KEP Chapter 769

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 769 chapter, who do you treat me? Floating astronomy

Son Ye-jin ran back to the hotel and locked himself in the room.

Because the crew packaged here, there are a lot of empty rooms. Therefore, she can also be extravagant and live separately from the assistant.

The assistant was blocked out of the door and was even more surprised.

What is wrong with this missy today, how so strange?

If she knew what Son Ye-jin was doing at the moment, it would have been more strange.

Because Son Ye-jin is washing clothes at this moment.

Not the clothes to wear, but the costumes worn today.

No way, the squatting is soaked here. When you wear it, it is particularly uncomfortable to stick.

I still have to wear it tomorrow, and I must do it well.

Poor granddaughter big lady, usually a lot of staff around, wash clothes like this where the wheel gets their own hands.

But this time there is no way. If you don’t want to be exposed, you have to work personally.

While washing, Son Ye-jin was very angry.

“Asshole, stinky guy, how can you treat me so? What do you think of me? Am I a shameless woman?”

The more I thought about it, the more I was, and Son Ye-jin’s cheeks gradually hang on the pear tears.

Despite her physical condition, she did not have any means.

She can be self-respecting, and when she thinks about that situation, she will burn her heart and hate Seok Jin-soo.

Washing her clothes with angry thoughts, gradually, she seems to be wearing Seok Jin-soo in her hand, and she is going to smash him.


“what…the hell!!, what am I doing?”

Looking at the mouth that was pulled out of the clothes, Son Ye-jin was even more depressed.

There is no way, I have to put the clothes up first, and then I will use the needle thread to make up after I have done it.

Fortunately, this is a costume dress, a little bit damaged, and not easy to be found.

Son Ye-jin groaned in the room and suddenly heard the voices in the corridor outside, knowing that the big troops were back.

There is also a night show in the evening, but it is necessary to wait until the day is completely black. So on the mountain and Han Zailin discussed the next shooting, people who don’t need to go up at night are all down.

Seok Jin-soo is also down. He won’t follow in the evening scenes, and he will have to go back to Seoul’s drama seminar of “Blind Pass”.

Seon Jin-soo heard the sound of Seok Jin-soo across the wall and couldn’t help it anymore.

She quietly opened the door and looked at the outside environment. When Seok Jin-soo was found to be in his room, he was separated from others and walked in.

The opportunity was rare. Son Ye-jin ran quickly and didn’t knock at the door. He went straight into it.

In the room, Seok Jin-soo is changing clothes and the upper body has been stripped.

Unexpectedly, Son Ye-jin was so rude that he even rushed in and really shocked him.

“Rascal, stinky woman, are you abnormal?”

Son Ye-jin has long been stunned by anger, where is it still?

She rushed over and grabbed Seok Jin-soo’s neck and screamed angrily.

“Bastard guy, how dare you treat me, you are dead!”

This woman is weak and vulnerable. Seok Jin-soo didn’t need to do anything, just grab a hand and grab her wrist.

“Yeah!! What is it for you? I am not shooting for it? You don’t look at it because of my coup, how good the shooting is.”

Son Ye-jin Despite the anger, the woman’s strength is comparable to that of a man, so she is caught by Seok Jin-soo, and she has no effort to break free.

But her mouth is still there, so it is more intense in words.

“You shameless bastard, who do you think of me? Am I not self-respecting?”

Although the woman was very angry, she didn’t know why, and when she heard her, Seok Jin-soo seemed to think of something and even grinned.

Son Ye-jin was going crazy, and at all, he thought that if he was so angry, the bastard could still laugh.

“You…what are you laughing at, am I ridiculous?”

When I think of my shameful physique, I am mastered by this man, and I still use it to deal with myself. However, I don’t have any resistance, and Son Ye-jin feels the world is dark.

Looking at the two people’s posture is very uncomfortable, Seok Jin-soo simply grabbed a large hand, grabbed the silk of Son Ye-jin, and took her to sit on the edge of the bed together.

“I am not laughing at your situation, but thinking of a fun joke.”

Son Ye-jin twisted to the left and struggled to break free from Seok Jin-soo’s cuddle. When I looked at Seok Jin-soo, I even broke my silver teeth.

“You guy, are you still laughing?”

She is like this, and his initiator can still think of jokes. Son Ye-jin immediately waved his claws and scratched him toward him.

After several encounters, Seok Jin-soo has long been against her.

Seeing that she wants to use force, she immediately stalked her tightly.

“Yeah!! You woman, you are like this anyway, can you change? This is born, and you don’t blame you. You can’t do it. If so, I am crying or laughing, what is important? ?”

