KEP Chapter 761

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 761 chapter is stupid, floating astronomy

At four o’clock in the afternoon, the artist’s red carpet catwalk began.

Not everyone’s expectation, the first artist to come out is t-ara.

As an idol group under mysti89, they are of course the most concerned about the boss.

And they also know that there are many big-name artists coming over besides them today, so it is better to go to the red carpet first.

Today, the six girls have put on the clothes designed by Seok Wan-ju, one by one, like a fairy, and instantly murdered countless films.

As a complete group, t-ara has always stood out in the idol group.

Today, after deliberately dressing up, it is like the daffodil opened in this early winter, bringing freshness to the whole world.

After passing the red carpet, the girls rushed into the background.

No matter how calm it was, the cold is cold, and the frozen skin has goose bumps.

Until they walked into the venue, the warm air rushed in, and they let their feelings slow down.

See Seok Jin-soo, etc. Here, the girls are coming together.

Hyo-min was even narrower, and he opened his arms and embraced Seok Jin-soo.

“Hey, Oppa, miss you!”

Seok Jin-soo is full of black lines, helplessly said: “Yah!! missy, are you using me as a heater?”

Really, play in front of him.

With a chill of water, what do you think he can not know?

I was stunned, Hyo-min’s sly smile, and I was too far away, fearing that Seok Jin-soo would teach her.

Hyo-min can’t escape, and Ji-yeon is coming up again.

“Oppa, I miss you too!”

This time, Seok Jin-soo was not fooled. The arm stretched out and directly on the head of a dragon, and her footsteps stopped.

“Yeah!! I am not a stove. Really, you are all idol, is it a little better?”

I didn’t feel the warm embrace of Seok Jin-soo, which made the rest of the girls very resentful.

“Who knows that it is so cold today? I knew that we were wearing a thick spot.”

Looking at their voile gauze, Seok Jin-soo pouted.

“How can I wear this dress?”

So-yeon is a pretty eye-catching voice, saying: “Not for Oppa, or why are we so guilty?”

Knowing their wishes, Seok Jin-soo is still very touched.

“Okay, let’s go in. It’s warmer, there’s hot coffee, waiting for the opening.”

Although they are very hard in the cold season, the media reporters who have been waiting for the red carpet are even harder.

After all, the artists just walked through the scene, but they were always exposed to the cold air.

For the news, they have to endure this hardship.

Today is the sister’s catwalk, Seok Jin-soo does not want to have a little bit of embarrassment. So he called Eun-ho over and made some instructions.

Not too long, Eun-ho took people, and for those reporters who were waiting in the cold, one person sent a hot coffee, which was a wish.

The ability to drink hot coffee in such a cold weather has made the reporters feel a lot more comfortable.

Eun-ho is clear, this is Seok Jin-soo, so that the reporters have a good impression of Seok Jin-soo, and the news is more powerful.

Starting from t-ara, it was like a signal, and then the artists began to appear in an endless stream.

Following the t-ara, I like the lively Haha.

Not only did he come by himself, but he also brought skull.

Although the outside world may not be familiar with it, in the music circle, it is a great god. Said to be the first person in Korean reggae music, it is deserved.

“Wow, even the skull brothers are coming, I am so honored here.”

Sekk Jin-soo is really happy to be hugged with skull. Kull is very calm in front of the camera, but privately likes to laugh.

β€œHaha, Haha said that there are a lot of beautiful female models here, so I will come over and see.”

This guy is really straightforward.

Seok Jin-soo also smiled and said: “That line, wait for the next brother to see which one, tell me, I will help you to contact.” Kull raised his eyebrows and excitedly said: “That’s it.”

Haha is impatient.

“Okay, we went advanced. I heard that t-ara is here, I am going to meet Eun-jung.”

When Haha retired, he was interviewed and asked who is his favorite girl group?

His answer is t-ara, and the favorite member is Eun-jung.

The more you lack, the more you like it?

Haha is short and weak, so I like Eun-jung who can kick a dead cow.

But in any case, because of this fate, Eun-jung is also a close-knit sunbae-nim in the circle.

Haha and skull just got in, and the red carpet outside was full of fun.

The first big-name artist appeared.

Ha Jung-woo rushed in and dressed very plainly, in a blue suit.

But he is Ha Jung-woo, the name is enough.

Just standing on the red carpet so casually, even if I don’t laugh, let the reporters press the shutter hand sour.

Miracle, the Zhongliang Pillar of Zhongwu Road, Ha Jung-woo, who saw the end of the dragon, appeared in Seoul Fashion Week.

Doesn’t this rarely happen in this kind of activity?

Legend has it that he does not participate in the product activities of his own endorsement, but will appear in the press conference of a newcomer designer?

But soon, everyone wants to understand.

Seok Wan-ju is a newcomer designer, but her brother is Seok Jin-soo.

Legend has it that Seok Jin-soo and Ha Jung-woo have a very strong relationship. Even the latter invites a phone call, and Seok Jin-soo flies to the past for a guest appearance.

