KEP Chapter 726

The latest chapter of the sound of Korean entertainment, the 726 chapter is done [SB MAMA! ! Floating astronomy

In this world, who can mix well, it is estimated that a thousand people have a thousand answers.

But there is one, but everyone will recognize it.

That is the powerful people, they will definitely mix well.

As the saying goes, strength determines everything.

So in the face of the siege of these entertainment company representatives, Seok Jin-soo is not at all confused. In just one sentence, I reversed the situation and looked at them all at the same time.

You are not saying that I am not talking about rules, not hate t-aracomeback too much.

Well, I want a gold record sound source award.

Give this to me and say anything. Otherwise, then I will let t-ara come back in January next year.

Itโ€™s a pity to see that t-ara canโ€™t end the comeback now.

The momentum is soaring, the wind is cruel, and even Girl’s Generation can’t hold back.

If you continue to come back in January next year, then many entertainment companies can only drink the northwest wind.

Even the large companies are frowning, apparently weighing the pros and cons.

Seok Jin-soo Of course, knowing that these guys can play a lot of tricks, even playing t-ara is possible.

But it doesn’t matter, he can create a t-ara and you can make a second t-ara.

If you really want to hurt each other, then these people will not do it.

โ€œๅ“ŽYah!! Our President Yin has always wanted to recruit Trainee and said that he wants to form a menโ€™s team. In this way, the companyโ€™s lineup is complete. But I am hesitating, do you want to implement it?โ€

Yes, when the words came out, everyone took a breath.

This t-ara has been overwhelmed by the oppressed people. If there is another man’s combination, is there anyone else’s way of life?

Backed by the mountain of Seok Jin-soo, even the ordinary Trainee can take off.

Two consecutive threats were released, and the original noisy scene was completely quiet.

Everyone is in silence, apparently weighing the pros and cons.

Seok Jin-soo is not in a hurry, drinking tea slowly and spending time with them.

Don’t think that these are the representatives of entertainment companies, and think that the selection of the Golden Record Awards has nothing to do with them.

Who believes this is stupid.

When people reach a certain level, the relationship network is unfathomable.

You know this president. He knows the director. I am also relative to a member of the legislature. Others and the attorney general of the local inspection are relatives.

Even Seok Jin-soo has a good relationship with the Attorney General of Seoul.

Just because the person is also a Hunanese, after meeting at a reception, the two became oblivious.

After the year myMystic89 company plans to change the company name and become mystic entertainment.

At the same time, the company will also expand its equity in order to expand its operations.

In addition to the existing four shareholders of Seok Jin-soo, Yoon Jong-shin, Lee Dae-gyu, and Kim Hyeong-seok, the president of a cosmetics company is also preparing to invest.

The president of the cosmetics company is the younger brother of the Attorney General of Seoul.

At the same time, in order to demonstrate the social obligations of mystic, a well-known social welfare group sharing home was introduced as one of the company’s shareholders.

From now on, one percent of mystic’s earnings per year will automatically become a charity payment for the sharing home.

The biggest project currently being promoted by the Sharing House is the welfare support of the comfort women victims.

No one knows that the big shareholder behind the sharing house is the Korean beauty consortium.

The founder of this consortium is Park Yuan c.

It is reported that this person is currently preparing to run for the mayor of Seoul.

It can be said that after growing to this stage, mystic has begun to become no longer simple. But there is no way, want to be bigger and stronger, these are the only way.

Seok Jin-soo and Yoon Jong-shin also mastered similar experiences in their continuous learning and gradually explored the threshold.

If you want to make a relationship with a more powerful person and let Seok Jin-soo choose, you must choose the opposition party.

No way, who told him to be a lake n, there is no good feelings for the ruling party.

He is like this. Which of these representatives will be simple?

With such an invisible relationship, the representatives of these entertainment companies are obviously able to influence the results of the Golden Record Awards.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t have to hide his purpose, and it’s not a bad thing anyway.

He wants a sound source award, in exchange for a slowdown in the future t-aracomeback, giving these people a chance to breathe.

This is fair, it is a transaction.

As for whether these people can agree, Seok Jin-soo’s mouth is slightly tilted, and it is already imaginable.

In fact, he is very clear that he really dissatisfied with his request for the sound source award. In fact, there are only two or three people.

Sm, JYP and yg, these three.

Because in addition to these three, others are simply not qualified to compete for the award. Insufficient influence, insufficient strength, and insufficient grades.

So when he heard the call for the sound source, Lee Sooeomma n, Park Jin-young and Yang Hyun-suk were very dissatisfied.

Contrary to the three of them, the representatives of other companies are very indifferent. Between the look, it is already very heart-warming.

Anyway, even if you don’t give Seok Jin-soo, they can’t get it. Itโ€™s not a shame to use the things that are not their own in exchange for the benefits.

The focus of Seok Jin-soo is also on these three big names.

If they are caught, they will solve everything.

And these three people need to be treated differently.

First of all, Yang Hyun-suk does not need to be considered.

Lao Yangโ€™s two years and the gold record are very unpleasant, and the artists of the yg family even have precedents that they are not present. It takes a little time to ease the relationship.

