, smiled: “Oh, that’s it. That’s right, here is the home of Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi.”

The assistant is still a little nervous.

“Are you sure?”

The man smiled more happily.

β€œHaha Haha, of course I am sure.”

He said, he pointed to the busy construction site in the distance, and then said: “I saw it, there is the construction site of the building you want to rent. And I am the architect responsible for the building and design of the building.”

The assistant opened his mouth and felt completely embarrassed.

“Aigoo, I am sorry, it is my eyes, I don’t recognize it, I am very sorry.”

The man is naturally a car, and he will come over every day to supervise the progress and quality of the project.

Put your hand and say: “You can contact Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi and go in.”

The assistant is even more embarrassed.

“That, we don’t have a phone call from Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi.”

I heard that this, Che Yongjian took out his own phone and called Seok Jin-soo.

“Man, there are two ladies, who said that they came to sign the contract. Now at your door, do you come out to meet?”

When Che Yongjian called, Seok Jin-soo had already got up and was making breakfast. I didn’t expect Son Ye-jin to come so early, but he was surprised.

Thanks to the notice of Che Yongjian, Seok Jin-soo walked out.

All the way to the door, opened the door, and saw Son Ye-jin and the assistant stood outside.

“Yah!! I said you two, IQ? Why don’t you ring the doorbell?”

Seeing his true body, Son Ye-jin and the assistant were relieved.

Son Ye-jin is dissatisfied: “How dare we be sure, is this your home?”

Seok Jin-soo is exceptionally speechless.

“Isn’t it for you, the house number above is so clear, is there any problem?”

The assistant was afraid that the two would quarrel again and be busy: “Oh, I didn’t think that this wall was too long.”

Seok Jin-soo scratched his head and smiled.

“It’s a bit big.”

When he was finished, he reacted.

“Don’t stand outside, come in. You haven’t had breakfast yet? Just I did something and eat together.”

Said, he let go of the body and ushered in the two women.

Son Ye-jin said, “Do you still cook?”

But when she stepped into the door, it seemed to be thundered, and the whole person was shocked.

Like her, the assistant was a bit dumbfounded when he came in.

They were already hesitant to see the long walls. But I really saw the true face of the mountain, but I still accept a little incompetence.

I saw the inside of the wall, the land is very wide, and looks as big as the school playground.

The main thing is that it is not bare, but plants are planted. It has also been carefully arranged and constructed to make the entire yard look beautiful.

In addition, Son Ye-jin can also see that there are even sports facilities such as tennis courts and basketball courts in the yard.

Really, do you want to be so extravagant?

In the inch of Seoul, can you get these in your home?

If the width of the yard is a little scary to both of them, then this gorgeous and splendid villa-style building will give them a powerful shock.

Son Ye-jin has always been proud of his house in Daegu, and when he saw the residence of Seok Jin-soo, he realized what was a little witch.

Rao was very knowledgeable, and she couldn’t help but swallow a slobber. She asked me, “Is this all yours?”

Seok Jin-soo was the first to lead the way, did not notice.

“Yeah, when the land price was cheap, I bought it. It is more comfortable to live in such a yard. I don’t have to think about disturbing my neighbors, but I can live in a spacious and comfortable place.”

Son Ye-jin and the assistant grinned, I really don’t know what to say.

Really, this street is yours. Where are the neighbors?

Don’t talk about the problem of interruption, even if you shoot here, no one can hear it?

Son Ye-jin and the assistant two, just like Liu Wei entered the Grand View Garden, all the way with amazement, was led into the house by Seok Jin-soo.

Unlike the outdoor, the house is always so magnificent.

When Son Ye-jin came in, it was once again shocked by the decoration and furnishings here.

This guy, did not expect such a taste, just to see his residence, can not be linked to the vulgar look at all.

Seok Jin-soo took the slippers for them and said: “We don’t seem to have anything to talk about, so sign up directly. So it’s better to eat first, I am very hungry.”

The same is true of Son Ye-jin and the ideals.

Anyway, I have already said that I will rent the seventh floor, with an annual rent of 80 million, excluding hydropower. The only thing that has not been determined is the lease term.

However, this is a trivial matter. If you discuss it, you can be sure.

The two of them rushed out, naturally did not have breakfast, so they were asked to go to the restaurant by Seok Jin-soo.

Women are born to love the house, because the house can give women peace of mind. So when I saw the gorgeous residence of Seok Jin-soo, the two women walked all the way and visited all the way.

“Hey, Ye-jin, you see, there is a swimming pool. It’s too extravagant. You can swim at home in the winter.”

The pool needs to be changed today, and the maintenance staff will come over in the afternoon. So Seok Jin-soo opened the curtain and was seen by the assistant.

When I saw the swimming pool in the house, the assistant was shocked.

As everyone knows, Son Ye-jin is very passionate about swimming.

When she was not yet an actress, she basically went swimming and exercising every day.

When I heard the pool, I turned to look at it.

At a glance, Son Ye-jin gave a lot of praise.

“Wow! So beautiful!”

Said, unconsciously, she turned around and ran towards the pool.

Since the debut, the fame is getting bigger every day. One of the most annoying things is that she can no longer swim as much as she once did.

Either in the field or abroad, the result is that Son Ye-jin can’t swim twice a year because of trouble.

When chatting with friends on weekdays, she often Nagging, and there is a pool at home.

However, she knows that this desire is impossible to achieve in Seoul.

I did not expect that Seok Jin-soo, this guy, actually did it.

She walked quickly to the front, kneeling on the window, across the glass, and looking at everything in the room, how can the envy can’t be covered.

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