KEP Chapter 720

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 720 chapter subtle feelings, floating astronomy

After getting together for more than six years, I told Seok Jin-soo a profound experience.

That is, although it is very depressed, but nothing is used, can only follow the path designed by the production team.

So hard for a while, he still stood up from the ground. Then I looked at the pd and the camera with sorrow, and asked for a mouth.

“I said, can we get along with each other sincerely?”

Pd laughed and liked to see his depressed and helpless look.

“Come a telepathy.”

Seok Jin-soo snorted and smiled.

“Here? You are not too shameful?”

Since he got off the bus, he has surrounded many passers-by without knowing it. When I saw the artist, it was very novel. I took pictures with my mobile phone.

To play naive things in front of so many people, just think about it, Seok Jin-soo is numb.

Pd is very indifferent.

“I don’t do it anyway.”

Seok Jin-soo is black in front of him, and he doesn’t play in one place.

“Yah!! You are learning well. What do you always learn from Kim Tae-ho? That guy will soon go to jail, are you going to follow in?”

Hearing his ridicule pd, the big guy laughed even more happily.

When Raha is finished, he has to face the reality.

If these seven people can’t meet each other, then there is no way to get off work.

Seok Jin-soo is lost in thought.

“There are too many places to make sense. The bathhouse is the place where we comeback. There is New Zealand, that is where we are born again. There are too many things happening in New York. DonG-Dragon aemun’s ddp, that Itโ€™s the place to hold the catwalk. Thereโ€™s also the award-winning gymnasium. Weโ€™ve just worked so hard on the wrestling specials. Ah, thereโ€™s so much meaning in this way.โ€

He is really entangled now, thinking about it, there are several places to remember.

But these precious places must be thought of by others.

He is not someone else, he doesn’t know where it is precious in the minds of others. If you go, no one is coming, it is not a pity.

“Where is the place that you think is the most profound?”

In the face of pd’s question, Seok Jin-soo thought about it and finally got an idea.

“Of course, Yeouido Park, when I chase the tail, it is my most brilliant moment.”

“That… go?”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it and simply gnawed his teeth: “Go. There is no other way anyway, and you must always be able to see the talent line.”

Of course, before he goes, he has to send telepathy to let other members feel his thoughts.

As a result, the car came to the side of the road, he was as long as the sb, and the people watching were very ashamed.

What he didn’t know was that this paragraph was later combined with the special effects and bgm, which was really touching.

With an idea, Seok Jin-soo no longer hesitated and set off for Yeouido Park.

At any time in life, choosing is a very difficult thing.

Even if I decided to go to Yeouido Park, Seok Jin-soo was a little hesitant in the middle of the road.

“The island of Yeouido is the place I like, but it is not necessarily what other people like. Just think about it, where will other people choose?”

Seok Jin-soo began to abandon self and consider it from the perspective of others.

“Jae-seok hyeong will definitely go to the Gaoyang Sports Complex. Because it is where the Infinite Challenge started, Jae-seok hyeong will definitely not forget that time.”

“Jun-ha brother’s words, must go back to the award-winning stadium. The brother mixed for several years, finally rose through the wrestling special.”

“Myeong-su brother’s words, the most likely to go is the Yeouido Park. When he runs with money, his pursuit of Hong-chul Hyeong is very classic. In addition, he is close to his home, he can go early. Going to work.”

In the end, let the people next to them all laugh.

Guess all the thoughts, Seok Jin-soo finally got the idea.

“We don’t go to Yeouido. Let’s go to Gaoyang and go to Jae-seok hyeong first.”

Although he is not the original member of Infinite Challenge, it is where the Infinite Challenge begins. As a member of the program, you should go there and see.

Uh… Actually, Yoo Jae-seok could not be found, and there are not many broadcasts.

Others are still forgetting, all of them are abandoned. So he decided to join forces with Yoo Jae-seok to ensure that the mass is broadcast.

He was the first time to come to the Gaoyang Sports Complex. When he got off the bus, everything was strange.

“Is it here? Is it right?”

Looking at the quiet stadium in front of him, Seok Jin-soo’s footsteps are hesitant.

According to his thoughts, Yoo Jae-seok should come here, but what if it is not there?

What if he is not there?

So while walking and walking inside, he licked Nagging.

“Being able to join Infinite Challenge is definitely one of the gods in my life. Without Infinite Challenge, I really can’t imagine what my life would be like. Here, I met so amazing brothers, everyone is very Interesting.”

As he spoke, his expression suddenly became serious.

I don’t know who I am talking about. He has never been so serious.

“Mianhae “sorry”, didn’t be with everyone at the beginning.”

Here, the late subtitles are: It doesn’t matter, such maknae is the honor of “Infinite Challenge”. Go on together, no matter how far Mi-rae is.