Therefore, Yang Hyun-suk is not very contradictory.

What he cares about is the speed of the rise of myMystic89, and it is a threat.

However, considering it, Yang Hyun-suk is obviously not going to have a plan.

No one can stop the rise of myMystic89 company, then there is no need to be this wicked.

In addition to Yang Hyun-suk, Lee Sooeomma n and Park Jin-young are direct victims of the benefits.

For them, Seok Jin-soo is clearly ready for the long term.

Lee Sooeomma n is by his side, and Seok Jin-soo doesn’t bother. Hehe smiled, lowered the voice, and said with only the voice that Lee Sooeomma n could hear: “When is Girl’s Generation coming back next year, are you interested in collaborating again?”

Lee Sooeomma n is heart-warming and very shameful.

No way, he is a businessman, a businessman who is forgotten.

The last time with the help of Seok Jin-soo, the brilliance of Girl’s Generation is vivid.

Without the blessing of Seok Jin-soo, the following several comebacks of Girl’s Generation, the outside evaluation is not very good.

Seeing that if you donโ€™t want to make a splash, Seok Jin-soo shamelessly asks this, what can Lee Sooeomma n do?

I know what the purpose of this guy is, but Lee Sooeomma n is so painful!

He tangled his face, tightened his brow, and muttered: “Are you bribing me?”

Seok Jin-soo grinned and despised the old guy’s pretend.

“I don’t agree with you. I can’t make a production fee this time, as long as the copyright income is good.”

Yes, when this condition comes out, the strength of Lee Sooeomma n is as complete as the ice sculpture in the spring.

“Hey, stinky boy, count you.”

Although he did not say anything, he said everything. The matter is fixed, it is equal to the sm company compromise.

Poor Lee Sooeomma n didn’t know that Seok Jin-soo had promised Yoon-ah.

The result was taken as a condition, and he fled the competition.

In addition to Lee Sooeomma n, there is Park Jin-young.

Itโ€™s even easier to deal with your own brother.

“After a year, I plan to create a TV show for t-ara. It is a reaction to Trainee. Your company’s Xiuzhi is good and can be played. Is there any interest in the brothers to play a role?”

Park Jin-young is no better than Lee Sooeomma n, and he knows how to do it.

At the next time, the venue was very strange and the atmosphere was a bit too big.

Seok Jin-soo noticed that representatives of many entertainment companies didn’t know where to go.

Seeing this, his mouth slowly evoked, concentrating on tea, waiting for the final result.

Missy, you know, how hard it is for your boss to let you go up.

In the future, you should be good, don’t make any demon moths, don’t let me down.

He sighed here, really like the parents of the world. And t-ara is his child.

His only wish is to hope that these six girls will not be hurt.

It doesn’t matter if you are bitter and tired. If you are young, you will pass. But don’t be complacent and forget your heart.

In that case, it is the most terrible.

After so long in the entertainment circle, Seok Jin-soo has seen too many people squinting after the red.

What is the result?

There are also those who have been slain by the people, and even more in prison.

There are still some completely lost, can not see the direction, will only be rotated in place. As a result, time flies and suddenly discovers that the era of one’s own is over.

Not to mention those who are in debt and even have problems with their lives.

This time, he waited for a long time and grew up to sleep.

Suddenly heard a messy footsteps, Seok Jin-soo suddenly looked up.

Then he saw that Park Nanzhu took the lead, followed by Lee Sooeomma n, Park Jin-young and others, and came to him.

Without waiting for him to stand up, Park Nanzhu smiled and reached out to him.

โ€œๅ“ŽYah!! Thank you very much Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi for participating in this Golden Record Awards. It is our pleasure. I am sure that this time our Golden Record Awards will be the most successful one.โ€

Seok Jin-soo also smiled and smiled very happy.

Because he knows that what he expects is done.

When Park Nan-zhu was speaking, he also gave the conditions.

You have to participate in the Golden Record Awards, you come to participate, then the sound source award is t-ara. If you don’t come, you can’t guarantee it.

The flower sedan chair is lifted by everyone.

People have already given the benefits, and Seok Jin-soo certainly can’t do it at all.

So holding Park Nanzhuโ€™s hand, Seok Jin-soo is very good.

โ€œI am honored to be the opening guest performer of this yearโ€™s Golden Record Awards, and I hope local people will like my work.โ€

Since both sides are very happy, he is also welcome, directly to the position of the opening performance.

He didn’t have time to sit there all the time, so he made an opening performance and then left, not to delay things.

As long as he can attend the Golden Record Awards, the purpose of Park Nanzhu will be achieved.

As for whether he is going early or late, it doesn’t matter.

“Yes, I will say hello and put the producer’s awards in front.”

This year’s Best Producer Award is still no suspense, certainly Seok Jin-soo.

Since Seok Jin-soo is coming, how can I personally receive the award?

When I learned that Seok Jin-soo wanted to go early, Park Nanzhu simply decided to move the award that should have been issued in the second half to the front.

The two sides exchanged their interests and made a wish. Everything is done here.

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