KEP Chapter 753

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 753 chapter event, floating astronomy

Recording started and Yoo Jae-seok started hosting.

“Everyone, everyone, Infinite Challenge!”

It seems that I have not done this gesture for a long time, so that everyone has a novel feeling.

But I don’t think everyone thinks about it. The long story of Yoo Jae-seok started.

“Today is Saturday, not the Thursday recorded by the Infinite Challenge. Everyone is busy with their own, Myeong-su brother is explaining math to Min Shu, Jun-ha is negotiating with Mi-rae’s wife, Jeong Hyeong-don Lai was on the sofa, Noh Hong-chul called the model again, Haha was thinking about how to go further with Song Ji-hyo, Seok Jin-soo was too busy to see people. It was under such circumstances that we were made The group summoned it. What happened specifically, we don’t know yet.”

Good guy, is this the mouth of the person?

How can it be so fast?

Anyway, waiting for Yoo Jae-seok, the big guy is mad.

“Yah!! I have never been to school, can I teach Minshu math?”

Park Myeong-su is not ashamed of his saliva.

Really, it’s a glorious thing not to go to school?

Jeong Jun-ha is even more aggrieved.

“I am just drinking with my friends. Why do you always bother me with marriage?”

Unexpectedly, he heard Seo Jin-soo.

“And they are drinking with Kwon Sang-woo and Song Chengxian? Brother, we are also younger brothers. When are you going to have a drink with us?”

Jeong Jun-ha was very embarrassed and explained it slyly.

“It’s just that I haven’t touched it for a long time, so I have to drink a cup. If I haven’t drank it, I will be called.”

The big guy yelled at Haha and teasing Jeong Jun-ha was really fun.

To say that Yoo Jae-seok has no rebuttal meaning, of course, Jeong Hyeong-don.

Because Yoo Jae-seok did not make a mistake, he was actually lying on the sofa when he received the notice from the production team.

In addition to him, the childhood sweethearts are all very unhappy.

Noh Hong-chul took the set of his fraud.

“Everyone, everyone knows me. I just have a common language with the models. People like me who are so handsome and have life experiences, models like to get valuable advice from me. As a person who helps others. How can I refuse to look down on their begging eyes?”

I haven’t seen it for a few days, and this guy’s shameless martial arts has been cultivated to the eighth stage of blinking and talking.

Haha next to him is roaring.

“I have said, I have nothing to do with Song Ji-hyo, I have to say a few times!!!”

Just say it a few times, if you don’t listen, we will do it.

Among these people, Seok Jin-soo is not ridicule, so he is very indifferent.

“Well, why are you calling us today?”

Following his question, Yoo Jae-seok also asked: “Yah!! Kim Tae-ho pd, we are all very busy, why are there any sudden recordings?”

Opposite them, Kim Tae-ho pushed the glasses and the expression was very exciting.

“The news I just received, because it is related to you, I need to explain to you.”

Everyone is quiet and watching this pd adult.

However, everyone’s heart is also thinking about it. If the situation is not very important, it will never be easy to spare him.

Usually, everyone is not harmed by this scourge. Once there is a chance of revenge, it is definitely not polite.

When everyone was thinking about bad thoughts, Kim Tae-ho said that everyone was shocked.

“This summer, we made a special wrestling special, and the response is not bad. You also know that when the special recording was recorded, the US ork company came over to shoot a documentary. We just got the news, given that we are promoting e The outstanding contribution, so the US company e invited us to participate in the e-start ceremony in February next year. We will be the guest performers and contribute our performances to the American audience.”

Good guy, the big guy is really dumbfounded, and all kinds of reactions are there.

“What? Let us be a guest performer?”

“Don’t be kidding, how can we dare to perform at e?”

“Is it too shameful?”

“That is where we can go to perform?”

“What should we do? Why are we going to the US to lose people?”

Don’t look at the pain of the wrestling specials, but everyone knows that the ones they play, compared with the real e, are completely farce.

It’s okay to play in South Korea and meet the no-frills fans.

Good guy, now I am going to the United States to perform in the base camp of e. Just think about it, everyone feels old-fashioned.

For a time, everyone was numb with their hands and feet, their minds were awkward, and there was a feeling of suffocation.

“No, no, I quickly refused. It’s going crazy!!”

Yoo Jae-seok also lost her mind and screamed loudly.

Park Myeong-su was even more anxious to hit someone. He rushed out of position and grabbed Kim Tae-ho’s collar, where the saliva sprayed everywhere.

“Yah!! I have been killed once. Once again, who will my children support?”

Kim Tae-ho just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Even the wrestling is not forgotten, relying on Jeong Jun-ha who has turned over and turned around, it is also ugly.

“Really not, it is completely professional. The audience there is very picky and will give us a buzz.”

