KEP Chapter 768

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the special method of the 768 chapter, floating astronomy

This is the case, and everyone knows that Son Ye-jin needs adjustment.

Otherwise, this article is really hard to pass.

“Okay, rest for fifteen minutes.”

Once the director made a announcement, everyone made a bird and beast, and took time to rest.

Son Ye-jin walked away silently, and a man came to a secluded corner and tried to figure it out.

“When you were playing the trick of the past, wasn’t it good?”

Seok Jin-soo followed and was very concerned about her status.

If this woman can’t pass this, they have to be on the mountain.

It’s just that he doesn’t understand a bit. He just plays a genre of genius and a charming prostitute in his bones. How is it so difficult?

Before Son Ye-jin starred in “The Law of Ride”, there was a scene of wet dancing, not a very successful performance.

The appearance of Seok Jin-soo made Son Ye-jin startle, but he didn’t expect him to come over.

But think about it, he knows that he is also worried about shooting.

“How can it be the same? In that period, as long as the dance is done, the expression is in place. But your request here, people… people never know what it feels like.”

In the sea breeze, Son Ye-jin’s figure became much thinner. The resentment in her eyes made her look pitiful.


Seok Jin-soo sighed and took two steps. He said, “Do you know that it is because of your traits that you can’t play well.”

This woman is born with beauty, but she is pure and innocent.

So to get the image of purity, bitterness, and beauty, you will definitely come. However, it is really a big difficulty to play the role of being charming and fascinating.

Son Ye-jin is even more wronged.

“I don’t want to do this either, but what do you mean by that, I really don’t know.”

Seok Jin-soo is also scratching his head and getting into trouble.

The acting stuff is actually very mysterious.

Although you know what you want, how to express it in words is sometimes difficult to do.

For example, now, in his mind, there is an image of what Son Ye-jin should do, but it should be well stated, but I don’t know what to say.

Seeing his embarrassment, Son Ye-jin’s face is extremely serious.

“If you want to say something, just say, as long as it is helpful for acting, I have nothing to accept.”

She is a qualified actor and can make any sacrifices for acting.

Seok Jin-soo feels in the heart, but finds that he is not influxed, and thinking about things is too cumbersome.

In this case, his look was right and straightforward.

“If you want to perform the charm of the style, in fact, what you need to do is to feel the feeling of venting. Bold and debauchery, good at using your body to make weapons, this is the means of Zhang Yihong.”

When he heard the word “fascination”, Son Ye-jin’s face was inevitably red. But then eased and began to try according to the description of Seok Jin-soo.

I saw her eyes suddenly picking up, the seductive lilac tongue slipping over the corners of the lips, bringing a sleek look.

At the same time, Su Jie’s little hand twitched, seemingly to take away the soul of the person.

Seok Jin-soo can still shake his head.

“No, no, you are so obvious. It is not the practice of the veteran of the long-term. Zhang Yuhong wants to charm people, the kind of subtle style to be done, everything is contained in the bones. She is the style, the style It’s her, she wants to be one. The charm that is deliberately expressed is too involuntary.”

Son Ye-jin had a little thought, but the result was completely ruined by Seok Jin-soo and immediately collapsed.

“Ah, what are you going to do? What kind of feelings are there in the bones, can you say clearly?”

She is depressed, Seok Jin-soo is even more headache. He held his head and squatted on the ground, and he could not help but regret it.

As I knew so, I shouldn’t have found this woman to play this role.

With the original version of Kim Hye-soo enabled, there is definitely no such problem.

The old-fashioned play bones are really what they are like, and they are beautiful.

But now it’s too late to say that the contract has been signed and can only continue.

Seok Jin-soo bite his teeth and it is also awkward.

“Yah!! You want to seduce others, but your own looks are pure and like the lake. Can you say that you can make it? So if you want to interpret the style, you will fall into that atmosphere. But look at you. The look, your eyes, is a blank piece of paper. How can such a performance be qualified?”

Son Ye-jin is really crazy.

“I am going to get into that kind of atmosphere myself? How do I get stuck?”

Seok Jin-soo is also anxious, and there is no choice at the beginning.

“You are not very sensitive to this woman. It is soft when you touch it. How can you not play it?”

Son Ye-jin is pretty red, hot and swearing: “You guy, nonsense… what nonsense?”

She is such a Secret, but she is mastered by this guy. It’s always okay to humiliate her, but it’s hard for her to extricate herself.

But she didn’t know. Seeing her unbearable appearance, Seok Jin-soo looked bright and suddenly thought of a way that was not the way.

Just do this…

Seok Jin-soo has a tight throat and is a bit hoarse when it comes out.

At the same time, the eyes are scanning around and investigating the situation.

Not to mention that their position is really good. Avoid the wind and shelter from the rain, no matter which angle you can’t see.

And not far from the studio, even the sound can not pass.

It’s just that Seok Jin-soo is not sure. If he does this, will the woman kill him.

For the sake of smooth shooting, no longer continue to blow cold wind on the mountain, he decided to fight.

“Woman, I know how to help you play this role.”

Son Ye-jin glanced at it inexplicably.

“How to help? I don’t know myself…哎Yah!! What are you doing?”