Women’s thinking has always been strange, Son Ye-jin did not notice anything else, only listened to what he wanted to hear.

She looked at Seok Jin-soo slyly and wanted to tell something from his face.

“You… really think, is this not my fault?”

It was also by chance that she found herself masochistic.

This discovery made her always miserable.

She is suffering from traditional morality. I have been worried about how she survived between heaven and earth in case she was discovered.

But this stuff is a wonderful physiological reaction, and it is not controlled by thought.

On countless difficult nights, Son Ye-jin secretly downloaded the heavy-duty film and sought spiritual comfort.

This kind of thing, she never dared to disclose it, originally thought that this life would bother her own happiness.

Unexpectedly, it was discovered by Seok Jin-soo by chance that she was invisible in front of him and completely embarrassed.

It was this experience that made Son Ye-jin always entangled in the relationship with Seok Jin-soo.

That strange mentality cannot be described, but what is always expected in the inexplicable.

But on the surface, she will never admit that she has a different idea.

Originally, she thought that Seok Jin-soo found her Secret and would be shameful to herself.

It is this kind of worry that makes her always full of vigilance and hostility when facing Seok Jin-soo.

I did not expect that Seok Jin-soo actually said this today.

“How is this your fault? The world is colorful and unique. People are different. Your situation is special, but it is not a sinful crime. You have not affected others, nor do you do bad things. Why do you always have to entangle and swear?”

While Seok Jin-soo spoke, Son Ye-jin was watching him fixedly.

She looked so carefully, so serious, not letting go of the slightest change in his expression.

With many years of experience in the society, she saw that Seok Jin-soo said it was not just a lie to tell her.

I don’t know why, when I heard Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin was warm and full of excitement.

For so many years, she has accumulated deep secret Secret, the indescribable Secret, and finally has someone who understands her and understands her.

As a result, many years of suffering are all like the flood that opened the gate, violently venting.

Son Ye-jin cried and hugged Seok Jin-soo, and said nothing, just crying, the more he cried.

Seok Jin-soo was frightened and hurriedly advised.

“Hey, woman, don’t cry, don’t cry so loudly. If you are seen by people, I can’t say it.”

The quality of this hotel is not very good, the sound insulation effect is not satisfactory.

If someone was heard crying in his room and rushed in to see Son Ye-jin in his arms, he would really fall into the crotch.

Son Ye-jin is so easy to hold back, this has troubled her resentment for a lifetime.

Now that Seok Jin-soo understands and is honest in front of him, then she does not need to continue to disguise and show her fragile side.

Now she is no longer the glamorous, national goddess of worship, but a little woman who is eager to be embraced by men and eager to be shackled.

In the face of such a woman whose emotions broke out and collapsed, Seok Jin-soo did not recruit any more. Had to hold her back and use a silent and solid hug to help her ease her mood.

Fortunately, after a busy day, everyone was very busy. After returning to the hotel, they all looked at Hume, and no one noticed what happened.

So in the room of Seok Jin-soo, there was no outsider coming in and let Son Ye-jin cry so incomparably.

Good guy, this woman is crying, her eyes are swollen like peaches. In particular, Seok Jin-soo’s shoulders and chest are all the tears of Son Ye-jin.

“You, you Yah!! Are you opening a reservoir?”

Speaking of the fun of Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin was very embarrassed and quickly ran out to find a towel and carefully helped Seok Jin-soo to wipe it up.

“I’m sorry, I am so excited, so I didn’t hold back.”

Seok Jin-soo sighed.

“I know your hardships, but I don’t mean to look down on you. So, you don’t have to worry about this anymore.”

Son Ye-jin pouted and looked at the man quietly.

“Why can’t I ever understand your man like this? Or else…”

Between the two, Seok Jin-soo didn’t understand her subtext, but smiled: “You don’t touch it now, I understand you very well.”

Son Ye-jin is more blushing and even more afraid to see her.

She really wants to ask, “Can you be my man?”

She can’t be so open because of the woman’s restraint.

Between resentment, she suddenly thought of something and asked: “Right, you just said that you thought of a joke. What joke is it?”

Seeing that she still remembers this, Seok Jin-soo smiled and wondered if the joke would be said.

But look at the state of Son Ye-jin, or help her relieve her mood.

Thinking of this, his eyes turned and began to talk.

“Before you didn’t say, what do I think of you as a person? I have a joke like this here.”

Son Ye-jin still helped him wipe the tears, but his ears were supported and he listened quietly.

Seok Jin-soo coughed and learned the voice of a woman.

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