Going around, he finally walked into the entrance of the stadium. But by this time, the mood has become awkward.

He clung to the wall and did not dare to look inside.

“Is anyone here?”

The production team just smiled and didn’t talk.

But at this moment, the familiar sound was heard in the stadium.

“Oh, is anyone coming? Is it Hong-chul?”

This voice is really familiar, familiar with Seok Jin-soo tears. Two hours after the start of the recording, he finally saw a member.

Seok Jin-soo jumped out of the corner and opened his arms.

โ€œJae-seok hyeong !!!โ€

That’s right, the people who appear here are really Yoo Jae-seok.

Really guessed by him, Yoo Jae-seok really appeared here.

The beginning of “Infinite Challenge”, the beginning of everything that brings everyone together.

Yoo Jae-seok has already noticed the situation here and knows that someone is coming. However, I did not expect that the person who appeared was not the expected Noh Hong-chul, but Seok Jin-soo.

However, he was very happy, ran over excitedly, and hugged Seok Jin-soo.

“Maknae, how come you are here? How do you know where?”

Holding the squad leader tightly, Seok Jin-soo is even more excited.

“This is where the Infinite Challenge started. I thought, if others can’t come, brother will definitely come.”

When I heard this, Yoo Jae-seokโ€™s eyes were red.

“Maknae, really you still know me!”

After feeling the emotion, Yoo Jae-seok took Seok Jin-soo’s hand and walked in the empty stadium.

“Look, it’s here, we are here and the ox is tug-of-war. At that time, we didn’t have any goals, and we didn’t expect to go to today.”

Seok Jin-soo also nodded and nodded, knowing that Yoo Jae-seok said nothing wrong.

The initial “Infinite Challenge” is definitely not like this, and no one thought that it would be like this today.

Everything started, he saw it through the program. Although not involved, it seems to be the same.

This is the feeling that only the unsuccessful person can understand, and it is the cohesion that has been getting along for many years.

“Maknae, thank you very much, thank you for coming. If you didn’t come, I don’t know what to do?”

Today’s Team Leader Yoo has a lot of words, especially the feelings.

Yes, today’s recording theme looks superficial on the surface. But every time I walked through a place, it was full of memories.

How can people who have experienced calmed down when sweetness, or bitterness, or pain, or good memories are retrieved?

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

“Brother, this is not to say that our minds are connected.”

Yoo Jae-seok is very happy to wait for the most trusted younger brother.

โ€œmaknae, what do we do next? Continue to wait? Maybe Hong-chul will come.โ€

Seok Jin-soo quickly shook his head.

“Brother, Hong-chul Hyeong will never come. The guy’s memory is very short, too far away will not make him heart. Here, no one but you and me will come.”

Although this is the truth, Yoo Jae-seok knows it is right, but still confused.

“What should I do?”

At this time, the production team sent everyone’s first choice.

In addition to the Gaoyang Sports Complex from Seok Jin-soo and Yoo Jae-seok, there are Yeouido Park, Han River Edge, Awards Stadium, Gangnam Exercise Room, Namsan and many more.

This is a clue given by the production team, so that the members are not looking for them.

Otherwise, there are too many places worth recalling in Infinite Challenge, and everyone will only stagger indefinitely.

“Then we go to Nanshan? Let’s go, go to Nanshan, there should be someone.”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it and thought differently.

“Brother, Nanshan may have someone, maybe not. But what is certain is that there is a place where you can see other people.”

Yoo Jae-seok saw him so sure, eagerly asked: “Where?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled confidently: “Jun-ha brother is definitely there.” Hyeong-don and others are also there.

Yoo Jae-seok just thinks a little, and knows that this is a great possibility. But suddenly, what he thought of at once, looked at Seok Jin-soo in a complicated way.

“You have been thinking about our ideas all the time?”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t notice his expression, and he naturally said: “Of course, I will guess. What my brothers think, I know. Let’s go and see who can meet there.”

Behind Seok Jin-soo’s unnoticed, Yoo Jae-seok gently wiped his eyes. I whispered a word, I donโ€™t know if the camera took it.

โ€œMaknae always thought about us, but we always ignored him.โ€

Kim Tae-ho, who is next to Yoo Jae-seok, is also shocked by his body.

Yes, since Seok Jin-soo joined Infinite Challenge, I have produced a lot of specials.

Among them are Yoo Jae-seok, about Park Myeong-su, about Jeong Jun-ha, about Jeong Hyeong-don, and more about Haha and Noh Hong-chul.

But as the youngest member of Infinite Challenge, it is clearly the youngest brother who needs care, but always takes care of his brothers.

He has always been so mature, always so perfect, but the production team has forgotten, he is the youngest brother.

In the past few years, he must have had a lot of hard work and a lot of tears.

Telepathy, looking for the initial heart, and picking up somewhere that everyone ignores.

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