KEP Chapter 731

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 731 chapter changes, floating astronomy

It turns out that weapons are addictive.

Yoon-ah and Yoon Shi-yoon, the two little guys, the more they play, the more they want to try the weapons in the storeroom.

If Seok Jin-soo didn’t see them too excited and stopped in time, it is estimated that the two men’s arms will not be needed tomorrow.

Even so, on the returning car, Yoon Shi-yoon is still Nagging.

“Brother, when are we going to play again?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“You don’t have to worry, wait until next month, there is a chance to touch the gun. I am afraid that you will complain when you get there.”

Immediately, Yoon Shi-yoon is about to enter the busy phase of darkness.

While preparing for the filming of “Viewing”, we will also train for the new TV series.

In comparison, Yoon-ah is still good.

She only needs to master the techniques of judo, taekwondo and pistol. Unlike Yoon Shi-yoon, all kinds of firearms must be understood, and the task is very heavy.

Yoon-ah had an event in the evening, so Seok Jin-soo sent the two back.

Back home, I started the second half of the drama “dream high”.

After a day of rest, Seok Jin-soo’s mentality slowed down and finally made a decision.

His script does not allow for any bit of embarrassment. So Xiu Zhiโ€™s starring role, he made up his mind to replace it.

No one acting, or starring, the damage to ratings is too great.

He didn’t want to be blinded by the time, and chose such an unqualified starring.

However, although the determination is fixed, the problem is very big.

First of all, who can replace the position of Xiuzhi?

This is the heroine of the TV series, and because it is the identity of the female Trainee, but also has the temperament and acting of the starring, there are not many suitable people.

Seok Jin-soo first considered his t-ara, not to mention that he was really found to be the right person.

That is Ji-yeon.

Ji-yeon’s acting is no problem. Earlier, Master Of Study was well received.

According to the description of the script, the heroine Gao Huimei is a smart and self-respecting genius who has not missed the first place.

To put it bluntly, this role is a bit cold.

Compared with the silly and sweet Xiuzhi, Ji-yeon’s temperament is undoubtedly more suitable.

Since the heroine has changed, the corresponding other character has to change, that is, Yin Baixi.

Seok Jin-soo decided to let Yin Baixi play the role of Xiu Zhi.

Before agreeing to Park Jin-young, I want to give Xiuzhi an important role.

But there are only three important female characters. In addition to the heroine Gao Huimei, the female No. 2 Yin Baixi and Jin Bishu are left.

The role of Kim Bi-sook, Seok Jin-soo, is not intended to change, and is still handed over to IU.

This character is characterized by a rich sound line and amazing singing power. In addition to IU, Xiuzhi can’t do it.

On the contrary, like the class, the 17-year-old Yin Baixi is very suitable for Xiuzhi.

Eun-jung is a little older, his acting is good, and his image is a little worse.

Most importantly, this character is a little unpleasant, and Seok Jin-soo decided to simply let it go.

As for Eun-jung, I will compensate from somewhere else later.

As a result, the three female stars in “dream high” have been arranged. Ji-yeon, Xiuzhi and IU are all leaders of the younger generation, and their respective positions are reasonable.

The female starring aspect is so fixed, followed by the male starring aspect.

However, compared to the male starring, Seok Jin-soo is not going to move.

The original lineup is very good, there is nothing wrong, it is fully competent.

And given Park Jin-young two places, this brother should be satisfied.

Originally, Seok Jin-soo was going to squeeze Kim Soonโ€™s role and let Yoon Shi-yoon come out. But when I look at Yoon Shi-yoon’s itinerary, I am already busy, and I have to give up.

These are all clear, the new “dream high” is formed.

Seok Jin-soo believes that this lineup should be made better than the original.

As for the so-called “dream high2”, I am sorry, he is not interested.

Not to mention the super-story storyline, just let Ji-yeon hit someone else, it is enough to make him feel worried.

How does his artist do not star?

Itโ€™s just that Iโ€™ve promised to slow down the rhythm of t-aracomeback and just make a TV show. These missy people in the province have nothing to do.

Completed the design of the new starring framework, Seok Jin-soo speeded up the production of the script again.

By the afternoon of the second day, the overall script was completed.

However, this drama, Seok Jin-soo is not intended to interfere too much. He has no time, and there are many more important things to be busy.

“Hey, this is a new script. Send a message and see which TV Station is willing to cooperate.”

Seok Jin-soo handed the script to Lee Dae-gyu.

He has this confidence, and now his script, all the TV Station are staring.

As long as the wind is released, those TV stations will definitely take the initiative.

Lee Dae-gyu nodded and never questioned his decision. He immediately released the message through the channels inside the entertainment circle.

Seok Jin-soo met Park Jin-young here and asked him to come to myMystic89.

“Senior brother, the script, I have already made it. I have reserved three roles for your JYP, which are more important.”

Say, Seok Jin-soo handed the script to Park Jin-young.

