KEP Chapter 740

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 740 chapter unexpected plan, floating astronomy

Originally thought that after finishing the special calendar, this year is not very busy.

However, the recording of “Infinite Challenge” cannot be speculated by common sense.

The next day, Seok Jin-soo received a call from the production team.

Recording, it started again.

This time I came to a new coffee shop. Unlike ordinary petty bourgeois cafes, it is full of art and nostalgic atmosphere.

Of course, this is not the focus of Seok Jin-soo.

He arrived with Jeong Jun-ha. When they walked in, Yoo Jae-seok and Park Myeong-su were already there.

What makes Seok Jin-soo funny is that there are no customers here, but only two writers are posing behind them.

“Do Kyung-eun noona and Hye-jeong noona also pay for the performance? Or take the opportunity to drink coffee?”

For his teasing, the two writers waved a small fist.

Not a little while, everyone is here.

“But why are you calling us?”

“Don’t you have to give another task? Long-term planning?”

Among everyone’s slaps, one person quietly came out from behind.

Seok Jin-soo was the first to see it and was really shocked.

“Oh, isn’t Professor Xu Jingde?”

This is a great achievement. He has been doing national propaganda work all his life and has tried to introduce Korea to the world.

So at home, this person’s fame is great.

I really didn’t think that I would see him in the program.

The same is true of the members, who are very surprised by the arrival of the professor and have been busy for a while.

After waiting to sit down again, Xu Jingde came.

“The members of the Infinite Challenge last year helped us promote advertising in magazines.”

He said that last year’s New York diners special, because this event, also published a layout advertisement in the “New York Times.”

Speaking of this, Professor Xu Jingde is very happy.

“There are some customers who have advertised and ordered bibimbap. There are really foreigners who have done this. It is also helpful to the globalization of Korean food. After thinking about this, I feel that I can’t just do it once.”

Obviously, after seeing the good results of last year, Xu Jingde has a new idea.

But Seok Jin-soo didn’t think about it.

“Professor Nim, it is our pleasure to be able to promote our Korean culture and our Korean diet to the world. But there is one thing I need to confirm.”

Xu Jingde was very kind and asked: “I don’t know what it is?”

Seok Jin-soo is staring at someone.

“When I was working for the country, I was beaten and injured. Is there no compensation?”

As soon as I talked about this, Jeong Jun-ha turned red and everyone else was laughing and laughing.

“Why are you mentioning this? It’s been a year!”

Big fat is very wrong, and there is a lot of embarrassment.

At the beginning, he did something outrageous, not only miserable by the audience, but also criticized inside. It has caused him to lift his head for a long time, and he has used countless methods to seek the forgiveness of Seok Jin-soo.

Now Seok Jin-soo has revived the old thing, he really has no face to see.

Seeing him depressed, other people are happy to die.

Haha suspected that he was not enough to die, and began to add fuel and fire.

He pointed to Jeong Jun-ha and shouted.

“You are finished, you hit maknae. Do you know how many fans of maknae are in the world? You are now a sinner in the world.”

Park Myeong-su was very pity for the old partner and gave a sigh of sighs.

“Jun-ha, you quit!”

Jeong Jun-ha squinted and burst into tears.

“Ah, really, do it wrong, have to be said for a lifetime?”

Everyone laughs even more crazy.

Professor Xu Jingde is also a wonderful person.

“About being beaten, because it is a private dispute, although I can’t compensate, from my personal point of view, I know a good lawyer and can provide legal aid.”

Jeong Jun-ha is completely dumbfounded.

“What are you doing? Really kill me? I haven’t got married yet.”

For Jeong Jun-ha, a tease every day is the norm in the program. After this time, everyone’s mood was active and they began to listen carefully to the professor’s intentions.

“This year our publicity will be on Times Square.”

I heard that this year’s scale has expanded and everyone is surprised.

“We have been there, it is really amazing.”

Park Myeong-su puts gold on his face.

“It is my second hometown.”

Don’t look at the professor for the first time in the program, but very experienced, ignoring his shameless, only talking about himself.

“I didn’t use paper advertising last year. This year’s Times Square will be a video ad.”

All seven people had their mouths open and they couldn’t speak.

Video advertising in Times Square, the most prosperous and most concentrated place in the world.

I really can’t think of it, such a daunting task actually fell on everyone’s head.

Jeong Hyeong-don quickly asked: “Seonsaeng-nim, what is the deadline for production?”

Xu Jingde said that it is a matter of course.

“It is the degree of one month’s work.”

Seok Jin-soo was immediately upset.

“Can a professor play with other people? One month, the advertising in Times Square is completed? seonsaeng-nim, if you assign homework to your students, your tires will be smashed.”

