KEP Chapter 749

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 749 chapter Shuguang, floating astronomy

This is a sanatorium, a very inconspicuous sanatorium. The scale is small and very shabby.

It stands to reason that rich people like Seok Jin-soo seem to be not here.

But he came, or came quietly.

In order to avoid eye problems, the cars he drives are ordinary domestic cars. When I came in, I wore a hat and a mask to prevent anyone from recognizing him.

He went all the way and eventually got to the place.

This is a small ward in the sanatorium. Usually, no one has ever asked anything, so it is very quiet.

When Seok Jin-soo came in, there was an adult and three children in the room.

When I heard someone coming in, it was obvious that the people inside were very nervous.

Especially the three children, all clenched their small fists and blocked them in front of the grown-up.

The adult is thin and pale, and at first glance it is a long illness.

If anyone wants to hurt them, they have no room for rebellion.

But when Seok Jin-soo took off his hat and mask, all four of them showed a sigh of relief.

The three children were even more screaming and rushing up, holding him tightly, and the joy was beyond words.

They can’t talk at all.

Seok Jin-soo also has three children, one of which is not ignored.

“Aigoo, we are so fat, what have you eaten?”

“I finished, did you study hard? Is the test score good?”

“Enh, you have grown a lot higher.”

The three children are the oldest, but they are still very attached to him.

Although I can’t talk, but the non-stop gestures on the hand, let him understand what it means.

“Uncle Jin-soo, we miss you very much.”

Seok Jin-soo is full of black lines.

“Yah!! I said it, my brother, not my uncle. You have a good look, am I so old?”

The three children just giggled and their expressions were innocent.

The man lying on the bed also eased a lot and whispered: “How come you?”

Seok Jin-soo released three children, turned back and closed the door, then sat on the edge of the bed.

“Some things happened today, so I remembered you. I don’t know what you are doing, so I came over.”

The man lowered his head and his tone was a little depressed.

“You can actually not come over, we will cause trouble.”

Seok Jin-soo just smiled and was unmoved.

“What trouble are you? The people who really make trouble are still not punished.”

Speaking of this, the man’s expression suddenly came alive, and he grasped the sleeves of Seok Jin-soo, and his tone was fast and urgent.

“Yes, I have collected some evidence during this time. If we take it out, we will be able to win.”

Seok Jin-soo frowned and stared at him with dissatisfaction.

“Are you going out again? Do you know that your body is no longer working? Not talking to you, you have to recuperate.”

The man smiled.

β€œHaha Haha, recuperate? You told me, cancer can be better by recuperation? I can still move now, and I can do something. If I wait until one day I die, what should they do? What about the children who died?”

No one knows who this man is, but Seok Jin-soo knows. And after knowing it, I admire this person very much.

All this must be said from the three children who can’t talk.

The three children who can’t talk are actually the victims of the Gwangju Deaf School in reality.

This was learned by a lawyer that his friend was the seonsaeng-nim of the deaf school.

Knowing this kind of anger and anger, the lawyer and his friend seonsaeng-nim decided to get justice for the children together.

However, something unexpected happened.

The friend of the lawyer, the seonsaeng-nim, was assassinated in the process of collecting information.

Yes, you are not mistaken, you are assassinated.

In modern democratic societies, the assassination of such things happened in an imposing manner.

The friend died, but the lawyer did not back down and still did not give up. The more horrible the darkness, the more it is to use light to scatter it.

However, in the following years, several legal workers with justice were assassinated, and the lawyer finally had to leave the law firm.

It is not difficult to see that the principal has a terrible force in the local area.

The lawyer had no choice but to leave the local deaf-mute children who had been rescued by him.

For seven years, the lawyer took the three children together to appeal, but there was no result.

Later the lawyer met a doctor friend.

The doctor was informed of the cause of the incident and was deeply shaken, so he was determined to help him.

The two of them work together to find justice.

However, in the process, the lawyer suffered from cancer and was attacked by the disease.

What makes them even more painful is that although they have found evidence, the principal is too powerful and still not punished as it should.

Later, the lawyers did not suffer from cancer, and died.

Only the doctor left alone and worked hard, but still could not see the results.

In the end, the doctor was completely desperate, chose to commit suicide, and wanted to gain attention in this way, hoping to achieve justice.

Later, this suicide note attracted attention on the Internet, and it was the concern of the writer of Kong Zhiyong.

She personally went to Gwangju to get along with the victimized students before finally writing the “melting pot.”

