KEP Chapter 725

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 725 chapter is soft and hard, floating astronomy

Park Nan-zhu’s words allowed Seok Jin-soo to seize the opportunity and a golden opportunity.

So he smiled a little, but the words he said were ambiguous.

“Thanks to sunbae-nim’s love, the Golden Record Award is also my dream of being a singer. Just know that I have a lot of work to do. I don’t want to say that Grammy also sent an invitation. I don’t necessarily be able to make it.”

Hearing that Grammy also invited Seok Jin-soo, Park Nan-zhu’s look was even more dignified.

Compared to the Golden Record Awards, the status of the Grammy can be too high.

As a Korean singer who can attend the Grammy and win the prize, it really is to set foot on the cloud.

Now Seok Jin-soo actually told him that even Grammy can’t go there.

The subtext is not telling him: Colin Grammy may not be able to see it, let alone you have a gold record award.

Thinking of this, Park Nan-be’s face was so dignified.

He didn’t know, it was just the strategy of Seok Jin-soo.

He is not 2b, how great he feels, even Grammy can’t look up.

In fact, I received an invitation from Grammy not long ago, and he has already decided that he will definitely attend.

Not to mention him, even Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Hyeong-seok and others have also spoken, telling him that he must attend.

If he dares not to attend, it is estimated that the two can marry him.

This is the first time that a Korean singer has appeared on the Grammy. Not to mention that the hope of winning is still so big.

If Seok Jin-soo comes back with a few trophies, it will definitely blow up in Korea. By the time myMystic89 company has risen, the status in the entertainment industry can be different.

In fact, this time on the Grammy, Seok Jin-soo received a lot of nominations.

Uptown funk has nominations for annual production and best pop combinations, while “rolling in the deep” has three nominations for annual production, annual songs and best short mv.

Among them, the annual production and the annual songs are all the most important awards, equivalent to the best movies and best scripts in the film awards.

The ability to capture such awards is a testament to how successful Seok Jin-soo is in Europe and America.

In addition, Seok Jin-soo has the task of performing on this year’s Grammy.

As the singer of the two best golden songs of the year, Grammy has no reason to ignore his existence. So at this year’s awards ceremony, he will also be a guest performer.

In any case, Seok Jin-soo held Grammy card in front, making Park Nan-Zhu’s mind more urgent.

A Korean singer who is about to participate in the Grammy, but does not participate in the Golden Record Awards, for them, this loss can be too great.

“Well, even if you go to Grammy, there is no conflict with the Golden Record Awards. Time is not the same, absolutely definitely.”

He is dead and biting, and he is determined to invite Seok Jin-soo.

Looking at the heat, Seok Jin-soo began to suffer.

“Hey, sunbae-nim, you don’t know? I am really riddled with things, busy, not busy. Especially t-ara, this year comeback so many times, the results are still decent. Just don’t know By the end of the year, can we afford their efforts?”

Park Nanzhu stunned, and suddenly understood.

Seok Jin-soo This is the condition.

It is okay for him to participate in the Golden Record Awards, but in t-ara, he must give enough rewards.

“Well, with their achievements this year, it is really very exciting. Anyway, a reward can not run.”

Seok Jin-soo smiles and looks very cold.

“Oh, this reward is really good.”

Park Nanzhu is an old man, can’t he hear it? Seok Jin-soo This is not satisfactory.

Since he is not satisfied with this award, what do you want?

The answer has already been revealed.

It’s just this answer, but it makes Pu Nanzhu a bit embarrassed.

Don’t look at him as the chairman of the Korean Recording Industry Association. It seems to be very powerful. In fact, the Golden Record Awards is a comprehensive award ceremony, and there are many hills.

Do not say anything else, “Japanese Journal Sports” should be considered?

Not to mention that behind the “Nikkei Sports” is the “Central Daily News”, and the Samsung Group is still unclear.

The award is a vital honour. Who is awarded to whom, not to whom, there are many ways here.

Nor can he decide by a chairman.

The real problem is here, and the task of inviting Seok Jin-soo must be fulfilled, and the conditions of the other party are also given.

The next thing to look at is his ability to break the question.

Park Nan-zhu thought about it and didn’t promise anything immediately.

“Yeah, t-ara is the first source of this year. It really has a higher goal. Here, I sincerely hope that Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi can make a dream come true. I have to see if I can help you. what.”

This is telling Seok Jin-soo.

Please wait a moment, the attribution of the award is not counted, I will go to the above and give me some time.

Seok Jin-soo is indispensable, especially after seeing the attitude of Park Nan-zhu, it is even more fun.

As long as the organizer of the Golden Record Awards is relaxed, the chances are great.

But before turning this opportunity into reality, he has to face the siege of a large group of monks.

Peer is a family.

He is mixed with the wind and water, and naturally there is a mixture of people who are not happy. So when I saw him, the attitude of others can be imagined.

