KEP Chapter 766

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, Chapter 766, Astronomy

T-ara got his wish and won the sound source award.

The excited six girls gave almost all the words of thanks to Seok Jin-soo.

In their minds, Seok Jin-soo and reborn parents are almost the same.

Without this Oppa, would they have the glory of today?

The peak of life is so beautiful, and the gratitude to Seok Jin-soo is multiple.

And when they heard them, almost all the singers were extremely envious.

The boss who can have Seok Jin-soo and wholeheartedly operate for them is really the blessing of their lives for several generations.

This year’s Golden Record Awards, one of the two most important awards, was presented.

The winners were t-ara, the new force in the Korean music scene, but their awards did not cause any controversy.

Because of this year, their achievements are there.

Not to mention the popularity of “bo peep bo peep”, the first result of the “roly poly” year-round source, it means that this award is deserved.

But no one thought of it, just this year, the Korean womenโ€™s team completed a feat that they never thought of.

After t-ara, Girl’s Generation ๆ„ฃ was the tiger’s mouth to eat, from the super junior and other hot men’s groups, grabbed the album award.

In the past, this award has always been a ban on the menโ€™s team.

After all, the female fans of the menโ€™s team are very crazy. In order to support their idols, it is unreserved to buy albums that are of no use.

However, just this year, Girl’s Generation created the myth of selling more than 500,000 albums, and stepped on all the men’s groups.

When I saw Girl’s Generation coming to the stage to receive the award, all the music related people could not help but sigh.

The age of today has really changed, and the womenโ€™s group has ushered in its heyday. Not only that, but also fierce compared to the era of ses, fin.kl, baby.vox.

The combination of two women’s groups has won both the sound source and the album, which is definitely the first time in the history of Korean pop music.

With this alone, it is enough to produce a lot of news and create far-reaching effects.

Do not say anything else, just seeing the women’s combination is promising, those entertainment planning people will certainly swarm.

Maybe for a period of time in Mi-rae, the women’s group will be the same as the spring shoots.

But who can get ahead, who will break the sand, then look at their respective means.

Seok Jin-soo is the news that I saw when I landed on Jeju Island.

Seeing that t-ara really took the sound source reward into a cyst, his mouth outlined Seung-ri’s smile.

He was even more happy when he saw t-ara and Girl’s Generation take the double award.

These two combinations are all intimate with him. Seeing that they can succeed, he is very happy.

When he thought of it, he called T-ara’s manager.

“This time I got the big reward, the company has to show something. They have worked hard, you have worked hard, the company has paid, you have a celebration party.”

The company treats guests, this is a good thing, but the manager does not seem to be happy.

“Director, what kind of celebration feast. You don’t know, we are doing well now.”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

“What happened?”

Manager sighed and sighed, Seok Jin-soo’s face was also weird.

It turned out that after the end of the Golden Record Awards last night, because t-ara won the sound source award, and Girl’s Generation won the album award, these fifteen missy discussions, collectively celebrated.

They packed a hotel and were very happy.

Unconsciously, the wine drank a lot.

Once a person drinks too much, his brain and mouth will not listen. As a result, Soo-young and Ji-yeon argued whether the sound source reward is better or the record award is better.

The result was too loud and noisy, and the two missy actually hit.

Good guys, they both played so fast, the hotel was hanging over to others.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of sober people who have spent a lot of effort to separate the two.

Unfortunately, the two missy can be miserable.

Ji-yeon’s eyes were blue, and Soo-young’s face was also scratched.

Both managers are depressed and are working hard with the hotel. Not only to compensate, but also to find a way to block the mouth of hotel people.

Otherwise, it would be a hassle to spread the two big prizes and fight together.

As for Ji-yeon and Soo-young, the wine was all dumbfounded after waking up. In addition to being criticized by the sisters, they are also very embarrassed to face each other.

They are not really contradictory, they just play alcohol.

However, this is also good, in a few words, the two will reconcile, but there is no trouble.

When I heard such a thing, Seok Jin-soo smiled and didn’t know what to say.

However, it seems that these two combinations, although they are all girls, but there are several small drunks.

Korean woman, really…

Why do you like drinking so much?

Seok Jin-soo put this matter down and went all the way to the hotel where the “Viewing” crew was located.

It has been contracted by the crew and there is no outsider to stay, so it will not be disturbed and prying, and it will play a very good role in confidentiality.

After all, this crew is a big-name actor, and it is more convenient to concentrate together.

When Seok Jin-soo arrived here, the crew of the crew were gone, only two or three stayed behind.

I only know when I asked, everyone has already gone up the mountain in the morning, and I have to prepare for the shooting.

Knowing this situation, Seok Jin-soo is no longer delayed. He found his room, took a shower, changed his clothes, and went all the way.

When he got to the top of the mountain, the building and the setting were finished, just waiting for him.

“My big screenwriter, you can finally come.”

The opening ceremony of the movie is very important in any country.

As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning.

Everyone wants to have a good start, and then they will be able to sail smoothly until they finally succeed.

