KEP Chapter 713

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 713 chapter is like, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo walked halfway and found that the people behind him were gone, and they quickly came back to look for it.

Just seeing Son Ye-jin, like a child seeing a toy, squatting on the window and watching the pool laughing and joking.

“What’s wrong, is this? Are you not hungry?”

Upon hearing his voice, Son Ye-jin turned and bit his lower lip and suddenly begged: “Here, let me go in and see?”

Seeing her pointing to the pool, Seok Jin-soo is inexplicable.

β€œWhat is good looking at a multi-purpose pool?”

To put it bluntly, he pressed the button on the wall and opened the door to the pool.

Son Ye-jin didn’t wait for a moment, the door just opened a seam, and she couldn’t wait to drill in.

“Wow, it’s so warm here, even if you swim now, it’s definitely not cold.”

There are not many places to swim in winter, only indoor swimming pools. Although some rich people have swimming pools, few of them are as extravagant as Seok Jin-soo, and they are completely closed.

As long as you think about winter, you can swim freely, and Son Ye-jin is envious of Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t know her mind, but smiled: “This cabin is specially designed. In the summer, it can be completely opened to enjoy nature and air. When the weather is cold, it is completely enclosed and heated. The water temperature has been kept at around 30 degrees and you can swim at any time.”

Well, the more detailed he said, the more depressed Son Ye-jin is.

“I really can’t see it, you actually enjoy it.”

Seok Jin-soo spreads his hand.

“Or what to do, such a big place, it is too wasteful to use it properly.”

Son Ye-jin asked slyly: “You are so busy, do you have time to swim?”

Seok Jin-soo licks his nose, tell the truth.

“Oh, I myself, I haven’t traveled a few times. Yoon-ah has a lot of fun, she likes to soak in it.”

“What? Yoon-ah comes often?”

Son Ye-jin exclaimed and envied his girlfriend.

This dead missy, there is such a good thing actually does not tell me, enjoy yourself.

!, and it was with a sho.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know her thoughts.

“It’s coming often, but during this time Girl’s Generation is in comeback, she doesn’t have time. Otherwise, you can see her.”

Next, in the face of Son Ye-jin’s curiosity, Seok Jin-soo gave her a detailed explanation of the function of the pool.

I heard that this pool can not only swim, but also make a milk bath, surf, and use the water to massage, Son Ye-jin is more heart-warming.

Seok Jin-soo said for a long time, dry mouth, it is not easy to pick this woman out and sit in the kitchen.

“Because I am alone, I don’t do anything. If you don’t mind, just deal with it.”

The breakfast at Seok Jin-soo is simple. It is a sandwich omelet with fresh milk.

This is so, with his level of cuisine, he still praises Son Ye-jin and his assistant.

“Yah!! I really didn’t think that you cooked so well. It is much better than Ye-jin. The food she made can be hospitalized.”

The assistant is also beautiful to eat, and by the way ridicule the poor level of Son Ye-jin.

Son Ye-jin is blushing.

“Eonni, I am so busy, another person, how can I study this?”

Normally, the assistant and Son Ye-jin, like their sisters, speak very casually.

“Why is Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi so busy, and the craft is so good? You are missy, it is lazy. Really, have you been letting Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi cook for you?”

Son Ye-jin is inexplicable.

“Why should I let him cook? I have money and can live well.”

The assistant swallowed the sandwich and replied more ruthlessly.

“He is richer.”

Yes, anyone who saw the size of the Seok Jin-soo home is very certain that this man is very rich.

Speaking of this, Son Ye-jin is also more depressed.

It is clear that she debuted earlier, even five years earlier than Seok Jin-soo.

“How do you make money in the end? I obviously work hard, why can’t I afford such a house?”

Seok Jin-soo is also very content with his ability to make money, but he also knows to be modest.

“It’s mainly a matter of timing. When I bought it here, I didn’t spend too much money, even without the expensive apartments in Gangnam.”

Son Ye-jin licked his hair in pain.

“Hey, why don’t I have such a vision? Otherwise, I can have a swimming pool and I can swim freely.”

Seok Jin-soo is a bit of a surprise.

β€œDo you like swimming very much?”

The assistant answered for Son Ye-jin.

“She? Hey, she is a serious addicted swimmer. When I see the pool, I can’t move.”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head and said that he understood incompetence.

I heard that there are many kinds of addictive things, and I am still addicted to swimming for the first time.

Put up the pool again and let Son Ye-jin’s heart be hooked up again.

She turned her eyes and suddenly smiled and spoke to Seok Jin-soo: “That, is there something to discuss with you?”

Seok Jin-soo eats his head and does not lift his eyes.


Although I don’t know what the woman wants to do, every time she meets this woman, there is no good thing, and he instinctively refuses.

