KEP Chapter 765

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 765 chapter sound source award, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo sat down for a while and began to feel bored.

Every year, he participates in the performance awards of the three major clubs, and the performance awards occasionally go, even in such an environment, he is very bored.

The result was discovered here today, this is really the ultimate in boring.

I am afraid that even the fans who are idols, even the singers do not like this environment.

The first point is that it is too cold.

It was originally a gymnasium and was used by people who exercise.

In this way, naturally it will not provide heat like ordinary buildings.

One more, it is too big, so it is difficult to achieve full effect when heating is fully turned on.

He is a big man, and the thickness he wears is very difficult.

Not to mention the girls around, all of them are secretly squatting in the dark, hoping to create a little bit of heat for themselves.

Seok Jin-soo looked in his eyes and raised his hand and called Eun-ho over and told him.

Not long after, Eun-ho ran back again, holding a lot of thick clothes and sending them to the girls in turn. Fifteen girls were all taken care of.

However, everyone is a bit worried, I don’t know if it should be put on.

They are very cold, but this is a live broadcast and is broadcast live. They are very afraid of the camera, and their image is not perfect.

“Put it on, it’s a coat, and the audience can understand it.”

With his relief, the girls were relieved and put their coats on them.

They still don’t dare to wear them, afraid that they will be in a hurry when they wait.

But with one more piece of clothing, it was a lot warmer, and it made their smiles a lot more hearty.

Seok Jin-soo looked up at the stage and couldn’t help but ridicule up.

“what…the hell!!, this brother’s host is really not very good, can’t you hurry?”

The mc of this year’s Golden Record Awards are Tak Jae-hun and Cui Wei.

Cui Wei is no problem, the actor is born, the host does not go wrong.

Tak Jae-hun is a veteran mc, and a frequent visitor to the variety program. The result is so boring, it really can’t be said.

Because they are all in a circle, Seok Jin-soo and he are still familiar, but the relationship is not good.

“This brother has to do something to be active.”

Because of dissatisfaction, Seok Jin-soo’s poison tongue began to ridicule, so that the girls next to them all grinned.

Before he said it, he will personally receive the best producer award. But need to be early, he doesn’t want to spend time here.

The Golden Record Organizing Committee fully considered his thoughts and decided to arrange this award very well.

After the sound source and the newcomer award, the award of the best producer was awarded.

In this regard, Seok Jin-soo is still not satisfied.

“what…the hell!!, it should be the first one.”

The next So-yeon tapped him.

“Oppa, you don’t want to think about it. You can’t come once, and of course people want to use your name to pull the ratings. Look, it’s just a while, how many times the camera has been swept. ”

Seok Jin-soo became the focus of the camera, which made the girls next to them very happy.

Because they were sitting around, and the camera came over and photographed Seok Jin-soo, they would inevitably be photographed. This made them a lot more shots and very happy.

Seok Jin-soo pouting, what’s good for them.

“Okay, your good deed is over. Wait until I finish the award and go back. The rest of you pay attention to yourself.”

He looked at t-ara and looked at Girl’s Generation. He smirked at the corner of his mouth and said with a smile: “Okay, I wish you all the best in the evening and get what you want.”

The girls didn’t know the inside story behind them. They only thought it was his blessing, so they all thanked them.

It was just at this time that the awarding guest on the stage had already shouted his name.

In the applause of the audience, Seok Jin-soo grew up and sorted it out a bit, and strode to the stage.

The trophy was taken from the hands of the award-winning guests. When he stood in front of the microphone, there were many singers in the audience.

T-ara is the team leader So-yeon, Girl’s Generation is the team leader Tae-yeon, super junior Kim Hee-chul, all of whom are close to him.

Three people, holding a bouquet of flowers, were sent to his hands.

Obviously, for his award, the three combinations that have benefited a lot from him are the most happy.

Seok Jin-soo took the flowers in a hurry and waited until they all stepped down before they began to talk about their feelings.

β€œI am very grateful to Golden Record for awarding the best producer’s award to me. Last year was also me. This is a very rare honor. I am very embarrassed, I just did what I should do, but I was loved by so many people. This makes me very happy. This made me understand that the original music has been made to bring happiness to so many people. Please look forward to the future, let us continue to meet with music.”

He said that it was crisp and neat, and there was no demon moth. It was a sentence for his gold record.

Leaving from here, he went directly to the airport and was ready to rush to Jeju Island.

“Viewing” began to shoot, and in the first scene, his screenwriter could not be absent.

He is gone, but t-ara and Girl’s Generation remain on the scene and continue to endure the boring awards process.

However, as the ceremony continued, their moods became more and more anxious.

Because one award is awarded, there are not many opportunities for them to come to power.

Girl’s Generation is better, and all have a popular reward. Can be used as the hottest t-ara of the year, but only one award.

