KEP Chapter 745

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 745 chapter unexpected candidate, floating astronomy

Just when Seok Jin-soo starred in the starring role, he received an unexpected call.

“Yah!! Where are you?”

The person calling is very rude. Of course, there is no need to be polite.

When you talk to each other, when do you need to be polite and polite?

The caller is Kim Hee-chul, even if you are not familiar, you will not be so polite, let alone familiar.

Seok Jin-soo is also not welcome.

“I am at home, what is it?”

Kim Hee-chul didn’t say anything on the phone, leaving only one sentence, “I am going to find you.”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t matter, just stay at home and wait for him to come.

Kim Hee-chul came very quickly and could see that he was in a hurry.

“There is something to drink in the refrigerator. What do you want to get yourself.”

Ok, without waiting for Seok Jin-soo, Kim Hee-chul has taken a bottle of Sprite and sipped it.

“What makes you so anxious?”

Seok Jin-soo is more curious, after all, Kim Hee-chul is not in a hurry.

He didn’t do this when Han Geng retired last year. Seok Jin-soo accompanied him to drink twice and he slowed down.

Kim Hee-chul drank Sprite, finally a little comfortable, sat down and began to pick things up from the bag.

“Finding you is definitely what you are good at, and you need to help me with the check.”

After that, he took out a thick book from the bag and handed it to Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo took a look and found out that it was a script.

“What? You want to act?”

Kim Hee-chul’s look is very exciting.

“This is a Chinese TV series, invited me to star in it, and gave me a remuneration that I couldn’t even think about.”

Seok Jin-soo is inexplicable.

“Then you are doing well, ask me what?”

Kim Hee-chul’s look is awkward.

“Yah!! Is the brother only looking at the money? I want you to help me see, how is this movie? The invitation of the other party has been sent to the company. I have not decided whether or not to play. You know, In the Chinese TV series, my language is a big problem.”

Seok Jin-soo grinned and was not used to him.

“There are more problems with your problems. Except for the face, all aspects related to film and television, you are a problem.”

Kim Hee-chul thoroughly fried the temple and shouted: “Yah!! Are you saying that I have no acting skills?”

Seok Jin-soo is unmoved and flips the script at will.

“do you have?”

Kim Hee-chul is completely speechless and knows that he is not.

In other respects, Kim Hee-chul is also a toothy mouth, no one has lost to anyone. But in terms of film and television, Seok Jin-soo is the authority.

People have cooperated with so many top actors, what kind of acting has not seen?

Said that he did not have acting, really did not say anything wrong.

The Seok Jin-soo script looks very fast. Although it is mixed with Chinese and Korean, it is not difficult for him.

“Give up, what is this broken thing?”

Looked out, Kim Hee-chul still has a little bit of movement.

“Is this script not good? I heard that there will be a great Chinese actor.”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t care.

“Even if Zhou Runf starred in the show? The bad drama is a bad drama, Leonardo can’t be a fire. This script can be used for filming. It’s okay.”

Seok Jin-soo For the script, only a little weight, that is quality.

He is a screenwriter, so he is convinced. A good script can determine the height of the work.

The script is not good, the director, the actor, the production is good, and the filming is also a bad show.

Unfortunately, the script he sees now is the standard of bad.

“The whole story is nothing new, the rhythm is still twisted, and Nana’s has only enough eight episodes, and there is no bright spot in the use of technology. So tell you, this kind of drama is shot, except for actors. Outside the fans, no audience will watch it.”

It is said that the super junior Jae-joong country is very hot and has many fans.

Maybe those fans will follow Kim Hee-chul’s relationship, but those people are watching idols, not TV shows, so the quality is really good, it really has nothing to do with it.

But as a foreign artist, Kim Hee-chul, even if the Jae-joong country is re-fired, the number of fans is limited. It is impossible to rely on his fans to bring this bad show to the red.

So from his point of view, there is really no need to appear.

Of course, he just thought from the perspective of a friend. What to do, depends on the ideas of Kim Hee-chul and sm.

After all, this kind of project involves a lot of benefits behind it.

For example, sm’s China market development plan, cooperation with local counterparts, and the operation of capital.

Can not simply consider from the perspective of film and television, that is a fool.

From his position, of course you can’t say too much.

However, Kim Hee-chul trusted him and had already heard his words completely.

“In this case, I have to discuss it with the company.”

Seok Jin-soo is funny.

“If your company has to let you play?”

Kim Hee-chul naturally said: “No one can do anything, I can’t force me.”

Seok Jin-soo Haha laughs.

“Oh, I can’t see it, you are still so powerful. Why don’t I know that sm company is a reasonable place.”

Speaking of Korean slave entertainment companies, sm is definitely the most famous one. How many artists were there, because they were not willing to be manipulated and exploited, and finally chose to break.

