KEP Chapter 722

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, missing the 722 chapter, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo was depressed for a long time, but still had to find a way.

“Don’t Jae-seok hyeong and Hyeong-don go to me?”

Saying that I met here, the result was gone, and I knew I went to the octagonal pavilion. The most likely thing is that the two men went to find themselves.

“what…the hell!!, these two people are really.”

Seok Jin-soo was upset and unhappy, he stood up again and turned and walked back.

If you can meet Yoo Jae-seok in the octagonal pavilion, then it doesn’t matter.

“and many more……”

Seok Jin-soo took two steps and remembered what.

“I just came from the octagonal pavilion. Since I didn’t meet Jae-seok hyeong on the road, it means that they are another way to go. So, I will also go from here, so I will never miss it.”

Seok Jin-soo is still awake, even thinking about it. So there is no return to the original road, but from the following road.

This road is farther away. If I walked by light, I walked for an hour. When I was tired, he couldn’t breathe, and I saw the octagonal pavilion.

“Cut white, cut white, they must be there.”

With such a sincere mood, Seok Jin-soo’s heart is very embarrassing.

Gradually, the octagonal pavilion became clear. The only constant is the excitement of people coming and going.

“Is it not here?”

However, watching the calm octagonal pavilion, Seok Jin-soo’s mood began to fall.

If Yoo Jae-seok is here, it is impossible to find out. The national mc, no matter where he goes, will be surrounded.

Jeong Hyeong-don Well, uh… it’s just Hyeong-don.

Walking all the way to the steps of the octagonal pavilion, Seok Jin-soo took a long breath and looked around, but found nothing.

“They didn’t come? Did they really come?”

At this time, the surrounding tourists found him. In the exclamation, they all came up.

In this most helpless time, the only thing that can be done is to ask for help.

Seok Jin-soo shouted: “Have you seen Yoo Jae-seok? Have you been here?”

Someone responded in the crowd.

“It’s been here, I just left it ten minutes ago.”

Seok Jin-soo eyes magnified, and the man asked for proof: “Is it really?”

The girl nodded hard, indicating that she did not lie.

“I have really been here. Yoo Jae-seok, Jeong Hyeong-don, Jeong Jun-ha and Haha, Noh Hong-chul.”

Seok Jin-soo stunned his mouth and couldn’t believe what he had heard.

“Jae-seok hyeong They met Jun-ha brothers? They are together now? Yah!! Since they are together, why not wait for me?”

Seok Jin-soo once again turned to the people.

“Do you know where they are going?”

No one can answer this time, how can visitors know the recording of the program.

Without getting a clue, Seok Jin-soo is a bit dumbfounded.

“Yah!! These brothers are really, since they have met, they are waiting. Why do you want to go everywhere?”

He did not know, at this time the ladder, Yoo Jae-seok five people are also extremely decadent.

“Yah!! Where did maknae go? Why are the big living people missing?”

Yoo Jae-seok scratching his hair and licking Nagging.

Next to him, Jeong Hyeong-don’s tired face turned pale.

“Maknae is not saying, let us wait here. It is brother, you have to go around. This is good, maknae does not know where to go.”

Jeong Jun-ha is also very tired.

“Maknae said that I have to wait here?”

Jeong Hyeong-don can be found to be a place to complain about grievances.

“When we were separated from maknae, he specifically told me that we should stay here no matter whether we meet people or not. We all blame Jae-seok hyeong, we must go.”

In the face of his brother’s complaints, Yoo Jae-seok is bitter.

“Hyeong-don, this is not the case. You don’t know. When we recorded the program, maknae was actually the hardest one. Although he didn’t say anything, we should be our brother’s good care of the younger brother, but we did It’s not good enough. You saw it just now. You should have gone to the octagonal pavilion, but maknae went so fast. I didn’t want to make him a little easier. We have two more steps, and there will be nothing.”

The three people next to me, listening to Yoo Jae-seok’s explanation, could not help but fall into meditation.

“It seems that maknae really does a lot!”

Haha suddenly came to a sentence and fell into reflection.

Jeong Hyeong-don is no longer Nagging, obviously in the heart, everyone knows what is going on.

“Jae-seok is right, can’t always let maknae pay. We are all brothers, think about it, in fact, we have not done anything for him. Let’s go, let’s find it.”

All five people have made up their minds. Starting today, be a good brother. Be sure to let the hardest brother in peacetime take a break today.

With such an idea, five people decided to start again.

“But where are we going?”

Yoo Jae-seok thought about it and said the judgment.

“Before maknae mentioned that the place where everyone is most likely to go is not Nanshan, the award-winning gymnasium is the Yeouido Park. If maknae can’t find us here, I will definitely go to Yeouido Park.”

Jeong Hyeong-don slaps and urges: “Let’s go, we will go to Yeouido Park and we will be able to find maknae. He is so smart and must know how to choose.”

Said, five people once again sent telepathy.

“Maknae, be sure to come to Yeouido Park!”