Maknae opened and everyone laughed. Even Xu Jingde was blushing for the first time, and his head was stunned.

In fact, think about it, he also feels that his request is a bit too much.

But his ridicule is useless. The “Infinite Challenge” is a success. Everyone must decide the idea before the year.

Next, it’s time for everyone to explain their thoughts.

Park Myeong-su is the first one.

“In the US market, our country’s products are also very active. But what’s important is that they don’t know that it is madeinkorea. For madeinkorea, what about the focus?”

This, the professor’s look is very difficult, and can not say bad.

In other people’s minds, they understand what is going on, and they all look unnatural.

In fact, in terms of market share, in the international market, Korean products are really not many. Especially in Europe and America, it is completely inferior to China, Japan and India.

If you really advertise from this aspect, it is actually not enough to be convincing.

The professor also had to laugh and cope with the past.

“Oh, I thought… it’s important to say.”

Noh Hong-chul took the topic over.

“How about the dog? Jindo dog.”

Professor Xu Jingde began to listen carefully.

Noh Hong-chul is coming.

“It’s all foreign dogs nowadays. Foreigners don’t like dogs very much. Jindo dogs are unique in our country, and there are good looks. Get 30 white dogs and yellow dogs, let the dogs keep Called for twenty-five seconds, always called. This is a Korean dog, a worldwide dog.”

Sure enough, the idea of ​​a madman, crazy people can only laugh.

Park Myeong-su said in one sentence.

“You have to be bitten by the Jindo dog.”

Yoo Jae-seok is also a ridicule.

“In the middle, you have to put on your hair.”

Noh Hong-chul was shocked.

“Brother, am I a dog?”

Seok Jin-soo sang directly next to it.

You are a mad dog, a mad dog

Mad dog is a mad dog

Yes, it’s a crazy dog ​​crazy…

The big guys were shocked.

“Yah!! How is it amazing?”

“But the rhythm is very good.”

“It seems to be a hip hop song.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled, but did not answer. Because he knows what the theme is today and doesn’t want to steal.

When I talked about the dog, the voice provided a nice song.

Only the lyrics are too hot, and generally not very good. He has to wait, wait for the right person, and wait for the right time.

Yoo Jae-seok also said his thoughts.

“Maybe, how is the wine?”

This makes everyone very excited.

“Oh, the wine is good.”

Professor Xu Jingde is also very recognized.

“Korean food is the basic material that needless to be said. Many netizens also let us give more ideas about Korean food. If you go overseas, countries also have their representative wines…”

Noh Hong-chul has a bright eye.

“Ah, rice wine.”

Haha also praised: “The safety of rice wine is art!”

Jeong Jun-ha whispered: “There are many people who think that rice wine is Japanese sake…”

Jeong Hyeong-don also has his own ideas.

“The rice cake ribs are not very delicious. Just like eating steak, use pancakes as a very high-quality food.”

Seok Jin-soo is in one step.

“Get a pancake McDonald’s or something.”

Haha also put forward his own views.

“How about porridge?”

Jeong Jun-ha muttered again.

“The porridge is also, recently China…”

Haha frowned.


Rice wine has Japan, porridge and China, it really makes him depressed.

Seok Jin-soo really couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to give it to them.

“Brother, do you know how many kinds of Chinese porridge? There are more than one hundred kinds of famous porridge. But there are not many kinds of unknown places. I don’t know how many. As early as 4,000 years ago, there was porridge. The text is recorded. Songzhu porridge shop knows? It is a typical Chinese porridge.”

Every time he said something, Haha and Jeong Jun-ha were stunned.

When he finished, the two quickly stood up and became extremely humble.

“Sorry, we are ignorant.”

Well, because of the popularity of Seok Jin-soo, the idea of ​​porridge was completely rejected.

Noh Hong-chul seized the opportunity to talk about the anecdote of Jeong Jun-ha.

“In the past, Jun-ha brother said this to me. I went to Japan and came up with the idea of ​​starting a business. I said that there is a kind of cylinder ice cream. If it is made, it must be very popular. In fact, we already know it. After it is separated, Go home, there is in front of our house.”

In the laughter of everyone, Jeong Jun-ha ate a huge embarrassment.

The news of this brother is how backward it is!

Anyway, everyone is sitting here, and all the messy ideas have come up, but it is unrealistic to think about it.

Park Myeong-su is still tangled with his madeinkorea.

“Take a 6mm camera to shoot a family in the United States and show them what it is made in Korea.”

Yoo Jae-seok is really annoying and asks: “Brother, how many madeinkorea do you have?”

Park Myeong-su looked down at his dress and talked to himself.

“This is Italy, this is China, this is Vietnam…”

Said, the old guy himself is embarrassed.

“So just stop here.”

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