Seeing Seok Jin-soo is so efficient, Park Jin-young is happy.

“Aigoo, Jin-soo, your attitude towards doing things is really not knowing what to say.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and opened the script, pointing to Park Jin-young.

“Hey, female No. 2 Yin Baixi starred in Xiu Zhilai, male No. 2 Zhen Guo let Taec-yeon that kid come. There is also male third jason, let Woo-young play.”

Park Jin-young nodded as she listened, and her heart was already beautiful.

Seok Jin-soo is really interesting, and it is an important role for JYP. Although there is no male lead and heroine, Park Jin-young is content.

What is the level of his company’s artists, he is still clear, not enough to play the protagonist.

“What do I need to do?”

Itโ€™s rare that Park Jin-young is so active, and Seok Jin-soo certainly wonโ€™t let him go.

“Senior brother, in addition to the English seonsaeng-nim role, you also need to contact Bae Yong-joon sunbae-nim. There is a role that requires him to be a guest, and the actor needs to activate their company’s Kim Soo-hyun.”

I heard that Bae Yong-joon, Park Jin-young, was a bit savoury.

“Yah!! You and Bae Yong-joon don’t know each other. Why do you give such a good character to someone else?”

Seok Jin-soo spread his hand and said helplessly: “I don’t have a suitable candidate in my hand, or do I have to go to Lee Sooeomma n?”

Park Jin-young’s face has changed.

“Yah!! Don’t stop, I will contact Bae Yong-joon.”

Although he and Lee Sooeomma n are not so tit-for-tat in recent years, they have not reached the level of cooperation.

After talking to Park Jin-young, Seok Jin-soo got up and sent. But just out of the meeting room, I was stopped by the company’s front desk.

“Director, Director Zhao Nandou of the kbsTV Station TV drama production bureau came.”

Seok Jin-soo was completely scared.

I rely on it, this is too fast, right?

Calculating the time, from Lee Dae-gyu to release the news until now, there is not an hour yet.

But in any case, people come, he can’t miss it?

He looked at Park Jin-young and smiled and suggested: “If the brothers are not busy, why not see them together?”

He was surprised that Park Jin-young was even more shocked.

He knew, Seok Jin-soo released the news of the script. Only an hour later, the director of kbs personally went to the door.

My own younger brother, is the influence so big now?

Director Zhao Nandou was newly appointed, and it took less than a month to replace the original director.

The original director, because of the cooperation with Seok Jin-soo, “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu”, revitalized the disadvantages of kbs in the evening drama, and was highly appreciated by the superiors and promoted to the minister.

When working with Seok Jin-soo, Zhao Nandou, who is the deputy director, was next to him.

It can be said that he saw with his own eyes how his boss became a minister from the Secretary because of a cooperation.

So this time, through the channels in the circle, Seok Jin-soo had a new script. He didnโ€™t delay for a moment, grabbed everyone in front and rushed to mystic.

Although you are the director of kbsTV Station, it seems a bit shameful to be so anxious. But for the future, shame is not important.

Seok Jin-soo and Park Jin-young returned to the conference room and greeted Zhao Nandou and his party.

โ€œHaha, Secretary Zhao, havenโ€™t congratulated you on your promotion. Forgive me.โ€

Seok Jin-soo is a kind words.

In fact, Zhao Nandou just took office, and the gift of mystic company was sent.

Everyone knows this kind of thing, and there is no need to say it.

So holding Seok Jin-soo’s hand, Zhao Nandou laughed very comfortably.

“Haha, I haven’t used the light of Director Seok yet, but Mr. Park has been chanting you, saying thank you very much.”

After a few gossips, both sides sat down.

Zhao Nandou did not think that Park Jin-young would be seen here.

And when he met with Seok Jin-soo, he did not avoid Park Jin-young, which made his heart even more embarrassing.

“Director Seok, it doesn’t matter, I came for your script. Since I learned that you have created a new script, I didn’t dare to drink it, and rushed over.”

Park Jin-young Haha smiled.

“Director Zhao, is it so urgent? The script is there, you can’t run away later.”

“Hey, who can’t run? Hey, if I really come late, I won’t run, but fly.”

Zhao Nandou squinted at his face and did not feel exaggerated at all.

“Director Seok is now in the writerial world, there is no bad work. With this alone, we can’t let go of these broadcasters.”

Seok Jin-soo is very indifferent and not proud of his esteem.

In fact, he also knows.

“So, is Secretary Zhao planning to cooperate?”

Zhao Nandou heard the drama, especially excited.

“Cooperation, of course, we have to cooperate. Director Seok rest assured that the price will definitely satisfy you. It is 10% higher than the bread king Jin Zhuo, how?”

Good guy, this is really generous, opening your mouth and raising the price.

This is definitely a very sincere approach. Zhao Nandou is also very confident that Seok Jin-soo will definitely feel the sincerity of kbs.

Unexpectedly, in his expectation, Seok Jin-soo slowly shook his head.

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