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KEP Chapter 737

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the final battle of the 737 chapter, floating astronomy

IU’s dinner was eaten at mysti.

The food here is good, so liTTL- Time To Love e missy is gorging, and there is no idol at all.

If this is seen by her fans, she has to wonder if this is her idol or pig.

Oh, forget it, the next Ji-yeon is not much better.

Seok Jin-soo was relatively indifferent, and when he was eating eight full, he put down the chopsticks and finally gave the IU a command.

“You have to remember the feeling of today. I will follow this practice in these two days. After three days, we will officially record.”

Because the IU is eating too fast, the result is all food in the mouth, and the scorpion drum is the same as the squirrel. Because I couldn’t speak, I had to nod hard.

“That line, you should eat slowly. After eating, I am willing to play here for a while, or go back directly, all with you.”

Drop two liTTL- Time To Love e missy and Seok Jin-soo returned home.

Yoon-ah started a busy singing activity and didn’t even have time to make a phone call every day.

Girl’s Generation was too embarrassed by t-ara before, so I had to end the comeback period with t-ara and try to get back the lost honor.

Bored Seok Jin-soo, had to go to bed early, and Kim Tae-hee, a phone porridge in Hungary.

A phone call was played for two hours, and the mobile phone was hot and the boiler was almost the same.

The only thing that makes Seok Jin-soo happy is that Kim Tae-hee is coming back soon.

In this case, he must also adjust his own state and greet his woman in the most perfect way.

The first and foremost situation in front of him is the final victory of the special calendar.

It was really a matter of life and death, leaving him, Yoo Jae-seok and Park Myeong-su. The remaining four have been eliminated, and they can only wait for the filming calendar.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t want to lose and become a part of it.

It was really chilling to think of being photographed by a photographer with bare bottoms.

Early the next morning, the three met in the practice room and met Zhang Yunzhu.

“This is the last mission.”

Said, Zhang Yunzhu gave the three mission envelopes to them separately.

In the previous eleven months, I did a lot of themes. So in the last month, with only three people left, it is a very essential task.

“Go to the place specified in the envelope and take a photo with the cameraman.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t know the other two people’s situation. According to the address, when I got to the place, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Mo Yah!! It turned out to be Polaroid noona.”

In the studio, waiting for him, it is Zhang Yunzhu and the first cameraman of this year’s calendar special edition Polaroid.

No wonder the good calendar specials patted and the cameraman changed.

It turned out to be waiting here.

Seok Jin-soo almost came to mind in a flash, Yoo Jae-seok and Park Myeong-su are the partners of Wu Zhongshuo and Jin Taien.

Here, Zhang Yunzhu was handed over to him by the final task.

“You smiled hard, laugh! The 12 monthly calendar theme shot today is: smile!”

Now that you have a clear theme, you need to sit down and discuss it, how can you get the best smile?

“An unreal smile can’t be conveyed.”

As soon as he came up, Zhang Yunzhu said his opinion.

Seok Jin-soo grinning.

“Then why can the smile on the middle of the road in the island be conveyed?”

Zhang Yunzhu and Bao Li took a moment to burst into laughter.

They also thought for a long time to understand that Seok Jin-soo ridicule is the Congress.

Also, the smiles of politicians are certainly not true, but the results can be conveyed in an imposing manner.

Such a spicy and high-level satire provoked the laughter of the people around him, but also gave a thumbs up to Seok Jin-soo.

In this case, he dared to say it.

After the joke, it has to be a serious topic discussion.

“In fact, Zhang Yunzhu’s is right. I want to convey a smile. It is the best smile to let the people who see it feel warm.”

Seok Jin-soo is a screenwriter, and he grabbed the point in one sentence.

Baoli rushed his thumb.

“Yes, it’s true that it’s impossible to deceive people. The laughter of the show, Yong-hwa, has a huge gap.”

Zhang Yunzhu asked: “What is the smile that Seok Jin-soo thinks?”

Seok Jin-soo seriously thought about it and said: “I think it is hope. When I see hope, people’s smiles are always the most sincere reaction.”

The two women have been thinking for a long time, but still can’t grasp the clue.

Seok Jin-soo focuses on explanations.

“For example, when I heard the cries of the child outside the delivery room, the wife waited when the husband came home, the beloved one had to come back from afar, etc. You think about it, at that time, the smile that naturally emerged is Not the best?”

Zhang Yunzhu and Bao Li were all horrified. I didn’t think that Seok Jin-soo’s understanding would be so profound.

“Ah… Yes, we Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is a screenwriter. I am very good at how to express my feelings.”

Seok Jin-soo is full of black lines.

“How much do you care about my work, will you say this?”

Zhang Yunzhu was very embarrassed and quickly stressed.

“Ani ~ yo, I have a look at your work.”

Or Polaroid came out of the round and asked: “What should we do with our specific shooting?”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it, suddenly he had a bright future and had an idea.