What makes her even more concerned is that the three children the lawyer has been carrying, but there is no news.

What Kong Zhiyong’s writers don’t know is that Seok Jin-soo was shocked after reading the “melting pot” and was very concerned about this matter.

He asked for a layer of relationships and eventually grabbed three children in front of everyone.

It turned out that after the doctor committed suicide, the three children were adopted by the doctor’s brother.

Like his brother, this younger brother is also a person with a high sense of justice.

Even if faced with countless dangers, he suffered several kills, but he did not give up, with three children to hide in Tibet, while keeping and continuing to collect evidence.

It’s just that their situation is very bad, because they can’t live normally, they still have three children, and their savings are all spent.

And long-term accumulation of illness, he also suffered from cancer.

Just when he thought he had to follow his brother’s footsteps, when he couldn’t but wish, Seok Jin-soo found them.

With the support of Seok Jin-soo, he and his three children passed through his brother’s friend and committed themselves to this inconspicuous small sanatorium, avoiding the outside world.

But hiding is not an end. There are so many people who have sacrificed. There is only one wish for everyone. That is to do justice and let the real wicked be punished.

Therefore, during his stay in the nursing home, he also insisted on collecting evidence and not dying.

Just watching the man’s weight loss, Seok Jin-soo sighed and filled with sorrow.

In fact, Seok Jin-soo saw the evidence after finding the man and three children. The same, a pile, all made him shocked.

The strongly motivated Seok Jin-soo quietly got a lawyer’s group and wanted to get justice through the legal channels for the children, the dead seonsaeng-nim, lawyers and doctors.

What he didn’t think of was that he had failed in this lawsuit.

Fortunately, he was a lawyer group in the name of others, so he was not suspected on his head.

But through this incident, Seok Jin-soo realized that it was impossible to achieve the goal by normal means.

In the past two years, he has been thinking of ways to find ways to achieve it.

It was under such circumstances that the door of Kong Liu and Kong Zhiyong and others finally let Seok Jin-soo see hope.

At present, this approach is the most promising.

Understand this, so Seok Jin-soo will come over.

One is to inform them of this good news, and the second is to calm their increasingly uneasy state.

“Accept, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about this matter.”

This man is called Wen Chengying, a person who should remember and remember history. Like the seonsaeng-nim of the Deaf Academy, the lawyer and his doctor’s brother, no one should be forgotten.

However, when he heard his words, Wen Chengying was very embarrassed and excited.

“Slightly safe? Don’t you make me feel awkward? You look at me, how long can I live? Once I die, what do they do? Those children who have encountered, who should we talk to? ?”

Seok Jin-soo took a lot of effort and he didn’t have the strength until he couldn’t help.

“You know, there is so much evidence you have collected, and you can’t rely on this to let those bastards fall. So, we have to do other ways to complete the counterattack.”

Wen Cheng should look straight into his eyes and see that his look is not like a fake, only slowly calm down.

“Counter attack? Can we counterattack?”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled and told Wen Chengying about the consultations with Kong Liu and Kong Zhiyong.

Although Wen Chengying has not seen Kong Zhiyong and others, the influence of “The Furnace” is very large, and he also read it. I also know that the novel was based on the events of Gwangju.

Now I heard that Seok Jin-soo and others have decided to make this a movie and spread it to the extent that everyone knows it. His eyes are finally wet.

“Great, great, why didn’t you think, is there this way?”

He doesn’t know about filming, but he also knows that the film has a large spread and can have a great impact.

If this matter can be spread through the film, then the vast majority of the people will explore the truth because of anger and curiosity.

Only when more and more people know that things are really likely to reverse.

Wen Cheng should be excited for a while, suddenly thought of something, grabbed Seok Jin-soo’s hand and asked with concern: “You do this, not afraid of those people…”

They had even paid the price of their lives in order to get justice.

This is why Seok Jin-soo provided legal aid to them before they were anonymous.

But this time, Seok Jin-soo intends to make a real name movie, isn’t it afraid of those people’s revenge?

See him worried about himself, Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Don’t worry, I am the king in the movie field. Here, I have the final say.”

In the face of Wen Chengying, what Seok Jin-soo can do is to give him the strongest confidence and preserve his hope.

Because he is clear, hope is the hope that Wen Cheng should be able to survive.

He also hopes that Wen Cheng should be able to live to see that the children are fair and the bad guys are punished.

Looking back, he has to overcome the difficulties of Li Meijing.

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