Otherwise, Han Geng will not cancel the contract last year.

But if sm company is fair, take care of him a little, he will not go so happy.

This can be seen from the attitude of Kim Hee-chul. He is not like other super junior members, and he has no complaints about Han Geng’s departure.

In the face of his doubts, Kim Hee-chul is not at all confused.

“Who am I, Kim Hee-chul, cosmic big celebrity, is it honest?”

Seok Jin-soo glanced at him and sighed: “Although you are handsome, you have to face your face. Your virtues are like hooligans.”

He just said to laugh, but when it came to the rogue, suddenly suddenly looked up, and then carefully observed Kim Hee-chul.

Kim Hee-chul was looked at by his eyes and couldn’t help but retreat.

“Yah!! What do you do with me? Don’t you look at me? liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, I warn you, I only like women.”

Kim Hee-chul made a lot of jokes because it was so beautiful.

One of the most famous ones is that he likes men.

But in fact, the character of this guy is the man of the men, and there is no change for women.

Hearing that Kim Hee-chul suspected his sexual orientation, Seok Jin-soo didn’t fight.

“You are less smug. You are beautiful again, it is also a man. Not to mention the woman who lives here, which one is not more beautiful than you?”

Kim Hee-chul looked around and suddenly noticed the high heels in the shoe, and immediately excited.

“Yah!! Do you have a woman? Who is it?”

Seok Jin-soo rolled his eyes.

“Why should I tell you?”

Kim Hee-chul heard that he didn’t want to say, how can this be tolerated?

“Yah!! If you don’t say it, I will definitely give you out in the program.”

Oh, this bastard actually scared himself.

Seok Jin-soo was unmoved, and his funny eyes stared at him.

“Why, do you want to hurt each other? You are in love with two members of a Girl Group, and the two of them don’t know each other. You said, what if I pass it out?”

Kim Hee-chul was completely dumbfounded and pointed to him and began to swear.

“Fuck, this guy is a complete rogue. How can you get to the international reputation? It really hurts the image of the country.”

Seok Jin-soo was even happier when he heard him swearing, and he also decided his own ideas.

“Okay, there is something to look at your thoughts. I have a movie here, there is a character that is right for you, is the starring. How, is there any interest?”

Yes, I just saw Kim Hee-chul, Seok Jin-soo didn’t know how, and he immediately overlapped him with the image of the takeaway brother in the movie.

The takeaway of the movie, Xiao Ge, is not an honest child.

In fact, this role is a bad boy. Sending a takeaway is just a matter of life.

In the design of the character, it is the hair dye of a coil, and the lines of swearing.

At this time, Kim Hee-chul is a golden hair dye, and his mouth is awkward. How to look like a good person.

From the image point of view, Kim Hee-chul came out to play this coveted benefit of the takeaway brother, and it is also very consistent.

The only thing that can be considered is that his acting will not work.

After all, the original role, the performer is the national brother Yoo Seung-ho.

So in anticipation and worry, Seok Jin-soo tried to send out an invitation.

Kim Hee-chul was a bit worried, and I didn’t expect the conversation to change so fast.

The two of them just riddled each other’s ridicule. How do you invite yourself to star in the movie?

But soon he woke up and understood what was going on.

Seok Jin-soo actually sent him an invitation to play in the movie, or the protagonist.

Kim Hee-chul wants to hold his mouth and say “My God.” Suddenly it felt like this was so good, so I quickly resisted it.

But this did not affect his horror and doubts. He quickly asked: “Do you want to invite me to a movie? Isn’t your movie only a big actor like Sol Kyung-gu and Song Kang-ho?”

Seok Jin-soo is so stunned that I don’t know this at all.

“Who said? Why do I only want to be a big actor? Whoever chooses to be a character can do it. What does this have to do with big actors and actors?”

Upon hearing this, Kim Hee-chul was completely moved.

“What do you mean, I am in line with your movie role?”

Seok Jin-soo no longer teases him.

“It’s really good, at least I agree. But you can play, but also how your acting. This is a movie, not an idol, and it has a high demand for acting.”

Unfortunately, his concerns were not taken care of by Kim Hee-chul.

Who is he, the big celebrity of the universe that is not afraid of fear.

When I heard Seok Jin-soo invite me to star in a movie, how can I take care of something else?

“I didn’t say it, I have to play. Yah!! It doesn’t matter if you pay less. I have to play. Really, I can play your movie one day. Haha Haha…”

Seeing how crazy this guy laughs, Seok Jin-soo can’t feel at ease.

This guy, is it reliable?

He promised Kim Tae-hee, and he will come back for her after taking the film.

Don’t ruin everything because of this bastard.

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