KEP Chapter 716

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 716 chapter Acacia one night plum blossom, floating astronomy

A person’s life is divided into many stages.

From birth to ignorance, from ignorance to growth, to the last adult.

The most important of these, and the one that most determines a lifetime, is an adult.

There are many standards for adults, and there are different opinions.

For a woman, the standard of adulthood, cough…

For society and the family, the most critical criterion for a child to be adult is whether he can stand on his own.

Before today, Yoon-ah is a famous artist despite numerous fans. But in the eyes of many people, she is just a child.

Because she can stand on her own, no one knows.

But from now on, everyone has recognized her ability.

As an adult, Yoon-ah can provide great help to families and buy a house for their family.

This shows that she already has the ability to stand on the ground in society and is a person who can be responsible for herself.

It can be said that today, the day of staying at Yoon-ah’s new home is her adult ceremony.

At such an important moment, in order to make a smile, Seok Jin-soo also spent a lot of money.

Maserati gt, who spent his 500 million Korean Won, was a gift to Yoon-ah.

Because it is a girl’s car, so sacrificed performance and speed, on the contrary in the shape and interior, the most luxurious modification.

Seok Jin-soo is usually very casual to himself, and there is no idea what to spend. But for my own woman, it is very generous.

What happened to a sports car, and what happened to 400 million, as long as Yoon-ah is happy.

Sure enough, in the moment I saw the car, Yoon-ah knew that he was captured.

Tightly nestled in the arms of Seok Jin-soo, Yoon-ah is excited and has some concerns.

“Oppa, this gift is too expensive, will it be a little tricky to drive out?”

The Korean street is full of modern cars, so imported cars are conspicuous. If it is a sports car like Maserati, it is a sharp weapon.

Yoon-ah is a bit worried, if he drives out such a car, will it cause criticism.

Seok Jin-soo smiled and comforted her.

“What are you afraid of? You are celebrity. Who can say what to drive? Your car is not stolen. After that, I will buy you a homemade car. You can change it.”

Yoon-ah quickly said: “No, I can buy a domestic car. I can’t make Oppa spend any more, it’s too expensive.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“What is expensive and not expensive? The money I earn is not all of you. If you really hurt me, give me the money for this car, then I will buy a domestic car for you.”

Yoon-ah is very sweet.

“How can I have so much money? Bad Oppa will bully people.”

Looking at the small face of Yoon-ah, the heart of Seok Jin-soo is just around the corner. Suddenly took a sip on her face and said: “I am going to bully you now.”

Yoon-ah trembled, and despite the psychological preparation, the whole heart was numb.

“No, don’t let you bully.”

Said, she broke away from Seok Jin-soo, ran over and pushed the elevator.

Seok Jin-soo just smiled and followed her into the elevator.

On the floor where Yoon-ah’s home is located, Yoon-ah sneaked away from the entanglement of Seok Jin-soo while running and opened the door.

The two rushed in and slammed into the door, and the atmosphere immediately changed.

Yoon-ah is not like the panic just now, reflexive, holding the neck of Seok Jin-soo.

The same is true of Seok Jin-soo, hugged her willow-like waist, and the lips of the two are glued together.

While kissing hot, the clothes of the two men kept decreasing.

On this day, Seok Jin-soo has been waiting for too long. Days and nights, I have already thought about it. I am willing to do so today.

In the new home, Yoon-ah completely released himself and dedicated to Seok Jin-soo.

When the clouds are ethereal, Yoon-ah’s eyes are out of focus, can’t see the outside world, and can’t see the side, just feeling that something is changing.

What she does not know is that in this world, one of the most beautiful plum blossoms is in full bloom.

After a long time, Yoon-ah screamed incessantly.

“Oppa, spare me, the debt of 400 million is not paid off, I don’t want… I don’t want interest.”

Seok Jin-soo The voice of the thief is full of dissatisfaction.

“No, how can there be no interest on the loan relationship? My little Yoon-ah, you can rest assured, I will return the interest to you with great pain.”

Yoon-ah feels that he is going to fall apart, but he is unable to resist the aggression of Seok Jin-soo. Only the hoarse voices mourn in the air, so pitiful.

“Tae-hee eonni, save me!”

Seok Jin-soo is still moving, laughing.

“You call it, even if you break your throat, no one can save you.”

There is a long night, and there are many shameful things in the world. Yuner was also embarrassed, and quickly smashed the completed Tae-yang.

Only when the sun shines, all kinds of enchanting are invisible, and the world can return to normal.

Seok Jin-soo had a good night’s sleep and naturally woke up.

In a blink of an eye, the corner of the mouth is full of happiness.

Don’t look at Yoon-ah. This missy is very thin, but it is slender and very sensitive. The sob of the hole is so much that the man has a sense of conquest.

Taste the ecstasy of last night, when I bowed, I saw that Missy curled up in his shoulder pocket, and the sleep was dim.

Tossing overnight, she is worse than Kim Tae-hee.