“Then we are like this…so…how, how?”

Zhang Yunzhu and Bao Li’s eyes have changed completely, and they have given him a thumbs up.

Now that the guide seonsaeng-nim and the cameraman agree, start preparing immediately.

Under the guidance of Zhang Yunzhu, Hye-jin made a fuss for Seok Jin-soo.

The hair is not messed up, and the face has a delicate look. Especially the decent clothes, completely outline his good figure.

Later, the staff also sent the required items.

β€œWow, I have to say that the creativity of Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is really great. Now I can almost believe that I can hope to get one.”

Seok Jin-soo is still very light, with a slight smile.

“It can be done well.”

“Then let’s get started.”

Following the instructions of Polaroid, Seok Jin-soo walked right in front of the camera. There is a white curtain hanging there, forming a distinct background.

“Poly seonsaeng-nim, the time is right for you to look for the filming, I will brew my emotions well.”

To reflect the true mood, Seok Jin-soo takes a little time span. So when should I take a photo, he decided to hand over this option to Polaroid seonsaeng-nim.

What he has to do is to go over and lean on the curtain in a very normal position.

Then he lowered his head and opened the props in his hand.

It is a small box, only one or two inches in size. It looks very beautiful and looks very extraordinary.

And anyone who sees this box will definitely recognize it at a glance.

This is the box with the diamond ring.

At this time, Seok Jin-soo, so one person quietly leaned against the wall, opened the box in his hand, staring at the diamond ring inside.

Gradually, what seemed to be thought of, his mouth burst into a quiet and happy, but the expectation was hidden with a hint of smile.

The story of Seok Jin-soo is a man who is about to propose.

Anyone who has experience knows that at this moment, the heart of the suitor is really a thousand things, with all kinds of thoughts.

I am very happy to fantasize about the surprise of the marriage proposal.

But in that happy, there is a little bit of worry about being rejected.

But looking at the diamond ring, you can imagine the look of your lover, and you will have a happy smile.

This is his interpretation of the smile, preparing for happiness in the expectation.

In order to conform to the theme, Seok Jin-soo involuntarily brought himself into the process of brewing.

He is imagining that the person who is about to marry has changed to himself and is about to propose to a woman named Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah.

What reaction will they face in the face of this situation?

Is it also a tearful excitement?

Thinking about it, Seok Jin-soo actually got stuck.

Proposal, what an exciting thing.

A long time ago, when he was a poor boy, he had fantasized many times. If they met their favorite girl, they eventually became a couple.

So what kind of marriage proposal should I design in order to finally come together with her?

This is a dream that every One Man has had, and it is a necessary step on the road to becoming a man.

Now, he suddenly found out that it seems that the marriage proposal is so close to himself.

This is not the scene, as if everything is real.

He is about to go out and propose to his beloved woman.

What should she do, what would she think, whether there will be an accident, will she be surprised?

Everything has disturbed my mind and made him whole mysterious.

He did not know, at this moment, his image in the eyes of Polaroid photographers, how perfect.

A happy smile from the depths of the soul, even if it is not handsome, let the people who see it infect.

Zhang Yunzhu and Bao Li’s writers are already excited. They are not willing to stop holding the camera for a moment.

When Seok Jin-soo got into her own world, Polaroid had already taken a photo of how many photos she didn’t know.

These photos, each one is perfect, so that she and Zhang Yunzhu do not know how to choose.

β€œWow, these can be integrated into a very high-quality album.”

Polaroid is also a pity.

“Yes, or do we make it alone?”

Seok Jin-soo took a long time to return to normal. He came over and asked with care: “How is the quality of the photos OK?”

Polaroid didn’t talk, just gave him a thumbs up.

Zhang Yunzhu’s excited eyes were red, and his arms hugged him tightly, and his tone was even more exaggerated.

“It’s so good to shoot, I’m eager, the woman who is being asked to marry me is just fine.”

This is the supreme praise, and Seok Jin-soo has also widened his eyes.

“Really, is that so good?”

Zhang Yunzhu still did not ease it.

“Of course. After reading these photos, I realized that the man was like that before he proposed marriage. Wow, that happy smile, really can’t be rejected as a woman.”

Say it, the woman looks at his eyes and is all small stars.

Seok Jin-soo was shocked and hurryed: “Noona, you still refused better. I have someone I like, don’t make me embarrassed.”

Zhang Yunzhu was ridiculous and continually beat him.

“Yah!! Don’t need to refuse so fast? I am not interested in a short boy.”

Seok Jin-soo caught it quickly.

“Well, you really like Hong-chul Hyeong.”

Zhang Yunzhu is more flustered and waved his hand, trying to prove his innocence.

“Don’t talk nonsense, it’s not.”

Seok Jin-soo is pressing hard.

“you swear?”

Zhang Yunzhu was completely confused, and quickly shifted the topic.

“That… we still have a look at the photos!”

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