“Hey, you are very good, even our Girl’s Generation has lost.”

When I met, Lee Sooeomma n was full of anger and bad tone.

Although there are many idol combinations under the sm company, there is no doubt that Girl’s Generation is definitely an indispensable sign.

The result is that now, this sign is being smashed, which is equivalent to humiliating the face of Lee Sooeomma n.

This is Seok Jin-soo. I used to have a lot of sm company and helped a lot, so Lee Sooeomma n will only be angry.

In exchange for other people, President Li has used various means of relations and began to suppress.

When Seok Jin-soo sat down, his brows were wrinkled and his mood was not too good.

This is the internal meeting of the Korean Recording Association. The people who can participate are the top ones in Korean entertainment companies.

There are at least a hundred representatives of companies attending the conference. But there are only a dozen or so who can enter this room and sit down.

myMystic89 Although it is a rising star, the influence of the two years is there, so I have a seat.

Just today’s seating arrangements, I don’t know which liTTL-Time To Love e pubutt y, actually placed Seok Jin-soo in the middle of Lee Sooeomma n and Shen Yinzhu.

It is said that Shen Yinzhu may not be known to most people, but when talking about Li Haoyan’s wife, many people suddenly realized it.

Dsp president Li Haoyan’s sudden cerebral hemorrhage this year is no longer a subject, so the person responsible for the company’s affairs is his wife, Shen Yinzhu.

The ability of this one, compared with Li Haoyan, is really a different day.

In a short period of time, the internals of the dsp company have been swaying, and rumors have arisen.

The outside world still can’t see anything, but as a person in the circle, everyone knows more or less.

As the wife of Li Haoyan’s continued string, Shen Yinzhu did not even have the inheritance right of dsp. Neither she nor her daughter Li Haoyan has the right to inherit.

This is very embarrassing.

While managing the company’s affairs, I don’t know who the company will be in the future. Under such circumstances, Shen Yinzhu is not good at all, and it is not good.

Not to mention her ability…

No, I heard Lee Sooeomma’s dissatisfaction with Seok Jin-soo, and she also got together.

“Seok Jin-soo governor, your myMystic89 people are machines, don’t you know how tired? This year, comeback so many times, tired and not tired, let us know how?”

Lee Sooeomma n murders himself, because the relationship is there, Seok Jin-soo is not to be heard.

You old lady, which green onion are you?

Your home’s dsp is going to be finished, and there is still a mind to set up an enemy?

Seok Jin-soo didn’t even look at her, but she said it was very irritating.

“South Korea is so big, it’s a good song, it’s hard to manage, and it’s always enough to eat. Every day, the net thinks about the evil tricks, and God can’t save it.”


The silver teeth of Shen Yinzhu are biting, but they can only tighten their hands. There is no way.

Seok Jin-soo is not an ordinary artist. Just as a director, she can only blink her eyes.

In fact, the people sitting here today are similar to the ideas of Lee Sooeomma n and Shen Yinzhu. In fact, there are many people.

There are only a few old tycoons who are not willing to take the lead. Some of them are not strong enough to dare to offend Seok Jin-soo, so they have to ask for a soft word.

No, ts company representative Kim Tae-song is a pitiful phase.

“Seok Jin-soo, you are this in pop music. When you are out, we have no one to pay attention to. Anyway, give us a little more to go.”

Kim Tae-song created the ts after selling the iron. Last year launched a women’s idol group, which is secret.

In the beginning, this combination could only live in the semi-basement because it had no money.

After a year of development, especially Han Sun-hwa’s performance in “Invincible Youth”, the situation is much better.

As a member of the 09 Women’s Idol Team, it is still too far worse than other opponents.

Especially this year, I also bumped into t-ara once. As a result, there were no waves and the cost was not recovered.

So I saw Seok Jin-soo today, and he took the opportunity to sell hard.

This time, the voice is turned on. Other delegates have also spoke, and in the words, all of them are saying that myMystic89 company frequently comesback and grabbed someone else’s job.

Like Park Jin-young and Yang Hyun-suk, although they are silent, they know that they are also very dissatisfied with the practice of myMystic89.

It stands to reason that this is arousing public anger. Switching to the average person, I have been frightened and frightened, I don’t know how to deal with it.

But Seok Jin-soo didn’t panic at all, so he sat quietly.

Let these delegates swear by words and say nothing.

This situation lasted for more than an hour. When those people said that they were tired, the scene gradually calmed down.

At this time, everyone looked at Seok Jin-soo and wanted to see how this can be handled.

In the eyes of everyone’s attention, Seok Jin-soo slowly stood up, arms on the table, and looked at everyone in a condescending manner.

“Everyone, you said, who should take this year’s sound source award? 哎 Yah!! t-ara next year is the January comeback, or May comeback, but I have not made plans.”

In one sentence, the whole scene changed.

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