Before the Korean movie was launched, it was also necessary to sacrifice.

Before the arrival of Seok Jin-soo, the crew had prepared incense, pig head, paper money, incense sticks and the like.

And after the calculation of the teacher, Ji Shi also found it.

What Han Yulin is most afraid of is the scriptwriter Seok Jin-soo, which can’t be reached before Kyrgyzstan.

Seeing him coming, Han Zhelin could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Since the stars are all there, what are you waiting for?

The boot ceremony officially began.

As the director, Han Zailing took the lead and stood in the first place.

Seok Jin-soo and starring Song Kang-ho are at a later position on both sides, followed by Jin Yicheng, Son Ye-jin, Cao Zheng, and Yoon Shi-yoon.

After that, the crew of the crew stood in a triangular queue.

Because it was shot on the mountain by the sea, the crew has greeted the gods, the sea gods, the mountain gods and so on. In short, all the gods that can be thought of are sacrificed.

Do not blame many people, it is estimated that the gods will not blame.

After the sacrifice was completed, the filming began.

Here in Jeju Island, there are two plays, the beginning and the end.

At the beginning, Son Ye-jin, the oldest brothel in Hanyang, heard that there was a supervised observer in the area, so he came to the invitation.

At the end of the section, Han Mingxi (Jinyicheng), who has become a power minister, always feels uneasy, so he forced Zhang Yuhong to lead him to Song Kang-ho.

It is here that Song Kang-ho asserts that Han Mingxi (Jinyicheng) will be beheaded one day sooner or later.

This also became the devil of Han Mingxi (Jinyicheng), which led him to live in turmoil and suffer.

Except for the parts here, the rest must be filmed in the bird’s nest in Qingbei.

Therefore, Han Zhelin and Seok Jin-sooโ€™s opinions are all about the centralized processing of the scenes here, and the provinceโ€™s back and forth.

The first scene was the part of Son Ye-jin who played by Zhang Yehong to find Najing.

The actors who appeared were Son Ye-jin, Song Kang-ho, Cao Zheng, Yoon Shi-yoon, and Zhang Yuhong’s follow-up.

Before the sacrifice, Son Ye-jin and others had already finished the makeup, which was completely treated according to the shape of the makeup day.

Seok Jin-soo has been inspected for a while and is quite satisfied. When he arrived at Son Ye-jin, he did not forget to remind him.

“Remember, pad it up, it takes a little bit of scale.”

Son Ye-jin is faint and red, and his eyes are like electricity.

“I want you to manage, I will look at it myself.”

Saying that, in retrospect, she bite her teeth, or add a pair of chest pads.

The venue that the crew found was really awesome.

A stretch of mountains with a bay in between. Even in the mountains, I can hear the waves of waves. It seems that Haitian and Dashan are integrated into the mind.

As the home of the observers, the place to choose, of course, must be different.

The best part is that at this time, the mainland has been mixed with snow, but it is still lush, like the early autumn.

The warm weather also made the actors a lot more comfortable, especially Son Ye-jin.

She wore a veil and only wore a silk hanbok, which did not have much warmth.

The first shooting started from her.

The first scene is at the seaside under the mountain.

The mountains of the people came, and the staff had already arranged the scene.

On the gravel shore where the waves beat, Son Ye-jin and the followers came from afar and walked on the way to look for the observer.

Han Zailing first directed the camera to shoot from a distant view, and then ordered vj to hold the camera.

It is not good to set up a track at the seaside, so I have to work hard.

The two are coming over in a thousand miles, so naturally it is necessary to interpret the exhausted look.

Especially Son Ye-jin, she has lines here.

I looked at the environment around me bitterly and said the lines.

“This kind of seaside country, where can anyone live?”

Heok this word, Seok Jin-soo is a brow. But before he said anything, Han Zailing called ut.

“Son Ye-jin ‘ssi, the speed of the lines is a little faster. You are tired now, and you have to be impatient. But because it is a dusty woman, you can’t weaken the style.”

Son Ye-jin was very embarrassed and didn’t expect the first shot to go wrong.

Especially in front of Seok Jin-soo, she felt even more embarrassing.

Spit the tongue and quickly said that he understood.

Han Zailing gave her a one-minute brewing time and the filming started again.

In such a short period, the requirements for acting are not high. Son Ye-jin just adjusted a bit, and it was perfect.

Then the second scene was halfway up the mountain. It was too tired for the old man to start swearing and didn’t want to leave.

“I can’t walk.”

Son Ye-jin said this and then sat down on the ground.

This time, Seok Jin-soo shouted ut.

“Son Ye-jin ‘ssi, Zhang Yihong is not really going to move here. She is a joke. In the performance, I want to show this person’s side, but also have a woman’s delicate look. Your lines And the expression is too refreshing, not so much a prostitute, it is better to say that the daughter is spoiling to her father.”

Good guy, his comment came out, and all around him laughed.

Son Ye-jin is even more shy, and his face is hot.

People have not played prostitutes, not familiar with them.

But she is still sensible, knowing that Seok Jin-soo is right, and quickly adjusts.

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