KEP Chapter 734

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 734 chapter fixed makeup, floating astronomy

Looking at Son Ye-jin, Seok Jin-soo emphasizes it.

“You have to remember that your character is the oldest sergeant in Hanyang. It is a famous name. So you must perform the kind of flavors, and be good at grasping and playing with people.”

Son Ye-jin listened carefully, not as depressed as I was.

She is a person who is very responsible for her work, so she hides her emotions well and concentrates on the discussion of the script.

“What is the relationship between this character and Najing? Is there a hidden emotional line?”

Seok Jin-soo shook her head and rejected her thoughts.

“This role, at first, I heard the reputation of Najing, I hope that Najing will be a tool for making money. Therefore, the relationship that I started to use, even friends, is not counted. Later, after various accidents, I have a sympathy. A friend who is intimate but has no friendship.”

Son Ye-jin nodded and said that he understood.

Zhang Yuhong is the oldest sergeant in Hanyang. He has long been acquainted with the wind and has a lot of knowledge. He has long had no illusions about his feelings.

Such a person, no matter how many changes he has experienced, will not believe in true feelings in his bones.

Therefore, she has only sympathy for Najing and will not produce love.

On this day, I was exploring the rapid flight.

It was not until the meeting that everyone left, Seok Jin-soo found the opportunity to speak with Son Ye-jin.

“Why, those media and journalists are bothering you?”

Son Ye-jin stood in front of the window and nodded in a gloomy place.

“I don’t know how to drop, I was photographed by them. I have already explained it, but the outside world simply does not believe it.”

Although it was not said, Son Ye-jin was really annoyed, not anecdote, but feared that Seok Jin-soo had a disgusted mind.

His family’s swimming pool, after playing once, made her even more like it. She really worried that Seok Jin-soo was afraid of trouble and she was not allowed to go in the future.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t think so much.

“Since you don’t believe it, don’t explain it. Anyway, if you don’t care, time will dilute everything.”

Son Ye-jin has no choice but to do so.

“Just give you trouble.”

Seok Jin-soo Haha smiles.

“Is there any trouble? Or, when is my trouble less? I don’t care anymore.”

Starting with Kim Tae-hee, there is an end to his anecdote. The front door of his house has quickly become the base camp for media reporters, and many people are always abiding.

Fortunately, the biggest gossip media agency has a good relationship with him. He didn’t mix it, which made him less trouble.

“Go back and have a good rest. You have to make up your makeup tomorrow. Your state must be kept good.”

Before the film and television drama officially begins to shoot, the main actors will be given a makeup. Especially in costume dramas, this is a necessary step.

Because the makeup can be used to find the most suitable actor’s style, it complements the overall atmosphere of the film.

Son Ye-jin also knew this and left.

Seok Jin-soo went to find Li Meijing and asked the Li president to invest more and do a good job in the security of the studio.

He has a feeling that these media reporters may break into the studio in order to explore the news.

In order to avoid trouble, it is very important to take precautions.

Li Meijing is also a headache.

“Yah!! I said you two, just forget it together. So everyone is happy and saves trouble.”

Seok Jin-soo is stunned.

“What makes everyone happy? I am not happy. I have nothing to do with the woman. Why do we always put us together?”

Looking at his depressed look, Li Meijing laughed and leaned forward.

“Haha, oh, your virtue. Isn’t it good for our family Ye-jin? Do you know how many men are coveting her? I tell you, there are a lot of rich people every day, with me. Inquire about the situation of Ye-jin. Itโ€™s just that those guys are not good people, I only block them. You guys, even in the blessings, donโ€™t know how to be blessed.โ€

Seok Jin-soo grinning.

“I want to say, those guys are really blinking. What good is this woman? As long as I understand it, it is very strange.”

Can you be surprised?

As long as a spanked will be high c, such people are really strange.

Li Meijing reluctantly glared at his forehead, there is really no way.

The next day, Seok Jin-soo got another early morning and arrived at the production center of CJ Group in Rishan.

The makeup of “Viewing” is done here.

When he arrived, it was already busy.

I don’t know how many make-up artists, costumers, and props are going in and out, preparing one piece after another.

The costume drama is like this, the stereotype of an actor is quite troublesome.

Especially today, it is the day to determine the makeup, we must be all cautious.

When shooting in the future, because of the skill, it will not be so tired.

How to make up, how to make a shape, how to match, these Seok Jin-soo do not understand, so it does not blend.

He waited to see the final sample, which was in line with his image, even if he passed the test.

This is the power of only the writer, and even the director can’t intervene.

Because the script is written by the screenwriter, what is the role of each character, only the screenwriter is the clearest.

Seok Jin-soo A room and a room to see the past, I saw every place, there are a lot of staff to take the makeup requirements he wrote, in the shape of the actors.

Walking, went to a room and found that the door was closed.

He was a little curious and didn’t know what to do inside.

I waved my hand and watched the door open. There was a sudden scream inside.