Without waiting for her to finish, Seok Jin-soo took a big hand and grabbed her wrist and took her over.

Son Ye-jin turned around in a whirlwind, dizzy, and felt a little out of control.

Without waiting for her to adapt, she felt that her body was crushed by Seok Jin-soo’s arm. In this way, his little belly was placed on the legs of Seok Jin-soo, but his buttocks rolled up.

The shameful posture made Son Ye-jin panic and wanted to struggle to stand up.

Can’t wait for her to move.


A tingling tingle fell on her ass and brought a strong current.

The strange feeling came up again, causing Son Ye-jin to be insane, and the whole body was bowed, and no one else was allowed.

First, second, third…

Seok Jin-soo is playing hard, Son Ye-jin is unbearable, and the whole person is indulged.

After only a while, she was completely soft and turned into a soft noodle.

Finally, I felt a little wet in my palm, and Seok Jin-soo knew it was enough.

He quickly helped Son Ye-jin, but the woman had no strength at all and could only rely on his arms.

Seok Jin-soo took her face and looked at it again, and she was not satisfied.

I saw Son Ye-jin at the moment, his face was still that face, but under the beautiful face, there was a thick spring in his eyes.

It seems that the lotus after the rain exudes a radiant glow in the sunlight.

The state he has always dreamed of has finally appeared after this time.

Seok Jin-soo was very satisfied and smiled: “It’s right, it’s right.”

Son Ye-jin finally recovered, and the feeling just felt like wearing the most comfortable pajamas and sitting in a roller coaster.

I have to say that the soul shudder from the depths of my heart is really addictive like drugs.

Can understand what happened, or let this woman have no place.

“Mixed… bastard, I want… I want to sue you indecently.”

She is indeed indecent, and her body is the best proof. It’s just that her body is very disappointing, and there is no resistance at all.

If a woman who floats on the cloud says something, there is no threat even if she is poisoned again. So Seok Jin-soo didn’t care, he laughed and said: “Even if you want to sue me, wait until you finish this paragraph.”

Speaking, fearing that Son Ye-jin’s status would soon pass, he quickly pulled her back to the studio.

“Now, take a quick shot.”

Han Zailing and others are inexplicable and do not know what happened.

However, in a blink of an eye, I saw that Son Ye-jin’s spring looks stunned. Everyone was very excited and hurry to everyone.

Son Ye-jin is really depressed and has never thought about it. He will be helped to enter the state.

But in front of so many people, I can’t get angry, so I have to let my thoughts come back to the shooting.

This time, it really is different from the previous one.

When Son Ye-jin took off his coat and walked over to seduce Najing, whether it was body, posture or tone, everything was perfect.

Especially the sticky lines, not to mention the old man that Song Kang-ho played, even if many male staff on the scene could not help but swallow.

“ut, ut, perfect! I announced that this one is over!”

Han Zailin was very excited. He saw Son Ye-jin’s performance through the monitor, and he was as happy as a child.

This day’s shooting, this is the hardest part.

Now that this paragraph has passed, the next shooting is simple.

“Come on, get ready for the next one. After the filming, the daytime drama can be over.”

Waiting until the next one is much simpler. After Zhang Yuhong saw Naojing’s ability, he left with satisfaction.

So it took only three minutes to complete the filming.

At this point, the daytime dramas are all over.

When Han Zailin announced the end of the filming, Son Ye-jin did not stop for a moment, and the lotus walked like a fly, and ran into his tent.

The assistant followed and asked, “Let’s go down now?”

In the tent, Son Ye-jin was busy taking off his clothes. Seeing the assistant follow up, his face is a shame.

“That, eonni, can you go out?”

Her own body is the clearest, she is really afraid of being seen, then she will be thrown away.

When she could hear her, the assistant could not help but stunned.

It’s strange, they are all women, what are the best to avoid?

“No, eonni, I am afraid… um… I am afraid that someone will suddenly come in. You know, this is the studio, there are always sudden things happening.”

Is that right?

The assistant shook his head and asked the letter, but he went out. She stood at the door of the tent, not afraid of someone suddenly coming in.

She couldn’t see the awake inside through the canvas. Just hearing the sound of Sosso, Son Ye-jin seems to be very busy.

Not too long, Son Ye-jin’s voice rushed out.

“eonni, where did you put the paper towels?”

The assistant is inexplicable, and the heart says that it is just a change of clothes. What do you look for?

“Not in the bag.”

“Oh…oh…ah, I found it, I found it.”

Today’s Son Ye-jin is weird, it took a long time to pack it up.

“Eonni, let’s go, let’s go down the mountain.”

The assistant shook his head and really didn’t know what kind of wind she was taking. I had to pick up the bag and go down the mountain with Son Ye-jin.

The wind on the mountain is too big, and the people who blow it are uncomfortable and always have a runny nose. So her hand reached into the bag and she was going to wipe it with a paper towel.

“Well? Yah!! Ye-jin, how are the paper towels used by you?”

Son Ye-jin, who walked next to him, became very unnatural.

“Ah… Ani ~ yo, there isn’t much. eonni insists, just down the mountain.”

Damn it, for a long time, why do you still feel the coldness between the stocks?

Thinking of this, Son Ye-jin’s footsteps accelerated a bit, and I was eager to escape.

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