“Oh… cough…”

The assistant who was drinking milk saw the exchange of two people. One did not hold back, and the squirt was sprayed out.

Son Ye-jin looked awkward and then looked at his assistant with a grudge.

This noona, I really don’t give a face.

You are my assistant. Is it very interesting to see me?

Then Son Ye-jin changed his face and slammed Seok Jin-soo. “Yah!! I didn’t say anything, why are you so refusing?”

Seok Jin-soo finished eating the sandwich, only to look at her eyes.

“Although I don’t know what you have, I don’t think there is anything good.”

“what…the hell!! ……”

Son Ye-jin swears a swearing word, but he has to plead for it.

“You can rest assured that it is not something that makes you too embarrassed.”

Seok Jin-soo carefully distinguishes her look.


Son Ye-jin is struggling with his big eyes and trying to make himself more innocent.

“I am… that… After I rented your building, can I let me come here to swim?”

When she finished, she looked at Seok Jin-soo nervously, which was even more pitiful than a child who had to spend money.

According to past experience, Seok Jin-soo will not easily agree, and even marry her as a mental disorder.

But this time, Son Ye-jin is miscalculated.

“Just this! Come on, come on.”

Although it did not deal with Son Ye-jin, the contradiction between the two was lightened after the last conversation in the mountains.

In addition, Seok Jin-soo is not too malicious to her.

The main thing is that Seok Jin-soo is very generous on some common substances.

The pool is made out and placed there, and it is placed. If not, change the water once a week.

In a word, Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah use more times than him.

Since it is a waste, there is nothing wrong with Son Ye-jin.

Unexpectedly, Seok Jin-soo was so happy, Son Ye-jin was awkward, and his face was blushing.

“Thank you, no… won’t bother your life?”

Seok Jin-soo Haha smiled and pointed at the house. “You look at it, it’s so big. I am alone, and the space is stunned. Tell you, sometimes Yoon-ah is here, shouting for her to eat. Looking for half an hour.”

It is very large, very large, and there are many rooms, each with its own functions.

So even Seok Jin-soo is not sure where Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah will be. Looking for a person is just like hide and seek.

When he heard his distress, Son Ye-jin and the assistant didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Such a big house, the envy of others is not envious, but you are still not satisfied.

You are really full of people who don’t know that hungry men are hungry!

Anyway, Seok Jin-soo promised to go swimming here, or let Son Ye-jin be happy.

As for the assistant…

I have long thought that they have a leg, and it is even more strange. Even if you don’t have it now, it’s a matter of time to look at the chemical reactions of these two people.

Son Ye-jin has long observed it.

Seok Jin-soo lived in a large area and planted many tall trees around the yard.

The advantage of this is that it is well blocked from the outside and will not be peeked.

Besides, there are no high-rise buildings around, and basically no one can be seen inside.

As for the office building under construction, it is in the northwest corner, while the swimming pool is in the southeast corner and is blocked by the house itself.

And even the office building, because of the perspective, can not see the situation in the yard.

These were all considered by Che Yongjian at the time of construction.

All in all is to guarantee the privacy inside the home.

So coming here to swim is far safer than outside, and you can let go of it.

After having breakfast, the three returned to the living room, and Seok Jin-soo found the rental contract and handed it to Son Ye-jin and the assistant.

β€œBecause it is a private lease, there is no need to ask a lawyer and notarized. Look at it, there is no need to change it.”

When it comes to money, Son Ye-jin and the assistant are also very careful. I read it word by word and found that there was no problem.

“This contract is very good, we have no opinion. It is the length of the lease, which is not stated above.”

Seok Jin-soo pointed to the blank space above: “This needs to see your opinion. How long do you plan to rent?”

Son Ye-jin and the assistants discussed together and felt that the time was better.

The studio is similar to the entertainment company, so try not to relocate.

“How about signing for ten years?”

It was the turn of Seok Jin-soo to think about it.

“In ten years, the annual rent needs to be floated according to the market price.”

The price he gave to Son Ye-jin was 80 million a year, but if the real estate industry is hot and the rents rise, he still does not change, then it does not lose Daebak?

This request is very reasonable, and Son Ye-jin and the assistant have no opinion.

That being the case, then it is a matter of negotiation.

In accordance with the advice of Son Ye-jin and the assistant, Seok Jin-soo reprinted the contract, and both parties signed the name and printed it, which means it took effect.

After the official business was over, Son Ye-jin and the assistant were all right.

Big beauty thought about it, gently said: “That, swim now, can you?”

She hasn’t touched the water for a long time, and she has forgotten the taste of swimming. So now I have a little time, just want to play.

Seok Jin-soo thought about it, but said: “If you want to play, you have to wait until the afternoon. Today is the day to change the water. After changing the clean water in the afternoon, you can enter.”

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