After doing this, five people got on the bus and drove to the Pelican Island Park.

On the other side, waiting for half an hour in the octagonal pavilion, still no trace of Yoo Jae-seok and others, Seok Jin-soo’s patience finally exhausted.

“Forget it, work harder, now go back to the ladder, Jae-seok hyeong They must be there. They also know that I am looking for, and there is no strength, I should stay there and not move.”

He said that he had put up a lot of effort and re-entered the road.

This day, I was walking so rushing. I didn’t even have lunch, I was cold and hungry, and I was a little bit swaying.

When I returned to the octagonal pavilion, the sunset was already hanging on the edge of the mountain. At this point, go down again, and in the sight of Seok Jin-soo, everything has become dim.

In the last glimpse of the last glimmer, his back was sorrowful and sad, just like the weather in the early winter.

“Please, you must be there. If you are not there, I am really going to die.”

At this time, the only strength is there, only the mouth is left. Therefore, he has been Nagging for a long time, and he has fully explained his inner sincerity.

How big is the expectation and how big is disappointment.

When Seok Jin-soo dragged his tired body to the ladder, the face of him was still deserted.

“Hey, what happened?”

It is too tired, tired of the degree of want to cry.

Seok Jin-soo sat down on the floor, his head buried between his arms, and all his emotions broke out.

He really didn’t understand why the agreed good things had changed.

It was only a farewell, but the result was never met with my brothers.

He walked back and forth three times between the octagonal pavilion and the ladder, exhausted all his strength, but turned into a stunned one.

At this moment, the kind of loneliness and desolateness is really bitter.

At this time, the telepathy, which seemed to be a shameful, did not know why it became his last straw.

“Jae-seok hyeong !Hyeong-don brother! Jun-ha brother! Haha hyeong !Hong-chul Hyeong! Where are you?”

At this moment, he hoped that his voice really turned into a radio wave and spread through every corner of Seoul. Let your brothers hear his voice and know what he thinks.

It is a pity that the cold wind rolled up the leaves and took his prayers.

Seok Jin-soo took a good rest for half an hour, and felt a little bit of strength, and stood up from the ladder.

“You can’t rest any more, you have to find your brothers. Otherwise, you can’t get off work today.”

The next pd couldn’t help but ask: “Don’t you eat something?”

Seok Jin-soo took the envelope and turned it over. He smiled bitterly: “There are only 30,000 pieces left, and it is not enough to use the car.”

He had to endure the hunger of his stomach, went all the way down the mountain, and got on the bus.

He is also not sure if he can find his brothers. How many places to run these 30,000 yuan is still uncertain, so it must be saved.

Fast taxis can’t be used, so I have to choose a bus that saves money.

Fortunately, Nanshan has a direct car to Yeouido Park, which gives him a sigh of relief.

“Since I don’t know where my brothers are going, I will go to Yeouido Park first. Go there and find Myeong-su brother, there is also a companion. Although the brother always likes to swear, it is better than oneself.”

At the time of Yeouido Park, Seok Jin-soo didn’t know that six other people besides him were here.

As he guessed, Park Myeong-su really came to Yeouido Park.

But looking for it, but did not find the members, but the strength is exhausted.

Exhausted Park Myeong-su, simply stayed at Yeouido Park. He knows that everyone will always come here.

His wait did not live up to his disappointment, and when he was disappointed, there were five members at once.

“Maknae is not here?”

Unexpectedly, I saw Park Myeong-su. I haven’t been happy for too long. Everyone knows this amazing situation.

“He is still in Nanshan?”

A few people, look at me, I look at you, all of them are remorseful.

They thought that maknae didn’t see them and would definitely come to Yeouido. The result did not come, the silly boy is still in Nanshan.

“I will say it, maknae can’t see us, certainly will not leave.”

Because of regret and confusion, they began to blame each other because of the confusion. Jeong Jun-ha squats, the only way to make your heart less.

Noh Hong-chul, who was always silent, suddenly said: “Brothers are waiting here. I am going to Nanshan. I will come back whether I can find it or not.”

Yoo Jae-seok is the most sad person.

“No, let’s go together. I went to the octagonal pavilion with Myeong-su brother, Hyeong-don, Hong-chul, and the three of you went to the stairs. This time, I decided that the group that did not find maknae must not move. I found maknae. The group will meet in the past, must insist, understand?”

Everyone’s thoughts were unanimous, and they immediately split into two roads and headed for Nanshan who missed each other.

At the same time, the Yeouido Park Station, where the slow door opened, Seok Jin-soo hesitated.

“Everyone is here? Even if everyone is not there, Myeong-su brother must be there? That brother is lazy, and should stay here all the time.”

At the end of the chanting, Seok Jin-soo himself did not know what he was talking about.

The heavy footsteps entered the Yeouido Park, and the search for the eyes was never so eager.

How hopeful he was, in a corner, there were brothers who jumped out and gave him a warm hug.

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