“eonni, we won’t be white?”

Ji-yeon couldn’t hide her mind, grabbed Eun-jung’s sleeves and sought the answer.

What can Eun-jung know?

Her mood is actually the same as maknae.

But she knows that at this time, as noona, can’t let maknae down. So she had to comfort her: “Don’t worry, these awards are all pork. Anyway, should we have one?”

Her words more or less made Ji-yeon feel a lot better, and can stay quietly.

But very quickly, when they heard that Girl’s Generation won the album, the girls’ faces were all anxious.

Although they are sisters who have a good relationship, they sincerely congratulate Girl’s Generation, they can see others taking the stage to receive the award, and even get two trophies, but they only have one source, and the taste is really good. It is not good.

“It seems that there is no hope, and there is no share of our popularity.”

In general, the sound source is the basis.

According to the tradition of gold records, only when you get this reward, can you expect more.

However, although they have won the reward, the more important the award is, the more important they are. Do they still have a chance?

At the end of the first half, the six girls in t-ara were dull and did not move. Looking at the two trophies next to Girl’s Generation, I really envy it.

Tae-yeon and others also know their feelings, but in this case, I really don’t know how to comfort, so I have to work hard not to look at it.

At this time, Qri and Bo-ram are very quiet and don’t say anything.

Eun-jung, Hyo-min, and Ji-yeon have many ideas and are very assertive, but they can’t say anything more.

Finally, So-yeon encourages everyone.

“I believe in Oppa. He is such a great producer and has won the award of the best producer. Since he can win, then our hopes are great. Besides, if not, why should we arrange for us to perform at the end? ?”

Yes, today t-ara, like Seok Jin-soo and Girl’s Generation, also have performance tasks.

For the stage of today, they have worked hard for a long time.

What is more worth mentioning is that their stage is actually the final finale, even surpassing super junior.

I have to say that the So-yeon team leader is still very qualified. Her words were very organized and sounded reasonable, and finally the members saw some hope.

The girls who have had a little confidence have begun to look forward to the final results.

The award ceremony continued, and the stage of the singers was also very exciting. Finally, the award ceremony was not so boring.

Unknowingly, the 25 Golden Record Awards ceremony was finally held.

With excitement and embarrassment, t-ara finally gave the audience a special stage for “roly poly” and “bo peep bo peep”.

These two songs are all in full swing this year and are well-deserved divine songs. When the music rang, the audience at the scene followed.

Seeing the lively response from the scene, the expectations of the girls have inevitably increased a lot.

After this, the two mc started the final host.

“There are left Samsung yebutt digital sound source awards and disk awards now.”

Tak Jae-hun said: “Yes, who will get the big prize in the five combinations? Now I am more nervous than them. So now, which department?”

Female mc Road: “The 25 Golden Disk Awards Ceremony, now to present the Samsung yebutt digital sound source award. This award was presented by the Central Daily News Director Zhu Zhehuan and actor Lee Yeon-hee.”

With the introduction of mc, the two awarding guests slowly walked out from the background.

Similar to the previous awards guests, the two of them were first and foremost, and the candidates were anxious to follow.

“Okay, let’s start the award now. Come from the minister.”

Don’t look at Lee Yeon-hee young, but under the beautiful appearance, there is also an exquisite heart.

She knows that such an opportunity should be made for the big man.

The minister, Zhu Zhehuan, was also welcome, and began to read it directly.

“The 25 Golden Disk Awards Ceremony, Samsung yebutt digital sound source award, oh, this one. t-ara, Congratulations !!!”

Everything comes naturally, so suddenly.

Six girls have been nervous since the announcement of the sound source award.

However, when they really read their names, the strong impact of them still made them jealous.

The fierce and sincere applause from the venue was surrounded, but they surrounded them like waves.

At this time, the mind is inevitably blank, so that they all forget what to do.

Fortunately, the girls’s Generation and IU, who are next to them, are still waiting to congratulate them when they come to congratulate them.

The call of a friend finally made the girls wake up, but because of this sober, excited, they all burst into tears. The appearance of pears with rain, although a little embarrassed, but no one laughed at them.

As a combination that has only been out for more than a year, it is impossible to get a big reward so quickly.

After receiving the congratulations from Tae-yeon and others, the six girls were stunned, one followed, and the steps voluntarily embarked on the stage.

The reality has happened, but they still seem to be walking in the clouds.

Really holding the trophy representing the award, the feeling of heavy, really makes them happy and do not want to wake up.

Unfortunately, they still have to say the words of the award.

At this time, Qri, Bo-ram, Hyo-min, and Ji-yeon have all just cried, and they still have to say what they are saying.

The only thing that is calm is that people who can’t make t-ara lose face are left with the team leaders So-yeon and Eun-jung.

So the two of them went up and went to the front of the microphone. 8)

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