Fortunately, Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know this kind of rumor, otherwise it will definitely ruin.

He is jealous, Lao Tzu is a pit of the surname river.

Wait, Ha Jung-woo doesn’t seem to be surnamed River.

Ha Jung-woo didn’t delay on the red carpet for too long, they were faster than t-ara and Haha, and they were crisp and neat.

“Brother, thank you, I thought you couldn’t come.”

After the hug, Seok Jin-soo sincerely thanked you.

Ha Jung-woo Hehe smiled and said: “I am the equivalent exchange. Since I have come, after two days of movie premiere, can you not go?”

Seok Jin-soo is full of black lines and finds that this guy is simply treacherous.

Indeed, as Ha Jung-woo said, it is impossible for Seok Jin-soo not to go because of the loyalty of the other party.

Na Hong-jin directed, Ha Jung-woo and Kim Yoon-seok starring in the “Yellow Sea”, has been scheduled for 12 month 22 day.

Because of the fate of the guest, Na Na-jin or Ha Jung-woo, who personally called Seok Jin-soo, hoped he could attend the premiere.

This is a different status today. It is a world superstar and has a great influence.

His guest appearance, how to say it is also a good story.

For this, Na Hong-jin deliberately kept all the performances of Seok Jin-soo, and he did not cut it.

Well, since Ha Jung-woo is so bloody, Seok Jin-soo can say anything.

“Well, since you have said this, if I don’t go, it’s not right.”

See Seok Jin-soo finally agreed, Ha Jung-woo finally laughed.

There is something else to say between Seok Jin-soo and him.

“Brother, I will leave the schedule after April. I have a play here and I need you to star.”

Upon hearing the invitation from Seok Jin-soo, Ha Jung-woo quickly asked: “What drama? Script?”

Seok Jin-soo said: “The script will be sent to your mailbox tomorrow. What you have to do now is to learn Busan and check out some of the information about the triads of Busan in the 1990s.”

Ha Jung-woo nodded and remembered it.

He didn’t worry about the quality of the script, and he didn’t have to worry about it.

Although Seok Jin-soo’s film works are not many, but whether it is “unforgivable” or “Lonely Agent”, the quality is there.

He doesn’t think that Seok Jin-soo will just get a book to harm himself.

Besides, his pay is not cheap, Seok Jin-soo has not been able to ignore this degree?

“This time I am going to let you partner with Choi Min-sik sunbae-nim. You can’t weaken the gas field.”

Sure enough, Ha Jung-woo was more reassured after hearing that Seok Jin-soo mentioned Choi Min-sik as the collaborator.

“Well, that’s it. Just wait until you and the producers and publishers have decided to negotiate a contract with our company.”

The two men said a few words, and Seok Jin-soo sent Ha Jung-woo to it.

This is really not the place to talk about things. The artists come one after another, and one is bigger than a big one, so the reporters waiting on the edge of the red carpet are going crazy.

No, Ha Jung-woo just entered, and a beautiful and graceful shadow took the background.

No one else, it is the national goddess Son Ye-jin.

The reporters in the audience did not mention much more excitement, far more than the state when they saw Ha Jung-woo.

No way, this is not clear with Seok Jin-soo.

Especially today, Seok Jin-soo’s sister’s press conference, Son Ye-jin actually came to cheer.

Does that mean? Has she been recognized by the Seok Jin-soo family?

The reporters have too many questions and guesses, but here is the red carpet show at the conference, there is no chance to ask them questions.

I can only regret to watch Son Ye-jin take a photo and walk inside the venue.

Seok Jin-soo is waiting here, seeing Son Ye-jin coming in, can’t help but shine.

Today’s Son Ye-jin is wearing a costume designed by Seok Wan-ju.

The pink intimate floral shirt and the black gauze skirt over the knees outline the perfection of the urban beauty.

Son Ye-jin’s jade neck is also equipped with a navy blue scarf, which has a distinct color difference with the overall design, yet it is not abrupt and very harmonious.

With her orange-red wavy hair, the whole person’s temperament is perfect.

She is a city beauty, and the city is perfect for her.

It can be said that among the female artists who are present today, she is the perfect one to interpret Seok Wan-ju’s costumes.

Even the people who are so picky about Seok Jin-soo are stunned and amazed.

For his gaze, Son Ye-jin is a bit unbearable.

I checked it in disappointment and asked in confusion: “Where is it wrong?”

Seok Jin-soo nodded.

“Well, it’s a bit wrong.”

Son Ye-jin was shocked.

“Where is it wrong?”

She looked at it carefully, for fear that there would be nowhere to notice, and if it became news, it would be big.

Seeing her busy look, Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“It’s not right. It’s so beautiful, and the clothes are lost.”

Son Ye-jin’s body slammed, and there was a glimmer of misunderstanding in his eyelids.

If she didn’t get it wrong, this guy is actually praising her.

It is so perfect to match, but in his words, it is said that this match is not as good as her.

This is really the most supreme praise for women.

For a time, Son Ye-jin was also blushing and shy, just like the little wife. In front of him, very well-behaved.

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