The little face is flushed, and the gorgeous after the rich aftertaste is more beautiful than the peony flower.

The long hair was messy at this time, because the sweat was soaked, and it was all softly stuck on her face.

What makes Seok Jin-soo the most funny thing is that this missy is estimated to be exhausted, and even out of saliva, all of which accumulate on his chest.

Even in such a situation, she is as entangled as a koala. So that there is no trace of gap between the two, it seems to be integrated into one.

From now on, this is my own woman. It is a woman who turns her into a woman and belongs to him only.

In addition to the emotions, Seok Jin-soo’s big hand gently slides, one inch and one inch to rub the Yoon-ah smooth skin.

Last night, the missy was completely tired and slept, so neither cleaned nor put on pajamas, but Seok Jin-soo took advantage of it.

The hands of the lover, full of gentleness, make Yoon-ah’s body and mind happy.

I saw this missy snoring, holding Seok Jin-soo tighter. The eyes did not open, and the smile on the face seemed to be unwilling to wake up from a good dream.

There is nothing today, so Seok Jin-soo is quiet.

In order to let Yoon-ah rest, he stayed there and stayed still, still holding Yoon-ah, let her continue to sleep.

This stay is at noon.

Seeing the sun on the top, Yoon-ah’s long eyelashes shook a few times before he woke up slowly.

Just as the eyelids just adapted to the environment, they smiled at Seok Jin-soo.

Only a moment, Yoon-ah shyly bowed his head, and his mouth groaned, and it seemed that he did not adapt to the changed relationship.

Although I used to play with Seok Jin-soo, I played with it. But this kind of fascination, even the soul is ecstasy, but the first time.

Thinking about the disappointment of last night, Yoon-ah is a bit ugly.

After one experience, Seok Jin-soo’s performance was much more stable this time, and the voice was soft and warm.

“Wake up?”

Yoon-ah didn’t talk, and the cerebellum inadvertently took a look.

Seok Jin-soo helped her make arrangements.

“Then we take a shower first, then I will give you a good meal, how?”

Since waking up, Yoon-ah has also felt it, and his body is very sticky and very uncomfortable. So you have to take a shower, just what Seok Jin-soo said…

However, Seok Jin-soo did not give her time to respond, and opened the quilt and exposed the body of the two to the air.

Yoon-ah was shocked and screamed “ah” and quickly collapsed into a ball.

Unexpectedly, the legs were so moving, and there was a tearing tingling between the strands, which made her moths tangled.

Although she and Kim Tae-hee are both for the first time, they are still different.

Kim Tae-hee is fully mature after all, even if it is broken, it is more suitable.

She will not do it, purely green, and the feeling after nature is more intense.

Seok Jin-soo noticed her pain and naturally knew what it was. At this moment, of course, we must perform well.

Otherwise, Yoon-ah has a bad memory and will be very resistant to this kind of thing in the future.

So when Yoon-ah bites the lips, Seok Jin-soo boyfriend launches, a princess hugs, holds Yoon-ah in his arms and walks into the bathroom.

Yoon-ah’s new home is very luxuriously decorated and the facilities are the most advanced.

The large bath was filled with warm hot water for a while, so that Yoon-ah was soaked in it, and the comfortable eyebrows bloomed, but it was more beautiful than ever.

When you see Seok Jin-soo sitting in, Yoon-ah is a bit flustered.

A woman is a very strange creature that can accept that kind of thing, but it is still very confusing for the relative.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t care, enjoying the gentleness of women in a race against time.

Both are very busy. After today, I am not sure when I will see you again. Even if you see it, there is no chance to know it.

So after he got in, he pulled over Yoon-ah and let her lean on her arms again.

The name is to help her clean, in fact, the two wolf claws fly up and down, not letting go of the details.

In a short while, Yoon-ah was cleaned, but the body was softer, and the depth of the heart was very strong.

Finally, the hot water of the pool was rolled up with the splash of Yoon-ah, and the fragrant co-bath came to an end.

Yoon-ah is both satisfied and lost.

Satisfied with a few days, I experienced the ecstasy that I could not describe with imagination.

What is lost is that I am too weak to be more satisfied with Seok Jin-soo. But under his caress, he lost his helmet again.

Fortunately, she is still sensible, knowing that her body has reached the limit.

Since Oppa has sent himself to the cloud with his hand, then he will reciprocate…

Yoon-ah smiled and let Seok Jin-soo sit on the edge of the bath and climbed slowly like a Persian cat.

This night and this morning, the two people are incredibly beautiful. Like many couples who are in love, like glue, they don’t want to be separated for even a moment.

I was tired of taking a shower, tired of eating lunch, playing with a greasy game for a while, and Seok Jin-soo was satisfied with Yoon-ah.

Not leaving, ah, today is the day of the recording of Infinite Challenge.

Kim Tae-ho This guy didn’t know what to think about, but he arranged the location in a coffee house.

Really, isn’t today’s recording just eating, drinking, and drinking?

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