Noh Hong-chul’s brain circuit is different from others, and his face is excited.

“Don’t we have to enter the US? Wow Haha Haha, are we going to become Hollywood style?”

Damn guy, what are you thinking about?

Seok Jin-soo and Haha punched and kicked, and suppressed Noh Hong-chul’s paranoia.

Then he looked at Kim Tae-ho in horror, and his mind and his brothers were not ********d, how can we participate in e? Even if it is a performance, it will be killed. Didn’t you see it? Those guys are monsters. The arms are so thick and the muscles are the same as the stones. ”

Wrestling with those guys?

Don’t be kidding, just look at their block and you will know.

Seok Jin-soo is pretty sure that even if people are standing still, he may not have the power to fall.

Kim Tae-ho has already looked at everyone’s fears and smiled and said: “You don’t have to worry, we just do the opening performance, not the same as the e-players. It is to re-enact the content we have practiced. It will do it once.”

I heard that it was not a contest with e players, and everyone was relieved.

But in retrospect, everyone’s mood has not improved at all.

“Even if we only perform on our own, how can we have the strength to applaud the American audience?”

Jeong Hyeong-don’s face is sallow, all scared by this thing.

The audience in the United States is accustomed to the wonderful e, how do they see the performance of their children like this?

This is a very real problem and it is also the most worrying point for everyone.

But these, in the eyes of Kim Tae-ho, can’t be called a problem at all.

“As long as everyone trains hard and shows wonderful content, it won’t be fine.”

Seven people screamed and looked at this pd, which was not too painful to talk about, and really broke his teeth.

But things are irreversible. It’s not just Kim Tae-ho’s enthusiasm for performing this thing.

In fact, after the invitation was passed from the United States, the entire mbc was sensational.

All along, the Korean entertainment industry has regarded the United States as a holy place.

No matter how much mixed in Korea, if you can enter the United States, you will become a great hero and enjoy the glory that you never thought of.

The artist is like this, the same is true for TV Station.

“Infinite Challenge” as a program of mbc, produced a special series that has been recognized by the world-renowned e, was invited to perform, this is the biggest glory since the establishment of mbc.

Do not say anything else, just because of this, the value of “Infinite Challenge” can at least increase by more than 50%.

For example, in the past, an advertisement for “Infinite Challenge” was probably enough for 300 million. But now, don’t give a billion or 800 million, sorry, mbc will not talk to you.

In the face of real fame and fortune, mbc certainly does not allow this incident to be unexpected.

In fact, behind the members do not know, mbc and the “Infinite Challenge” production team have already planned everything.

For example, the performance of going to e is in February next year.


Because Seok Jin-soo is going to Los Angeles to attend the Grammy Awards.

In this regard, Kim Tae-ho has already negotiated with Seok Jin-soo, and the “Infinite Challenge” will follow the past.

He is a member of Infinite Challenge and his honor is also an honor of Infinite Challenge.

And Grammy, not Seok Jin-soo has been nominated, and may be awarded, they may not be able to go to the highest temple of the world music to see the world in this life.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t matter, of course, I hope that my closest friends can witness their glory.

However, he said that he did not count, but he has sent letters to the Grammy and Atlantic Records to consult related matters.

What I have to do now is to wait for the reply from the US side.

If Grammy does not allow unrelated people to attend, and does not allow Infinite Challenge to enter the scene, then they can only record some outfields in the United States.

Originally, this incident was already troublesome. As a result, the e side came together for fun, which made Seok Jin-soo really a head and two big.

The last time I went to New York, they recorded four specials in a week.

Can you record only one time this time?

It’s been a long time to travel long distances, not to mention the most tiring and dangerous professional wrestling.

“I don’t care, but what about Hong-chul Hyeong?”

Noh Hong-chul couldn’t help but hear Seok Jin-soo.

“What happened to me? I am fine.”

Seok Jin-soo licks, ridicule is the same as machine gun.

“What is it? You look at your stomach, you are now Ba Gu. Brother, do you want to perform wrestling with this figure?”

During the period of professional wrestling, Noh Hong-chul’s body remained very good because of exhaustion and fatigue, as well as special effects of weight loss.

However, when the professional wrestling special is over, this guy is coveted, and he breaks up with his girlfriend. The soul needs comfort and is sweet.

Good guy, his body is expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye.

No need to check, it can be seen from the visual inspection, Noh Hong-chul at least 20 kilograms fat.

As for his current virtue, how do you undress and make a wrestling?

I am afraid to see his belly falling, the American audience will be laughed off?

Noh Hong-chul obviously thought of this and his face changed suddenly.

“No, I want to lose weight, no, I am oolguy. I can’t appear on the American stage with such an image, I am going to die!”

Listening to his mourning, the big guys all laughed very unscrupulously.

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