“Can’t come in, here is the ladies dressing room!!”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked, and I remembered that there was a Son Ye-jin in the crew.

He quickly closed the door and tried to calm the undulating mood.

Just between the time, he only saw a pair of healthy and round thighs, and the slender white feet of the jade feet stepped on the ground.

The legs are not as straight as the clock show straight, but the fat is moderate. Fat but not greasy, thin and slim, flawless.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head, but he couldn’t remove the legs from his mind.

I had to flee the scene and try to find something for myself.

Fortunately, on the busy scene, there are many things that can distract him.

Not long after, there were actors and actresses who made up their makeup and came out to give him a look.

Menโ€™s makeup and styling are much faster than women at any time.

The first person to come out is Yoon Shi-yoon.

He played the son of Najing in the play, and the balance of his legs.

Because I am young, I donโ€™t have a beard, so itโ€™s much easier. So he finished first and came to Seok Jin-soo.

“Brother, how?”

Standing in front of Seok Jin-soo, Yoon Shi-yoon was also very excited, and extended his arms and turned a circle.

“Yeah, Yah!! Stinky boy, you are a blind man, what circle?”

After being smashed by Seok Jin-soo, Yoon Shi-yoon spit his tongue and realized that he was a little confused.

Seok Jin-soo looks around and gives an evaluation.

“There is not much problem with the styling, but the hair should not be bundled. Zhenheng and his father, who live on the mountain, are very bitter and have no money at all. So the appearance of the shawl looks more scribble.”

The staff next to it quickly recorded the case and went back to make adjustments.

Next, Seok Jin-soo told Yoon Shi-yoon: “You have to remember that Zhenheng is a deceased aristocratic family with a rebellious charge. So his character will not be Tae-yang light, and Because the disability will be a little depressed. But because of his talent and talent, he is not willing to live a life of poverty, so there will be a repressed spirit of indomitableness. In this respect, you must pay attention to deductively in order to perform this role well.”

This time I changed to Yoon Shi-yoon and remembered it, I didnโ€™t dare to neglect.

This is his first time in a movie, and it is such an important role. He is more nervous than anyone.

Yoon Shi-yoon’s question is over, and I will go back and rectify immediately. Then Li Zhengzai came out again, and he looked at Seok Jin-soo very embarrassedly.

It can be seen that for the role, Li Zhengzai has a deep understanding of the big actors.

From the beginning of him, the whole person’s expression carries a bloodthirsty wolf. Looking at people’s eyes, even if you laugh, it makes people shudder.

According to the requirements in the script, Shouyang Dajun is the overlord of the eagle-eyed wolf. It can be said that Li Zhengzai is already in place in the image.

However, Seok Jin-soo did not satisfy this, but told Li Zhengzai: “Two steps, come, take two steps.”

Li Zhengzai has a dim sum, not knowing what the routine is. However, the scriptwriter has told him that he can only do it.

Just under the fluster, this way is going…

“Hey, sunbae-nim, I said how are you stunned?”

Around the circle, people saw Li Zhengzaiโ€™s strange figure and did not hold back.

Li Zhengzai was even more embarrassed and scratched his head in distress.

“No, scriptwriter, your command is too strange.”

Seok Jin-soo just woke up and made a big red face.

“No, sunbae-nim, I mean, add the body form you have recently studied, and show off the image of the Maharaja of Shouyang.”

Li Zhengzai then understood this, quickly got up, brewed a mood, and came back to the side.

Good guy, obviously the same person. The last second still seemed amiable, and the unexpectedly looked up suddenly, and the momentum changed. The whole person was full of blood and blood.

Seok Jin-soo stood there, watching Li Zhengzai swaying from a distance. Step by step, it is really like a wolf who chooses to succumb to people.

Rao was psychologically prepared and was scared by this scene.

At this moment, his confidence in the film is unprecedented. With such a good actor, there is no possibility of failure in this drama.

This is the case with Li Zhengzai, and the same is true of Jin Zongrui played by Bai Yunzhi.

After seeing Li Zhengzai’s eagle-eyed wolf, and facing Bai Yunzhi’s tiger arrogant world, he gave him a different feeling.

These famous actors are really art.

What does it look like, it seems that this character is so natural.

Bai Yunzhi is not tall, usually looking at it, kindly and kind, just like the very graceful elders.

However, after the styling was made, the gas field was put up, even if it was not made, the eyes were filled with the pressure of persuasion.

Seok Jin-soo is very convinced that the confrontation between the two men in the film will be very exciting.

The two of them are like this, and Song Kang-ho, who plays the role, is even less to say.

Between the gestures, a savvy and sturdy, but cautious watcher, the interpretation of his vivid, humorous and unobtrusive, is simply a three-pointer.

Every time I saw one, Seok Jin-soo’s confidence was full.

Just then, a scent of wind came from behind.

Son Ye-jin finished the makeup and walked to his side.

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